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Reviewed: 04/10/00 | Updated: 04/10/00

A new ability helps keep the Blue Bomber afloat in this sequel...


Graphics: 7/10
Sound Effects: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Originality: 6/10
Play Control:10/10
Group Enjoyment: 4/10
Individual Enjoyment: 7/10
Challenge: 8/10
Ending: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

Mega Man 4, unlike Mega Man 1-3, features something completely different: a new villain! Yes, that’s right, Mega Man now has to square off against a different mad scientist, Dr. Cossack. He’s trying to take over the world through the use of – yes, you guessed it – 8 robots, each with an individual power and style! With that, Mega Man has hopped into action, trying to save the world again. Does he do it, or does Proto Man stop him in his tracks?

Good Points:
You can charge up your blasts, and there’s that new villian instead of Wily. Other than that, it’s all the same. Fliptop makes his debut in this one, too.

Bad Points:
Hmmm, is this Number 3 or 6? I keep forgetting...originality is somewhat maintained with the different plot, Fliptop, and the charging ability. But it still seems lacking...Maybe if Mega Man could get different costumes instead of colors for his weapons...or better yet, if he actually looked like the boss he just destroyed! Oh well, just another random rant from me.

General Ratings:

Graphics: As usual, everything looks great. From the cartoony enemies you encounter (mummies hurling their own heads? Duck!), to the large bosses of the final Castles, this game has great graphics. Too bad Mega Man STILL looks the same, after all these years…

Sound: New sounds for new enemies. New sounds for new weapons. New sounds for new bosses. Same old sounds for same old hero. Well, at least they gave him a neat sound for charging up his “Mega Buster”. Then again, isn’t this exactly what the Atomic Charge sounded like in Mega Man 2?

Music: You can’t hate this series’ music. I mean, seriously! It’s all well written, suits the mood of the particular stage or enemy you are dealing with, and is catchy, all at the same time. Personally, I like the music for the first stage of the Final Castle. The ending music is pretty cool, too.

Originality: Ok, here’s a problem with the game here. Sure, Mega Man can charge up his blasts now. Sure, he can get a balloon item and a coil rope to get around with. Sure, Flip Top made his debut here. Sure, there’s a new bad guy. But in the end, you’re just going to remember that you still had to take out 8 bosses, getting their weapons to use, and then you had to go through a multi-level castle, and fight some big bad guy. Then surprise of surprises, that’s not the end of the game! Sorry, folks, but you need to start doing something different.

Play Control: What can I say? Now that Mega Man can charge up his Mega Buster, he’s even more versatile than before. Not that he wasn’t before, but now he’s just about unstoppable. And if you’ve been through 3 games, dealing with hoards of evil robots in terrain all over the world time and time again, then you probably ARE unstoppable.

Enjoyment: People don’t like to sit and watch games unless they’re REALLY entertaining to watch. No offense to THIS game, but it is simply more fun to play than to watch. If there was some sort of a 2-player version of this, then it’d be REALLY cool.

Challenge: Some of the enemies in this game are absolutely murderous! And the stages themselves are getting harder and harder, like Toad Man’s stage. In the beginning, with the rain and wind constantly pushing you backwards, making the critical jumps is nearly impossible. Then you throw in the factor of enemies coming to kill you the entire time, and you’ve got one large headache on you metallic hands!

Ending: It’s what you’d expect, even though it does have good graphics in it. I’d still love to see Mega Man get into a fist fight with Proto Man. No guns or special weapons, just their fists, feet, and occasionally a dog or too.


The main thing that hurt this game was originality. The new bad guy was a nice touch, as was Proto Man in the previous game, but this game needed more than just a new enemy and a new technique. The programmers keep using the same format over and over, when they need to come up with something new! Like I said before, maybe if they changed Mega Man’s costume whenever he got a new weapon, or maybe if he actually changed to look like the enemy he got the weapon from. Oh well, that’s just me. Back to Marvel vs. Capcom!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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