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FAQ/Walkthrough by CMoriarty

Version: Final | Updated: 06/14/01

-Mega Man 3- (Nintendo Entertainment System version)
"The Complete Handbook to Mega Man 3"
By: Colin Moriarty
E-mail: cmoriarty311@cs.com | AOL IM: CMoriarty311
Version FINAL (released on June 14, 2001)

PLEASE NOTE: This document was created using Microsoft Word with a 7" width, and is 
best viewed using either your browser (preferably MSIE 5.0 or higher), and a screen 
setting of 800x600 pixels or more. If the guide seems jumbled up and not quite 
right looking, it's not the guide, but your screen and computer settings. If you do 
experience this problem, you probably have your screen settings on 640x480 pixels 
or less, which is rare but hey, it could be you. Sorry about whatever problems this 
may cause.

IGN.com is now allowed to host all of my FAQs. Although the disclaimer says only 
GameFAQs can use my FAQs, IGN.com is now a legal host of all of my work.

I.)	Introduction to "The Complete Handbook to Mega Man 3"
II.)	Versions
III.)	Various Notes, Controls, Et Cetera
IV.)	Storyline/Plot
V.)	Characters (non-Robot Master characters)
VI.)	Robot Masters (profiles, stats, etc.)
VII.)	*Walkthrough*
VIII.)  Ending
IX.)    Weapons / Rush Adapters
X.)	Items
XI.)	Damage Chart
XII.)	Password Compelation
XIII.)  Special Thanks, About the Author and Closing Notes
XIV.)	Disclaimer


Welcome to "The Complete Handbook to Mega Man 3" by Colin Moriarty. Within
you'll find the most information EVER on Mega Man 3 complied into one
walkthrough. Mega Man 3 is probably, no... it is... the longest NES Mega Man

There are eight main robot masters for you to initially defeat, and then the
eight from Mega Man 2 also come to challenge you, in four more stages (two
Robot Masters per stage)... THEN!... you must go to Dr. Wily's multiple stage
castle to finally beat the game. You'll find that this game is complex, and can
be extremly difficult. That's why within this guide, you'll find all of the
tools to make your gaming experience much simpler, and through that, much more
enjoyable as well.

Also new in this game, the slide is introduced. By pressing down and A on the
control pad, Mega Man will slide! You must use this to get under spikes etc.
around various parts of stages throughout the game, so be sure to be well
learned on how to do that. Also, Mega Man 3 introduces the famous character
"Rush" who is Mega Man's robotic dog and sidekick. He can be transformed into
many forms to aid Mega Man in his quest to get Dr. Wily. (you must obtain these
different adaptations through beating certain Robot Masters). So, if you're
ready (and I know I am), we'll get into the rest of the guide here. So get
ready for the most complex Mega Man game for the NES, and welcome to my guide!

This guide, as of June 14, 2001, was written over a year ago, but I felt
the need to make this the final version of the guide as I change a few things,
edit a few things, and whatnot. I'm busy writing new guides, and this guide has
been as complete as possible for over a year now, so I'm just going to close

You're still more than welcome to send your Mega Man related questions (or any
question you might have for any videogame I've written a guide for, for that
matter), to me via e-mail at cmoriarty311@cs.com, but no more suggestions
for the guide, and I reiterate - you CANNOT have this guide on your site (only
GameFAQs is authorized), so please don't ask. Onward.

[The HTML version of this walkthrough can no longer be found on protoman.com.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.]


*Version 1.0 (released January 21, 2000)
- Initial Release

*Version 1.5 - Second Release (February 24, 2001)
-Alright guys, this is it. I've edited a few things, changed my e-mail address
(it is now quickman311@neo-tokyo.org), updated a few things here and there, and
made it clear that this guide is to only be found on GameFAQs, and if it's
found anywhere else, let me know. If it's found on Gamewinners, let it go, I
gave Al permission to use it a long time ago, so I won't be mad at him for
that, that isn't his fault I suddenly changed my policy.

*Version FINAL - Third and FINAL Release (June 14, 2001)
- I took the liberty of adding an "ending" section to the guide, so that people, 
aware that it is a spoilers section, can read about the ending and see the closing 
credits as well, basically just for reference purposes. Also, I added the "main 
screen" information (the basic game copyright information) for reference as well, 
and it can be found below, right in Section III. Additionally, I added an "About 
The Author" segment to Section X, if you're so obliged to check it out, please be 
my guest.
- This guide is now considered "closed and final" which means that it will no
longer ever be updated. Your still welcome (and encouraged) to send questions
regarding this game (or any other game I've written a walkthrough for) my way
at cmoriarty311@cs.com, and if you want to chat about games, my AOL
screen name (instant messenger only) is CMoriarty311. I no longer use mIRC (at
EsperNet) or ICQ. Thanks for supporting the guide.


          Various Notes:

Well, welcome to my guide for Mega Man 3. This game is a classic game for the
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released in 1990 by Capcom. Mega Man 3 is
one of the first games on ANY platform to support a password function, and it
also had a difficulty setting, two pioneering elements of almost all videogames
today. It features intuitive design, a stage select screen (where you can
choose the order in which to beat the various stages of the game), and great
character and enemy design as well. This game is a great challenge, and I hope
my guide helps you in your quest to complete the game in its entirety, the
quest of gamers everywhere.


Here is where I give you the controls of the game. The Nintendo Entertainment
System's controller is really basic, so it's not to hard to learn the controls.
Never-the-less, below is a diagram of the Nintendo's controller, and then below
that are explanations for each button, and their use, if any, in the game.

                 |                               |
                 |   _               Nintendo    |
                 | _| |_                         |
                 ||_ o _| SELECT START           |
                 |  |_|    [ ]   [ ]     o    o  |
                 |                      o o  o o |

Pretty basic, I know. =) Anyway...

Directional Buttons - (located on the extreme left hand corner of the
controller; shaped like a plus sign.) Used to direct Mega Man in four different
directions. Used for walking and directing jumps, climbs, and in some
instances, the way a weapon is shot.

Select - (located to the right of the directional buttons, and to the left of
the start button.) No use in Mega Man 3.

Start - (located to the right of the Select button, and to the left of the A
and B button.) Used to make the menu appear on the screen so you can pick a
weapon and/or Rush item.

A Button - (located to the right of the Start button, and to the left of the B
button.) Primary use is to make Mega Man jump, although it can also be used to
pick items/weapons on the menu.

B Button - (located on the extreme right hand corner of the controller; to the
right of the A button.) Primarily used to make Mega Man shoot his currently
selected weapon, although it can also be used to pick items/weapons on the

          Et Cetera:

Nothing at this time. =P


Well, Mega Man 3's storyline is pretty much generic bases on the rest of the
NES Mega Man games.

