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Guide and Walkthrough by GetJesse

Version: 1.09 | Updated: 05/04/2011


This is a guide/walkthrough for:
Mega Man 6 - NES

This guide is also applicable to:
Rock Man 6 - Famicom (Japanese version)

This document was authored by:
GetJesse - http://getjesse.blip.tv/

Document Version 1.09 - May 3, 2011
Originally written: Summer 2000

|TABLE OF CONTENTS:                                                           |
|[1!].............. | Introduction          | ................................|
|[2!].............. | The Mysterious Mr. X! | ................................|
|[3!].............. | The Equipment         | ................................|
|[4!].............. | Items                 | ................................|
|[5!].............. | The Order             | ................................|
|[6!].............. | The Key               | ................................|
|[7!].............. | Wind Man              | ................................|
|[8!].............. | Flame Man             | ................................|
|[9!].............. | Blizzard Man          | ................................|
|[10!]............. | Plant Man             | ................................|
|[11!]............. | Tomahawk Man          | ................................|
|[12!]............. | Yamato Man            | ................................|
|[13!]............. | Knight Man            | ................................|
|[14!]............. | Centaur Man           | ................................|
|[15!]............. | Mr. X Levels          | ................................|
|[16!]............. | Dr. Wily Levels       | ................................|
|[17!]............. | Misc. & Legal         | ................................|


This is a FAQ/strategy guide and campaign walkthrough for Mega Man 6, which was
released in North America in 1994. I remember getting it for my birthday during
the same year; it was my first Mega Man game (of course I had seen other Mega 
Man games, but this was the first one I had actually owned). Because of these 
circumstances, Mega Man 6 has always been my favorite Mega Man game. 

This guide was originally completed in 2000, which was 11 years ago as of the 
time that this introduction was written. I was barely a teenager back then, so 
it is interesting for me to look back on my old writing. I'm making a few small
updates here and there for 2011, but nothing major. The same phrasing and 
grammar of my younger self remain intact. :-)

Some parts of this took a lot of effort to complete. For example, the "hit 
points" of each enemy in the game: the hit points are actually how many shots 
it takes to destroy an enemy using the normal, uncharged buster shot. I 
remember exactly how I did that; I would go through each of the levels and 
count how many shots it took to destroy every unique enemy. I played through 
the entire game just to do that part of the guide alone.

Sections two and three of this guide are taken directly out of my original copy
of the Mega Man 6 Instruction Manual; these sections are for educational 
purposes so that those without access to a copy of the instruction manual can 
understand some of the fluff and back-story for Mega Man 6. Unfortunately, it 
doesn't really add that much in terms of plot or complicated story, but the 
instruction manual did always have nice color pictures to look at!

[2!]The Mysterious Mr. X![][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

The most talented robot designers from across the globe have come to the 1st
Annual Robot Tournament sponsored by the billionaire, Mr. X. Traveling from
Japan, Canada and the United States, the designers have brought their finest
cybernetic creations to do battle in a series of tests to see which robot can
claim the title of "The Most Powerful Robot In The World." Nothing seems
strange as the contest begins, but when the top eight robots enter the arena 
for the final event, the lights dim and the mysterious Mr. X appears...

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
I wish to thank you all for coming to see the final event of my 1st Annual
Robot Tournament. As you know, I have kept the final event of the tournament
secret. This event will test the strength, skill and intelligence of each of
these fine robots. In fact, it will also test the strength and skill of each 
one of you. That may seem strange, but I'm sure you will understand when I 
explain that the final test for these robots is to help me conquer the world!"

"Please excuse me and my robots as we teleport out of here, but we have a lot
of work to do. But don't worry, you'll see me again soon. Real Soon!"

[3!]The Equipment[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

-=] Power Mega Man [=-
Rush transforms into body armor and gives Mega Man an extra punch. Press and
hold the B button to charge up the armor to make a really big hit! Because of
the size of the Power Mega Man Armor, Mega Man cannot use other weapon systems
and cannot slide while wearing it.

(This is won on Flame Man's level. To receive it, refer to the guide.)

