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Reviewed: 01/31/00 | Updated: 01/31/00

The beginning of the series' downward slide...

While still a good game, Mega Man 4 is indeed a disappointment after the awesome Mega Man 3, and marks the beginning of the Mega Man series' fall from grace. I attribute this mostly to the addition of the Mega Buster and the basic repetitiveness of the series that started to develop at this point.

In this game, you must fight Dr. Cossack, a new mad scientist who, like Dr. Wily, seems to have a knack for building eight robots and making them raise havoc. Of course, there is a reason for this, and the game ends all-too-predictably. I don't care how many sequels a game has, there is ALWAYS a new way to bring some innovation and life into an old series, but the designers at Capcom really fall flat on this point.

The Mega Buster makes its debut in this game, and in my opinion it is one of the worst ideas in the series. The Mega Buster allows Mega Man to charge up his arm cannon to release a much more powerful shot. Unfortunately, that kind of idea just doesn't fit in with Mega Man games. Part of the fun of the first three games was rapidly pounding on the B button and pelting the daylights out of anything that moved. With the addition of the Mega Buster, you have to hit any major enemies, and especially the bosses, with the charged blasts, which are just annoying to do. I'm sure other people like it, but I just feel the Mega Buster was a bad idea from the get-go.

Despite this, there is a lot to like about Mega Man 4. The boss ideas are still fun. I particularly thought Dust Man was one of the most clever bosses in the series. The levels are pretty traditional, but also have enough new features to make them fun to play. The music is not as memorable as that of Mega Man 2 and 3 but is still very catchy.

Another new addition to 4 is a new robot friend named Fliptop. There's not really much to him-- at certain places in a few stages, he will appear and give you a random power-up. There are also two new vehicles in addition to the Rush vehicles that return from Mega Man 3. All in all, Mega Man 4 offers enough new life and innovation to make it a fun game, but it doesn't live up to Mega Man 3-- and it's all downhill from here.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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