Dr. Wily, famous arch-nemesis of Mega Man and Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light,
has returned for a third time, this time with stronger Robot Masters, a better
plan... and... Mega Man's brother!? Protoman, Mega Man's long lost brother is
now under the influence of Dr. Wily, and you'll end of fighting him at various
times throughout the game as well. And that's not all! Remember the eight Robot
Masters from Mega Man 2?... well they're back, and you have to fight them as
well. The longest and most complex NES Mega Man game is right before you; are
you ready for the challenge?

----> [What appears on the screen when you turn the game on]


                    >GAME START
                     PASS WORD

* SECTION V: Non-Robot Master Characters *

Name: Mega Man
Number: #001
Weapon: Mega Buster
Height: 4'4"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Mega Man is back for his third adventure, and this time, he's better equipped
for a much harder challenge. Can he beat the SIXTEEN Robot Masters that Dr.
Wily has sent after him this time, plus fight his own brother, and then conquer
Dr. Wily's castle too? Only time will tell us.

Name: Protoman
Number: #000
Weapon: Proto Buster
Height: 4'4"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Mega Man's long lost brother now under the influence and control of Dr. Wily,
you'll have to fight this guy several times throughout the game... but is he
truly good inside? Play the game and find out Protoman's true story!

Name: Dr. Wily
Number: None
Weapon: His Creations
Height: 4'7"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

The madman behind the madness, Dr. Wily is a pure nutjub. Ex-lab assistant of
Dr. Light's, Dr. Wily grew jealous of Dr. Light's success and initially stole
six of his robots and turned them evil to take over the world (Mega Man 1),
which failed. Then, (in Mega Man 2), he created eight stronger Robot Masters to
kill Mega Man and take over the world, and failed again! So now he's revived
the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 and created eight new Robot Masters, to
make SIXTEEN Robot Masters for Mega Man to kill. Good luck!

Name: Dr. Light
Number: None
Weapon: Mega Man
Height: 4'6"
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Mega Man's creator and ex-boss of Dr. Wily, Dr. Light is the genius behind the
scenes. He made modifacations on Mega Man for this quest and even created Mega
Man a new companion for his quest, the red dog Rush! Give this man thanks!

Name: Rush
Number: None
Weapon: Various Mechanisms used more as helping tools for Mega Man
Height: N/A
Strength: ???
Dexterity: ???
Intelligence: ???
Agility: ???
Stamina: ???
Difficulty: N/A
Overall: ???

Rush, Mega Man's dog-friend, is now available for you to use! Using his
different features obtained by defeating certain Robot Masters, you can aid
Mega Man from getting from ledge to ledge, from here to there. Don't neglect to
use this new tool, or you won't get far, especially in the Dark Master's stage
and Dr. Wily's castle itself.


(You'll notice that some of these are identical to the "Boss Stats"
found at protoman.com, and well... they are! But fear not, this is just
because I wrote those "Boss Stats" at protoman.com and they are my
property. So no, I am not plagiarizing in anyway, those are mine. And
you can view them in HTML along with pictures of the characters etc. at
www.protoman.com. Also, they are in no particular order... Mega Man comes
first, but afterwards, the eight robot masters are in order of the
suggested order to beat them in.)

|  How to read the Character Profiles...                                       
|                                                                             |
|  Name: The Robots' Name                                                     |
|  Number: His Number of Creation                                             |
|  Weapon: His Primary Weapon                                                 |
|  Height: The Robots' Height                                                 |
|  Strength: How Strong the Robot Is                                          |
|  Dexterity: How Well the Robot Uses His Weapon/Ability                      |
|  Intelligence: How Intelligent the Robot Is/How Smartly He Attacks          |
|  Agility: How Quick the Robot Is                                            |
|  Stamina: How Able-Bodied the Robot Is                                      |
|  Difficulty: How Difficult the Robot Is to Defeat In Battle                 |
|  Overall: Strength + Dexterity + Intelligence + Agility + Stamina +         |
|  Difficulty = The Total Number [divided by] 6                               |

|  Scoring:              |
|                        |
|  99-90 = Excellent     |
|  89-80 = Very Good     |
|  79-70 = Above Average |
|  69-60 = Average       |
|  59-50 = Below Average |
|  49-40 = Bad           |
|  39-30 = Very Bad      |
|  29-00 = Terrible      |

How I get these numbers that are on the Robot Master/Character profiles:

For the Robot Masters, mainly, there are some simple AND some complicated
calculations I perform to see how strong an enemy is. Because of the fact that
these are original, I would rather -not- share them with the public, because
they took me a long time to figure out and they are my own calculation methods.
If you're that interested in it, e-mail me. Just be aware that these are as
accurate as they get, 'kay? =)

(these are in the order that I suggest you initially defeat the Robot Masters)

Name: Magnet Man
Number: #018
Weapon: Magnet Missile
Height: 4'8"
Strength: 66
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 88
Agility: 78
Stamina: 81
Difficulty: 65
Overall: 76 (above average)

Magnet Man has battle tactics that are quite effective. His primary weapon, the
homing Magnet Missile, is good against any robotic enemy, including Mega Man.
He also has a magnetic pull infrastructure that pulls metal object towards him
when he goes into magnetic mode. You'll wanna short Magnet Man's circuits with
the Spark Shock.


Name: Hard Man
Number: #020
Weapon: Hard Knuckles
Height: 4'10"
Strength: 95
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 65
Agility: 41
Stamina: 82
Difficulty: 75
Overall: 73 (above average)

Hard Man is a huge Robot Master with a mission. Although he has a set and
predicatable battle pattern, he is still a formadable opponent. First, he
shoots out his weapon, the Hard Knuckles, which semi-home in on his enemy.
Then, he flies in the air, and comes crashing down to the ground head first.
His special headgear let him avoid any injury from this. His attacks are
devastating if he connects, so take him out with the Magnet Missiles you obtain
from Magnet Man.


Name: Top Man
Number: #021
Weapon: Top Spin
Height: 4'5"
Strength: 35
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 50
Agility: 71
Stamina: 63
Difficulty: 25
Overall: 54 (below average)

Top Man is one of the weaker Robot Masters in Wily's fleet, as his battle
pattern is both weak and predictable. His pattern is like this: First, he sends
up three Tops in the air, and they shoot down at you. Then he goes into a
spinning top mode and shoots across the room... and he just repeats this! The
Mega Buster works fine on Top Man, although the Hard Knuckles have been known
to work as well.