-=] Jet Mega Man [=-
Rush transforms into a jetpack to help launch Mega Man into the sky! Press and
hold the A button to fire the turbo thrusters and send Mega Man soaring into
the sky. The turbo thrusters can only keep Mega Man in the air for a short time
before they overheat and drop Mega Man back down to the ground.

(This is won on Plant Man's level. To receive it, refer to the guide.)

-=] Flip-Top [=-
Flip-Top, Dr. Light's cybernetic suitcase, will teleport down with a power-up
item from time to time.

-=] BEAT [=-
Dr. Light has been hard at work to create a remote-controlled attack bird named
BEAT. But BEAT's four new circuit plates are missing! If Mega Man is able to
find and collect the B, E, A, and T circuit plates, he will automatically
teleport them back to Dr. Light for final assembly. Once Dr. Light has
completed BEAT, he'll be ready to swoop to Mega Man's rescue on command.

(To get BEAT you'll need to find the second, hidden doors in the Centaur Man, 
Knight Man, Tomahawk Man, and Yamato Man stages. I have provided the locations 
of each of these doors in my level guides.)

-=] Energy Balancer [=-
Mr. X has also stolen an Energy Balancer. Unable to use it with his stolen
robots, he has hidden it somewhere in the city. If Mega Man should find it, the
Energy Balancer will automatically recharge Mega Man's lowest weapon energy
level each time he picks up a weapon capsule.

(This can be found in Tomahawk Man's level. To find it, refer to the guide.)


-=] Small White Life Ball [=-
This regenerates two hit points of your life bar.

-=] Large White Life Ball [=-
This regenerates ten hit points of your life bar.

-=] Small Blue Energy Refill [=-
Gives you two ammo points for your currently equipped special weapon.

-=] Large Blue Energy Refill [=-
Gives you ten ammo points for your currently equipped special weapon.

-=] Extra Mega Man Life [=- 
This item looks like a Mega Man head and gives you an extra life. A 
particularly useful item for those that die often.

-=] E Energy Capsule [=-
This regenerates all of your life. It doesn't take effect when you pick it up,
but instead can be activated at any time through the menu screen. You can pick 
up and collect these as you play through the game, creating your own personal 
stockpile of life bars that can be unleashed at any time. I personally like to 
save these up for the big Dr. Wily fight and use them all then. Wait, did I say
Dr. Wily? I meant Mr. X! No wait, I meant... well, I guess the cat is out of 
the bag now. I've ruined the story for you. I'm so sorry!

[5!]The Order[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Each robot has his weakness to a particular type of weapon. This chart shows
which weapon to use on each robot. This in turn created the "right" order you
should kill each robot in, in order to use the most effective weapon. I have
chosen to start with Wind Man first because he is in my opinion the easiest 
robot master to defeat without using any of the special weapons.

1. Wind     -> Flame 
2. Flame    -> Blizzard
3. Blizzard -> Plant
4. Plant    -> Tomahawk
5. Tomahawk -> Yamato
6. Yamato   -> Knight
7. Knight   -> Centaur
8. Centaur  -> Wind 

[6!]The Key[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Name of Robot Boss - Occupation
Various statistics from the game about the robot boss.

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Enemy Name
[=-=-=] How many normal hits it takes to be destroyed (Hit Points).
Description of enemy. Mainly focused on what behaviors that particular enemy
exhibits. If it's a troublesome enemy, a little piece of advice will be 
included on how to bring 'em down. Just pay attention to the important stuff 
and ignore my stupid comments that frequent the enemy descriptions.

***** Level Guide: *****

1.                   <--- The numbers in my guide represent each time
                          the screen shifts (or moves) to the next
2.                        scene. Easy enough, right?


Boss.                <--- How to kill the robot boss. Also includes
                          the necessary techniques in becoming the
                          robot masters' bestest fun partner.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD:    <--- The password to go to the next level. Also
                          the answers to your algebra homework.

[7!]Wind Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

Height:    169 
Attack:     66
Mobile:     51
Weight:    173
Defense:   129
Runs on:   Wind Energy
Dwells in: Mechanical Tower

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Panda Robot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 6
At long range they will fire projectiles at you that have an arc, while at
close range these robots will fire projectiles at you following a straight
path... why on earth would anyone build a robot that looks like a panda?

[=-=-=] Robot Racer Guy
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
These robots attack you by means of running in to you.

