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The beginning of the series' downward slide... 01/31/00 BBigwig
Am I the only one to find this a great game? 07/15/00 Brak
It's a absolute shame this game doesn't get the true recognition it deserves. 10/01/08 Calamity
Mega Man 4 is a very solid platformer and is the best Mega Man game since MM2. 08/25/10 CorruptOwl
Oh Mega Man, what happened to you? 07/20/01 Crusher Man
Despite game play additions, the MegaMan franchise begins to wear out 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Music takes a hit! MAJOR mistake! 02/15/00 EPoetker
I've played Megaman 1-4 and this is by far the best! 12/27/99 EvilChocobo
A bit disappointing but still fun 01/13/01 Figure Four
Toad Man, Bright Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Skull Man, Dust Man, Dive Man, and last but not least, Drill Man. 10/10/05 Megaman1981
The oddball of the series 10/21/01 MI4 REAL
Mega fun or disappointment? 01/28/15 Ofisil
Though it's rather easy for a Mega Man game, MM4 is still quite fun 11/15/05 plasmabeam
"A worthy sequel to a worthy game." 01/13/01 Ranma
Mega Man holding pattern 07/19/11 roadtosalvation
Not Bad...... 04/10/01 shigman
A step up in the series in all areas- except originality. 02/06/00 Spektre
Worthy, yet formulaic. 06/14/01 Super Mario
A new ability helps keep the Blue Bomber afloat in this sequel... 04/10/00 Vegita
Just forget this game ever existed.. 03/13/01 Vertabreaker
A Great Mega Man Game that is GREAT 06/17/02 Warhawk
The Pinnacle of NES Mega Man 10/30/17 Weltall548
Enter the Mega Buster 05/14/01 Writer
A normal follow-up in the serie(That means a good game with GOOD music!) 01/13/01 Yakuza
Mega Man starts to see a decline... 06/26/04 ZFS

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