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Reviewed: 04/10/01 | Updated: 04/10/01

Not Bad......

Most people I know hate this game, because of its difficulty. Most of my friends can only beat one level (skull man). But if you play it enough it will be a peice of cake. Atleast for me it did. Megaman 4 has the traditional 8 bosses, then 4 levels to reach the final boss. For a 12 level total (Megaman 3 had 21 levels total). For once your villian is not Dr. Wily, believe or not. Its another mad scientist called Dr. Cossack. Well, onto the review!

Graphics - 8
Not much has improved from Megaman 3. Actually I dont think anything has improved from Megaman 3, other than Megamans new weapons. Now you can charge up your buster which looks pretty cool. Also you can find a new weapon called a wire, you have to find it (you dont get from defeating a boss). It can pull you up if it grapples onto a wall or something. Which looks pretty cool. The backgrounds are pretty bland at some levels, but at other levels they look very cool.

Sound/Music - 6
The music is pretty good, but not perfect. It gets boring after a while, but im pretty sure you wont hear it that much, unless you continously play a level for some reason, like to fill up all of your Energy Tanks or something. Whenever you reach a boss it takes twice the normal amount of time for their energy to fill out, so that sound gets monotonous very very quickly.

Gameplay - 9
Almost perfect. They made the start screen ALOT better, instead of 2 screens like in the previous 2 versions where it shows your health, weapons, energy tanks, lives, (and the rest) its only 1 screen now. Thats pretty much the main reason why I didnt give this a lower score. Alot of the places in this game are very frusting, theres actually a average of one frustrating place in each level. Theres a right bit of difficulty in this game. In the beggining 8 bosses I can beat 6 of them with just using my buster. One of the bosses just jumps around if you continously shoot him (toad man). But he has the hardest level I have seen in any Megaman game. Many people think this game is boring and a disgrace to the name of Megaman, but I dont think so.

Replay Value - 6
Once youve beat it once or twice theres very little chance you’ll play it again, unless your a hardcore Megaman fan that is. Its still fun though to play after years just for the nostalgia, or just to kill time.

Overall - 8
It definantly isnt the best Megaman game, but it would have to be almost perfect for it to beat the almighty Megaman 2. Its worth a try, and maybe a straight purchase.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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