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Guide and Walkthrough by CMoriarty

Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/2002
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                                   MEGA MAN 6
       Complete Guide for Mega Man 6 on the NES Nintendo Entertainment System
                    Version FINAL Released July 14, 2002
                          By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                    E-Mail Address: cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                AIM: CMoriarty311

This FAQ, and all 24 other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the over
6,000 innocent people killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist
attacks in New York City, New York, and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2001. To
all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as well as other emergency
workers, you will always be remembered. We won't stop until we bring these
criminals to justice, your deaths were NOT IN VAIN! God Bless America, death to all
terrorists of all races everywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: This document was created using Microsoft Word with a 7" width, and is
best viewed using either your browser (preferably MSIE 5.0 or higher), and a screen
setting of 800x600 pixels or more. If the guide seems jumbled up and not quite
right looking, it's not the guide, but your screen and computer settings. If you do
experience this problem, you probably have your screen settings on 640x480 pixels
or less, which is rare but hey, it could be you. Sorry about whatever problems this
may cause.

IGN.com is now allowed to host all of my FAQs. Although the disclaimer says only 
GameFAQs can use my FAQs, IGN.com is now a legal host of all of my work.

Table of Contents:
~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~

I.)    Disclaimer and Legal Information
II.)   Versions of the Guide
III.)  Introduction to the Guide
IV.)   Storyline and Plot
V.)    Controls
VI.)   Characters
VII.)  Robot Masters
VIII.) Beat Adaptor ("BEAT" Pieces)
X.)    Ending
XI.)   Weapons
XII.)  Rush Adaptors
XIII.) Items
XIV.)  Damage Chart
XV.)   Password Compelation
XVI.)  Special Thanks, About the Author and Closing Notes

                   SECTION I - Disclaimer and Legal Information

This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty, and is the
intellectual property of Colin Moriarty. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is only to be
found on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com). If you are reading and/or found this
file ANYWHERE else but GameFAQs, please contact the author, Colin Moriarty,
immidiately, at cmoriarty311@cs.com. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is protected under
International Copyright Laws, and it is prohibited to take any piece of this
document and reproduce it in anyway without the written consent of the author,
Colin Moriarty. Any website or other medium found to have this document without
permission will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Please don't e-mail me and ask to have this document on your webpage. It's too
frustrating for me to keep track of all of the webpages that have my document(s) on
their page, especially the smaller, domain-less fan sites. GameFAQs
(www.gamefaqs.com) is the only, and I repeat, THE ONLY webpage allowed to have this
document on his website, GameFAQs.com. CjayC, owner and operator of GameFAQs is the
only person allowed to use this document on a webpage, so please, I repeat once
more, no e-mails regarding using this document on your webpage. If you do e-mail me
about it, your e-mail will be promptly erased and ignored.

You ARE allowed to download this off of GameFAQs and keep it on your computer's
harddrive for personal use, as long as the document is no edited or otherwise
distributed except for personal use. You can even print out the entire FAQ or
portions therein to share with a friend who also needs help in the game. Just
please don't distribute it as your own, sell it for profit, et cetera. Well, you
guys get the idea.


                      SECTION II - Versions of this Guide

The current version of this guide, as in, the version of this guide you are now
reading, is version FINAL. That means that there will be no more updates to this
guide. Sorry.

-Current Version - Version Final (V.FINAL)

-Released - July 14, 2002

-Percentage Done - 100%

-Version Encompases... - Everything that it ever will... it's the final version!

-Comments - Done... thank God. I hated writing this guide, I really did. =P

P A S T   V E R S I O N S

-Current Version - Version 0.45 (V0.45)

-Released - June 28, 2002

-Percentage Done - 45%

-Version Encompases... - The walkthrough is finished through Plant Man's stage...
all of the appendices are complete, however.

-Comments - The walkthrough needs to be completed... I'll do it bit-by-bit when I
can find the time, it's just really a painful game to write for. Hell, actually.


-Current Version - Version 0.40 (V0.40)

-Released - January 09, 2002

-Percentage Done - 40%

-Version Encompases... - All of the sections 'cept the walkthrough are done... the
walkthrough is done to an extent, however.

-Comments - Not much... just expect an update in the coming days!

                      SECTION III - Introduction to the Guide

Welcome to this guide for Mega Man 6 for your NES Nintendo Entertainment System.
You'll find, I guarantee, that this guide/FAQ/walkthrough, whatever you choose to
call it, will be the most comprehensive one for Mega Man 6 on the Internet, and on
GameFAQs, guaranteed. It will have everything, and more, you'll need to beat this
game in good time, with very little to no trouble.

I find the Mega Man games/series very easy, but people in general can't touch the
experience I have with the series, and hence have some (and sometimes a lot) of
trouble with the games, and that's why I choose to write FAQs, not only for Mega
Man games, but games in general - to help people that don't have the experience in
a game that I do, exactly how I look on GameFAQs for help with games that other
writers have more experience with than I do. It's like two sides of the coins.

So enjoy the guide, it's here for your help and usage. Any questions, comments, or
suggestions can be e-mailed to me, Colin Moriarty, at cmoriarty311@cs.com

                         SECTION IV - Storyline and Plot

While the Mega Man series, especially with the six Mega Man games on the NES, are
hardly known for their stellar storylines, they do exist, in anycase. Mega Man 6's
story goes a little something like this.

When you turn on your NES, you'll get a screen that looks like-a this:

  (c) Capcom Co. Ltd.   1993
(c) Capcom U.S.A., Inc.   1993

    Licensed by Nintendo

[Screen 2]


NOW... by the time you get to screen 3, the storyline begins, so I'm just going to
copy it from the game, copyrighted to Capcom, (c) 1993, naturally, and anything in
brackets describes the scenery. I do this because some people have messed up
cartridges and/or ROMs and can't enjoy the game to it's full extent. This is why I
consider this to be the most complete guide for Mega Man 6 you can get... it's
very, very in-depth. Here we go:

"In the year 20XX AD..."

[as the picture changes, you see changing pictures of the eight Robot Masters going
and changing in this order - Yamato Man, Tomahawk Man, Centaur Man, Plant Man, Wind
Man, Knight Man, Flame Man, and Blizzard Man - as the text below goes onto the

"The first annual robot tournament was held with 8 of the world's most powerful
robots. But..."

[from here, after "But..." appears, a picture of Mr. X on the left and an angry
Mega Man on the right, facing each other, appears, and the text below appears under

"Mr. X, the sponsor of the tournament, took control of the robots and began to take
over the world."

Mega Man: "Mr X!! Why!?"

[after Mega Man's words, a pic of Mr. X appears as he looks down on the world
appears and the words below appear under it.]

Mr. X: "It's time to tell you the truth. I've been manipulating that fool, Dr. Wily
from the beginning. But now I no longer need Dr. Wily's help. Come and face my
power, Mega Man!"

[after this, a picture of Mega Man and his dog, Rush, appear, and the text below
appears under it.]

Mega Man: We'll stop you! Follow me, Rush!"

[then the game screen appears, and it looks like this]


  >Press Start  [picture of the
   Password      world is here.]

      (c) Capcom 1993

So there is your plot and storyline. Onto the next section.

                              SECTION V - Controls

The controls are very basic for this game, as is the NES controller. Below is an
ASCII replica of the controller for the NES, followed by in-depth directions for
each button.

                 |                               |
                 |   _               Nintendo    |
                 | _| |_                         |
                 ||_ o _| SELECT START           |
                 |  |_|    [ ]   [ ]     o    o  |
                 |                      o o  o o |

Directional Buttons - (located on the extreme left hand corner of the
controller; shaped like a plus sign.) Used to direct Mega Man in four different
directions. Used for walking and directing jumps, climbs, and in some
instances, the way a weapon is shot.

Select - (located to the right of the directional buttons, and to the left of
the start button.) No use in Mega Man 6.

Start - (located to the right of the Select button, and to the left of the A
and B button.) Used to make the menu appear on the screen so you can pick a
weapon and/or Rush item.

A Button - (located to the right of the Start button, and to the left of the B
button.) Primary use is to make Mega Man jump, although it can also be used to
pick items/weapons on the menu. Also, press A, while holding down to make Mega Man

B Button - (located on the extreme right hand corner of the controller; to the
right of the A button.) Primarily used to make Mega Man shoot his currently
selected weapon, although it can also be used to pick items/weapons on the
menu. Additionally, if you hold down the B button, Mega Man will charge a shot up
and shoot it stronger and bigger. A small power shot is worth one damage (like a
regular shot), a medium sized shot is worth two damage, and a super shot, big in
size, is worth three damage. Use this addition often, it is VERY useful.

                             SECTION VI - Characters

Below is a list of characters and their bios. Characters DO NOT include the eight
Robot Masters. See the next section, SECTION VII, for bios on the Robot Masters.



Name: Mega Man
Number: #001
Weapon: Mega Buster
Height: 4'4"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Mega Man appears in this game, the sixth and final installment of Mega Man on the
NES Nintendo Entertainment System. He has no new special quirks and features in
this game like he did in Mega Man 3 (with the slide) and Mega Man 4 (with the super
shot). He's your regular old Mega Man in this game. You'll find that he has an
easier time with this game then you think, however. =) This is his EASIEST
installment, and one he conquers very easily over and over again. =P


Name: Protoman
Number: #000
Weapon: Arm Cannon
Height: 4'2"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Protoman is in this game, but briefly. On Tomahawk Man's stage, you get the item
called the Energy Balancer, which is a rare item, many people don't even realize it
exists in the game. However, once you do acquire it, guess who's there to give it
to a brotha. Your boy, Proto. =)


Name: Mr. X
Number: N/A
Weapon: Dr. Wily/His Creations
Height: 4'7"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Mr. X is the baddie in this edition of Mega Man, but he's really Dr. Wily in
disguise. He adapts this form of Mr. X so that he can sponsor and run the First
Annual Robot Show, and steal the top robots that are shown at the show, for his
sixth quest in world domination. Can Mega Man stop Mr. X, and what will Mega Man do
when he finds out that Mr. X is, indeed, Dr. Wily!? Play the game, get through it,
and you'll find out, friends. =)


Name: Dr. Wily
Number: None
Weapon: His Creations
Height: 4'7"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Yes, Dr. Wily is in this game. As you'll know, or will know after reading this, if
you haven't beaten the game or gotten the gist of the storyline before reading
this, Mr. X is actually Dr. Wily in disguise, trying to distract and scare Mega
Man. Little does he know that after he's caught this time, he's headed to jail. =)


Name: Dr. Light
Number: None
Weapon: Mega Man
Height: 4'6"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Dr. Light doesn't play a huge part in this game at all, except for the ending.
However, he's there. Dr. Light, for those of you who are not into Mega Man like I
am and other people are, is Mega Man's creator, as well as former boss of Dr. Wily
and the creator of Protoman, Mega Man, Rush, Roll, Ice Man, Fire Man, Cut Man, Elec
Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man (the last six found as the baddies in the original Mega
Man game on the NES, released in 1987). There's your lowdown on Light. =P


Name: Rush
Number: None
Weapon: Various Mechanisms used more as helping tools for Mega Man
Height: N/A
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Rush is the really big change in this sixth installment of Mega Man on the NES.
Instead of Rush actually changing his form from a dog to a jet, or a Marine, or
whatever, Rush actually changed forms and physically attaches himself to Mega Man's
body, giving Mega Man 2 new abilities - Rush Jet and Rush Power. This is what
changes this game from the other versions, or at least, part of it anyway. I think
it's a very innovative change in Rush.


Name: Beat
Number: None
Weapon: His Beak...?
Height: N/A
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Beat makes his second and final NES Mega Man appearance in Mega Man 6. This bird is
just as annoying to acquire as he was in Mega Man 5, and you have to collect half
of the pieces you did in Mega Man 5! The pieces B E A T, that spell out his name,
Beat, need to be found, after defeating the "true version" of the four robot
masters that hold the four pieces of Beat. Good luck. (see the walkthrough for the
true paths to the Beat pieces).


Name: Roll
Number: None
Weapon: None
Height: 4'2"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Originally Mega Man's counterpart when Mega Man was still Rock, Roll is a
housekeeping robot created by Dr. Light for household use. Roll seems to be a
sister of Mega Man's in some instances and a "lover" in others, so it is quite
bizarre. She's basically in the ending, and that's about it.