[=-=-=] Airborne Grenade Launcher
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
These can be annoying but once you get used to them they are quite easy. They
will hover up and down while firing grenades at you that have an arc in their
flight. You can destroy the grenades they fire at you with a single shot.

[=-=-=] Defective Floor Cleaners
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1 Charged Up Power Mega Man shot
When you get in their line of sight they will go berserk and suddenly get a
large burst of speed. They aren't much of a threat if you aren't on the same
level ground as they are.

[=-=-=] Oversized Jetpack Robot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 12
This guy's whole purpose in life is to squash things. And squash things he
does. He will use a short burst of power from his jetpack (just enough to lift
him off the ground) and try to land on you.

***** Level Guide: *****

1. Go right, kill the 2 panda robots, and go up the ladder (while going up the
ladder charge up a power shot so you can take care of the robot racer in the
next room).

2. Kill the robot racer and go up the ladder.

3. Kill the panda and go up. If you happen to have the power suit, blast the
box and get the energy ball.

4. Get on the first fan (charge up your gun) and kill the grenade launcher. Now
get on the second fan and go up the ladder.

5. Avoid the floor cleaners and grab the energy ball. Continue on, avoiding
floor cleaners and destroying the grenade launchers. Time yourself right when
you get to the spikes (wait until the floor cleaners are out of the way).

6. Practice on the first flipping platform before you do the others and get
your timing right. Jump on the fan and up the ladder. If you have the jetpack
get the energy pack.

7. To get past the floor cleaner and get the goods just slide twice. Then go up
the ladder.

8. Defeat the 3 pandas and jump over the spikes.

9. Stay where you are and fire away to kill the jetpack robot. Now fall.

10. 2 robot racers to kill. Fall again.

11. Kill the pandas and when hovering across the room with the fans move only
when you are clear of panda fire.

12. If you have the jet get the items. Enter the door.

13. If you have the flash weapon, equip it.

Boss. This guy is easy. Slide under him when he flies then fire a charged shot.
When he sucks you in, simply slide or run away. When he fires, time your jumps
so that you are above his shots when they meet while moving towards you.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: A2, A3, B2, B3, F5

[8!]Flame Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Height:     155
Attack:      84
Mobile:      88
Weight:      95
Defense:     93
Runs on:    Thermal Power
Dwells in:  Oil Field

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Hard Hat Robot (or "met")
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
These robots take cover inside their hard hats. When you get a certain distance
near them they will begin to fire at you. If you fire at them right when they
pop out, you should kill them and be able to dodge their shots.

[=-=-=] Floating Fireball Bombers
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
They will hover in a straight path while dropping fireballs. If a fireball hits
an oil pit, it will burst into flames. Sometimes when you shoot them but don't
kill them they will start hovering out of their formerly straight flight path.

[=-=-=] Sentry Turret
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
These are wall-mounted sentry guns that will fire at you if they have you in
their sights.

[=-=-=] Security Robot/Nifty Hoverboard
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1 charged up shot
These robots will fire an arced projectile at you. Once you hit them with a
charged shot though, they will die or become a makeshift hoverboard when they
are about to land in an oil pool. Odd safety design.

[=-=-=] Hot Head
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 4
These robots use a strange method of attacking you... they launch fireballs
from their heads. Like the fireball bombers, if a stray shot hits an oil pool,
it will light up.

***** Level Guide: *****

1. Go right while killing the hard hat robots, avoiding the fireball bombers,
not falling on to the spikes, and avoiding lit oil pools. Get the power ups
along the way if possible.

2. Kill the security guns and continue on.

3. To kill the heavily armored robots you need to use a charged blast. When one
starts to float over an oil pool or lit oil pool, jump on it. Then, just start
jumping a lot to make it move. Then avoid the fireball bombers and spikes and
continue on.

4. Destroy the security guns and go down.

5. Try not to be in an un-lit oil pool if there is a hot head nearby. See if
you can destroy them before they light an oil field.

