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Reviewed: 10/21/01 | Updated: 10/21/01

The oddball of the series

Dr Wily has caused you enough pain as it is with 3 attempts to dominate the world, which have failed at the hand of Megaman, and his creator Dr Light. But now a mysterious man named Dr Cossack has appeared and sent 8 more robots. Just who is he? This game is intriguing because of the change in plot, and it ain't just another megaman game, but an unsolved mystery, Who is Dr Cossack and why is he doing what Wily is doing? Are they partners? Or is their another reason? You will find out. Mega Man has improved since Mega Man 3, now his arm cannon can be charged to fire one big shot, it is now known as the ''Mega Buster''

If you have played one megaman game, you know quite well what you do. Trudge through 8 boss worlds, and conquer their obstacles, enemies, and traps, and defeat the boss himself and gain his power. Get all 8 bosses destroyed and take on the real enemy, in this case Dr Cossack.

Same basic setup of jump, shoot, and change weapon. That leaves you to conduct strategy to outwit your robotic opponents and to clear the obstacles in style and form! Not to mention to also survive them.

Music is definitely not good as it was in Mega Man 3, but it did not take that much of a blow. Sound is what it usually is in megaman games. Just the music has changed.

New environments call for new enemies and scenery, and Nintendo and Capcom do not disappoint. Graphics are rich and pretty top notch as far as NES games go.

As usual, Megaman can attract any audience of any age to at least give this a shot and not judge a game by it's name, or the boxed it is shipped in. Although it is basic, it can get pretty addictive to those that stick with the game.

Replay Value-6
Same as all of them, it is a one time play, but if you are bored with this game, have fun and do a variety of games to collect passwords. I have played all mega man games that I have had more than once, so believe me, it is not as boring as I just made it sound. And no, I never collected passwords :)

Buy, Borrow, Rent, Burn?
Buy it and add it to your extensive megaman collection!

Dr Light STILL has yet to make a save point. But you will have to make do with a password. Got a pen and pad?

Well, a NES control deck and 1 controller would help....

Game info
Megamans 4th adventure through dangerous robot worlds at the hands of a new enemy

Company Info

Easy to medium, depending on what order you decide to take the robots in. Each one is weak to some weapon, so keep that in mind.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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