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Reviewed: 07/20/01 | Updated: 07/20/01

Oh Mega Man, what happened to you?

After the high point, that was Mega Man 3, I expected the fourth installment to be as good. Unfortunetely, it was a step down from the third game. Don´t get me wrong, its still a good game but it misses something. Enter review:

Story 9/10: Two years ago, Wily was defeated and the world was peaceful again. But suddenly, a new scientist named Dr. Cossack enters the scene. He declares, that he is mad at Mega Man and Dr.Light because their robot creations always overshadowed his creations. So he sends eight powerful robots after Mega Man to destroy him. After Mega Man received his new weapon, the Mega Buster, he starts out to stop Dr.Cossack...The story was again very unique with a new vailian and the plot twist was very surprising. Overall, the story was splendid:).

Game Play 10/10: You do the exact same thing as in the last three games. The stages are again very innovative and the robot masters look good. Rush is again there with his three forms (Coil, Marine, Jet) and Mega Man now has the brand new Mega Buster. That feature allows him to charge up his arm cannon and his charged-up shot is as powerful as three normal shots.
The control is as good as in Mega Man 3. The Mega Buster is a bit sluggish. That means, you can´t charge up from the beginning, you must first fire a normal shot before you can charge up.
This game is harder than 3, but still no near as hard as Mega Man 1. However, some sections are pretty difficult (especially Ring Man´s stage is such a pain;().

Audio/Visual 8/10: The graphics are again a little bit better than the last one. The enemies look better than ever (some are even hiding behind the scenery!) and the backgrounds are detailed as ever. The music however is not as good as the last games. Some are memorable (especially Pharaoh Man´s and Dive Man´s theme), but most of them just aren´t as good as the last. Although they still are good, they don´t reach the level of the last games.

Replayability 5/10: Although you can revisit stages again, this is not enough. Some of the stages are too hard to enjoy them. Also the idea of ding two fortresses in one sitting is rather frustrating than enjoying.

Rent or buy: If you´re a Mega Man fan, you can´t miss it. But for the newbies, I recommend to rent it first or buy 2 or 3 instead.

Overall 7/10: Although it still is a good game, it is just not as fun as the other three. The idea of two fortresses in one sitting was a pretty stupid idea, but it is brought up again in the later titles, yeesh;(.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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