Review by Braben

Reviewed: 07/28/04

As good as Mega Man 2, 3, and 5.

This Mega Man IV was my first Mega Man game ever, just two minutes into it were enough to make me a HUGE fan of the series. Reading reviews I have noticed that this is the most hated Mega Man, or the most underrated in the series to be more accurate, which is ridiculous, because the differences with the others in the series are so insignificant that are almost non-existent, the only rational reason to consider this one worse than the others is to think that it has nothing new to offer, but this is not true because Mega Man V received excellent reviews again, and it is as similar to the previous game as this fourth installment. Why?, who knows, I don`t, not even after reading the negative reviews.

Although this time the intro talks about a guy called Dr. Cossack, don`t get fooled, in the end everything is the same as always, we have to fight eight stupid looking robots to save the world. I don`t even know why I waste time writing about the plot.

Graphics 10/10:
Wow, exactly the same as the two previous Mega Man games, now really, I don`t know why people shouts they are better or worst, they exactly the same from Mega Man 3 and 2, or even V and probably VI (I haven`t played the sixth part, that is why I am not completely sure, but I wouldn`t hesitate to bet my house about it), so they are still terrific and a hundred times better than most Nes games out there.

Music 6/10:
Worse than in the three previous games, specially when compared with Mega Man 3, but still slightly above average, with lots of different themes but never better or particularly annoying, simply Mega Man quality.

Gameplay 10/10:
There is one MAJOR new feature in terms of gameplay, it is only one, but a truly BIG one, it is a definitive feature, the famous and worshiped Mega Buster, which is a terrific feature and something nowadays is an absolute classic, if you say Mega Buster it is impossible not to think about Mega Man. This thing lets us charge up your arm to shoot a very powerful super shot, and you can go there charging our arm while jumping or sliding or while doing anything and release it whenever we want, it is something great, and we can also charge up the enemy weapons once we obtain them, some of them have truly cool and useful effects, they are no just an enhanced version of the average attack.

There is also a new friend for Mega Man, Fliptop, a little red robot who gives us random items in some stages, this little robot is not exactly important for the adventure, in fact his addition is so small that I don`t even know what do I bother to write about him, like with the plot, but there it is, like the plot.

The new Dr. Wily`s creations you will find in this fourth part are: Skull Man, well, he looks like a skeleton; Dive Man, a silly looking submarine like robot; Charge Man, with the shape of a locomotive, kinda cool; Pharaoh Man, thankfully they didn`t decided to call him Tutankamon Man; Toad Man, he (or she?) is green an fat, can you tell?; Dust Man, with a big computer over the head (I can understand this guy); Bright Man, yeah he has a big light bulb over his head; and Ring Man, with a tiny ring also over his head ala Cut Man from the first game in the series, only that this Ring Man guy looks even worse due to the suspiciously small size of the above mentioned ring.

As you can see the robot names (and shapes, I can assure you that in case you haven`t played) are even more stupid than in the three previous games combined (well, not really), who cares anyway?, and Skull Man rules, yeah!, he is one of the coolest robots in the series.

About the game`s development, it is really useless to talk about that here because it is exactly the same as in the three previous games, without the slightest difference...well, not that I think, the menu is done in a different and more intuitive way...bah!, who cares?

Mega Man IV is as good as any other of the series, I just can`t understand those people that scream: ``3 is better than or V, or VI is better than 2``, why?, why are they better if aside for new robots there is nothing revolutionary new?, ok the Mega Buster is something revolutionary new, but in essence the game is the same, they are all great games because they feature new robots and nothing else, it is ridiculous to consider some chapters better than the others, and want is more, I think that it is simply impossible to consider this one better or worst than the others.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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