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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 01/13/01

A normal follow-up in the serie(That means a good game with GOOD music!)

Date revíew is made: 1999-09-13

My review(Sunshine's) to the Nes-game Mega Man 4. Game made by Capcom.All stuff underneath is just compared to other Nes-games, nuthin else. Score would be much different then.

Grafic: Grafic is quite good, and good compared with Nes. New bosses, new stages and enemies and all that stuff. New cool backgrounds, and new special effects. But overall at grafic, it is almost the same as in the others.

Score Grafic: 8.7/10

Music/Sound is good(as in most Mega man-games) but it doesn't beat Mega man 2. But as usual, music is good. Fitting and kinda "rocky" music makes this game better. Sound is also good, and it can't be much better than this to the NES.

Score Music/Sound: 9.3/10

Challenge: Easy. Much easier than the others in the serie. It's this game starting Mega man to be an easy serie of games. The robots are easy to kill, so's the stages, and Dr Wily's stuff is quite easy too. No, this game is much easier than the others.

Score challenge: 5.3/10

Control: Control is as usual good. All mega man games got great control. There are a few new weopons and skills, making the control a little bit better. But overall, control is as the others.

Score control: 8.8/10

Funniness: Mega man 4 is kinda more for "younger guys" in a way. I don't know why, just feels like that. And maybe that brings down the score a bit. Maybe the challenge bring the game down a bit too. It's too easy, and that's a minus. But all other stuff is ok. Control and music highers the score, grafic is ok, and overall, this game is quite funny to play. MUSIC IS GOOD IN ALL MEGAMAN GAMES!!!!

Score Funniness: 7.9/10

Overall: Hardest catagory to set. Because of the music and control, score is higher. Cuz of the challenge, score is lower. But overall, this is a good game to be at Nes, almost a normal one. But a little bit over,and worth 10-15 bucks.

Overall Score: 8.1/10

TOTAL SCORE(Score on a line between 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10): 8/10

Last wicked line: A normal follow-up in the serie(that means a good game with GOOD music!)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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