Name: Eddie aka "Fliptop"
Number: None
Weapon: None
Height: 1'2"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

"Fliptop" (although his real name is Eddie) makes his third appearance in Mega Man
6. His basic use, as built by Dr. Light, is to supply Mega Man with needed supplies
on his missions, and then go back to the lab. However, the items he gives you are
quite random. Sometimes he'll give you a simple weapon energy pellet or energy
pellet, while othertimes he'll bless you with an extra life, or even an E-Tank.


                          SECTION VII - Robot Masters

Below is a list of the Robot Masters in the game and their bios.


Below are the bios for the eight Robot Masters that appear in the game, but you
shouldn't go any farther until you understand 100% that the numbers next to the
various stats for the Robot Masters are gotten through some simple and some
difficult calculations I perform, so please, I'd prefer you didn't e-mail me asking
to find out how I got them, just trust in me that they are accurate and reliable.
In anycase, here's how you read the Robot Master bios.

|  How to read the Character Profiles...                                      |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|  Name: The Robots' Name                                                     |
|  Number: His Number of Creation                                             |
|  Weapon: His Primary Weapon                                                 |
|  Primary Weakness: The weapon the robot master is most weak against         |
|  Height: The Robots' Height                                                 |
|  Strength: How Strong the Robot Is                                          |
|  Dexterity: How Well the Robot Uses His Weapon/Ability                      |
|  Intelligence: How Intelligent the Robot Is/How Smartly He Attacks          |
|  Agility: How Quick the Robot Is                                            |
|  Stamina: How Able-Bodied the Robot Is                                      |
|  Difficulty: How Difficult the Robot Is to Defeat In Battle                 |
|  Overall: Strength + Dexterity + Intelligence + Agility + Stamina +         |
|  Difficulty = The Total Number [divided by] 6                               |

|  Scoring:              |
|                        |
|  99-90 = Excellent     |
|  89-80 = Very Good     |
|  79-70 = Above Average |
|  69-60 = Average       |
|  59-50 = Below Average |
|  49-40 = Bad           |
|  39-30 = Very Bad      |
|  29-00 = Terrible      |

(these are in the order that I suggest you initially defeat the Robot Masters)


Name: Flame Man
Number: #043
Weapon: Flame Blast
Primary Weakness: Blizzard Attack
Height: 4'6"
Strength: 64
Dexterity: 77
Intelligence: 71
Agility: 55
Stamina: 65
Difficulty: 55
Overall: 65 (average)

Flame Man, the third Robot Master in the Mega Man series that is fire-based, is
probably the strongest of them all, but still relativly easy, nevertheless. He uses
a clone of Mega Man 2's Heat Man's Atomic Fire, which shoots a stream of fire in
front of himself that goes up and then down, then disappears. He shoots multiples
of these at Mega Man, then jumps around his lair trying to do bodily damage to Mega
Man. While you should be weary of his attacks, he's one of the easiest Robot
Masters to beat in the game with the simple Mega Buster.


Name: Blizzard Man
Number: #041
Weapon: Blizzard Attack
Primary Weakness: Flame Blast
Height: 5'0"
Strength: 75
Dexterity: 85
Intelligence: 75
Agility: 81
Stamina: 72
Difficulty: 70
Overall: 76 (above average)

Blizzard Man is a very unique Robot Master, one of the best designed in the game.
He is on a pair of skis, and skis around his lair, trying to collide with Mega Man.
His major attack, however, comes in the form of a humongous snowball... literally.
He'll roll into a snowball and fly across his lair at Mega Man, doing pretty
massive damage. He can be cooled off pretty quickly, however, by use of the Flame
Blast gotten from defeating Flame Man. Douse him in flames to quickly end his
freezing reign. Also be careful of his ability to cause Blizzard-like conditions at
will, which can be an annoyance and do good damage as well.


Name: Plant Man
Number: #045
Weapon: Plant Barrier
Primary Weakness: Blizzard Attack
Height: 4'6"
Strength: 44
Dexterity: 61
Intelligence: 60
Agility: 65
Stamina: 56
Difficulty: 40
Overall: 54 (below average)

This fierce jungle-living robot (not) is probably the lamest Robot Master in the
history of the Mega Man series, even more than Number Man in Mega Man Battle
Network (no, I'm not kidding). However, hence, we have to beat this guy anyway and
obtain his weapon. Plant Man possesses the fourth shield/barrier weapon in the
series (after Wood Man, Skull Man, and Star Man), and his is just as useless when
you get it as the others' were. Plant Man can easily be destroyed by use of the
Blizzard Attack, but be aware of his plasma shots that come from his arm cannon as
he lowers his shield. He is only vulnerable to attack when he lowers this shield,
so keep that in mind as you attack him around his lair.


Name: Tomahawk Man
Number: #046
Weapon: Silver Tomahawk
Primary Weakness: Plant Barrier
Height: 4'8"
Strength: 83
Dexterity: 90
Intelligence: 91
Agility: 56
Stamina: 81
Difficulty: 84
Overall: 81 (very good)

Tomahawk Man is the hardest Robot Master to defeat in the game, hands down, and has
two primary weapons to use against you. Although his main weapon, his Silver
Tomahawk, shoots out and upwards and does massive damage to Mega Man, he can also
shoot metal feathers out of his headpiece at Mega Man, which shoot out fast, then
slow down, making them very hard to avoid, and cause many a casualty. =) To defeat
him easily, equip ye ole Plant Barrier and collide the shield with Tomahawk Man
himself to damage the Native American Robot Master(tm) himself. =D His weapon is the
most valuable weapon to have on your quest as well, so keep that in mind.


Name: Yamato Man
Number: #048
Weapon: Yamato Spear
Primary Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
Height: 4'7"
Strength: 81
Dexterity: 79
Intelligence: 75
Agility: 74
Stamina: 77
Difficulty: 70
Overall: 76 (above average)

No one quite knows what Yamato means, but we know that there is a Yamato Man in
this game. =) Yamato Man is equipped with a spear in hand, and, here's a little
tidbid of useless Mega Man knowledge for you (hell, all of it is useless, don't
fool yourself), he's the only Robot Master in Mega Man 1-8, as well as Rockman and
Forte, to be equipped with an actual weapon; that is, a weapon that he has in his
hand, if you see what I mean. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go look
at a picture and you'll see. In anycase, Yamato Man is pretty simple if you have
the weapon he's weak to, the Silver Tomahawk. As he jumps around his lair in a
fairly monotanous fashion, he'll throw his spear at you, and when he does this, he
has no weapon to attack you with. This is his time of vulnerability. Nail the crap
out of him with a Silver Tomahawk or two, and repeat this process until he's a pile
of nails, bolts, metal, et cetera.


Name: Knight Man
Number: #044
Weapon: Knight Crush
Primary Weakness: Yamato Spear
Height: 4'5"
Strength: 77
Dexterity: 88
Intelligence: 90
Agility: 51
Stamina: 68
Difficulty: 65
Overall: 73 (above average)

Knight Man is a cool Robot Master, well designed, et cetera, and has a unique
weapon called the Knight Crush. He hurls a mace, ball and chain like weapon out of
his arm cannon (that's attached to his arm cannon by a chain, hence my ball and
chain analogy), and then the ball and chain mechanism comes-a flying back at him,
to reuse again. It might sound confusing, he might even sound hard, but he's not,
trust me. All you really need to know here is that that's the only way he can
really damage you. You can jump in between he and his ball and chain attack to
shoot at him, then go back to a defensive position. He also carries a shield to
protect himself, making him only vulnerable when he tosses the ball and chain,
lowering his shield. Using the Yamato Spear on him could be a good way in taking
him out of the program for good.


Name: Centaur Man
Number: #042
Weapon: Centaur Flash
Primary Weakness: Knight Crush
Height: 4'1"
Strength: 60
Dexterity: 65
Intelligence: 82
Agility: 73
Stamina: 77
Difficulty: 75
Overall: 72 (above average)

Centuar Man has the most interesting design of all Robot Masters. He's not built to
look humanoid in stature - instead, he truly IS a robotic centaur; half man and
half horse. Doesn't mean he's anything special, he's actually quite easy. He uses a
time stopping mechanism, similar (if not identical) to that of Flash Man's and
Bright Man's, called the Centaur Flash. When he uses this, he freezes Mega Man in
place and fires shots from his arm cannon (which split into multiples upon
collision with a hard wall, et cetera). Additionally, when he feels he's in trouble
with his adversary, he can teleport to another part of his lair randomly and sneak
attack, so bare that in mind as well. Take him out quickly with the use of the
Knight Crush, sending him back to the time of mythology. =)


Name: Wind Man
Number: #047
Weapon: Wind Storm
Primary Weakness: Centuar Flash
Height: 4'7"
Strength: 83
Dexterity: 81
Intelligence: 79
Agility: 84
Stamina: 68
Difficulty: 70
Overall: 78 (above average)

Wind Man is nearly an exact clone of the Mega Man 2 robot master, Air Man, with
mounted fans on his body. The difference is, this robot master is quite a bit
harder, unless you're equipped with the right weapon for the job. Wind Man attacks
with use of similar tornadoes to that of Air Man, but he can also float around his
room almost effortlessly, to a new location. If you equip the Centaur Flash you got
from defeating Centaur Man, then you'll be all set. Simply press the B button every
two seconds and his energy will keep decreasing, and you won't even be touching
him! He's actually quite amazing, indeed, making him the quickest to beat robot
master, and easiest to... but that's only if you have the right tool for the job,
of course.


                 SECTION VIII - Beat Adaptor ("BEAT" Pieces)

Beat, Mega Man's robotic bird friend, makes his second appearance in the NES Mega
Man series, originally appearing in Mega Man 5. In Mega Man 5, you had to collect
eight pieces to get Beat in your arsenal - in Mega Man 6, you only need to find 4,
the letters that spell his name, B, E, A, and T, "BEAT."

While that may sound a bit easier then you'd expect, it's not. The four stages that
these letters are found on have a clone boss and a real boss. If you fight the
clone boss, you get his weapon, but not the piece of the BEAT you need! It's
actually a difficult proposition for those new to the game, so follow the
instructions below to get the four pieces that'll lead you to victory.

| B |
Stage Found On: Tomahawk Man
Location: After fighting the second of the two Metool dispensers, the next screen
has a split path. Take the bottom path to the boss lair.
Strategy: No real strategy here. Just use the Rush Jet to fly over the various
holes on your way through the bottom pathway. If the first Shield Robot is giving
you trouble, use the Blizzard Attack to kill it from above, so that it doesn't harm
and kill you.

| E |
Stage Found On:  Yamato Man
Location: The "real" lair of Yamato Man.
Strategy: Defeat the "real" Yamato Man, and you'll be rewarded with both the Yamato
Spear and the "E."

| A |
Stage Found On: Knight Man
Location: The "real" lair of Knight Man.
Strategy: Defeat the "real" Knight Man, and you'll be rewarded with both the Knight
Crush and the "A."

| T |
Stage Found On: Centaur Man
Location: The "real" lair of Centaur Man.
Strategy: Defeat the "real" Centaur Man, and you'll be rewarded with both the
Centaur Flash and the "T."

                           SECTION IX - *WALKTHROUGH*

Here it is, the main part of the guide - the walkthrough. The walkthrough will have
comprehensive and in-depth walkthroughs for each part of each stage in the game,
stage by stage. At the end of each stage walkthrough is a boss strategy to help you
efficiently beat the game with little-to-no difficulty at all.

If you're not looking for spoiler-filled walkthroughs, but just want to know the
order in which to beat the Robot Masters, as well as what to use, here is the order
I recommend. (the order is far more linear than in past Mega Man games, so you'll
definetly want to follow the order I give you.)

Flame Man    ---> Use Mega Buster    ---> Go on to Blizzard Man
Blizzard Man ---> Use Flame Blast    ---> Go on to Plant Man
Plant Man    ---> Use Blizzard Attack---> Go on to Tomahawk Man
Tomahawk Man ---> Use Plant Barrier  ---> Go on to Yamato Man
Yamato Man   ---> Use Silver Tomahawk---> Go on to Knight Man
Knight Man   ---> Use Yamato Spear   ---> Go on to Centaur Man
Centaur Man  ---> Use Knight Crush   ---> Go on to Wind Man
Wind Man     ---> Use Centuar Flash  ---> Go on to Mr. X's Castle

Now below is the in-depth walkthrough, the most IN-DEPTH and COMPLETE walkthrough
for Mega Man 6 anywhere. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Before we start,
here are some basic tips to help you through the game...


