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Reviewed: 07/25/00 | Updated: 06/14/01

Worthy, yet formulaic.

Graphics: 8
Superior visuals have always been a staple in the Mega Man series, and this entry is no exception. The graphics are a slight improvement over those in #3. The graphical detail of the larger characters (like the torpedo-launching whale in Dive Man's level) is particularly impressive, as are the animated backgrounds of the Bright Man and Toad Man stages.

Music: 8
Apparently, many people didn't care for Mega Man 4's background music. I can't begin to understand why. While they may not be in the same class as those in Mega Man 2, every very tune is, at the very least, serviceable, and a few (the Ring Man and Skull Man stages come to mind) are actually *very* hummable and catchy.

Controls: 8
The superb controls haven't changed much either, with the exception of holding down the B button to charge your Mega Buster.

Challenge: 6
This game is about as tough as Mega Man 3, although not quite as long.

Fun: 7
Unfortunately, this is where the game falls a bit short of its predessors. Other than the addition of the Mega Buster, there is absolutely nothing fresh or innovative about Mega Man 4. The game follows the same tired formula as the last two: Mega Man, with the help of his trusty sidekick Rush, must fight his way through eight levels guarded by eight robot guardians (built this time around by Dr. Cossack), and then through the various stage points of the main villian's castle. At this point, an unwelcome ''plot twist'' is added to the preceedings, but it is painfully predictable. After all, who wouldn't have guessed that Dr. Wily hadn't really called it quits? Even many of the weapons and attack methods of the eight new robots are simply recycled ideas from previous efforts, and just add to the overall ''been there, done that'' feel of the game (which would later plague #'s 5 and 6 in this series to an even greater degree).

Overall: 7
A worthy and enjoyable addition to a classic video game series. And yet, the Blue Bomber just didn't seem the same after this...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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