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Reviewed: 08/25/10

Mega Man 4 is a very solid platformer and is the best Mega Man game since MM2.

The first 3 Mega Man games seem to be the most well known Mega Man NES games. And for some reason, less people seem to know about Mega Man 4, 5 and 6 than the first 3. It's most likely because they're NES games released in the era of the rising SNES. Well, I'm here to say, even the second half of the Mega Man games are good, and that Mega Man 4 is a very solid platformer and is the best Mega Man game since MM2. Well, it's not AS good as Mega Man 2, but of course, it's a great game. Wanna know why? As always, read on.


The graphics in this game have their weak points and strong points. The sprites aren't THAT good, but they have moments. Same with the backgrounds. But I'm not sure about how Capcom made Toad Man. His background, his stage, his... everything. The background in Toad Man's stage is just a black void. What happened? Capcom can make very nice backgrounds for the Robot Masters, but for Toad Man, I don't even know how he got to be.

On the lighter side, Mega Man 4 also has very GOOD graphical moments. They even made the Weapon Get screen have a pseudo-3D effect (Mega Man spins 180 degrees on the weapon get screen)! And also, the graphics in the prologue and epilogue of the game are pretty impressive, considering that, of the 6 Mega Man NES games, its ending and intro are the longest.

And, as always, the fortress boss designs are very well done. Especially the Wily Machine.


Repeated from the first three games, again. Mega Man 4 has eight MORE you-should-know-what-they're-calleds (again). The robot master names take a hit in this game, but they are: Bright Man, Toad Man, Drill Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Dust Man, Dive Man and Skull Man.

You (as always) get whatever they have after you defeat them. The weapons are: Flash Stopper, Rain Flush, Drill Bomb, Pharaoh Shot, Ring Boomerang, Dust Crusher, Dive Missile and Skull Barrier. Like in the first game, you have the Rush Coil from the start of the game, and get the Rush Marine (this is the last Mega Man game to have it) and Rush Jet from defeating certain robot masters.

And unlike Mega Man 3, there is now Rush items AND collectible items in this game. The collectible items are the Balloon Adapter and the Wire Adapter, found in the stages of Pharaoh Man and Dive Man.

As always, if you want to go to Wily's Castle, it's all or nothing to get there, by which I mean, you must defeat every robot master. You can't just beat one robot, or five robots, you have to beat every single one.

But, you don't just go to WILY'S castle in this game. Dr. Wily did not build the robot masters of this game, a scientist named Dr. Cossack did. He may seem evil at first, but something happens after you beat him that turns the story around. I'm not giving it away, because this review won't be up here if I do.

Well, Cossack has a fortress in this game. And if you don't think the fortress looks American or Japanese or however you want to look at it, it's because Dr. Cossack (and his daughter Kalinka) are supposed to be from Russia.

Defeat Dr. Cossack and then you get to go to Wily's Castle, where you will battle more bosses and, as always, fight the robot masters again. Defeat Wily, and then you don't beat the game... yet. This is the first game where you must fight Wily in his UFO. Defeat him in his UFO and you beat the game, and enjoy a very long ending.

Mega Man 4 has, sadly, moments where it is so easy, even a 2-year-old can beat it. Like, who could forget how epic of a fail Toad Man was? All you do is shoot him once when he raises his arms. And Pharaoh Man. With his weakness, he's VERY easy to beat.

And speaking of shooting, like how Mega Man 3 has the slide ability, Mega Man 4 introduces the charge shot. It is 3 times more powerful than a regular buster shot. You (as you may think already) hold down the attack button to execute a burst of charged energy.

And, Mega Man 4 definitely has moments where it can be hard as hell. Like when fighting Metall Daddy and when fighting the Wily Machine.


I don't know why so many people dislike the soundtrack of Mega Man 4, it's actually pretty good. Maybe it's that wash sound that occurs in the music. The wash sound can be heard in all the tracks of this game, and clearly heard in the password theme, the Wily Stage 3 and 4 theme and the credits theme.

But overall, the music in this game is worth listening to. Especially the themes of Dive Man, Bright Man and Skull Man and of course, the Cossack Stage 3 and 4 theme.

So, the soundtrack of this game is very underrated and needs to be listened to more. Even though people don't like the soundtrack.

And now, onto the good and bad of the game:


-Fun to play
-Great start for people who never played a Mega Man game before
-Great weapons
-Has an excellent plot twist


-Toad Man is stupid easy to beat, even without his weakness
-Pharaoh Man is beaten very easily by the Flash Stopper
-Sometimes too easy
-Sometimes too hard
-Wash sound in the music


As I said already, Mega Man 4 is a very solid platformer and is the best Mega Man game since MM2. And this game is also very underrated, so I recommend it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mega Man 4 (US, 01/31/92)

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