There is nothing worse than not taking your time, rushing, and getting yourself
killed; quickly. Take your time, there is no time limit in the game. Where's the
fire? =)

Tip #2 - CHARGE IT UP!

You should always hold down the B button to have a charged shot ready when using
the Mega Buster to be ready for whatever is ahead of you. Remember, the fully
charged Mega Buster shot is worth 3 damage, so it's worth it to do, trust me. If
you're Mega Man-like coordinated like me, you can run, jump, et cetera, all while
holding down the B button. It takes time, but you should be able to do it with no
problem. Also, unlike in Mega Man 4 and 6, if you get hit when charging/charged up,
you will lose the charge, so be careful to avoid hits while charging or being
charged up, because it's a pain to have to recharge after being hit.


NES consoles are old, and act weird. Everyone knows this... so take down the
passwords the game gives you once in a while, even if you're not going to shut the
game off. You never do know what's going to happen.


You're probably saying to yourself "what!?" Well... E-Tanks and M-Tanks can't be
saved by the password system in this game, so you'll have to get your E-Tanks and
M-Tanks all over again if you shut the game off and start all over again. The
optimum stage to do this on is Stone Man's stage... and even Crystal Man's stage is
good. Just be aware that the password system only remembers the letters you've
collected (out of BEAT) and the robot masters you've defeated - no E-Tanks and M-
Tanks are remembers.

All right... lets do this!


After choosing to Start Game, the stage select screen, famous for the Mega Man
series, looks something like this...

 ------   ------   ------
|      | |      | |      |
|      | |      | |      |
|      | |      | |      |
 ------   ------   ------
   MAN     MAN      MAN
 ------   ------   ------
|      | | MM's | |      |
|      | | Face | |      |
|      | |      | |      |
 ------   ------   ------
 PLANT            TOMAHAWK
    MAN                MAN
 ------   ------   ------
|      | |      | |      |
|      | |      | |      |
|      | |      | |      |
 ------   ------   ------
   MAN      MAN       MAN

First, choose Flame Man's stage, and we're underway!

PLEASE NOTE: I finished this walkthrough on July 14, 2002... and started it seven
months earlier. After Plant's Man's stage walkthrough, the walkthrough goes from a
real walkthrough for each stage, to just tips and tricks, and then a boss strategy.
I'm sorry, but that's just the way it goes... I don't have the patience to write
entire 20k walkthroughs for each stage anymore, it's just not working for me.
What's more important is to have a complete and concise FAQ/Walkthrough for the
game, and that's what I have here. So... sorry for an inconvenience this may cause,
but trust me, it'll still be uber-helpful in you defeating the game. Trust me on
that one.

***** *   ***** ***
***** *   ***** ***

|__________       __________   |
|HEIGHT 155|     |WEIGHT  96|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|__________       __________   |
|ATTACK  84|     |DEFENSE 93|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|__________       _____________|
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|         _________            |
|        |OIL FIELD|           |
|         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |
|      _______________         |
|     |MASTER OF FLAME|        |

The stage takes place in the Oil Fields, but the background and surrounding areas
make it look more like a Middle Eastern palace. Obviously there is a connection
between the Middle East and oil, however, so it makes sense to a certain degree. In
anycase, as you begin the stage, simply head right a bit. As you head right, to the
bottom is a pit of purple gooey stuff - that stuff isn't hazardous as it is, but
it's oil, which is highly flamable. You'll want to avoid it, and I'll get to why in
a second. So simply jump over the purple stuff onto the orange platform above. Now,
simply jump from the orange platform back to the floor below. Here, a Metool (Hard
Hat), will be waiting for you. Wait for him to shoot his plasma shots at you and
he'll go back into his shell. From here, face him and shoot at him constantly.
He'll eventually peek his head out of that shell of his and try to fire at you.
However, with a constant stream of fire on him he won't be able to do anything of
the sort, and that will take care of him nice and quickly. Then, head right to the
next oil filled ditch and orange platform above. Take the orange platform route
again, jumping over the Metool to your right on the floor below, repeating the
steps we took before. Then simply head right a bit to another oil ditch. Across
from it is another Metool. Shoot him when he's vulnerable out of his shell to
destroy him, then jump into or over the oil pool, heading right again. There is a
platform above you that you can't get through, as you can break the boulder in your
way (you need the Rush Power to do that), so slide under the platform. Press over
as you come out of the slide to avoid going into the pit below, and we can continue
to head right from here.

Now as we head right, enemies from above start appearing. These enemies are orange
and float around dropping fire upon Mega Man's head. These are real dangers to
ignite the oil pools below. Because of this, you should try to destroy all of them
before they get the chance to drop fire into the oil pools, which will ignite them
instantly. Stepping into an ignited oil pool will kill Mega Man instantly as well,
so be careful! The first few you come across as you head right drop fire only over
the platforms and the spike bed below Mega Man as he heads right, so they aren't a
big danger. Kill them if you can as you jump from platform to platform, until you
get to some that are hovering over an oil pool. Charge up your Mega Buster quickly
and fire at them to kill them before that fire hits the pool! If it does, kill the
fire dropper anyway, then procede to your right. You can take the bottom route or
top route here - either way, you're gonna get led to the ladder all the way to the
right, and you're gonna have to cross oil pools either way, both of which are
vulnerable to fire from above. If you need some energy, there's an energy pellet on
the bottom path, surrounded by two oil pools, so take the bottom path if you can.
Either option you take, head right to the ladder and go up it into the next area.

In this next area, face left and charge up your Mega Blaster. There are two wall-
mounted guns in this room, which can shoot in three different directions, so
chances are they have a clean shot at you. With charged up shots, quickly take out
the one facing you, then head left, charge up your Mega Buster again, face right,
and snipe the one on the opposing wall. You can do that by jumping and firing, or
starting to climb the ladder, and then firing. From here, take the ladder to the
left there up into the next area yet again. This area has enemies that are
invulnerable to regular Mega Buster shots, as you can see when you shoot at them
and they reflect off of them. The way to kill these enemies is to charge up your
Mega Buster, and then fire at them with a charged shot to knock them backwards and
destroy them. As you head right, avoid the fire of these enemies and kill the first
two you come across with the manner described above. The third one you come to,
you'll need to do the same thing. However, when you knock him backwards into the
oil pool behind him, he becomes a float on the oil and is invulnerable to fire
droppers' fire, regardless of if the oil pool is engulfed in flames or not. To make
the float move, you have to keep jumping up and down on it, and it'll move
rightward to the next platform. You don't have the Rush Jet adaptor yet so we can't
get that large energy capsule above. From the platform, go right and carefully jump
over the pit in your way up to a higher level, and continue going right. You'll
come across another of the enemies here we fought before, so charge up that Mega
Buster once again and knock him backwards into the oil pool behind him. This time
it's a little bit different - you have fire droppers above, so the oil pool WILL
get engulfed. Just be careful not to let the fire from the fire droppers knock you
into the pool when it's aflame, as it can kill you instantly as I discussed
earlier. Simply jump up and down to get the float to the other side, and you'll
come to an orange platform in the middle of this expansive oil pool. Your float
can't go any further, so dismount it onto the platform in front of you, and charge
up the Mega Buster, firing it at the enemy in front of you once more to get him to
fall into the now-on fire oil pool to your right. Continue on the float to your
right s'more, a short ways to yet another platform, where you repeat what we just
did on the enemy here, and cross the on fire oil pool here as well, to the platform
to your right. From here, go right and kill the fire droppers that you encounter,
or avoid them and their fire as you head right. All the way to the right is a
ladder, which you should take down into the next area.

In this small room, there are three wall mounted guns. Using charged up Mega Buster
shots as we did before, kill all three of them, and keep moving so they can't shoot
accurate shots at you. Once all three guns are destroyed, head to the left of the
room, and go down the ladder there into yet another area. In this corridor, head
right. You can't kill the green and red floor scaling enemy you encounter, so just
avoid him best you can and continue rightward, until you encounter a pretty large
green enemy that shoots fire, which reminds me of an updated version of the fire
shooting enemies in Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2. Regardless, fire at him with
regular or charged up shots and head right once he's defeated. Again, avoid the
floor scaling enemy by jumping over him, and kill yet another of the green fire
throwing enemies. Heading right, jump over the small oil pool and you'll come
across another green enemy on a platform over an oil pool as you head right. Kill
him quickly before he engulfs the oil pool below in flames. Then, jump up and right
to the next platform, avoiding the floor scaler, and then jump to the platform up
and to your left to revive your health with the energy pellet up there. Go down a
platform, avoid the same floor scaler, and go right to another platform. Kill the
green enemy here as well. Below on the silver floor, you'll notice an E-Tank with a
floor scaler protecting it pretty well. You are going to want that, so time your
fall to the silver floor below so that you can avoid the floor scaler, taking into
account that once you hit the floor, the speed of the floor scaler will accelerate.
Grab the E-Tank, and you have two options. If the green enemy to your left didn't
fry the oil pool to your left, jump into it and quickly re-kill the green enemy
that reappeared to your left before he engulfs it as you stand in it, then work
your way back right. However, if the oil pool to the left is already on fire,
you'll have to suck it up and take some damage from the floor scaler, and head
right to the next set of platforms. Here it gets a little hairy - there are so many
green fire throwers that it's really impossible to kill them all, so just take out
what you can as you jump from platform to platform heading right over the oil
pools. Don't fall into the oil pools! You know what that can lead to. =) Keep
heading right, avoiding what you can, killing what you can't. After you head right
a short ways, you'll be in view of the enemy lair. There is a fire thrower
protecting it, however. Before you jump to the small platform he's on, charge up
the Mega Buster and be ready to fry him mid-jump. Once you clear the way of any
enemies, enter the lair and get ready to engage Flame Man in battle.



Flame Man is actually one of the more difficult enemies in the game, especially
with just the Mega Buster. However, for ease of later events, we take him on first,
so get ready to battle him. For those of you who've played Mega Man 2, you've
undoubtidly fought his cousin, the zippo Robot Master known as Heat Man. They have
identical attacks, called fire stacks, which Flame Man shoots out of his arm cannon
via slamming his arm cannon into the ground. When these are shot, they shoot a
ripple of fire pillars shoot across the room, making the path in front of you not
passable, and they are almost impossible to jump unassisted. Also, plasma shots
being shot at the flame pillars get deflected, giving Flame Man an advantage in the
defense department. In addition to this attack, Flame Man can also shoot regular
fireball shots that are slow moving (which makes them hard to avoid, surprisingly),
out of his arm cannon, so watch for that as well. Your best bet in fighting him is
to simply charge up the arm cannon when he jumps around the room, and stay close to
him, which makes him keep jumping. When he lands from a jump, nail him with a
charged up arm cannon shot, and repeat the process, while avoiding his array of
attacks. You shouldn't have to use the E-Tank you acquired in his stage, but just
in case, don't be afraid to use it if you need to.


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A  X                    |                             [beat]
|                        |
|B  X           X        |
|                        |
|C                       |
|                        |
|D              X        |
|                        |
|E                      X|
|                        |
|F                       |

***** *   ******** ***
***** *   ******** ***

|__________       __________   |
|HEIGHT 163|     |WEIGHT 167|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|__________       __________   |
|ATTACK  86|     |DEFENSE 42|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|__________       ___________  |
|MOBILE 113|     |SOLAR POWER| |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
|       _____________          |
|      |FROZEN ISLAND|         |
|       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          |
|       ______________         |
|      |MASTER OF SNOW|        |

Blizzard Man's stage is the second on our list now that we've acquired the Flame
Blast from Flame Man. This stage is slippery and snowcovered, so always watch your
step, as there are numerous difficult jumps and such that make it all too easy to
slip to your death! Lets go!

