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Reviewed: 05/30/02 | Updated: 06/17/02

A Great Mega Man Game that is GREAT

Mega Man 4 on the Nintendo (NES) features a new foe which you must beat in the game but it seems like you must defeat eight robot masters to advance to this new foe and find out what he is up to and what he plans of doing to you or the world. Once you defeat his eight robot masters you'll have to ask yourself one question is that the end of the game or is there more to what is going on in the game? You will find out what's going on once you make it up to him and defeat your new foe. Let's see how Capcom fared in their fourth installment of the Mega Man games on the Nintendo (or NES for short):

GRAPHICS: 9.6/10
They improved the graphics since they did Mega Man 3 because some of the robot masters look nicely detailed even the levels are nicely done too.

SOUND: 9.4/10
The sound in this game is somewhat better than in Mega Man 3 but it seems that every little move that goes on in the game can be heard but not all the time.

The difficulty in this game was done quite well and it's like Mega Man 3 in a way because Mega Man 3 was quite challenging and Capcom is able to continue that challenging ways into Mega Man 4. If you thought that Mega Man 3 was a challenge for you, you should see about getting this Mega Man title because Capcom still have their touch with the challenge that they have put in this game.

MUSIC: 9.2/10
The music featured in this game is done well but there could've been some things to make the music sound better like it should've been.

The replayabilty for this game was done well but this game is different from what Mega Man 3 was like. You must admit that this game is really good since Capcom released Mega Man 3.

OVERALL: 9.6/10
This game overall is a great Mega Man title but there were some things that could've made this game better. This is another Mega Man title that is a great classic and it is worth buying if you are a die-hard Mega Man fan.

There are many people who may think that this isn't a classic Mega Man game but Mega Man fans including myself are fond of this great Mega Man game that Capcom has released for the Nintendo.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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