6. Arm the wind weapon.

Boss. When he jumps, just slide to the opposite side of the room and fire. If
he shoots fire bursts at you, simply jump over them and keep shooting. If he
makes fire come up out of the ground, get about halfway away from him (about 
one fourth of the room) and you should be safe in the largest gap of the fire. 
If you aren't using the wind weapon then substitute with a charged shot.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: A1, A2, A3, B3, F5

[9!]Blizzard Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

Blizzard Man - MASTER OF SNOW
Height:        163
Attack:         88
Mobile:        113
Weight:        167
Defense:        42
Runs on:       Solar Energy
Dwells On:     Frozen Island

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Walrus
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 5
These bots will form a plasma energy ball on the tip of their noses and fling
it in your direction. And why is that? Because Dr. Wily is an idiot. Oops, I
mean, "Mr. X" is an idiot.

[=-=-=] Timed Platform Bomb
[=-=-=] Hit Points: they explode after 3 seconds
These platforms will provide you with new paths to traverse. After stepping on
them, they will explode shortly afterwards, so you need to hurry.

[=-=-=] Spy Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
These bots will stay under their armored shell until they come out so that they
can move. They attack by running into you. How novel.

[=-=-=] Magnetic Foot Robot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 4
These robots will walk along the ceiling and will start firing directly down
once you get near them.

[=-=-=] Ice Slider
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
Reckless little robots that slide wherever the ice takes them.

[=-=-=] Rocket Shield
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 4
They are invulnerable in the front but are able to take damage on the back.
They will move back and forth.

[=-=-=] Giant Squid
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 16
This giant squid is stationary, but will fire homing missiles and sliding ice
blocks toward you. When a homing missile comes near you, jump at the last
second to avoid it.

[=-=-=] Mounted Gunner
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 6
These battle ready bots will fire at you once they detect you. Not much else to

***** Level Guide: *****

1. There is an extra life behind some ice pillars. You can acquire this by
shooting the ice with your fire weapon. Getting out of it though is the tricky
part... even if you die though, you'll still have the same amount of lives.
Take the top route halfway through this area.

2. Before falling down in screen 1, edge to the left a lot. When you jump off,
you can get an extra life if you have the power adapter.

3. Kill the ice sliders and continue past the rocket shield. You can get the E
power up if you have the fire weapon. There is also a breakable block here that
contains energy life. Go down the ladder.

4. Kill the giant squid.

5. Simply jump over the spiked holes.

6. A giant submarine. The only enemies here are mounted gunners. There is a
part on the submarine where you can get lots of power ups if you break the 
block and slide a lot. At the end of the submarine you need to jump across a 
lot of timed bombs.

7. A simple room to get past.

8. Another squid. This one is harder due to the ice floor. It's fairly easy to
quickly adapt though.

9. A time bomb 'puzzle.' Looks hard, but in reality, it isn't. Just don't slide
on the ice.

10. Arm the fire weapon.

Boss. When he does that roll attack just jump over him. If he uses the
snowflake attack just dodge then shoot (all you have to do is stand in one 
place then move over a little). Keep in mind that while he rolls, he is 
invulnerable to any form of damage you might have available.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: B2, B4, C3, D4, E6

[10!]Plant Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

Height:     143
Attack:      42
Mobile:      98
Weight:     111
Defense:    103
Runs on:    Solar Energy
Dwells in:  Forgotten Area

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Heli Bots
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
They pop out of their hiding spot and begin to slowly move towards you. Not
much of a threat.

[=-=-=] Frog Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
The almighty frog bot. These vicious little warts will attack you by means of
erratically jumping about in your general direction. They are difficult to hit
dead on, so just start shooting at them and hope they will get hit when they
jump. Sometimes they will hide behind some grass, but unfortunately this 
doesn't work too well because they tend to wiggle when idle.

[=-=-=] Plasma Turret
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
These aren't much of a threat under normal circumstances. They fire shots at
you with a very slow rate of fire that travel a straight path.

[=-=-=] Hulking Robot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 24 (or 6 flame shots)
This guy is one heck of a robot. He'll move towards you slowly, trying to
corner you. His weapons are to launch his fist at you and shoot a volley of
shots at you from his mouth. His weakness seems to be the fire weapon.

[=-=-=] Jet-Propelled Heli-Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
These will come at you out of nowhere, so be alert. They attack by launching
themselves at high speeds towards you.