As you begin your journey on Blizzard Man's stage, head right along the snow
covered ground until you come across a seal robot. These robots materialize large
snowballs which they chuck at Mega Man with great speed, so charge up the Mega
Buster and fire at him until he's destroyed to guarantee that you won't have to
deal with sliding under, avoiding, whatever, his snowball attack. To the right of
where the Seal was stationed is a circle with "3" on it, over a pit. These are
actually bombs that are activated when you step upon them. From there, they count
down to 2, then 1, and then explode. You have to know this because they are all
over this stage. So, jump on it or over it in this case (that's one of the few you
don't have to mess with), and continue on your journey going right. You might want
to just activate it to get an idea of how fast it goes off, and the impact radius,
et cetera. Anyway, as you continue rightward, you'll come across a green helicopter
like enemy. Wait until he opens up his mechanism to fly around, which shows the
vulnerable part of his structure, which you can then pound with plasma shots to
destroy him. To his immidiate right is another of the Seal enemies, which you
should kill (avoid his snowballs!). To the left and up of the platform where the
Seal was is a weapon energy pellet which you don't need, because we haven't used
any special weapons yet. So ignore it, and head right s'more, where you'll come
across another Seal not too far from where you killed the previous one. Take him
out as well, then jump up and go right, and you'll see an extra life below you.
Encasing it in its little alcove are two ice barriers, which CAN be destroyed by
use of the Flame Blast. However, jumping in there once the ice barriers are
destroyed isn't the problem, it's jumping out that can prove dangerous, so no
matter how tempting that extra life might look, ignore it and head right. You'll
see a series of bombs in front of you in the air. Jump on the first one, and kill
the helicopter enemy quickly before the bomb explodes underneath you, and then jump
to the next one, to the next, and finally to the last one, and onto the platform to
your right, as they explode behind you. You can take the bottom path, but why?
There's goodies up here, so follow that route instead. Now to your right is another
bomb, which you have to bump into and then walk away from it, let it explode and
allow it to open up that path. Get the energy pellet there to refresh Mega Man's
health, and then go right to another bomb, which you should bump into once more and
walk away from it to let it explode, then simply head allt he way right and jump
down the ditch there into the next area.

When you jump down, quickly hold down the control pad to the left so that you land
in the little alcove to the left there, which seems barren, but it's not! Equip the
Rush Power adaptor you got from defeating Flame Man, and kill the helicopter enemy
there, which is more of a nuisance then anything. Then, power up the adaptor by
holding down B and unleash it on the block in front of you. It'll destroy the
block, leaving you with an extra life. Coolio. =) Now just drop back off of the
platform, down into the next area.

From here, head left on the platform and kill the spinning white enemy traveling
along the platform towards you. Drop down, heading right now, and do the same to an
identical enemy coming at you from the right this time, and head right s'more.
You'll encounter a shield enemy, famous in the later NES Mega Man games. They are
only vulnerable to plasma attacks from the back of the shield, so slide under the
shield, then quickly turn around and procede to fire upon it. If the shield isn't
destroyed via one array of plasma rounds, slide back under it and repeat the
process until it is. Then head right, and avoid the shield patrolling the bottom
path, and quickly jump up and right to the top path. You can't walk much farther
rightward, as in your way are some ice barriers. Being that we have the Flame Blast
from Flame Man, equip it and fire it at the ice barriers to rid the pathway of
them. To the right of the ice barriers' previous position is an E-Tank. Booyah. =)
Then simply go right on this platform, and slide under the ceiling obtrusion back
down to the ground level. Quickly open fire on the white sliding enemy on the
ground you land on, and then jump up a level as you head right, where you'll engage
another shield in battle. Do the same thing (sliding under him, turning around, and
firing, repeating until he is destroyed), and then destroy yet another of the
sliding enemies. As you head right, you'll come across a slew of these two enemies,
which you can destroy all pretty easily. When you come to the end of this area,
destroy the ice block with the Rush Power adaptor to reveal an energy pellet. It
also opens up the area a lot more so you can move around easier. Destroy the
remaining shield enemies and sliding enemies, then go to the ladder to your right
and down into the next area. In this area, this small room, there is but one enemy
to your left, a large squid, green in color, that shoots ice cubes at you which
glide along the ground until hitting a solid object, and more importantly, he
shoots heat sinking missiles with regularity. The icecubes are easy to avoid, the
heat sinkers are not. Your best bet is to open up rapid fire on him to destroy him
as quickly as possible, while avoiding as much damage as you can from his missile
attacks. His missiles can be destroyed by shooting at them, but concentrate your
shots on the enemy at hand. Once he's destroyed, go left to the ladder he was
protecting, and down it.

In this barren room, simply go right and jump over both pits in your way that are
lined on the bottom with the infamous one hit and your dead Mega Man killer spikes.
=) Then go right into the next area. This area is very interesting. It's like a
boat, or a submarine, or something, that constantly submerges then surfaces, making
parts of it underwater at one point and available to jump on at another. The
ceiling is lined with spikes, so you have to be careful with how you jump here.
From the get-go, head right and make sure you don't walk into any area that
submerges itself, lest you want to kill Mega Man. As you head right, kill the green
Sniper Joe in the gattling gun with a few shots, and to his right, equip the Rush
Power adaptor and destroy the two ice blocks there to free up some space. Go back
to the arm cannon and kill another gunning Sniper Joe to your right. There is yet
ANOTHER Sniper Joe below you and to the right. However, the area right in front of
him submerges into spiked water which will kill you instantly. So charge up the arm
cannon and wait for the sub to surface, which should be your cue to jump down and
fire away at Sniper Joe, then quickly jump to where he was before you defeated him,
so that you avoid the spikes where you just were, again escaping death. =) Now as
we head right a bit more, you can go the easy way or the hard way. There is an ice
block that blocks a secret passage through the submarine, so to start off, destroy
the ice block with the Rush Power adaptor. Once it's destroyed, wait until the sub
is out of the water completely, then go right past where the ice block was,
sliding, running, going as fast as you can, to avoid being submerged back into the
water, meeting your doom with the spikes below! Then jump up a level, and collect
the tiny energy pellets as you go right, eventually running into an E-Tank. Woohah!
Now go back the way you came, and jump above where you just were heading right.
Here is where the spike lined ceilings come into play. Carefully navigate this
final part of the submarine area by watching the spikes on the ceiling. Move slowly
and carefully to each gap in the ceiling until you get far enough right where they
are no longer a threat. There are airborne timebombs to your right now. Jump from
one to another until you get to the ladder to the right on the ceiling, moving
quickly so that the bombs don't take you with them. Then simply go up the ladder
into the next area.

In this void area, go up the ladder, and jump into the pit below onto the bomb,
then jump back up to the platform to the left, doing the same thing on the bomb to
the left, and then jumping back up to the ladder above in the lefthand corner. Go
up the ladder into the final area of the stage. (That sounds confusing, but it's
really not. You'll see what I mean when you get there, if you aren't already.)

Once in the next area, another of the green squid robots will greet you. Avoid the
icecubes he shoots at you and destroy what heat sinking missiles you can that he
shoots at you while keeping steady fire on him. Once he's destroyed, head right
into the next area. Blizzard Man's lair is in sight! However, there's a complicated
array of small platforms and timebombs in the way, so what do you do? Jump on the
nearest timebomb first, then quickly jump to the platform right next to it. From
there, jump to the timebomb to your right, and back up on the platform to the right
of THAT one. There are two more bombs left. Jump up and nudge right on the d-pad so
that you hit the topmost bomb. Steady yourself on the ledge you were just on until
it explodes. Then, jump on the final bomb, then back left to the platform you were
just on, letting that one explode as well. Then jump to the platform where the lair
entrance is, and enter it. Lets take on the snow fiend, Blizzard Man!



Blizzard Man is an elementary Robot Master to defeat, especially if you have the
Flame Blast that we acquired from Flame Man last stage. Blizzard Man attacks in two
primary ways. He rolls up into a ball (a snowball, quite literally) and shoots
across the room quickly until he hits a wall, where he comes out of that form back
into his normal form. You can jump over that easily. The other form is when he
stands still, doing a swaying motion atop his skis. From this he can shoot razor
sharp snowflakes at you from midair, they appear out of nowhere. This is his
Blizzard Attack. All you have to do is equip the Flame Blast, get in close, and
fire away at him. He can't be damaged when he is in a snowball, so keep that in
mind as you fight him. However, that shouldn't hinder anything. Keep firing away at
him with the Flame Blast, use that E-Tank we got in his stage if you need to
(although you definetly shouldn't have to), and he'll bite the dust eventually!
Then you'll get his Blizzard Attack and we can move on to the next stage.


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A  X       X            |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                             [beat]
|B  X                    |
|                        |
|C      X                |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F                  X    |

***** *   ***** ***
***** *   ***** ***

|___________      __________   |
|HEIGHT  143|    |WEIGHT 111|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|__________      ___________   |
|ATTACK  42|    |DEFENSE 103|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|__________      ____________  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
|       ______________         |
|      |FORGOTTEN AREA|        |
|       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         |
|       ______________         |
|      |FLOWER FANCIER|        |

I do believe this level to be the most annoying in the game. There are alot of very
annoying (and treacherous) jumps littered throughout the stage, as well as some
annoying enemies, and all around annoying stage layout. In anycase, we do have to
get it done, now don't we, so shall we be on our way?

As you begin Plant Man's stage, head right a bit and two floating robot enemies
will come out of the trees at you. Attack them both (one hit each, I believe), and
they'll both be destroyed. As you continue to your right a bit more, there will be
some grasshopper enemies hidden in the grass. Watch for them as they jump. The best
way to destroy them is to start shooting when they are still, on the ground, and as
they jump towards you, they'll jump right into your blaster fire. Very good indeed.
Head right a bit more, jump up and kill the grasshopper in clear sight there, and
then do it again to the next grasshopper you come across. You'll notice an extra
life and a large energy capsule behind a wooden looking barrier. Indeed, this is
where we need to go. Break out the Rush Power Adaptor, and power it up, to smash
the wooden barrier (by punching it). Then retrieve the extra life and energy
capsule, and unequip the Rush Power Adaptor, jump up and to the right, and go up
the ladder into the next area.

In this area, there is a huge purple robot, that flies into the air, and then lands
abruptly on whatever it is that's below him. A pain in the ass, really. To get
by/around him, wait for him to land, and then fly back up. Slide under him to the
left, and quickly run by and to the ladder at the lefthand side of the room. Climb
up it before he regains himself and comes back after you. You might get hit, but if
you do, use that invisibility it grants you and climb up that ladder. Make haste!
When you get up into the next screen, kill the flying orange robot when he starts
moving towards you, and then focus your attention on the ground gun to your right.
Pump him full of a few plasma shots, and then start running to your right. To your
right are three more of these flying orange robots, as well as another ground gun
for you to combat. Destroy these robots as well, and then drop down the ditch to
the right of the screen, down into the next area.

In this area, no enemies await you, but Enker does. Take whatever item he gives you
(hopefully an E-Tank!), and then go to your left, and down the ditch once more,
into the next leg of the stage. In this darkened room, a Guts Tank awaits you. He
has two attacks for you to deal with - he can shoot a barrage of plasma shots out
at you from his mouth-mounted plasma shooter (which are hard to avoid, depending on
how close he is to you... sometimes you can avoid getting hit by standing completly
still), and he can also shoot off his fist like a rocket at you, but it comes back
to him, meaning he can do it more than once. His weak spot is his eye area, so pump
several powered up shots from your arm cannon at his eyes, and he'll eventually be
destroyed, so you can go to your right, and into the next area.

This entire area has robotic grasshoppers, and flying enemies galore. Keep a look
out in the trees and grassy areas... grasshoppers and the flying robots hide in
these areas, and ambush Mega Man as he passes. Go to your right and kill a few of
these enemies, then you'll eventually get to some springs along the ground. When
you jump on the springs, they obviously make you jump higher. If you don't hold
down the A (jump) button when you jump, you'll just keep bouncing, about the height
you'd bounce if you were jumping on regular ground. However, if you hold the A
button down while you're on the springs, you'll jump super high into the air. Keep
that in mind a little later in the stage.

After the springs, kill one Grasshopper there, and the flying enemy patrolling out
of the tree line as well. You'll come across a short line of springs as you
continue to your right, which above it, has the instant kill spikes, famous from
their appearance all over every Mega Man game in existance (traditional Mega Man
games, anyway). Jump on the springs, and take your finger off of the A button right
away, so you don't high jump into the spikes above, which will kill Mega Man in one
hit, as I just mentioned. Walk carefully over to your right, until you get off the
springs, then just land back on regular ground. A few more enemies of various types
meet you as you go right, and there are some weapon energy pellets behind a huge
barrel of wood that you'll come across. You can access them by destroying the
wooden barrel with your Rush Power Adaptor, but you shouldn't need them, so just
ignore them. Kill off a few more enemies, and go right, into the next area. In this
darkened room, you'll meet yet another Guts Dozer. Kill this one the way you killed
the previous one we fought earlier (see the above paragraph if you need help, I'm
not going to retype a battle strategy on him), and then go right into the final
area of the stage, before we fight Plant Man himself.

