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Reviewed: 06/26/04

Mega Man starts to see a decline...

Mega Man 4

Capcom had released Mega Man, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3 all of which were great games, however, it was the time of the SNES when MM4 was released and everyone was heading to make games for it. Unfortunately, Capcom decided to keep the series on the NES. Mega Man 4 was pretty much the same exact thing as the previous three without any noteworthy additions, all of a sudden one of the best gaming series suddenly was becoming... stale.

Mega Man 4's innovation was actually pretty good in this game, it focused around the Blue Bomber acquiring a "Mega Buster" that would allow him to charge his weapon up and then release it. It would provide a bigger, and stronger, shot than the normal buster. The second new addition to the game was a man named Dr. Cossack, it seemed he was the one who had created the Robot Master's in MM4. As Mega Man though you are going out to make sure that Dr. Wi... I mean Cossack is stopped along with his Robot Master's. This is pretty much the storyline you are going to see in MM4.

With the addition of the Mega Buster you do have, for the most part, quite the powered up weapon. For the most part you would be running, jumping, and shooting like all prior Mega Man titles. What really was the problem was the Robot Master's, and the problem was that there wasn't any of them that stuck out as being the better than any of the others or even having a useful weapon. It seems like Capcom is slouching with the series with MM4.

The challenge of Mega Man 4 remains to be seen as well, this game is honestly very easy in comparison to the other three. There wasn't anything that really sticks out as being hard, and that includes the Robot Master's at the end of every level. If you have played the other three games in the series it will be painfully obvious that this game is way to easy for what the standard Mega Man title's difficulty is. The fun factor is still there though and you will get plenty kick out of Mega Man 4, especially if you haven't played a Mega Man game prior.

The funny thing about this is that Mega Man 4 is actually not to bad on the technical side of things. Graphically the game is an improvement upon the other three, a lot of things seemed to be smoothed and aren't as bland and rigid as say the original Mega Man. Specifically I like the way Mega Man glows when he charges up his Mega Buster, it gives the game that more vibrant pickup that it always has. Musically Mega Man 4 ranks as one of the lows in the series containing some good tracks here and there but nothing that just jumps out at you as awesome. So graphically the game is very good, but on the musical side it's eh.. kind of average.

As for the length and replayability of MM4, you will find that Mega Man games are actually starting to get longer. They have added Robot Master fights toward the end, and include those eight beginning ones. The length for MM4 will give you a good solid playtime, it is about the same as Mega Man 3. As with all Mega Man games the ability to replay them is always extremely high, and it is no different with this game. The cool thing about MM4 is that you can go back and collect some stuff in the previous levels that you may have missed. These certain items actually are noteworthy in the sense that they help you along with the game. After the item collecting there is always the addictiveness of that MM4 will provide you, it always sucks you in and makes you want to replay it plenty to times after you have finished it.

Overall Mega Man 4 isn't a terrible game, but it just doesn't live up to what the series is known for. It lacks in challenge, music, and innovation but excels in graphics, fun, and replayability. The latter outweighs the former, but due to the former being that lacking it really makes this title not stand out nearly as much as it should. This isn't one of the best Mega Man games by any stretch, but a pretty good one despite some of the flaws.

Final Score: 8.3

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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