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As good as Mega Man 2, 4 and 5. 06/28/04 Braben
Secret robo-agent with a secret robo-plan... 01/04/08 discoinferno84
A fine entry where robo-dogs and leg slides are Mega Man's best friends. 01/19/10 dtm666
Re-reviewed in all its glory as the best Mega Man of all time... 01/30/01 EPoetker
Have my babies, Mr. Blue Bomber. 04/29/04 Gbness
There's certainly less impact with this than the previous ones, but it's still great. 01/25/19 Junior_AIN
A step up from Mega Man 2, it still has a little ways to go... 12/28/01 KasketDarkfyre
Another Home Run for Mega Man 12/23/09 Looneymaster
Magnet Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Shadow Man, Spark Man, Snake Man, Gemini Man, and last but not least, Needle Man. 10/13/05 Megaman1981
A shot in the arm to Mega Man mania! 10/19/04 PinKirby
Mega Man 3 is easily one of the Blue Bomber's best 07/29/04 plasmabeam
The Pinnicle of the Mega Man Series! 06/28/04 Platnuim Gamer
Best Mega Man Game Ever. Period. 02/18/04 Pokejedservo
The first turning point in the series. 04/07/02 Princess Lynaly
The greatest Mega Man game for the Nes! Hands down! 08/23/04 Proto Man1
This is one of the longest games in the NES series, not to mention one of the weirdest... 07/16/01 Ranma
The sliding robot..... Mega Man! 06/06/06 Shivan Reincarnated
The best Mega Man game on the NES, and also where the series should have ended. 03/06/04 shneepshnop
How does it compare to Mega Man 2? 06/07/10 Sour
Capcom continues the series improvement, and delivers a fun game 07/09/00 TBranford
If he can jump, then that SHOULD mean he can bend his legs, right? 04/10/00 Vegita
Lucky number three is always the best. 11/29/06 ZFS

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Your average platform game. 12/27/00 ATadeo
Best game of the series. Mega Man doesn't get any better! 01/30/00 BBigwig
There just seems to be something missing in this game.... 04/16/00 Brak
This is when Mega Man started OWNING!!! 09/30/08 Calamity
Mega Man 3 is a great game, but is not reccomended for the die hard NES gamers. 08/20/10 CorruptOwl
The best game of the NES Mega Man series!!! 07/19/01 Crusher Man
As hard as a delicious nut 10/16/07 Discomaster
A Game Worthy of Mega Man. 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
A best of the series 07/16/01 Figure Four
Outshines it's predecessors in every way... 12/02/10 jk8yone
Megaman's Word's of Wisdom #3 : When you managed to win your last adventures by the skin of your nose, get a sidekick called Rush. 10/31/01 Lagunathemoron
Certainly not the best game in the series.... 02/22/01 Megamur
My Favorite Megaman in the series 09/24/01 MI4 REAL
Given the NESMaster best game award!!! 08/27/01 NESMaster
A step forward? 01/26/15 Ofisil
Could have been great; instead it's merely decent 07/07/11 roadtosalvation
Almost Better than Megaman 2..... 04/11/01 shigman
Improved graphics and gameplay, plus replay value- but it just doesn't have that feeling. 02/02/00 Spektre
A Good Game and a Good Addition to the Mega Man Series 12/02/08 tazzyboyishere
This, is a Mega Man game 03/26/01 Van Veen
My favorite NES Mega Man game 03/13/01 Vertabreaker
A Highly Great Mega Man Title 06/17/02 Warhawk
Fails To Meet Its Full Potential Due To Rushed Production 06/04/18 Weltall548
The pinnacle of the Mega Man series 05/22/01 Writer
A follow-up to the serie...... 07/16/01 Yakuza

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