Name: Shadow Man
Number: #024
Weapon: Shadow Blade
Height: 4'6"
Strength: 85
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 91
Agility: 86
Stamina: 85
Difficulty: 95
Overall: 87 (very good)

Shadow Man is among the best Robot Masters that Dr. Wily has to offer. He has
speed, strength, and intelligence on his side. He has huge ninja stars called
Shadow Blades that he tosses at Mega Man two at a time, and even has the power
of sliding across his entire lair with ease! The Top Spin slows this speedy
Robot Master down, but if you don't have it, you're toast!


Name: Spark Man
Number: #023
Weapon: Spark Shot
Height: 4'8"
Strength: 68
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 61
Agility: 53
Stamina: 74
Difficulty: 60
Overall: 66 (average)

A lot of Robot Masters don't have hands, but how many have electrical
conductors instead of arm cannons? Spark Man does! With these conductors, Spark
Man touches the other conductor on his head and charges electrical power which
he fires at his enemy. Although he's slow and has a set pattern, Spark Man can
be a pain without the right weapon... which is the Shadow Blade.


Name: Snake Man
Number: #022
Weapon: Search Snake
Height: 4'6"
Strength: 73
Dexterity: 60
Intelligence: 59
Agility: 61
Stamina: 84
Difficulty: 75
Overall: 69 (average)

Snake Man is an under-rated part of Wily's team. He's not the sharpest tool in
the shed, but he is a tough opponent never-the-less. His Search Snakes are a
pain (although they can be shot and killed, and therefore, out of harms way),
but Snake Man also likes ramming into his enemies, causing them serious damage.
The Needle Cannon will end his reign of terror!


Name: Gemini Man
Number: #019
Weapon: Gemini Laser
Height: 4'5"
Strength: 73
Dexterity: 100
Intelligence: 90
Agility: 82
Stamina: 67
Difficulty: 70
Overall: 80 (very good)

Gemini Man is an interesting robot in the point that he has the power to split
into two separate "Gemini MEN" and run rampaging around his lair as two people.
He also has two separate fighting styles (which gives him 100 on dexterity), as
he is much more confident when his twin is around. When his twin isn't around,
he gets nervous and flees away from his enemy, shooting his Gemini Laser from
afar. Use Search Snakes to calm this menace!


Name: Needle Man
Number: #017
Weapon: Needle Cannon
Height: 4'7"
Strength: 85
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 84
Agility: 69
Stamina: 77
Difficulty: 84
Overall: 80 (very good)

Needle Man is looked at as a leader. His supereme strength and battle makes him
a virtue amongst the leauges of Robot Masters. Needle Man has no hands; he
instead has arm cannons built into both hand slots at his request, which allows
him to shoot twice as many Needle Cannon shots in battle. His head also springs
off at his enemy, the sharp needles on top of it piercing enemy skin and armor.
Use the Gemini Laser to calm him to his misery.


Here we are, to the main part of the guide. Here you will find a HUGE
walkthrough (the biggest one on the Internet) for Mega Man 3. You'll find that
it is unrivled by ANY other walkthrough! So enjoy. (don't feel obligated to
follow this walkthrough step-by-step. You can also use it for refrence etc.
Also, feel free to use your own order on the Robot Masters, although I find
mine is the system that works best.)

If you need the order in which to defeat the Robot Masters in, because you
don't need the complete walkthrough, here it is.

Magnet Man -> Use Mega Buster
Hard Man -> Use Magnet Missiles
Top Man-> Use Hard Knuckle or Mega Buster
Shadow Man -> Use Top Spin
Spark Man -> Use Shadow Blade
Snake Man -> Use Mega Buster
Gemini Man -> Use Search Snake
Needle Man -> Use Gemini Laser

When I show you passwords in the walkthrough, please be aware that there may be
a miscellaneous E-Tank or two (or three!) in there... it's just because I
it up and never mentioned it.

And now... the walkthrough!


Magnet Man's stage is actually quite simple and straight forward, but therea re
some tough spots. Be aware if you've only played previous Mega Man games that
this game is much harder then Mega Man 1 and especially harder then Mega Man 2,
so be weary.

As you begin the stage, go right. As you go right, you'll notice several
Magnets flying in the air that have a real magnetic pull on Mega Man. Shoot the
low-flying ones and ignore the rest of them. You can use them to your advantage
by letting them drag you over pits etc. but don't let them drop you into pits!
When you get all the way to the right, go down the ladder.

Ahhh, you're first encounter with Protoman! You'll hear that famous "whistle"
and then he'll come down to fight. Pummel him with the Mega Buster and try to
always stay behind him. When you hit him enough, he'll leave and the floor on
the left will blow up so you can continue down. Go down the hole. Shoot the
alrge reddish-pink robots that shoot heat-sinking missiles (and shoot the
missiles as well.) Go all the way to the right and down the ladder. Kill the
two walking-eye robots and climb up the stairs to the top lefthand corner of
the screen. Take the ladder all the way down. This part has more of the
walking-eye robots. Go right and kill the walking-eye robots before they get to
the ledge that you're standing on, because the large magnets on the walls pull
you towards their general direction, and you'll hit right into them if you
aren't careful. Do this to the first two walking-eye robots, and jump onto the
ledge they were on. Then do it to the next two and jump onto their ledge.
Continue to the right. Go down and go to the ladder. Instead of climbing down
the ladder, jump down the small ditch to the right of the ladder. Press the
control pad to the left as you fall and you'll land on a high ditch with four
small energy pellets on it! Gather them if you need them and take the ladder
down to the next area on your left.

Now we have to deal with the infamous appearing and disappearing blocks. Watch
how they appear and disappear, and figure out your strategy. It's hard to
explain here so I'll let you do it yourself. When you get past the first part,
you must do another one, but this time, a magnet is pulling you towards it as
you try to jump from block to block! Time your jumps and get your footing just
right so that the magnet has a non-pulling effect on you. The next block puzzle
goes half over a ditch, so this is extremly dangerous, but the block
appearing/disappearing is also extremly easy to guess and figure out. Go over
those blocks and to the final block puzzle of this level. Do that one (being
careful of the magnet pulling you into the ditch) and then go up the ladder on
your right.