[=-=-=] Fish Jumper
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
These fish will jump out at you when you try to leap over a small pool of
water. Quite annoying. Avoid them by stepping as far as you can off the ledge
(or whatever you're standing on). This causes the fish to jump, which allows
you to jump over that spot once the fish begins its descent back into the
water. Repeat as needed.

***** Level Guide: *****

1. Clear this area out, and don't forget to get that extra life behind that
cracked block.

2. Kill the jetpack bot.

3. Destroy a ragtag force of enemies and fall down the hole.

4. Relax with Flip-Top.

5. Destroy the hulk. His weakness seems to be the fire weapon.

6. Continue on while destroying enemies... don't spring yourself into the

7. Another hulk.

8. This area has some rather annoying fish in it. They jump when you are on the
edge of a ledge (ha). Jump across to the other side when they almost are back
into the water. Watch out for mounted cannons and destroy them before they
shoot you (shoot you into the swamp with the fish). The floating platforms will
open if you shoot them. Be sure to take advantage of the flowers with the 
"fruit" on them.

9. Arm the mighty snowflake weapon.

Boss. When he makes his flower shield appear, get ready to slide under him
because he will jump. Right when he lands, he launches the shield at you. Make
sure you have a charged shot ready and jump over the flying shield and fire
(well, that is if you're not using the snowflake weapon). After every launched
shield he will run at you. Just jump over him or avoid him. Plant Man is
definitely the most predictable of all the robot masters, so use this to your
advantage. His patterns are easy to pick up on.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: A5, B2, C3, D4, E6

[11!]Tomahawk Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Height:        177
Attack:        157
Mobile:        149
Weight:         87
Defense:        71
Runs on:       Solar Energy
Dwells in:     Restricted Area

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Cowbot (Get it? Cowboy, Cowbot? Hahaha... eh.)
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 6
These desperados don't stand a chance against you. They have a very slow rate
of fire, and they are stationary... don't worry, you'll trash them by the time
high noon comes around.

[=-=-=] Met Dispenser
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 15
This machine will drop out those little hard hat guys. Destroy it as quickly as
possible. A good strategy is to fire a few shots at the machine, then take a
moment to kill the Met it releases. Just keep switching back and forth between
targets as needed.

[=-=-=] Kamikaze Drill Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 5
These will charge at you once they detect you. Fire rapidly at them before they
reach you.

[=-=-=] Skull Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
Once they spot you they will charge at you. Relatively easy to defeat.

***** Level Guide: *****

1. Arm your power suit, kill the wannabe cowboys, and bust open the barrels.

2. Another outlaw.

3. Charge up your power suit's blast and kill the flying shield.

4. Use charged power suit blasts to kill a little helmet man, then hit the
dispenser, kill another little helmet man, hit the dispenser, and so on until
the machine is destroyed.

5. Just keep using charged power suit blasts on everything you see.

6. Flip-Top revives you.

7. Use the jetpack and fly up to the ladder.

8. Fly across this simple area and claim the goods. Drop now.

9. Keep on dropping.

10. Kill that guy.

11. Kill the jetpack guy before he reaches you.

12. Switch to the power suit and trash another dispenser.

13. Take the lower route with the jetpack enabled.

14. Go.

15. Get the power up and enter the door.

16. Arm the almighty flower shield.

Boss. Jump over tomahawks and slide under feathers. Activate the shield and run
into the poor soul. Don't try to actually run into him, because that would hurt
you too. Make it so that only the shield touches him. This is easy to do if you
have developed a good feel for this game. If you run out of energy for the
shield, simply switch to the normal blaster and finish him off with charged

When you get to screen 13, instead of taking the lower route take the high
route. Once you get to screen 14, equip the Rush Power Adapter and stand on the
edge of the pit with spikes. Charge up a big shot, and hit the cracked block.
If this doesn't work, nudge a little more to the left and try again. Another
method that can be used is to climb the ladder and get low enough that you hit
the block. I advise you use the first method, as it is easier, and less
dangerous around those spikes. Continue on, and you meet up with Proto Man, who
gives you the Energy Balancer. Once you have this, you can either beat the
level, or kill yourself over and over again.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: A6, C4, D2, E2, E5

[12!]Yamato Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Height:      161
Attack:      199
Mobile:       31
Weight:      149
Defense:     185
Runs on:     Solar Power
Dwells in:   Impregnable Fortress

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Teddy Bear
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 4
These not so furry fellows will bounce explosive balls at you.

