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Reviewed: 01/20/04

Watch out Mega Man! Its...Dust Man! Ahhh! O NO! Running out of boss names the 4th time around evidently

Well here it is the first bad game in the Mega Man series. Who’d of Thunk it was possible. Mega Man 4 is the equivalent of a modern day expansion pack. It is a half sequel (so to speak) containing the same game play, design, graphics, and a few useless new features. Well, unfortunately this is just a bump in the road for the franchise. Did I say bump? I meant comet sized chunk. Scroll down and see why.

Gameplay – 4/10
Same old stuff: choose level, shoot bullets, kill bad guys, jump here, jump there, don’t fall of the cliff (sure are a lot of cliffs lying around these days), fight boss, kill boss, get power up, next level *yawn*, wake me up when its over, ZZZ... Nothing waiting in the shadows ready to jump out and surprise you here. Gameplay is just like the three installments before it. One of the new elements to gameplay which is good is the ability to charge your mega-blaster and fire a stronger charged up attack. This is useful since you will have no idea what boss to visit after you beat a boss, since the boss names have nothing to do with each other therefore making it impossible to pinpoint another boss’s weakness. This is where Capcom started to run out of ideas for their boss names. Gone are interesting bosses like Guts Man, Wood Man, and even Shadow Man. They have been replaced with sorry ass losers like (cover your children’s ears now) Ring Man, Bright Man and Toad Man. If those names don’t send Mega Man fleeing in terror I’m sure Skull Man will get the job done. If Mega Man can brave the treacherous attacks of enemies like those then he might have what it takes to measure up against the almighty Dust Man. Mwahahaha... ZZZZ please, Dust Man? Mega Man have you ever heard of, I don’t know, a broom? Well you won’t be using that to crack Dust Mans defenses, understandably Dust Man’s only known weakness is Ring Man’s weapon... In laymen’s terms if you weren’t in on making the game, then you won’t know the order to do the bosses in. This must have been Capcom’s latest scheme to make this game seem difficult, and by all means it’s already difficult enough. Gameplay sucks. I'll let you in on a secret. You can save yourself the expense of paying big $$$ for this game. Here’s what to do: play any of the Mega Man games before it but when you get to the boss of a level close your eyes and imagine the stupidest boss you can think of (chances are you’ll get it right, since this is seemingly what Capcom did to derive these fearsome bosses names) and Walla! You get the same unfulfilling experience as if you were playing Mega Man 4. I would like to add that this is the only Mega Man game on NES that I have not bothered to finish. The game is simply to lame to actually try and complete.

Funfacter 4/10
Ok this game was fun... before it was redone for the fourth time. I don’t know about you but I enjoy this thing called “variety”. Say it with me now V-a-r-i-e-t-y. Well if you agree with me then don’t come looking for variety in the worthless paperweight of a game known as Mega Man 4, because this game is almost virtually identical to its predecessors. Want fun? Here's an idea. Go into your garage and get your daddy’s hammer. Then sit in a chair and take off your socks and shoes so that you are barefoot. Then take the hammer and one by one smash each one of your toes with it. The amount of fun in doing this is pretty close to same amount that there is to be found in Mega Man 4.

Controls 9/10
Wow thankfully Capcom made it so you don’t have to be an Open Heart surgeon to be smart enough to play this game. You get the privilege of moving right, left, jumping, shooting, sliding and, charging -_^. Yep that’s right one more command then the previous Mega Man. Big Whoop. Nothing wrong with controls though. Mega Man does almost every thing I tell him to do. All in all controls are good. Now if only he could jump farther...

Graphics 9/10
Can’t complain here. Like every other Mega Man game the graphics rank with the elite. Unfortunately the backgrounds don’t look as nice as does Mega Man 3, but hey Capcom has tried so hard at this game, why don’t we just cut them some slack? Overall the graphics in Mega Man 4 are good but for some odd reason they seem worse than Mega Man 3.

Replayability 3/10
I don’t know why Capcom doesn’t ever fix this category but no Mega Man games ever have any replay value. It seems they could just keep more attention toward their game and give the viewers more game time by doing something to add replay value to their games Ex. more levels to play after beating the game, extra weapons, alternate endings. Mega Man 4 suffers the same fate as all its counterparts on the NES. Once you play it, there is no need to play it again.

Music/Sound 6/10
Simply put. This game consists of the same sound effects as its predecessors and simply and average musical score.

Story – 2/10
Ahh the best for last. What would a Mega Man game be without the stellar story we have grown to expect from every installment. Well here goes, I warn you, brace yourselves. Once upon a time the world was in peace. Then all of a sudden Dr. (fill in any name you want. After so many, does it really matter?) takes control of some robots and wants to take over the world. Oh my gosh the main bad guy doesn’t appear to be Dr.Wily like every other time before, amazing. WATCH OUT! MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD! I WARN YOU LOOK AWAY IF YOU DONT WANT THIS WONDEFUL STORY TO BE SPOILED!!! Well guess what? After defeating Dr. la de da the viewers are hit out of the blue with an unexpected plot twist. Dr.Wily is alive and he was behind the plot all along. Mwahahaha. Wow sure fooled me how about all of you? Those scum bags at Capcom, tricking me like this. Shame on you. Well, needless to say Mega Man heads off to finish Wily for the 4th time, pansy blue booties and all.

Conclusion 5.6/10

- Ability to charge your Mega buster
- If don’t mind playing the same basic game play then this may be fun for you


Unfortunately this is the first bad game in the Mega Man series. Capcom just decided to go through the motions and throw out another Mega Man game for people to eat up and give Capcom their money. Nothing new will be discovered in the 4th edition to the Mega Man series, other than the ability to charge your Mega Buster. Here’s an idea, lets just pretend this game doesn’t exist and skip right to Mega Man 5. It’s a lot better...

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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