As you climb the ladder you'll notice items you can't yet reach on your left.
Go all the way to the top of the ladder and kill the orangish robot that shoots
plasma shots in all directions. (don't get hit into the spikes by this guy!)
Now, instead of taking the ladder up, take the ladder down on the left and
gather whatever items you need. (you should only need the large white energy
pellet.) You may be asking yourself "How do I get under these small gaps?"
Well, slide my friend! Press A and down while facing the way you want to slide
and Mega Man will slide! When you get what you need, slide under the gap to
your right back onto the original ladder and go back up it. Kill that same
orange robot again and this time go up the ladder on your left. Kill another of
those pinkish-red robots that shoot the blue missiles and go into Magnet Man's

-Magnet Man Strategy-

Magnet Man isn't too hard to defeat. He'll jump three times (at varying
heights, the last jump is the highest jump). Then while in the air he'll freeze
there and shoot three Magnet Missiles that home in on you. Use the slide
technique to get out of his way. Then every once in a while, he'll stop and
he'll go into a magnet-mode, in which he pulls you towards him. Slide or run
away from him until he goes back into his regular mode. Keep shooting at him
whenever you can and avoid his arsenal or Magnet Missiles, and he'll eventually
be killed by your hands! You'll get his weapon, the Magnet Missile!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots
B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A                       |
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B                       |
|                        |
|C                  R    |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F                  R    |


As you start the level you'll notice that no enemies are yet around you. Go to
your right. You'll see a hugh bee holding a large honeycomb. When the bee drops
the honeycomb, five smaller bees come out and go after Mega Man (and they
follow you too) so kill them ALL and move on. As you go right more and more of
those bees come along and all you can really do is kill them best you can and
move on. Eventually (after killing three of the bees) you'll come across a few
green gadgets on the ground. When you walk on them, things come out of them an
hit Mega Man, so run across them, jump across them, or [preferably] slide
across them.

After you do that, slide between the two rock formations, and climb the ladder
on your right. Go across three more of those green things and then get the huge
white energy capsule. Go up the ladder on the top of the screen.

This next part can be tricky. Equip the Rush Coil and use it to jump onto the
ledge with that green robot throwing crap. Now you can't shoot him while he is
twirling his weapon, only when he throws it. You'll know when he is going to
throw is because if you watch his eyes, they light up red when he is about to
toss them. Jump over what he throws, quickly shoot him, and repeat until he's
dead. Then go all the way up the ladder to the next area. This next area has
two robotic monkey-things. Kill them best you can and if they go after you,
just run for life! Go up the ladder all the way to the right of the stage.

Halfway up the ladder there is another green robot. Stay on the ladder when you
shoot him (just below his line of fire) and shoot him so he can't hit you but
you can easily hit him. Get the energy pellet he is guarding and continue up
the ladder. This next part has another one of those stupid monkey-robots. Make
him jump down from the ceiling and lure him to where the ladder is. Try to make
him jump down it and you won't have to deal with him anymore! Go up the ladder
on the left side of the screen.

Jump down from the ladder platform and slide under the green entrusion. Go to
the rather large robot with the HardHat on top of it. Shoot the robot where the
HardHat is three times to kill it and move to your right. In the narrow path
there is another one of these robots. Quickly kill him before he gets too close
(there is no way to avoid him without fully retreating), and keep moving to
your right.

Now, when you get to a "fork-in-the-road" so to speak, take the top path and
get the E-Tank. Don't take the ladder right by the E-Tank, but go back down and
slide through the bottom path taking the longer ladder. Go up the ladder, and
at the top are some energy pellets and a HardHat for you to kill. Slide to the
ladder and take it up. Now, there are many a green thing here, so be very
careful as you walk across them. Jump, slide, run, do whatever; just don't get
hit! You'll also have to contend with more of the bees from the beginning of
the stage, so be careful. This part can be tricky, so do it right. When you get
all the way to the right and take the ladder down, you have to fight your
brother Protoman again. Use the same tactics you used when you fought him in
Magnet Man's stage (see Magnet Mans' stage strategy for details.) Shoot him and
stay behind him best you can. When you defeat him (no, you didn't KILL him!),
the middle of the floor will explode. Go down and get the large energy pellet
on your right. Then go left and down the ladder. Kill the large red robot (you
can hit him when he jumps right in the eyes!) and go into Hard Man's lair.
(equip the Magnet Missiles before entering)

-Hard Man Strategy-

Equip the Magnet Missiles and carefully fire them at Hard Man. He'll shoot Hard
Knuckles at you that are heat-sinking so they go right at Mega Man. Avoid them
if you can and fire at him. When he jumps up and over your head, slide out of
the way and then jump, because when he rams into the ground, the screen shakes
and being in the air helps you avoid a partial freeze which Hard Man uses to
his advantage. When you defeat him you get his useful weapon; the Hard

Password so far:

R = Red Dots
B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A                       |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B                       |
|                        |
|C              R        |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                      R|
|                        |
|F                  R    |


Top Man's stage isn't difficult at all. It's quite straight forward and you
don't even have to fight Protoman in here! Anyway, start going to your right.
Small blue things then start coming from opposite ends of the screen and they
join together to form one robot. Then, they start moving towards you. They are
cake to defeat and they only take one hit to take 'em out. You can't shoot them
when they are separate, only when they are joined together. Keep moving right.
After you kill three of them, you'll start running into small red hopping
robots that can be a pain in the butt to defeat. Shoot them when they are about
to jump, or you'll probably miss them. You can't shoot them when they're on the
ground (on the same platform as you are, anyway), only when they are in the
air. Anyway, keep on moving to your right. When you get to a platform, jump on
it, and then jump on top of the large box-structure to get the energy pellet if
you need it, and then jump down, and climb down the ladder.

Don't jump off the ladder, but hang on the very bottom of it, so you're barely
hanging on. Face to the left and fire at the guy on top of the platform that's
shooting tops. When he dies, climb up and go down the ladder. Here, there are
three small energy pellets and one large weapon-energy pellet. If you need the
weapon energy, slide under the obtrusion to get it. If you need the enery
pellets, equip the Rush Coil and use it to get up there. When you get
everything you need, go down the ladder on your right. As you fall down to the
next area, you'll be on a small platform. There's another one next to you, and
you're over spikes. Walk to the edge of the platform you're on and another one
of those small blue connecting robots appear. Wait for it to connect and shoot
at it. Then jump to the next platform, then to the ground, and climb down the
ladder on your left.

In this next area, what you want to do is run to your right, and kill one of
the large Metool piloted robots. Then, when you get to the gap where the first
platform and the second platform above you break apart, equip the Rush Coil and
get to the top platform. Kill the large robot up there and keep moving to your
right. Slide under the obstruction and get the extra life and the energy
pellet. Then slide under the next obstruction and go down the ladder. Here,
there are two Metools (HardHats). Kill them, and climb up to the ladder on the
left and go down it. This next area has a large robotic cat that shoots balls
of pink yarn and fleas at you. Jump the balls of yarn when you can and shoot
the fleas if they go after you, while putting constant fire on the robotic cat.
Kill him and proceed down the ladder he was protecting that is behind him. When
you come out of that area where the cat is, go left on the platform you landed
on, jump down, and go right. Kill the top-shooting robot and keep going right.
Here is another robotic cat. Use the same strategy as before, just avoid what
he shoots and keep shooting at him. It's actually easier this time around
because there is more space for you to manuever in, plus the balls of yarn that
he shoots at you don't linger in the space you're in... once you avoid them,
they'll exit from the left of the screen. When you kill him, go up the ladder
behind where the cat once was.