Before I even start the walkthrough for this section, a friendly word of advice -
don't rush in this area. You have to jump from platform to platform, below each gap
being a pool of water, that if you fall into, will kill you instantaneously. So,
instead, time your jumps carefully. When you do jump, jump over a bit, and then
back, to trigger the robotic fish in the water to come up and out at you. If you
jump without doing this, these robotic fish will knock you into the water with
them, so you have to be very careful! If you understand what I'm saying, and I hope
that you do, you have to trigger these guys, then jump when they're going back down
to the water, before they jump up again. It's vital to do this because if they
catch you midjump, you're screwed, they'll knock you right into the water! So go to
your right, kill the ground gun, and watch for the flying enemy that flies right at
you from the left of the screen. Gun him down, and get ready to do what I just
discussed above. Trigger the robotic fish, then jump over the water. Repeat this
process as you jump from left to right a few times, until you get to an extended
platform, where you don't have to worry about this. Kill a few more flying robots
and grasshopper robots, and then you'll come across these folded up platforms in
trees, that have these blinking dots in the middle of them. Shoot these dots to
make the platform extend outwards, and then jump onto the first platform. You'll
have to trigger them one by one. Trigger one, then stand on it, and trigger
another. Be careful with the gap between the first and second ones! There is
another of those pesky fishes in there, and they will knock your ass into the water
if you aren't careful. Also be weary of those fast flying robots, who can knock you
off these platforms and into the water.

After these three platforms, you'll notice flowers in the trees, accented in the
middle by a small energy pellet. Feel free to gather some of those as you head from
platform to platform (remember to shoot them to trigger them open). Be weary of
some of the gaps in between platforms, as more of those pesky fish can be found
there. This final leg of the stage, however, can be tricky. Jump from spring
platform to spring platform, while avoiding the fish, the fly robots and some
bouncing plasma shooters as well. It's complex to explain, so I won't even bother.
Instead, just be careful and take your time here, because this can frustrate
players, especially players new to the game. When you get to the end, enter into
Plant Man's lair and prepare to fight!



Plant Man isn't very intimidating, he isn't very scary, is he? Well, no, of course
he isn't. And worry not, fellow gamers! His character in the game is cake too. What
Plant Man does, in a nutshell, is jump around the room. He'll activate his Plant
Barrier, which means that nothing can penetrate him for that time, no weapon you
have can... but then he'll shoot it at you. At this point, jump over it, and shoot
him with the Blizzard Attack. Since this is all he does, all you have to do is
simply repeat this process over and over again, and he'll be toast before you know
it... or, better yet, he'll be toast before he knows what hit him. Just conserve
the Blizzard Attack, as to not arbitrarily shoot it at him when his shield is up,
because he'll block it, receive no damage, and you'll waste precious weapon energy
on it. Be patient, and you'll win the battle easily. If you're not patient, you'll
still probably win, but just not as easily. =D

      RUSH JET

~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A  X           X        |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                           - Plant Barrier
|B  X                    |                           - Rush Jet
|                        |                             [beat]
|C      X                |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F                  X    |

***** *   ******** ***
***** *   ******** ***

|___________      _________    |
|HEIGHT  177|    |WEIGHT 67|   |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    |
|___________      __________   |
|ATTACK  157|    |DEFENSE 71|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|___________      ____________ |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|       ______________         |
|      |FORGOTTEN AREA|        |
|       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         |
|      __________________      |
|     |MASTER OF TOMAHAWK|     |

As you start out Tomahawk Man's stage, you'll notice yourself in a desert-like
environment. Pretty cool, eh? Anyway...

*The barrels scattered throughout Tomahawk Man's stage can be destroyed with a
charged up shot from the Rush Power Adaptor. One of these barrels even hides an E-
Tank in the beginning of the stage, so keep an eye out for that.

*On the big Metool dispenser, make sure to aim all of your shots at the bottom
silver part of the dispenser, which is its only weak spot. Any Metools that manage
to escape from the dispenser you'll have to deal with, but will disappear
automtically when the Metool dispenser itself is destroyed.

*When you come up a ladder and you are outside, and see the sun in the background,
look up from the ladder, and you'll see another ladder in the air. Equip the Rush
Jet Adaptor to fly up to the ladder, and then climb up to the secret area. Not only
will you skip the entire region below this secret area, but you'll find another E-
Tank and some other goodies at the end as well. And that's always a good thing, is
it not? Just be weary of all of those one-hit-kill spikes, they liter the entire
secret area.

*When the path splits after you fight the second Metool dispenser, take the bottom
path, by using the Rush Jet to fly over the various holes. However, the first
Shield Robot will be blocking you. To kill it before flying down there, aim the
Blizzard Attack at his weak, unprotected backside, and then fly down there safely.
If you take this path to the boss, you'll be rewarded with the B piece for your
BEAT adaptor. If you don't take this route, you'll fight the fake Tomahawk Man,
which will get you the Silver Tomahawk, sure, but no B.



Tomahawk Man looks pretty menacing, sure. But in fact, he's as simple as could be
to defeat in battle. Even with the regular old Mega Buster arm cannon that Mega Man
usually uses, he can still be easy, but if you've been following the order I've put
forth here for you to follow in this game, you'll have the Plant Barrier from
defeating Plant Man in your arsenal. Equip that. Now, Tomahawk Man jumps around the
screen, and then he shoots Silver Tomahawks out of his arm cannon, and razor-sharp
feathers from his head-dress at you, then jumps around and does it all over again.
He's pretty predictable in his battle pattern. All you have to worry about it
getting in close with your Plant Barrier. When you feel you're close enough to him,
call up the Plant Barrier. When it goes around you, it will collide with him and
damage him. The Plant Barrier will then disappear, and you'll have to do it all
over again. That's okay though... just do it six times, and Tomahawk Man will be
toast. Try to conserve your E-Tanks here too, there's no reason you should need one
on him.


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A  X           X        |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                           - Plant Barrier
|B  X                    |                           - Rush Jet
|                        |                           - Silver Tomahawk
|C                      X|                             [Beat]
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F                  X    |

***** *   ****** ***
***** *   ****** ***

|___________      __________   |
|HEIGHT  151|    |WEIGHT 149|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|___________      ___________  |
|ATTACK  199|    |DEFENSE 185| |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
|__________      _____________ |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|    _____________________     |
|    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |
|        _______________       |
|       |MASTER OF SPEAR|      |

Ah yes... the impenetrable fortress. Well, that's what he thought, anyway. =P Lets
get on with this stage.

*In the beginning of the stage, when you reach the first ladder, don't climb up it.
Instead, equip on Mega Man the Rush Power Adaptor, and punch out the wall below the
ladder, the one with cracks in it. After a short path, it'll lead you to a big
energy pellet and eventually an E-Tank, and allow you to skip over some of the
stage... a cool little secret for you.

*When you fight the Frog robot with that Samurai guy on it, don't worry too much
about the lasers that the Frog shoots. Instead, worry about the bombs that the
Samurai throws at you. He throws them in two, and they have a nice explosion
radius... approximately the explosion radius of a bomb in a Zelda game for
instance. This explosion radius will damage you just as much as if the bomb hit you
directly, so just be careful with that.

*When you get to a fork in the road, with a ladder going down and a ladder going
up, choose the ladder going up. You have to use the Rush Jet Adaptor to get up
there, but do so... then follow the short path to the boss lair of Yamato Man,
where you'll fight the real Yamato Man and get the E Beat peace in addition to the
Yamato Spear... if you take the other path, you'll get to the fake Yamato Man, and
while you'll get the Yamato Spear, you won't get the E peace for your Beat Adaptor.



Yamato Man can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing... this is
generally because he has so much firepower just shooting at you at all times that
it's very, very difficult to avoid all of the madness sometimes. Yamato Man
utilizes the power of his Yamato Spear, which he carries in his hand. He throws it
at Mega Man (or any foe he is fighting). When this happens, he has to actually run
over to his spear, and pick it back up to use it again. Use this timeframe to
pummel him with Silver Tomahawks. However, you have to be pretty close to him to
hit him with the Silver Tomahawk, because the weapon slops upward when shot. This
can easily be solved, however, because Yamato Man also jumps in the air overhead
and shoots some spears down on his enemy. When he does this, take that oppportunity
to use the convenient upward slope of the Silver Tomahawk to hit him with general


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A  X           X        |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                           - Plant Barrier
|B                       |                           - Rush Jet
|                        |                           - Silver Tomahawk
|C                       |                           - Yamato Spear
|                        |                             [BEat]
|D          X            |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F              X   X    |

***** *   ****** ***
***** *   ****** ***

|___________      __________   |
|HEIGHT  158|    |WEIGHT 146|  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
|___________      ___________  |
|ATTACK  121|    |DEFENSE 204| |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
|__________      ____________  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
|      __________________      |
|     |CAPITAL OF SCIENCE|     |
|      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      |
|     ___________________      |
|    |MASTER OF MACE BALL|     |

Knight Man (my personal favorite Robot Master in Mega Man 6) chills out in his
castle-like fortress, the Capital of Science. Lets get underway, shall we?

*Use the Rush Power Adaptor to destroy the green blocks in the stage... especially
the ones that block goodies, such as the extra life found behind one in the
beginning areas of the stage.

*To kill those enemies in the barrels, shoot at the barrel first, which will make
the shots being fired out of the barrel stop, and the green enemy within will peep
his head out. Then, fire on his head. Keep repeating this process until the enemy
is destroyed.

*When you see the E-Tank outside, all the way to the right of the screen, up high
on a platform, it's totally getable. Simply equip the Rush Jet Adaptor and fly up
there to retrieve it.

*Towards the end of the stage, you'll come to a stretch where there's bouncy
material on both the floors and ceiling, that'll bounce Mega Man up and down as you
go, off the floors and ceilings. To make matters worse, there are guns patrolling
the area as well. To get around this, simply time your jumps so that you avoid
these guns, so you won't get damaged. Also, utilize the various platforms over the
bouncy floor, to use as both blockers, and rest areas. Simple, right?

*In the area of the stage where the ceiling is coming down with spikes, be careful
here... take your time. And also, have your Mega Buster charged up at all times, to
kill the Drill Rovers right away, so that they don't get you caught in the spikes,
which will kill you instantly.

*When you get to Knight Man's lair, make sure to not go in it. Right before it is a
green block, blocking off a route downward. Destroy this green block with the Rush
Power Adaptor, and then jump down, and follow the route to the real Knight Man,
where you'll get both the Knight Crush and A Beat piece for the Beat Adaptor. If
you don't take this route, you'll only get the Knight Crush.



Knight Man is probably the most simple Robot Master to defeat in the game, even
with just the use of the regular old Mega Buster arm cannon. But if you've been
following my walkthrough up to this point in the game, you should have already
beaten Yamato Man and gotten his Yamato Spear for your victory. This is a vital
weapon to have against Knight Man, because Knight Man weilds a shield, and it's the
only weapon that can penetrate his shield and do damage to him... and it does
massive damage. If you don't have the Yamato Spear, you'll have to wait for Knight
Man to throw his Knight Crush at you, which is the mace/ball and chain weapon he
has attached to his arm cannon. When he does this, jump in between him and his mace
and fire away at him. When he goes to retract the Knight Crush, jump away. He'll
then fire again, or jump away and do it all over again. He's overly predictable and
extremely easy to defeat... so no worries my friend, no worries.


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A  X                    |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                           - Plant Barrier
|B                      X|                           - Rush Jet
|                        |                           - Silver Tomahawk
|C                  X   X|                           - Yamato Spear
|                        |                           - Knight Crush
|D                       |                             [BEAt]
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F                  X    |

***** *   ******* ***
***** *   ******* ***

|___________        __________ |
|HEIGHT  155|      |WEIGHT 172||
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|__________         __________ |
|ATTACK  35|       |DEFENSE 47||
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|___________      ____________ |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
|        _______________       |
|       |UNDERWATER CITY|      |
|        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       |
|        _______________       |
|       |ABILITY UNKNOWN|      |

Centaur Man resides in the overly weird looking, Atlantis-reminding Underwater
City. It's a pretty fun stage though, so lets get started, shall we?