[=-=-=] Spear Wielder
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 12
These menacing menacers of menace will block your path at whatever junction Dr.
Wily... I mean, "Mr. X," put them at. They will grab a spear from their endless
supply on their backs, spin it for awhile, then release it. Upon the release of
the spinning spear, it will fly straight across the screen. While this robot 
warrior is spinning the spear, it will grant him a temporary shield from any 
shots you fire at him. So, obviously, you should shoot him right after he 
releases a spear.

[=-=-=] Frog Rider
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 15
The mounted guy will throw two bombs at you while the frog shoots a laser. Not
that hard. This is a unique enemy (who would've thought?), as he is the only 
one in the game... or is he? Dun dun dun...

[=-=-=] Bouncy Bot Guy
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
These will bounce at you. When you kill them their head is launched in your
direction. When the head makes contact with the ground, it explodes. I believe
their head takes two shots to destroy. If you don't destroy it, you can just
avoid the area it lands on.

***** Level Guide: *****

1. Kill the teddy bears and switch to the power suit and blast open the cracked

2. Kill the spear guy, blast the barrel, and fall.

3. Get the power up.

4. Kill the samurai on the frog (shoot the frog's eyes).

5. Get the E and continue on.

6. Go on.

7. Get out the normal suit and slide. Then, switch to the jetpack and fly to
the upper ladder.

8. Continue on.

9. Kill another spear spinning guy.

10. Kill the jumping heads.

11. Arm the tomahawk weapon.

Boss. Slide under him when he jumps. When he shoots the little projectile thing
just jump over it. Shoot a tomahawk at him at every opportunity and he will
fall quickly. The tomahawks are hard to connect due to their strange upward
arc, but it is easy to adjust and compensate for this shortcoming.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: A6, B4, C4, D2, E5

[13!]Knight Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Height:      158
Attack:      121
Mobile:       60
Weight:      146
Defense:     204
Runs on:     Solar Power
Dwells in:   Capital of Science

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Barrel Dweller
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
These guys will launch arced projectiles at you. When you shoot their barrel
they will pop their heads out to see what hit them. Use that opportunity to
shoot their head. Curiosity killed the cat.

[=-=-=] Shielded Mortar
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 3
These will fire an arced projectile at you and then raise their shields to
fire a shot with a straight path. Take that opportunity to shoot them.

[=-=-=] Imposter Flip-Top
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
These robots look like Flip-Top. When you shoot them once, they get mad and
start chasing you. I'd probably get mad too if someone blew a chunk out of my
head. Can't blame them.

[=-=-=] Assassin Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
These sneaky bots can be found attached to the ceiling or on the ground and
will try to get close enough to you so that they can explode. Kill them on

***** Level Guide: *****

1. Go down. We are about to enter the CAPITAL OF SCIENCE, so you know we're in 
for a special treat tonight!

2. Wait a second, this kind of looks like more of a medieval castle than a 
"capital of science". I think we were scammed when we bought the tickets. Oh 
well, go ahead and kill that bad guy and get the extra life. We'll try to get a
refund later.

3. Kill the dude in the barrel.

4. Use charged shots, tiny jumps, and a lot of sliding.

5. Kill him.

6. Kill him.

7. Use the jet and pass that.

8. Use the jet to pass through here easily and get to the ladder.

9. Flip-Top relieves you again.

10. Kill the fakes, get the E by flying, and fall.

11. Kill him.

12. Use the jet in here to make the journey less frustrating. Use the power
suit to open the cracked block.

13. Bust up everything and enter the door.

14. Arm the Yamato Cannon (StarCraft anyone?). It's time to get our 
long-awaited ticket refund from the manager of this joint.

Boss. Shoot him a bunch, slide when he jumps, jump over or away from his
projectile, and jump or avoid him when he runs at you. His shield is
invulnerable to damage; however, this is negligible in the long run, due to the
simplicity of this battle.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: B6, C6, D4, F2, F6

[14!]Centaur Man[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

Height:       155
Attack:        35
Mobile:       205
Weight:       172
Defense:       47
Runs on:      Dry Battery
Dwells in:    Ancient City

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Falling Kamikaze
[=-=-=] 1
These will fall into the water, have a slight delay, then explode sending three
shots up.