Here is another HardHat. Kill him, and jump from block to block to get over the
spikes on the floor, and go up the ladder to your left. (get the energy pellet
if you need it.) This next area is a little tricky. Slide under the platform to
get to your right, then jump on top of the platform you just slid under. Shoot
the tops that are coming from the Top-Shooter above. Get directly under the
Top-Shooter and equip the Magnet Missiles. Press up when you shoot and three
hits will take him out. Equip your Mega Buster once again and continue to your
right. Here, on the last leg of the stage, you have to jump from spinning top
to spinning top. When you do that, go to your right and enter Top Man's lair.

-Top Man Strategy-

Top Man is truly simple. He can be defeated with no problems using either the
Hard Knuckles or the regular old Mega Buster. He has a predictable pattern so
he should give you no trouble. First, he shoots three tops into the air, and
they linger for a minute, before shooting over to where you are. Time how long
they stay in the air, and when they are about to come down, slide out of the
way. Then, Top Man will spin like a top and can't be hurt by any weapons, and
spin across the room. Jump over him. Then, the process repeats! When you defeat
him you'll get his weapon that's useful but hard to use; the Top Spin.

Password so far:

R = Red Dots
B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A          R            |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B                       |                           -Top Spin
|                        |
|C              R        |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                      R|
|                        |
|F                  R    |


In the beginning of this stage, you are atop a platform, and you can drop down
either to your left or to your right. Drop down to either side. Here is a robot
that shoots plasma shots in all directions. Shoot him and then fall down the
ditch. Where you land, you'll be next to another ditch. Jump down it.

Immidiatly when you land in the next area, two of those annoying jumping robots
will come at you. Shoot at them and avoid them, and continue to your right.
Kill the HardHat Dozer and keep going right. Jump down the ditch all the way to
the right. When you land, you'll hear that infamous Protoman whistle. Get ready
to fight him. Use the same methods you used on him in your last two meetings.
(see Magnet Man's strategy for an in-depth strategy on killing Protoman.) When
he's had enough, he'll leave, and a hole will blow open in the floor. Go down
it. Go to your right and kill some eye robots. Jump and kill them. Eventually,
they'll be this contraption on the ceiling, which turns off the lights. And to
make things worse, these robots come at you that explode when you shoot them.
If you know the floor layout, you should have no problems. If you don't, this
could cause a problem. Try to watch where the robots land when they come after
you to get the jist of where the floors are and stuff. Try shooting them from
afar so you avoid the blast they make when they blow up. Keep going to to your
right. (if you can, shoot the ceiling contraptions so the lights turn back on.
Magnet Missiles work well for that).

When you finally get through that, jump down a ditch. Gather the small weapon-
energy bullets if you need them and jump down, heading to your right. Kill some
more of those annoying small robots as you continue rightward. Eventually,
you'll get to a lava pit with a bunch of platforms over it. You have to jump
from platform to platform, but robots come from the ceiling, hindering your
advance. What you want to do is before each platform, fake a jump to the next
one, so you trigger the robot awaiting you to come. Shoot him from the safety
of the farthest platform, and move on. Repeat this process until you get to the
end. Then, when you get to the end, quickly blast the small robot there, and
jump up, continuing to your right. Shoot or jump over the two robotic
dragonflies and enter Shadow Man's lair.

-Shadow Man Strategy-

Shadow Man is a pain unless you have Top Man's hard to use weapon, the Top
Spin. If you have it, equip it. Just jump on him and press B, and before you
know it, he's toast. The Top Spin loses weapon energy rapidly though, so be
careful not to miss too much. When he croaks, you get the Shadow Blade and the
Rush Marine. Go to Spark Man's stage.

Password so far:

R = Red Dots
B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A          R            |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B                       |                           -Top Spin
|                        |                           -Shadow Blade
|C              R        |                           -Rush Marine
|                        |
|D                      R|
|                        |
|E                      R|
|                        |
|F                  R    |


Spark Man's stage can be a bit tricky, but overall tisn't to hard. In the
beginning there are two platforms, two ladders, and an eye robot. Let the eye
robot fall to the ground that you're standing on and kill it. Then climb the
ladder, head to your left, and climb the ladder that you come to. Here there
are sets of electricity shooters that move around and randomly shoot
electricity from one end to the other. Time them and follow them, and try to
get around them without getting hit. Keep moving to you your right. Eventually,
you'll come across several hatches on the ceilings that shoot out these plug-
like robots. They shoot sparks and go randomly across the screen, but they only
take one hit with the Mega Buster before biting the dust, so kill them if you
can. Avoid the electricity shooters and continue going to your right, while
killing the plug robots as well. When you get all the way to the right end of
the screen, climb up the ladder that's there.

Kill the green robot atop the highest platform here, and go up the ladder on
your left. This part can be sorta-kinda tricky, so read and watch closely.
Those pink boxes with the arrows on them shoot you up to the spiked ceiling
when you jump on them, so you must jump quickly from box to box. If it seems
that you're too close to the ceiling to jump, simply fall down to the next box.
This first set are only four, so it may not be too hard. Go to your right and
jump over the ditch. Avoid the two electricity shooters as you jump over both
ditches and go up the ladder. Here, kill the HardHat Dozer and equip the Rush
Coil. Get the energy pellet and the weapon energy pellet. Then, go to your left
and up the ladder. Kill the four eye robots you come across as you go right,
and then jump down the ditch.

That ditch is about four screens long, but there are no spikes on the walls or
anything, so simply let Mega Man fall. When you land, go to your right. There
are a few block droppers here. When they drop the first block, quickly jump on
it, and slide across and off of it before the next one comes onto it. Repeat
the process until you get to the right of the screen, and then go down the
ladder there. Go to your left, and the slide to your right, getting the four
small weapon-energy pellets as you go. Here are more of those pink boxes.
Repeat the process before, and just be careful to not hit the ceiling. You'll
also have to contend with those robots from Top Man's stage. Kill them and
avoid them at all costs. (hell, let them hit you so you temporarily become
invisable. Also, if you feel the need to kill them, the Magnet Missiles and
Shadow Blades both work nicely for that, as they both can be shoot in many
directions, making it easier.) When you get through that, go right and enter
Spark Man's lair.

-Spark Man Strategy-

Spark Man is a piece of cake. Equip the Shadow Blades you obtained from Shadow
Man and keep firing at him. If you remember Flash Man from Mega Man 2, his
strategy is similar. He jumps around his awkward stage in predicatable patterns
and stops to use his weapon (which is the Spark Shock). Jump over his Spark
Shocks if you can and avoid him as he comes close to you and will jump on you
if you're not careful. When he is defeated you'll obtain the Spark Shock.