*All over the stage where there is water, these small robots will come from the sky
and land in water. They don't just sit there though (that'd be really lame, don't
you think?) Instead, about a second after sitting on the water surface, they'll
start to flash. A second after that, they'll explode. That's correct, ladies and
gentlemen... they are indeed bombs. Mines. Whatever you want to call them. I'm
basically warning you because I don't want you to get into their blast radius. Not
only their blast radius, but that they split into pieces of shrapnel upon
detonation as well. That could mean certain destruction for you, indeed! Oh, and
when these mines/bombs come raining down from the sky, keep in mind that they can
knock you out of midair, and into the water/hole/enemy below you... so make sure to
not only time your jumps, but KNOW YOUR ENEMY (in the words of Rage Against the
Machine), and know where these enemies fall from, so that they don't sneak up on

*Much of Centaur Man's stage is covered in water. The holes, gaps, et cetera, and
things lined with spikes might seem unjumpable, but remember, this is the land of
Mega Man, and in all Mega Man games (except for the original), Mega Man has extra
special jumping ability underwater, that allows him to jump extra high and extra
far. Use this to cross great gaps and spike floors. But don't let this hurt you!
Spikes are strategically places along ceilings too, so you have to time your jumps
and space them too... and do it all like a pro! Don't worry, it's not as bad as it
sounds. Or maybe it is?

*When you get to the part of the stage where the water is upside down on the stage,
fluctuating its height, you'll have to keep in mind what I said about water above.
Just remember, jumping into the water gives you extra jumping ability, which will
allow you to cross those extra long chasms. Remember though... the minute you fall
from the water, you will fall like a rock... and also, the enemies in this area
also have the same jumping advantage/disadvantage you do, depending on water level.
That's important to keep in mind.

*When you come to the end of the stage, you'll see the entrance to Centaur Man's
real lair across a waterfall, and a ladder leading down. The ladder leads down to
the fake lair... so this is the one. To cross this gap to the lair, naturally, take
out that Rush Jet Adaptor of yours and fly across.



Centaur Man is the coolest Robot Master in the Mega Man series, as far as far out
and wacky designs go. Centaur Man is literally a Centaur... half man, half horse.
Well... he's half robot, half robotic horse, but it's close enough, won't you say?
He's the first and last Robot Master to be designed in such a fashion, and he's
uber-cool for it. =P Anyway, Centaur Man is the third Robot Master in the Mega Man
series up to his point to use the time stopping ability, and out of all of them, he
probably uses it the best, simply because he has a good weapon to supplement it.
Flash Man in Mega Man 2 had a lousy arm cannon... the same with Bright Man in Mega
Man 4. While Centaur Man too has an arm cannon, his arm cannon shoots plasma shots
that, when fired and hit a solid surface, split into several plasma shots, that can
do four and five times the damage (if they all hit you) that a regular arm cannon
shot would do to you. Not only that, but apart from the Flash Stopper, Centaur Man
also has a very, very unique ability - he can teleport. He teleports constantly
around the room, which makes up for his slow walking speed. All in all, Centaur Man
can be a handful, but if you have the Knight Crush from defeating Knight Man, fire
away with those on him, and Centaur Man will be toast, and quick. =)


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A                       |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                           - Plant Barrier
|B                       |                           - Rush Jet
|                        |                           - Silver Tomahawk
|C                      X|                           - Yamato Spear
|                        |                           - Knight Crush
|D                       |                           - Centaur Flash
|                        |                           - Beat
|E          X           X|
|                        |
|F  X   X                |

***** *   **** ***
***** *   **** ***

|___________        __________ |
|HEIGHT  169|      |WEIGHT 173||
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|__________        ___________ |
|ATTACK  66|      |DEFENSE 159||
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|__________       ____________ |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|          ____________        |
|         |AIR FORTRESS|       |
|          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        |
|         ______________       |
|        |MASTER OF WIND|      |

Wind Man's stage, high atop terra-firma below, is our final Robot Master stage to
fight on... after that, it's off to Mr. X's Castle. So here we go!

*As we've done in nearly every stage up to this point in the game, use the Rush
Power Adaptor to get through the various blocks on the stage, that block goods,
such as energy pellets. I shouldn't have to tell you that anymore.

*The fans scattered throughout the stage can be awfully tricky if you aren't
careful. They are most often used for jumping distances and such, or getting higher
or lower than you are currently. However, if you jump onto a fan, expect to get
shot high into the air. That's not a bad thing,of course, unless there are spikes
above you. If they are, refrain from jumping into the air... that could certainly
mean certain death... what I'm trying to say is to jump carefully, and if there are
spikes above you, don't jump onto the fan. Instead, simply walk or slide onto the
fan, so that you aren't shot high into the air above.

*The Rush Jet is highly useful in this stage. There are several areas where you can
get E-Tanks and other goods by simple and obvious use of the Rush Jet Adaptor, so
make sure to keep and eye out for those.



Wind Man... oh Wind Man. You underachiever, you. Wind Man can easily be considered
the easiest Robot Master in the game. Well, not without the right weapon he's not,
but he can certainly be considered such with the right weapon. The right weapon I'm
speaking of is, of course, the Centaur Flash. And if you've been following my
walkthrough and my order for defeating the bosses thusfar, you should certainly
have that in your arsenal by now. Wind Man has a few attacks. First and foremost,
out of his shoulder-mounted fans, he can shoot blades, which zig-zag in and out of
each other before getting to their target, or across the screen (one or the other).
Additionally, his fans can suck you in and push you away. If they happen to be
pulling you in, you'll eventually collide with Wind Man, which will damage you. To
avoid this, slide away and run away in the opposite direction. Otherwise, you'll
almost certainly be damaged by collision. Thirdly, Wind Man can jump high in the
air and come out on the other side (hidden by clouds)... this sucks too, so keep an
eye out for that. Otherwise, equip the Centaur Flash, and press B. It's that
simple. When you press B, the screen will flash and Wind Man will be damaged. Wait
about two seconds, and press B again. You'll notice that (if your Centaur Flash
weapon energy was full) Wind Man's energy and the weapon energy of the Centaur
Flash are going down in unison. Keep doing this simple battle technique until Wind
Man is no more.


~Password Thusfar~                           Current Items/Weapons etc.
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|                           - Rush Power
|                        |                           - Flame Blast
|A                       |                           - Blizzard Attack
|                        |                           - Plant Barrier
|B                       |                           - Rush Jet
|                        |                           - Silver Tomahawk
|C                       |                           - Yamato Spear
|                        |                           - Knight Crush
|D                      X|                           - Centaur Flash
|                        |                           - Wind Storm
|E          X           X|                           - Beat
|                        |                           (that's everything, folks)
|F  X   X                |

get past Mr. X's castle, to Dr. Wily's castle with a password. That's the best
password you can get. Sorry.

***** *   **  * ****** ***** ***
***** *   **  * ****** ***** ***

*First and foremost, a majority of this stage forces you to use your Rush Jet
Adaptor, so if you're not good with it yet, you better get good quick. A lot of
battles with those airborne guns will be with you using your Rush Jet to engage
them in battle midair. If and when they strike you with a plasma shot, however, you
will lose your airborne-ness, and have to go back into the air after landing on the

*The glass on the righthand side of the screen as your climbing the tower for the
first time is breakable with the Rush Power Adaptor. If you manage to break that,
you'll skip the rest of the stage, going through a secret passageway full of
goodies. However, that is probably the hardest secret passage to break into,
because it's got spikes all around it, and it's in the middle of the air. All you
have to rely on is some platforms that, when you step on them, change position.
Unless you're really good, don't even attempt it.

*At the end of the stage, you'll come across the boss lair. However, there's a
ladder leading down a screen from there. Ignore it. This ladder is for those who
managed to take the secret passageway to come back up to the main area of the stage
and engage the boss enemy in battle.



Wall Walkers are the first non-Robot Master enemy that you'll fight in the game.
They are quite simple, too. This enemy is attached to the wall, in a system of
grids, that only allow it to move in certain areas, and in certain ways. Well, I
make it sound like there's only one - there's two of these Wall Walkers that you
have to contend with. In anycase, they are all over the room on the walls, going in
all different directions. They fire plasma shots down and out from their bodies, as
well. They're hard to explain, but you'll see what I mean when you get there. In
anycase, equip the Flame Blast on Mega Man. When they come to the two lower grids,
they're in range for you to hit them. This is because they are only vulnerable to
attack on their sides. If you hit them on the top or on the bottom of their
structure, you won't damage them. So jump and fire the Flame Blast at them,
avoiding them as they come by you by jumping over them or sliding under them, or
running into a corner. In anycase, as you damage them more and more, they get
quicker and quicker. Eventually, one will die, and the other one will start
travelling super fast. At this point, keep pounding him with the Flame Blast, and
you'll be all set.

***** **   **  * ****** ***** ***
***** **   **  * ****** ***** ***

*In the beginning of the stage, you might fall into a secret compartment within the
platform you're on, that'll lead you to some weapon energy pellets. Grab the
pellets quickly, however, because the two Drill Rovers above you will come and trap
you in their, damaging you greatly. So just be quick about what you're doing.

*It looks like there is no spikes on the walls, ceilings and floors in this stage,
right? Well they're there, they just don't look very conventional. The spikes in
this stage, if you didn't know, are those dark yellow trident-looking things that
are all over the place. They look different, sure, but they still have the same
instant-death effect, so be careful!

*Whenever the stage layout makes you use your Rush Jet Adaptor to get to and fro,
just be careful of the spikes... they are in unusual places on this stage, for
whatever reason.



The Wall Walker Advance is a fairly easy boss enemy, as was his weaker cousins, the
Wall Walkers were. Don't confuse the Wall Walker Advance with the Game Boy Advance,
however. ^_~ In anycase, as you enter battle with the Wall Walker, you'll notice
that it's attached to the righthand wall, and can't come off of it. That gives you
a whole lot of room to work your magic. First and foremost, equip the Silver
Tomahawks. Now, lets observe the battle technique of the Wall Walker Advance. Since
he's stuck to a wall, he can't do a whole lot, so he scales it up and down. While
he scales, he has one attack, and one attack only - a triple fire plamsa shot, that
he shoots almost constantly. All the while this is going on, huge rocks and
boulders are falling on top of you from above, which means you have to keep moving.
Remember that the Wall Walker Advance will always be slightly above you, so this is
why the Silver Tomahawk is so useful. Not only does it do great damage to the enemy
craft, but it also has that infamous upward curve that's good for nothing... except
for this battle! So utilize that upward curve to the fullest, and watch the Wall
Walker Advance fall before your very eyes.

***** **   **  * ****** ***** *****
***** **   **  * ****** ***** *****

*As soon as you start this stage, you'll see an extra life flanked by two
destroyable blocks below. Slide above the block and grab the extra life. But to get
out, you have to destroy the block and then instantly equip the Rush Jet Adaptor to
fly back to the platform above, and then to one of the ladders above you, to the
next area.

*In the beginning, when you can either take the lefthand ladder, or the righthand
ladder, first take the lefthand ladder up, which leads to a solitary E-Tank. Then
you'll have to climb back down and take the righthand side ladder to continue on
with the stage.

*Scattered throughout the stage are airborne blocks that, when you press one, it
affects the one adversly right next to it, almost like tipping a scale. At times,
you'll have to strategically press one a certain amount so that the one adversly
effected by it is at a certain height, especially when they are instant-kill spikes
above. If you want to avoid a lot of the annoyances behind those things, however,
utilize the Rush Jet Adaptor as often as you can. That always works wonders,
especially on this rather annoying stage.

*When the path forks, and you can take the top path or the bottom path, take the
bottom path. Equip the Rush Power Adaptor, and smash the big green blocks as you
go, while avoiding the guns roaming around. As you go, you'll get an E-Tank from
one of those blocks, and as you come up after a few ladder climbs, another block'll
be in your path. Smash that one to get another E-Tank. Sweet, no?



