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Reviewed: 06/22/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

Despite game play additions, the MegaMan franchise begins to wear out

Game Play-8/10

The biggest change to game play is the addition of the chargable Mega Buster. By ''chargable'', I mean that you can shoot it like previous games, but by holding down the ''B'' button for a second, you can shoot a more power blast. The only other game play change is the secret weapons you can find in secret stages, making it so you can revisit a stage after you've beaten it in order to retrieve that weapon. Other than that, the game play remains the same. You go through eight stages in any order to get to Dr. Wily, who is the boss. You go through stages, and then you fight the boss of the stage. When you defeat the boss, you get its main weapon. Each stage is different, but Capcom was running out of ideas after Mega Man 3. Many of the bosses lacked imagination. The bosses are Pharaoh Man, Toad Man, Drill Man, Dive Man, Skull Man, Ring Man, Bright Man, and Dust Man. The bosses certainly lack thought. The stages are good also. They follow the theme of the boss. Pharaoh Man takes place in a desert with mummies, Dust Man takes place in a factory with globs of junk, Toad Man has a stage resembelling a water storage place of some kind (these are my analyzations, I don't have the instruction manual) with toads and frogs, and so on. The weapons don't really make sense though, with Bright Man's weapon being a time stopper, and Pharaoh Man's weapon being a Pharaoh Shot.


As I said before, the graphics do match the boss. The stages have nice backgrounds, the bosses look really cool also. The enemies look the same as they did before. Mega Man looks the same as he did in the first game, and so on. The graphics are good, they just needed an upgrade.


The music is again, really good. It is good, it just doesn't match the stage well. Dust Man's theme seems misplaced, and Drill Man's does too. What I'm trying to say is, that music has a look, and the scene needs to match the look of the music. If that made sense to you, then, well, it made sense to you.

(Not An Average)

Despite these new additions, the game seems to have been past it's prime on the NES. Capcom learned it's lesson after Mega Man 6 on the NES. Then Capcom made many more Mega Mans. Five were on the Game Boy, five were on the SNES, one was on the Genesis, one was on the Game Gear, one is on the Game Boy Color, one is on the Game Boy Advance, five are on the Playstation, two are on the Saturn, another one is coming to the Game Boy Color, another one is coming to the Game Boy Advance, and another one is coming to the Playstation. They're all good, but they just repeat the first three Mega Mans and Mega Man X in a way.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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