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A          R            |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B                       |                           -Top Spin
|                        |                           -Shadow Blade
|C              R        |                           -Spark Shock
|                        |                           -Rush Marine
|D                      R|
|                        |
|E                      R|
|                        |
|F              B   R    |


Snake Man's stage is pretty neat, and really fun, and not too difficult either.
Anyway, on to his stage's strategy. Head to your right. Kill the bouncing robot
and the snake head that shoots plasma shots at you. Keep jumping and running to
your right. Kill the next two snake heads you come to before the start shooting
at you, as well as any more bouncing robots that come your way. When you get
all the way to the right of the screen, climb up the ladder. Kill the next
three snake heads that are in this tightly packed screen, and climb up the
ladder they were guarding. This next part has a huge snake head that shoots
large red shots at Mega Man, many at a time. Fire at him steadily, and use his
moving snake parts to high jump to get more shots at his head. When he is
defeated, he'll blow up. Go to your right into the next area.

Here, there are two upside down snake heads. Kill them both, as well as the
small flying red robot. Go slightly to your right and kill another snake head
and another red flying robot. Climb the ladder up to get the two large energy
pellets, and then climb back down, go right, and down the ladder. Here, go
left, and then jump down to the next platform, going right. Here, there are
several of those floating red robots and some new robots that catapult over
your head and then run back towards you from behind. Quickly turn around and
shoot them or plan your jumps to jump over them. Also, avoid the red guys from
above, as they drop their heads at you and float away. When you defeat
everyone, go to your right and climb up the ladder. Kill the green robot here,
and climb up the next ladder. Here, you want to kill another green robot. Now,
there are two ladders you can go up, a left one and a right one. First, go up
the right one to the two mystery canasters. Shoot them to get what's inside,
and then climb back down the ladder. Because you left the screen, the green
robot comes back. Kill him again and this time, take the left ladder up. Climb
all the way up to another large snake head. Kill this one, and go to your

Here, there are two more of those catapulting robots. Repeat the process with
them as you did earlier, and continue going to your right. There is a really
tricky jump here, so I'd get a running start. When you're running, get as far
to the edge as you can and jump while holding your control pad to the right.
Hopefully you got to the other side. Now, continue right. Climb up the small
tower to get the energy pellet, and then climb or jump back down. Go right some
more. Climb up this long ladder. The ladder to your left has a robot crawling
on it. Kill it, and then jump on the ladder and climb up again. Here, you have
to jump over and to and from a series of green blocks and automated cloud
carriers. Do this, and avoid the clouds, and try not to shoot them, as there
are missiles underneath them, that, when shot at, come barraling full speed
across the screen. When you get all the way to the right, enter Snake Man's

-Snake Man Strategy-

Snake Man can be a little bit tedious to take on, but nevertheless, he's easier
to take on then other Robot Masters in this game. Anyway, he too has a weird
lair layout, with a lot of grooves and uneven platforms within. What you want
to do is keep a steady fire at him with the regular old Mega Buster while
avoiding his Search Snakes and... well... Snake Man himself! His body ramming
yours actually does more damage then his weapon, the Search Snakes, do. So
avoid him at all costs, and keep a steady stream of fire on him. Use an E-Tank
if necessary. When he's defeated, you'll get the Search Snakes.

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A          B            |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B                       |                           -Top Spin
|                        |                           -Shadow Blade
|C              R        |                           -Spark Shock
|                        |                           -Search Snake
|D                       |                           -Rush Marine
|                        |
|E                      R|
|                        |
|F              B   R    |


Gemini Man's stage is full of weird destroyable orbs that hold robotic
organisms within, and items as well. You must strategically destroy some orbs,
and leave others, in order to exit this stage alive.

[weird music] Go right. There are large floating eye robots that swoop down and
shoot three streams of fire that come out of the ground. Avoid them or kill
them as you go along to your right. You'll eventually come across some penguin
robots that shoot snowballs at you. Kill them too. KEEP GOING RIGHT! (are you
getting tired of me saying that? I, personally, am getting really tired of
saying that). There isn't much to say about this part of the stage, except for
it's long, and the same until you get to the next part of the screen. Just
avoid ditches, and kill the enemies; basic, really. When you get to the end of
this part, go over to your right. Protoman will appear and destroy the outside
hatch or Gemini Man's stage so you can get it. (how nice of him!) Jump into the
hole he creates. But, as you jump into the ditch, you wanna do one of two
things. If you want an extra life, jump in hugging the left wall, and press
your control pad to your left. If you need energy, jump in hugging the right
wall, and press rightward on your control pad. You'll see what I mean.

When you get whatever you need, go to your right. Shoot the orbs and the
organsims that come out of them, as you'll usually get some good items out of
them. If you want the mystery canaster, equip the Rush Coil to get up there.
Shoot all of the orbs you can; get all of the items you can, and go up the
ladder to your right. Here, shoot all of the orbs below the ladder, and then
climb up on the ladder, and shoot the rest from the bottom of the ladder up.
(remember to keep shooting the orbs even after they're gone... there are still
those robotic organsims that come out of them to contend with. Go up the
ladder. Here, you have to use the Rush Coil a few times to get up a kill all of
the orbs and what comes out of them. Destroy what you can, get the weapon
energy pellet on the platform to your left if you need it, and continue on to
your right.

Slide under the obtrusion, and fall down here. Go to your right and kill some
of the robotic fireflies as they come. Then, kill the large robotic penguin
that shoots out smaller penguins. (you have to hit him on the very top of his
head). Then, jump up to the next platform, and slide under another obtrustion.
Here, there is another firefly for you to kill, as well as another huge robotic
penguin. Kill them all and continue going to your right. All the way to the
right is a ditch. Jump down it. Here, there are no enemies. If you need the
energy pellet, equip the Rush Coil to jump up to the isolated platform which
holds it. When you're done here, go down the ditch on the left. Now, this part
of the stage is water oriented. Equip the Rush Marine and go across, collecting
the extra life as well as the E-Tank as you go. You'll also want to jump up
(wuth the Rush Marine equipped) onto a low platform before your energy runs
out, or you'll die. Then, jump from block to block heading right. Get the E-
Tank all the way at the end of this part, and right by it is a ladder. Go up
it. There is a large red robot here, guarding Gemini Man's lair. Stay on the
ladder and shoot at his eyes when he jumps. When he dies, go into Gemini Man's
lair with the Search Snake equipped.