The Metool Tank is surprisingly easy for one of the final bosses in Mr. X's castle.
But no worries, here is how he battles. The Metool Tank is a tank piloted by a lone
Metool... so the tank itself isn't a Metool, but the pilot is, hence the name I've
dubbed it. In anycase, the Metool Tank basically roves around the room, and can
rush you at any time, so stay all the way to the left so that this one attack can't
hit you at all. Other than that, the huge plasma cannon on the front of the tank is
the only other weapon this enemy weilds. When he shoots the huge plasma shots
straight out, they're easy to avoid. You can walk under them, whatever... just
don't jump, and you'll be fine. When he shoots them so that they bounce along the
ground, however, you'll have to avoid them best you can... staying still won't do
in that case. The tank is only vulnerable to attack in certain areas, but that's
nothing to worry about if you use the weapon on it that you should - the Blizzard
Attack. Equip that weapon on Mega Man and go to town on the big enemy. The Blizzard
Attack's multiple shots will hit the Metool Tank in the vulnerable area at least
once per attack, so there are no worries on that front. Just fire away on him, and
watch the Metool Tank's energy dwindle down to nothing. At that point, he is

***** **   **  * ****** ***** ****
***** **   **  * ****** ***** ****

*As you get to the point in the stage when it forks into four different areas, take
the top-most path. Equip the Rush Power Adaptor on Mega Man to bust through the two
blocks up there, to find an energy pellet and a valuable weapon energy pellet for
you to use. Then traverse the rest of the area, destroying blocks, so you can get
to an E-Tank and other goodies. It's a screen full of fun! =D

*There are a few platforms in the stage that, when you jump on them, they flip
over, revealing spikes on the other side. To avoid instant death, when you jump on
these platforms, instantly jump off of them, so that you don't get tipped into
spikes, or whatever, 'cause well... that'd suck. =)

*Watch out for those robotic eggs that float out of the tubes. Kill them before
they hatch. When they do, the shrapnel from the metal egg will go everywhere, and
the bird will fly at you rapidly. This is especially dangerous when you're jumping,
or when there are holes and chasms around, because that's when you can get knocked
to your death in a second.

*When you see a ladder in the upper lefthand corner of the room, fly up there with
the Rush Jet Adaptor and grab it. Traverse the area to get an extra life! Pretty
measly, but everything counts at this point in the game.

*The last stretch in the stage is extremely difficult, and it takes practice and
patience. You'll be jumping all over the place, with birds coming out of eggs,
shrapnel coming at you from all directions, and guns attached to everything, firing
on you. It sounds weird, and it's hard to explain, but you'll know exactly what I'm
talking about when you get there... and you'll see why I'm going to tell you now to
be very patient!



Mr. X isn't the final battle. You're made to think that, but it's quite far from
the truth. In fact, the battle has just begun! After fighting Mr. X, you'll find
out that he's actually Dr. Wily in disguise (if it wasn't obvious enough already),
and that you have to go through like four more stages just to fight Wily again and
actually beat the game. So in anycase, bare with me. Mr. X is simple enough. He's
in this huge ball that has a face (for some reason) on it. And it swings back and
forth, trying to knock into you. All the while, he shoots a plasma shot to the
ground, that splits into two more pieces, that then shoot across the ground. To
avoid those, simply jump over them, but remain in the corner, so that you don't get
rocked by his craft. To fight him back, equip the Flame Blast on yourself. Notice
that the only vulnerable areas of his massive craft are the sides. Jump up and fire
your Flame Blast at the sides of the craft Mr. X is in, and watch his energy go
down drastically with each hit. He's surprisingly easy, there's not much else you
can really say about him.

***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** ***
***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** ***

*The blocks scattered throughout the stage all have goodies in them. At this point
in the game, it's a good idea to find anything you can... weapon energy pellets are
especially useful. Just try and destroy everything, so that new items can be found,
that are just at an infinite usefulness at this point.

*On that long fall through the spikes, don't get frustrated! It takes a lot of
patience, memorization and practice (or luck) to successfully get through it. It's
actually easy after the first time, when your instincts start telling you what to
do and whatnot. Oh, and if you're quick enough, you can veer off on your fall
downward, and knock a hole into the block on the righthand side, which leads to
some goodies for you!

*There's an especially annoying stretch of two screens, that start with the one
where there's a Sniper Joe in a gun turret. Kill him and then equip the Rush Jet.
You have to use the Rush Jet strategically with your falling close to the spikes
below to get out of there sucessfully. On the next screen it's even tougher...
you'll see what I mean when you get there though.



The Dragon is an interesting enemy... perhaps he is a reincarnate of the Dragon
enemy from Dr. Wily's castle in Mega Man 2?... or maybe not. =) Anyway, this is how
this battle goes. The Dragon is a huge machine on the righthand side of the room,
and he never moves. However, his only weak spot is the head... and the Dragon
continuously shoots fireballs, to boot. So what do you do? It's quite simple, my
friends. As the battle is going on, the Dragon is shooting platforms out of his
stomach, that come out and arch to the upper lefthand corner of the room. Jump on
these platforms and fire Yamato Spears at his head... sorry I don't have more for
this particular enemy. Truth be told, I'm getting really lazy and frustrated with
this FAQ...

***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** ***
***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** ***

*To tell a bit about the stage itself, a lot of it, as you can see from the get-go,
is covered in ice. This makes the surface extremely slippery, as ice often does.
^_^ In anycase, you'll want to take this as a hint to be extremly careful while
traversing the stage. Don't slide into spikes, enemies, or holes! Take your time
and make sure you get out of this stage alive. Rushing on icy surfaces like this is
like rushing in Blizzard Man's stage... this is just a lot harder than his stage

*After you go up your first ladder in the stage, you'll come across some
disappearing blocks. They are all over the stage, and take patience. You have to
learn the pattern of each block set, so that you can strategically jump from them
as they appear and disappear, getting from where you are, to the goal, which might
be a ladder, or over a hole, et cetera. If you want an extra boost through these
disappearing blocks, try having the Rush Jet Adaptor equipped. Not only is it
especially useful in these situations, but if you happen to be falling from a block
that disappeared into a hole or into some spikes, activate it to try and save

*Talking about what I talked about above, the first set of disappearing blocks has
an icewall to the right of it. Dissolve the ice wall with the Flame Blast and
traverse the secret passageway to find some goodies for yourself.



The Bubble Shooter is a surprisingly easy boss enemy to defeat this deep in the
game... well I said defeat... but you fight him, then you defeat him. But he's so
easy that there's little discrepency between the two. =P The Bubble Shooter is
actually a tank, with a huge gun on a turret that shoots bubbles at you, hence the
name. There's not much to say about its battle strategy... it only shoots bubbles,
and it roves around a little bit (yes, rove is a word). To kill the Bubble Shooter,
equip the Wind Storm on Mega Man, which shoots like a little tornado. Since the
weakness of the Bubble Shooter is the area just below its gun turret and up, you
have to jump and shoot the Wind Storm at it. Standing and shooting won't do, the
Wind Storm will simply deflect off of the Bubble Shooter's wheels, doing no damage.
The Wind Storm does significant damage to it, however, so that after five or six
shots, the Bubble Shooter'll be no more.

***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** *****
***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** *****

*This stage is interesting... the water parts are full of fans that try to push you
and pull you into spike walls that are scattered in great numbers throughout the
water areas. Be very careful, and remember, the fans can be destroyed with just a
few shots with your arm cannon! It's a hazardous area... just take your time, watch
those spikes, and pick up the goodies scattered throughout the area... it's one of
the last areas you'll get said goodies.

*There's no conventional boss on this stage. Instead, you're led to a warp, that
warps you to a room where you have to fight the eight Robot Masters of the game
again, in any order that you choose... so how exactly is this done? Well, here's a
grid of what it looks like, and where each boss is ('cause you don't know without
outside help):

Yamato Man (use Silver Tomahawk)                     Blizzard Man (use Flame Blast)

Plant Man (use Blizzard Attack)                          Flame Man (use Wind Storm)

Knight Man       |      Centaur Man       |      Wind Man       |     Tomahawk Man
(use Yamato Spear)    (use Knight Crush)    (use Centaur Flash) (use Plant Barrier)

***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** ****
***** **   **  **** * ****** ***** ****

*Nothing... the stage is short and straight-forward. Just hope that when you run
into Fliptop at the end of the stage, that he gives you something good! =)



The first form of Dr. Wily is quite elementary. He's in a big craft that is a
skull... it's got these huge teeth on the bottom. Wily'll bounce it around the room
and try to crush Mega Man. When he lands, he'll also shoot these beams out of the
craft, that look like spirals. Avoid getting crushed, and avoid his plasma shots as
well. Simply pound the craft with your arm cannon (no special weapon needed). It's
vulnerable everywhere, so there's to aiming necessary, either! But after that...



...Wily's second form comes to light. It's the same craft as before... and it
basically does the same things too. Except now, it bounces around more and shoots
more at Mega Man... and it does quite a bit more damage as well. Don't be afraid to
use those E-Tanks! To defeat him, shoot it anywhere, but this time, use the Knight
Crush on it for an even easier victory over Wily. But he's not done yet... ugh.



The third form of Wily is him in his famous UFO... but he's still quite elementary.
He basically disappears and then reappears in the dark room. When he reappears, he
shoots some of those spiral shots at you, then disappears again. He's simple
though... all you have to do is equip the Silver Tomahawk, and as we've done many
times in the past, use its special upward ark to your advantage. Shoot it and have
it ark so that it hits Wily midair... repeat this process and he'll fall. A
surprisingly easy set of last bosses. And now Wily really is defeated...

                              SECTION X - ENDING

The ending is nothing spectacular. After Wily's third and final form is defeated,
he is finally captured. He doesn't escape or elude capture, Mega Man actually
captures him, and Wily is thrown in jail, "ruling over a jailcell."

Then, the credits roll, showing each of the eight Robot Masters in action, who
designed them, et cetera. Then, the credits roll, and you see the Capcom symbol and
a "To Be Continued..." simplicity at its finest.

                              SECTION XI - WEAPONS

The eight weapons you can get in the game are the most important items you can
possibly get in the game, and at some points, they make boss battles easier, and
other times, they are absolutly necessary in defeating a particular boss. Below is
a list of the eight weapons you get in the game, other than your basic Mega Buster
arm cannon weapon, and a short description about them.

[the weapons below are found in alphabetical order]

From: Blizzard Man
Description: Blizzard Man's Blizzard Attack is an attack that, once activated,
shoots razor sharp snowflakes from Mega Man's arm cannon, in fours, that go in all
different directions, harming all in it's straight and fast path. It's a useless
weapon to use on conventional enemies, but it's extremly useful to use on Plant Man
to wither his Plant Barrier and defeat him quickly and efficiently. In anycase,
it's a weapon in your arsenal, so use it wisely if you'd like.

From: Centaur Man
Description: Another in a long line of completely useless time stopping weapons,
the Centaur Flash is the third weapon in six Mega Man games to have the power to
freeze time. Flash Man (from Mega Man 2), and Bright Man (from Mega Man 4), also
had this special weapon, that like the above Blizzard Attack, is completely
useless... well, Flash Man's was good in Mega Man 2 for Quick Man's stage, but
that's another story entirely... use the Centaur Flash on Wind Man to quickly take
down the menace and end his reign... otherwise, keep this weapon tucked safely in
the far back of your arsenal.

Weapon Name: FLAME BLAST
From: Flame Man
Description: A weapon nearly identical in nature to the weapon that Heat Man used
in Mega Man 2 (but NOT similar in any way to the weapon you got from beating him,
the Atomic Fire), the Flame Blast is a fairly versatile weapon that covers lots of
ground upon being fired by Flame Man, but not so much when fired by Mega Man. When
you fire the weapon, a fireball shoots out of your arm cannon a short distance and
falls to the ground, where a firewall shoots up from the ground shortly before
disappearing. This weapon's primary use it versus Blizzard Man, but it can be used
with good results simply versing regular old enemies.

From: Knight Man
Description: The Knight Crush is Knight Man's primary (well, only) weapon. It's
basically a ball and chain, mace-type weapon that Mega Man launches from his arm
cannon. It goes a certain distance, and then returns to Mega Man, like a boomerang.
It's useful because it's strong against many regular enemies, and can penetrate the
armor of stronger enemies. It's primary use should be against that mythological
robot master, Centuar Man, however.

From: Plant Man
Description: The Plant Barrier is one of the slew of barrier/shield weapons that
Robot Masters utilize in the Mega Man series. Beginning with Wood Man back in Mega
Man 2, into Skull Man in Mega Man 4, and right up to Star Man in Mega Man 5, Plant
Man is effectivly the fourth Robot Master to use the shield. It's a weak weapon,
not good for much, except moving in close on enemies with it, because it can
momentarily protect you from attack, depending on the enemy you're fighting. You'd
be wisest to simply use it against Tomahawk Man and that's about it. =)

From: Tomahawk Man
Description: The most versatile of the weapons in Mega Man 6, you receive the
Silver Tomahawk to use as your own after the defeat of Tomahawk Man. While its
primary use it to kill Yamato Man with it, easily, it's also good to use against
enemies in Mr. X's castle and Dr. Wily's castle, as well as regular old enemies. It
takes an upward path away from Mega Man when shot, so use it wisely against jumping
enemies, or enemies above you, to take them out with ease, far from them to be

Weapon Name: WIND STORM
From: Wind Man
Description: A cheesy reincarnate of Air Man's weapon in Mega Man 2, Wind Man's
Wind Storm is actually a semi-downgrade from Air Man's Air Shooter, as it only
shoots one tornado, not three. However, these tornadoes are easier to control, as
they shoot along the ground at the enemy, instead of in the air. It's uses are next
to nil, although you'll find a few uses for it in the final castles against bosses
and conventional enemies alike.

