• Passwords

    All Weapons/ItemsB6, D4, F2, F4, F6
    Beat Silver Tomahawk Yamato Spear Knight Crush Centaur Flash and have BEAT.C4, D3, D4, F1, F5
    Blizzard Man DefeatedA1, B4, C3, D4, E6
    Blizzard Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A2,E1,A5,C3
    Centaur Man DefeatedB5, D4, F2, F4, F6
    Centaur Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A5,D3
    Dr. Wily (With BEAT)D6, E4, F3, F4, F5
    Dr. Wily's CastleB2, B6, D4, E5, F2
    Dr. Wily's Castle (have Energy Balancer and Beat)B4, D2, D6, E5, F4
    Energy Balancer enabled with Power MegaMan & Flame BlastA1-A5-C4-E1-E5
    Energy Balancer enabled without the Power MegaMan suit and no weaponsA1-A5-C3-E1-E5
    Flame Man DefeatedA1, A2, A3, B1, F5
    Flame Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A5,C4
    Knight Man DefeatedB3, C4, D2, D6, E5
    Knight Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,B5,C3
    Mr. X's Castle with Energy Balancer.E5,D2,B4,D6,F4
    Plant Man DefeatedA1, A4, B1, C2, F5
    Plant Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A6,C3
    PlantMan and FlameMan defeated with Energy BalancerA1, A5, B1, D4, E6
    Start game with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A5,C3
    Tomahawk Man DefeatedA6, C4, D2, E1, E5
    Tomahawk Man with Energy Balancer.E5,B1,E1,A5,C3
    Wind Man DefeatedB6, D4, F2, F4, F6
    Wind Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E2,A5,C3
    Yamato Man DefeatedA6, B3, C4, D2, E5
    Yamato Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,F1,A5,C3


  • Get the item you want from FlipTop/Eddie

    FlipTop/Eddie appears in certain empty rooms and will eject a random item to you when you are close by. Walk up to him to get him to stop, then quickly move away. If you don't get the item you want, exit the room and return. As long as you don't pick up the item, Eddie/FlipTop will reappear with a new item.

    Contributed By: ZoqFotPik.

    4    2


  • Unlimited E-tanks

    At the start of Tomahawk mans level there are those breakable bricks. If you break the last one before you go to the second part of the level there is an E-tank inside the brick. It will be there everytime you go back into the level as well.

    Contributed By: Megaman0926.

    1    0

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