-Gemini Man Strategy-

Gemini Man has the power to split into two identical forms of himself (hence
the word: Gemini). You have to take away half damage before he goes back to one
person. In the first stage, when there are two of them, they jump around the
screen in the same way each time and shoot the occassional plasma shot at you.
Fire Search Snakes at them, (either one) until one dies. Then there is only one
left, and he now uses his main weapon, the Gemini Laser. Keep firing Search
Snakes at him, and you may kill him before he even gets the chance to start
using his main weapon. You'll obtain the Gemini Laser when he dies. Go on to
the last stage... Needle Man!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A          B            |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B              R   B    |                           -Top Spin
|                        |                           -Shadow Blade
|C                       |                           -Spark Shock
|                        |                           -Search Snake
|D                       |                           -Gemini Laser
|                        |                           -Rush Marine
|E                       |
|                        |
|F              B   R    |


Ahhh, finally. The last of the eight Robot Masters' stage. Okay, here we go.

Okay, go to your right. Here is a robotic porcupine that shoots needles in
three directions. Keep contant fire on him at all times until he dies. If you
don't kill him soon enough, or if you get too close to him, he'll roll into a
ball and go after you, and you can hurt him when he's in this stage. When he's
dead, continue to your right. There are more of them as you go right, so just
keep killing them and keeping your distance, and you should be okay. When you
get past four of them, and you are all the way to the right, there is a ladder
here. Take it down to the next part of the stage.

Here, there are two different paths you can take. Take the top path to your
right, and kill the cannon you come across. (you can shoot these cannons when
they open up their hatches to shoot at you. They aren't all that hard to take
out.) More to your right and kill another of the cannons. Keep moving right.
Here, right after the previous cannon, is another one for you to kill. Kill him
and move right. Here, there is a HardHat on a small, box-like platform. Kill
him. As you keep going right, avoid the fireflies that swoop down on you. Keep
moving right, killing HardHats and fireflies as you go. When you get all the
way to the right of the screen, you'll get to a ladder. Go down it. Here, you
have to have supreme sliding skills. What you want to do is time the large
needles that come down from the ceiling and slide under them and avoid them
best you can when they go back up to the ceiling. Some are faster then others,
so you must stand next to them and figure out the timing of these needles.
Slide under the first one, go left, and down the ladder. Then head right. Slide
under the obtrusion and the needle right next to it. Then, slide under the two
needles that are together. When one goes up, one comes down, so time it!!!
Okay, this is probably the most difficult part of it all. There are three
needles, and one goes up, one after the other, so you have to walk, not slide,
through this part. Again, just take your time and time it. Then, go right, jump
from platform to platform (and be weary of the needle that comes down over one
lone platform) and go up the ladder all the way to the left.

Here, try killing or luring the robotic porcupine down into the ditch area (by
the ladder), so he won't bother you, as he can't get back up to the higher
area. Equip the Rush Coil, and jump to your right to get the E-Tank. Then, go
up the ladder on your left. Here, there are two of those green robots on two
separate platforms. To easily kill them, stay on the ladders that are near each
guy and shoot them in the feet. Just hang there so you can hit them, but their
weapons can't hit you! Climb up the next ladder. Here, in this stage's last
leg, kill the large jumping robot (shoot him in the eyes when he jumps) and
then enter Needle Man's lair.

-Needle Man Strategy-

Needle Man has a variety of weapons to use. His headpiece shoots off close
range to hit you for some damage, and his Needle Cannons on both of his arms
also can do some damage, plus he jumps a lot and is fast to boot! Equip the
Gemini Laser and try aiming right at him, as the laser is hard to aim with
unless you aim it right at him. Also, if you're especially good with the Gemini
Laser, aim it off walls so it deflects into him. The major disadvantage to
this, however, is that if you miss, you have to wait for the laser to finish
bouncing around the room before you can fire another one, which can take
several valuable seconds, so do your best to hit him each time. Stay as far
away as you can from him, and you should be okay. When you defeat him, you'll
get the Needle Cannon and the Rush Jet!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A          B            |                           -Hard Knuckles
|                        |                           -Magnet Missile
|B              R   B    |                           -Top Spin
|                        |                           -Shadow Blade
|C                       |                           -Spark Shock
|                        |                           -Search Snake
|D                       |                           -Gemini Laser
|                        |                           -Needle Cannon
|E                       |                           -Rush Marine
|                        |                           -Rush Jet
|F              B   R    |                           (I will now be referring
|________________________|                           to this set of weapons as
                                                     "EVERYTHING" because well,
                                                     this is every weapon/item)

The "Dark Masters' Levels"

Many people call the next four stages the "Dark Master Levels" which are four
levels that truly make this game unique compared to other NES Mega Man games.
You have to revisit revamped versions of four of the stages (Spark Man's stage,
Needle Man's stage, Gemini Man's stage, and Shadow Man's stage.) On each level,
there are two Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. (two for each level, therefore 4
levels x 2 Robot Masters each = 8 Robot Masters total!) If you don't recall the
Robot Masters from Mega Man 2, they are: Bubble Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Heat
Man, Wood Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, and Crash Man. And guess what, you fight
each one! So lets go on to the part of the walkthrough dedicated to these next
four levels!!!!

I recommend following this order, although it truly doesn't matter which one
you go to first, last, et cetera.


Robot Masters on this stage: Metal Man and Quick Man

Okay, you'll notice that there is no ladder going up to the upper platform as
you begin this stage. No problem! Simply let the eye robot fall to where you
are standing first, kill it, and then equip the Rush Coil and jump up to the
higher platform. Run to the left and climb up the ladder. Now, as you climb up
the ladder, you'll notice that a small robot is scaling it. Quickly equip the
Gemini Laser and just shoot it. It'll bounce from wall to wall and collide with
the robot, killing him. Continue climbing all the way up the ladder. Start
heading to your right when you get off of the ladder. If you need the energy
pellet on top of the hard to reach platform, go on top of the rolling gear,
equip the Rush Jet, and voila! Then head right, killing the plug robots as you
go. Jump from platform to rolling gear, and vise-versa. Make sure to know which
way the gears are rolling before you jump on them, or they can roll you into a
pit or into spikes and enemies. When you get all the way to the right, climb up
the ladder.

Here, there are three rolling gears. Quickly jump from one to the next until
you get to the last one. From the last one, jump to the ladder on the left. Go
up the ladder. On your right here is a large red robot that shoots blue homing
missiles at you (viva Magnet Man's stage). Shoot him quickly, as well as any
missiles he happens to get out, and head right some more. Slide under the large
obtrusion, and fight and kill another large red robot. Slide under the next
long obtrusion and enter the lair... Metal Man's lair.

-Metal Man II Strategy-

Metal Man is easy. Similar to Mega Man 2's version of Metal Man, he won't
attack unless you come near him or fire at him first. Then, he'll start
chucking a heavy barage of Metal Blades at you. Equip the Magnet Missiles and
fire them at him (they'll home in on him). He'll be toast in no time. When he's
dead, exit his lair from the right.