From: Yamato Man
Description: The Yamato Spear is the simplest weapon in the game, but it has its
uses, nevertheless. When you shoot it, it comes out of Mega Man's arm cannon as a
plasma-looking shot, but it's actually a spearhead. It's wisest use is against
Knight Man to make quick work out of him, although it can be used in other areas
throughout the game. Not the most inovative weapon, but it has its uses indeed.

                           SECTION XII - RUSH ADAPTORS

One of the really cool things in Mega Man 6 is the change that takes place with the
Rush Adaptors. Instead of being conventional old devices that you have to use like
a machine, as in - jump on him to make him go, Rush actually attaches himself to
you, making him one entity with you. Furthermore, he doesn't take energy anymore,
but you can only use him a limited time before he has to recoup, which isn't much
at all, really. There are only two Rush Adaptors in this game, and they are

[the below list is in alphabetical order]

Acquired: Defeat Plant Man
Description: When you activate the Rush Jet, Rush attaches himself to Mega Man and
puts two thrusters on his back, making him able to fly about for a limited amount
of time. Because you are no longer restricted by the Rush Jet of yore (you can move
around more now), that's probably why the Rush Coil doesn't appear in this game.
However, you DO have to let the Rush Jet "rest"... as in, once you hit the ground,
the energy of the Rush Jet recoups itself, but if you're midair when it runs out,
you're gonna freefall into whatever's below, so be careful!

Acquired: Defeat Flame Man
Description: A new edition to the Rush weapons array, the Rush Power adaptor gives
Mega Man huge boxing glove-like hands that he can use to smash up enemies, and
break through certain walls and barriers as well. You'll know if you can break
through a wall because it'll have cracks and whatnot on it, which is a sure sign of
breaking through. Mega Man can't move fast with this on, and he can't use a powered
up plasma shot, nor can he slide, but he can do some serious damage to enemies in
this state. Use it often, use it wisely!

                              SECTION XIII - ITEMS

- Energy Pellet (white): Restores energy to Mega Man's health meter.
Big ones restore a lot of energy, little ones restore a little bit of
- Energy Pellet (blue): Restores energy to Mega Man's weapons. Big ones
restore a lot of energy, little ones restore a little bit of energy.
- E-Tank: You can carry as many as nine of these in your inventory. These blue
paintcan-looking items can be stored and used to re-fill your energy meter to
maximum at any time during the game. Especially useful in Dr. Wily's various
- M-Tank: The M-Tank is an extremly useful item. It's use is to completely fill up
your weapons and your health as well, all at once. If you use it when you have full
energy and weapon energy for everything, you will get an automatic extra life. If
there are enemies when you do that trick on the screen before you pressed start,
they will all turn into extra lives as well. Nifty, no?
- Extra Life: Shaped like Mega Man's head. Pick it up to receive and extra


- Energy Balancer: The Energy Balancer is a secret item found in the depths of
Tomahawk Man's stage. When you find a secret room, Protoman will come and give you
this weapon, which kind of looks like a G.I.Joe's backpack. =) But that's beside
the point. Once you have this item, running into the blue weapon energy pellets
will refill the weapon that has the lowest energy for it automatically, without it
having to be equipped. Not all that important, but it's handy nevertheless.

                           SECTION XIV - DAMAGE CHART

Please note that all numbers are approximate, although I'm positive most, if
not all, numbers are right in this chart.

Before we go onto the damage charts, there are two things I must explain. First
of all, I'll explain how I got these figures, and then I'll explain how to read
the chart.

How these figures were obtained:

These numbers and whatnot on the chart were obtained via careful calculation. I
simply fought every Robot Master with every weapon, including him own. I then
saw how many hits with each weapon it took to kill that Robot Master, and put
the figures on the chart. A -- symbolizes that the Robot Master is immune to
that weapon and that it doesn't effect him in any way.

To read the chart:

Simply line up the name of the robot master on the left side with the robot
master weapon you want to beat him with on the top. There is a key below to
read the symbols.

Key to the Charts:

MM - Mega Man
FM - Flame Man
BM - Blizzard Man
PM - Plant Man
TM - Tomahawk Man
YM - Yamato Man
KM - Knight Man
CM - Centaur Man
WM - Wind Man

[each meter has 28 lines of energy in them, so that'll explain all of the 28s

Robot Master  MM  FM  BM  PM  TM  YM  KM  CM  WM
Flame Man     28  28  28  --  28  28  28  --  07
Blizzard Man  28  07  28  --  28  28  28  --  28
Plant Man     28  14  07  --  28  28  28  --  28
Tomahawk Man  28  28  28  07  28  28  28  --  28
Yamato Man    28  28  28  --  07  28  28  --  28
Knight Man    28  14  28  --  28  07  28  --  28
Centaur Man   28  28  28  --  28  28  07  --  28
Wind Man      28  28  28  --  28  28  28  07  28

[a fully charged arm cannon shot does three damage to any Robot Master instead of
one damage, making the 28 a 9.3 (or just 9), if you shoot him everytime with a
charged arm cannon.]

                        SECTION XV - PASSWORD COMPELATION

Being that I'm the man, I basically have a layout of the password crack system of
Mega Man 6, thank in part for verification of the Mega Man 6 password crack at
www.mmhp.net, the Mega Man Homepage, THE authority on everything Mega Man on the
net. With some simple observations, one can decipher the simple Capcom-made
password system on all of their games.

So why do I give credit to www.mmhp.net? Because I verified my crack with theirs,
found a few mistakes, and fixed them, so THANKS GOES OUT to Mandi Paugh, Thump Chan
and Luc Miron, as they wrote the crack to which I verified and corrected mine to.
Mine was... well... greatly flawed. =P Luc Miron actually appears in the credits of
this game, Mega Man 6, so check it out. His old page, the Mega Man page of yore, as
I call it, was closed in 1998 after Luc's dad tragically died. His page was
unbelievable, and he'll always be remembered.

Okay, so on to the password crack, the password compelation, if you will.

The grid for Mega Man 6 is set up in a six by six grid, 1-6 on one axis and A-F on
the other axis. For such a big grid, only five dots are given to put on the
password grid, so we're working with five possible dots here, that can each mean a
total seven things individually, giving you a whole lot of room for error, so
follow closely.

The first thing to worry about is that of the Energy Balancer, do you or don't you
want it? =)

To have the Energy Balancer, input to - E5
To go without the Energy Balancer, input to - F5


Okay so that's easy enough, correct? Now, we have four more to go to. Each of the
following are set up in such a way that one Robot Master is teamed up with another,
and with each team of Robot Masters, a letter of "BEAT" is also with them. They
give you seven input options here, so follow closely. The first of each section
will have passwords corresponding to you having the Energy Balancer and the second
will have passwords corresponding to you not having the Energy Balancer, so use the
right passwords.


The first dot to concern ourselves with has to do with Flame Man, Centaur Man, and
the letter T of "BEAT."

(with the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Flame Man beaten, input to - C4
If you want to just have Centaur Man beaten, input to - D3
If you want to have both Flame Man and Centaur Man beaten, input to - D4
If you want to have Centaur Man and T of "BEAT," input to - F3
If you want to have both Flame Man and Centaur Man beaten, and the T of "BEAT,"
input to - F4
If you don't want to have either Flame Man and Centaur Man beaten, and to not have
the T of "BEAT," input to - C3

(without the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Flame Man beaten, input to - A1
If you want to just have Centaur Man beaten, input to - C1
If you want to have both Flame Man and Centaur Man beaten, input to - E1
If you want to have Centaur Man and T of "BEAT," input to - F1
If you want to have both Flame Man and Centuar Man beaten, and the T of "BEAT,"
input to - F3
If you don't want to have either Flame Man and Centaur Man beaten, and to not have
the T of "BEAT," input to - B2


The second dot to concern ourselves with has to do with Blizzard Man, Tomahawk Man,
and the letter B of "BEAT."

(with the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Blizzard Man beaten, input to - A2
If you want to just have Tomahawk Man beaten, input to - B1
If you want to have both Blizzard Man and Tomahawk beaten, input to - B2
If you want to have Tomahawk Man and B of "BEAT," input to - D1
If you want to have both Blizzard Man and Tomahawk Man beaten, and the B of "BEAT,"
input to - D2
If you don't want to have either Blizzard Man and Tomahawk Man beaten, and to not
have the B of "BEAT," input to - A1

(without the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Blizzard Man beaten, input to - C2
If you want to just have Tomahawk Man beaten, input to - B2
If you want to have both Blizzard Man and Tomahawk beaten, input to - E4
If you want to have Tomahawk Man and B of "BEAT," input to - D4
If you want to have both Blizzard Man and Tomahawk Man beaten, and the B of "BEAT,"
input to - F4
If you don't want to have either Blizzard Man and Tomahawk Man beaten, and to not
have the B of "BEAT," input to - B2


The third dot to concern ourselves with has to do with Plant Man, Knight Man, and
the letter A of "BEAT."

(with the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Plant Man beaten, input to - A6
If you want to just have Knight Man beaten, input to - B5
If you want to have both Plant Man and Knight Man beaten, input to - B6
If you want to have Knight Man and A of "BEAT," input to - D5
If you want to have both Plant Man and Knight Man beaten, and the A of "BEAT,"
input to - D6
If you don't want to have either Plant Man and Knight Man beaten, and to not have
the A of "BEAT," input to - A5

(without the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Plant Man beaten, input to - A4
If you want to just have Knight Man beaten, input to - A5
If you want to have both Plant Man and Knight Man beaten, input to - E3
If you want to have Knight Man and A of "BEAT," input to - C4
If you want to have both Plant Man and Knight Man beaten, and the A of "BEAT,"
input to - E4
If you don't want to have either Plant Man and Knight Man beaten, and to not have
the A of "BEAT," input to - A3


Finally, the fifth and final dot to concern ourselves with has to do with Wind Man,
Yamato Man, and the letter E of "BEAT."

(with the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Wind Man beaten, input to - E2
If you want to just have Yamato Man beaten, input to - F1
If you want to have both Wind Man and Yamato Man beaten, input to - F2
If you want to have Yamato Man and E of "BEAT," input to - B3
If you want to have both Wind Man and Yamato Man beaten, and the E of "BEAT," input
to - B4
If you don't want to have either Wind Man and Yamato Man beaten, and to not have
the E of "BEAT," input to - E1

(without the Energy Balancer):

If you want to just have Wind Man beaten, input to - B3
If you want to just have Yamato Man beaten, input to - B5
If you want to have both Wind Man and Yamato Man beaten, input to - D1
If you want to have Yamato Man and E of "BEAT," input to - D3
If you want to have both Wind Man and Yamato Man beaten, and the E of "BEAT," input
to - D6
If you don't want to have either Wind Man and Yamato Man beaten, and to not have
the E of "BEAT," input to - B1


So using those, make yourself a password, fool! Enjoy. =)


---Special Thanks goes out to:---

*My family (Mom, Dad, Dagan, Dana, and Ali)

*My peeps (Mike, Cody, Corey, Jason, Devin, Graham, and the rest)

*My Favorite Band (311) for keeping me company with background music while playing
through this and basically all videogames.

*Capcom (for making such a great game and such a great series)

*Nintendo (for making the NES way back in '85, my favorite system to this day, even
if I DO have like ten other systems, nextgen and all. You don't get better than the

*Luc Miron, Mandi Paugh, Thump Chan and the www.mmhp.net webpage for their password
crack, which I verified my greatly flawed crack with, and used their's to correct
mine. I appreciate it!

---About the Author--- [as of July 14, 2002]

I'm a 17 year old, nd just graduated from high school. I live on Long Island, in
New York, about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I worked at a
deli, until recently, when I quit (^_^) and I love videogames, especially RPGs. My
favorite series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series (excluding
VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the Tales
series. I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to study
History and Archaeology.

---Closing Notes---

Thanks for reading the guide, and again, any questions, comments, suggestions, or
ideas can and should be sent to me, Colin Moriarty, at cmoriarty311@cs.com. Please,
constructive criticism only, whether it be positive or negative. I don't care which
it is, but please, be polite and above all, constructive.

Thanks for reading.

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