[=-=-=] Heli-Duck
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 2
These bots will fly over you dropping dangerous fish on you... who thought up

[=-=-=] Swimming Fish
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
These will swim back and forth. Don't run into them.

[=-=-=] Jumper Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 5
These will fire at you, then jump.

[=-=-=] Floaty Sub Bot
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 5
These will start out floating in a cloud, then when they get near you will
unveil themselves, drop in to water, and begin attacking you with arced
projectiles. If you can stay above them you won't have any trouble. I wish I
had a cool little submarine like that. I'd use it every day.

***** Level Guide: *****

1. This is my favorite level. I consider it the hardest out of the eight, so be
prepared. Keep charging your buster up and blast through the relatively easy

2. Enable the jet (it allows you to maneuver better in the water) and kill the

3. The jetpack is your best friend on this part of the level. Maneuver around
stuff and kill things.

4. Kill them and move on.

5. Use the jet to out maneuver the dudes and shoot them.

6. Get the normal suit out, slide to get the power-up, and use the charged shot
on the enemies.

7. Flip-Top returns.

8. Use the jetpack to out maneuver the shrouded submarines.

9. Let the enemies fall to their doom before you jump.

10. Kill the giant squid (use the jetpack to maneuver).

11. Fly to the door.

12. Equip the Knight weapon.

Boss. In my opinion, this robot is the hardest robot out of the eight to defeat
with just the normal buster weapon (he's easy with the Knight weapon). This 
robot master teleports, so whichever side he teleports from, move to that side.
When he fires, slide under it and avoid the resulting explosion. Sometimes he
will freeze you, so always try to get a few shots off right when he appears.
Without the Knight weapon, this is a hard match. An interesting aspect of this
battle is that Centaur Man can't jump. For me, this makes the battle harder due
to the fact that this means you can't slide under him when he jumps, which 
means you have to jump over him instead.

[=-=-=] PASSWORD: B4, D2, D6, E5, F4

[15!]Mr. X Levels[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Baby Bird
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
These birds will float up, hatch, and fly towards you. They can be a threat if 
there are more than one. And possibly aggravating; no, definitely aggravating.

[=-=-=] Spike Bomber
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 1
These robots are similar to the flame bombers in Flame Man's level, only
instead of following a fixed flight path, they will attempt to stay above you.
Also, instead of their bombs flaming up on the floor like in Flame Man's level,
these will just go through the floor.

***** Level Guide: *****


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL ONE [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Kill the guys, go up the ladder.

2. Up.

3. Fly, kill, go up.

4. Repeat.

5. If you are cunning, blast the glass window and go through it with the power
suit adapter. But since a lot of people may not be able do that (or may even 
not want to), I'll go ahead and continue with the common route.

NOTE: If you are able to enter that window, you get some ammo power-ups along 
with four extra lives. After that, you make your way to the level boss.

6. Kill, fly, go up.

7. Repeat.

8. Kill, fly.

9. Use the jetpack to maneuver around foes, use the power suit on the barrel,
and continue on.

10. Do not fall to the far right.

11. Kill and go.

12. Equip the flame weapon.

Boss. Avoid the things they drop, jump over them when they are on the bottom
rail, and be aware that they sometimes switch directions. When one is
destroyed, the other one is easy. You should use the flame weapon against them
(make sure you hit them on their sides, not the upper or lower parts).


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL TWO [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Kill the drills and helmet men, avoid the spikes. Use the jet pack if you
need to.

2. Run across the bridge and fly across the spikes.

3. Use the jetpack to fly over the holes and shoot enemies.

4. Use the jetpack.

5. Obliterate the helmet men and enter the door.

6. Continue.

7. Equip the tomahawk weapon.

Boss. This guy may seem near impossible at first, but he is really easy. Stand
to the far left to avoid the falling boulders. The only real purpose of the
boulders (after you have avoided them) is to block the shots you fire. Use a
combination of jumps and slides to avoid the projectiles fired at you. If you
run out of ammo, switch to the jetpack.


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL THREE [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Slide to get the item then blow up everything with the power suit. Take the
left ladder.

2. Continue on.

3. Go back down now.

4. Down.

5. Take the right ladder.

6. Kill him.

7. Wait for the fire-dropping floating heads to pass by, then continue forward.
Have the jetpack on hand to maneuver through a mess, then get the power suit
out to destroy some lasers with charged power blasts.

8. Take the lower route with the power suit. You get an E.

9. Kill him.

10. To conquer this place, use a combination of the jetpack and the power suit.

11. Arm the Blizzard weapon.

Boss. This guy is easy. Just stand there when he fires in a straight path and
walk under the shots when they bounce. Try to shoot him before and after he
shoots at you.


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL FOUR [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Up.

2. Kill them, now go up.

3. Get all the stuff in the sliding area. Trap the birds by moving the box over
the pipe with the power suit. Then equip the jetpack and make your way to the

4. Get the goods with the power suit.

5. Fly to the upper ladder.

6. Use the power suit to kill all the little kamikaze spiders and get the free

7. Continue down.

8. Don't block the birds. Instead, jump down and get the E. Use the jetpack to
assist you in getting through the area.

9. Get the jetpack out.

Boss. Stay to the left. Hover over each shot he shoots (when it splits) then
fire one shot back at him. If he shoots right next to you then hover in the
tiny space provided. He will be defeated in no time.

[16!]Dr. Wily Levels[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

***** Enemy List: *****

[=-=-=] Annoying Fan
[=-=-=] Hit Points: 5
These things will push you away and suck you in, depending on which direction
they face.

***** Level Guide: *****


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL ONE [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Arm the power suit and kill everything in sight. Use the jetpack to fly over
the end and drop. There is an extra life in one of the boxes.

2. Destroy.

3. Make sure you fall to the left. Don't forget to get the power-up.

4. Use the jetpack.

5. Defeat and go. Watch out when you drop.

6. Land on the small platform.

7. Drop in the middle.

8. Drop to the left.

9. Use the jetpack.

10. Defeat him then use the jetpack.

11. Use the jetpack.

12. Continue on...

13. Continue on...

14. Use the holes in the ceiling to your advantage then acquire the goods.

15. Kill the giant squid.

16. Defeat the gunner and continue forward.

17. Arm the snowflake attack.

Boss. Just stay in the left corner and aim your shots. If you run out of ammo
(you most likely will) then use the jetpack to out maneuver his shots and shoot
him in the eyes... or you could switch to the tomahawk weapon and adjust
accordingly. This boss is weak against the Yamato weapon, but considering that
it's less trouble to just stand there and fire away with the Blizzard weapon or
the Tomahawk weapon, there is no need to use the Yamato weapon.


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL TWO [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Get the E and destroy everything on your way to the ladder.

2. I hate this part... learn the pattern and jump then slide.

3. Defeat all the fakes and get the E.

4. Drop.

5. Use the jetpack to assist you.

6. Equip the Wind weapon.

Boss. This guy is easily beat with the Wind weapon.


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL THREE [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Enable the jetpack and trash your enemies. Get the occasional power-up.

2. Kill them, then continue.

3. Prepare for battle.

4. Take your enemies down one by one.

5. This can be difficult for first timers. If you run into trouble just use any
E energy packs you might have. They should make this trip bearable. After you
defeat all the robot masters once again, enter the portal that just appeared.


[=-=-=][=-=-=] LEVEL FOUR [=-=-=][=-=-=]

1. Drop.

2. Use the jetpack to get the power-up.

3. Continue forward...

4. Destroy the dispenser.

5. Flip-Top once again.

6. Equip the Tomahawk weapon and prepare yourself.

Boss (part 1). Slide under him when he jumps, then shoot. Use the Tomahawk.

Boss (part 2). Keep shooting and dodge his projectiles. Slide under him when he
jumps to the far right or left. Again, use the Tomahawk weapon.

Boss (part 3). In this fight, hit him with charged up normal shots. Take note
that his shots move towards you. It's hard to get used to at first, and might
take you a few tries, but once you figure out their flight path it becomes much
easier. Are you excited? Huh?

 You just beat Mega Man VI! Good for you! Now you're a Mega Man partner (???).

[17!]Misc. & Legal[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

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