...back to the guide.

Okay... here we go. Part II of Spark Man II's stage! When you exit Metal Man's
lair, you'll want to get the large energy pellet that's right next to you.
Then, carefully slide under the small obtrusion and into the spiked pit. Stay
in the middle of the pit at all times, and pay close attention to the screen,
as the walls shift over twice, and if you're not careful with moving Mega Man
in the appropriate way, he'll run into a spike and die. When you land from the
pit, head to your right. Here you'll run into more of those blue robots from
both Top Man's stage and Spark Man's original stage. Wait until the connect and
start moving, then fire at them. Also be weary of new and improved versions of
the electricity shooters. They move faster and shoot in shorter bursts, but
there are more of them in a certain time span. Keep moving right, and kill the
blue robots as you go, and also be careful of the electricity shooters.

When you go all the way right and into a new area, you'll notice another
familiar sight. The block droppers, also from Spark Man's original stage. Do
the same thing with these ones as you did before with them. Wait for one to
drop, and then jump on it, and immidiatly slide off of it to your right before
the next block drops on top of you. (be careful not to slide into the holes!)
When you get through that, enter the next lair. Time for Quick Man!

-Quick Man II Strategy-

Quick Man is as quick and fearsome as he was in Mega Man 2. He jumps and runs
all over the place and shoots Quick Boomerangs at you. Slide under his jumps
bet you can and avoid his Quick Boomerangs as well. So what else do you do?
Equip the Gemini Laser and carefully aim at him. (similar to what you did with
Needle Man). You'll hit him only a few times, and then he's toast! Two down,
six to go!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A  R       B       R    |                            -EVERYTHING-
|                        |                     1 of 4 Dark Masters dead.
|B                  B    |
|                        |
|C          B            |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F              B        |


Robot Masters on this stage: Air Man and Crash Man

Cool! A nightime version of Needle Man's stage! Nifty! Anyway, right when you
begin, there will be a robotic porcupine to your left. Kill it. Keep moving to
your right. Here, perched atop a high platform is another porcupine for you to
kill. Kill it and keep moving right. And another after that! Eventually, you'll
take a platform over a spike lined floor; go over this platform, jump down, and
then take the ladder down to the next area. Go left on the high platform, jump
down, and then go right. Slide under the obtrusion and avoid the two needles,
and slide again under the smaller obtrusion. Here, it's a little difficult.
There are three needles here to avoid; two in the floor and one in the ceiling.
Two of these come together to form an unmoveable barrier when they are both up.
It's truly near-impossible to get through these, so just get it if you want a
go right, where you'll have to do the same thing, but with two needles this
time. Get through that, head right some more, slide under these needles, and
equip your Rush Coil. Now, if you want to time it, you can jump to the platform
on the left to get the energy pellet, and avoid the needle that's guarding it.
You'll have to be precision oriented with this though, so don't risk it unless
you really need the energy. When you're done here, equip the Rush Coil and jump
up to the ladder on your right.

Kill the large red robot that shoots blue missiles at you. Equip the Rush Coil
and jump up the ladder on the left. Now, do you see the extra life to your
right perched on a very unreachable platform??? Well, we're gonna get it! This
is how. Climb all the way up the ladder. There is an E-Tank on a platform to
your right here. Equip the Rush Jet and go over to the E-Tank and get it. Now,
jump off of the platform, hugging the right side of the screen. You'll land on
the platform under you and you'll get the extra life! Now, you'll have to kill
the red robot again, but isn't it worth it!? Anyway, climb back up the ladder
(using the Rush Coil), and then use it again to get to the ladder where the E-
Tank was. Climb up the ladder, kill the lone robotic porcupine and enter the
lair. Air Man time!

-Air Man II Strategy-

Air Man has a tough attack... he shoots a bunch of Air Tornados at you, which
block all shots unless you manage to manuever around them to get a clear shot.
Your best bet is to simply equip the Spark Shock, and try to get in the
miscellaneous shot at him. He only take approximately 7 shots from the Spark
Shock, so he shouldn't be too much trouble. If you need to use one, use an E-
Tank. It's worth it; you don't want to have to start from the beginning of the
level if you happen to die!!!!! When you kill him, exit the lair to yout right.

Okay... now...

...you're back outside. Kill the robots from Shadow Man's stage that come down
from the sky, as well as the firefly robot that comes at you. If you don't have
perfect weapon-energy for your Rush Jet, use the large weapon-energy
pelletright there on your Rush Jet. Equip it, and start going to your right on
it. As far as giving you tips for this part, I can only say a few things. First
of all, avoid the enemies (there are a lot of them here) as best you can, and
whenever you come across a weapon-energy pellet, GET IT! You'll need them. When
you get all the way to the left, don't bother unequpping the Rush Jet. Just
climb up the ladder. Here, take Rush Jet across the gap to the ladder on the
left, and go up the ladder.

Here, there will be one of those catapulting robots from Snake Man's board. If
you don't want to deal with him, the simple thing to do is to stand to the
right of the ladder and let him jump over you. When he comes back at you from
the left, he'll fall down the ladder-ditch! Head to your right. Here, there is
a giant HardHat robot that shoots large red things at you. The only place he
takes any damage is on the cross on his helmet. So concnetrate your attacks on
there. Then, head right again. At this part, there are several different
platforms, and HardHats that have helicopter attatchments! Be careful of them.
Let them shoot from the sky, then slide out of their way, and shoot them! Keep
moving right. Kill the next two cannons here, and go right into the next area.

Here, there is another giant HardHat robot. Make sure to kill him before he
starts shooting out little HardHats at you, and just shoot at the cross; same
as before. Then, go right. Kill the robotic porcupine here, and get the energy
pellet here. Then go right, and into the final Robot Master lair on this stage.

-Crash Man II Strategy-

Crash Man is as tricky and annoying as he was in Mega Man 2. Your best bet is
to equip the Hard Knuckles and hit the guy whenever he gets close. Only a few
hits with the Hard Knuckles will do him in. Just be careful for him not to hit
you with his lethal Crash Bombs, and of course, try to avoid running into him.
That's the end of that guy!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A  R       B            |                            -EVERYTHING-
|                        |                     2 of 4 Dark Masters dead.
|B      R           B    |
|                        |
|C          B            |
|                        |
|D                       |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F      R       B        |


Robot Masters on this stage: Flash Man and Bubble Man

As it was in your first visit to Gemini Man's stage, there is a rather long
beginning to the stage. The same fire shooters are here (except for they shoot
blue flames instead of orange flames) as well as small little robots that
aren't too hard. Just head right, killing the robots as you go. Be weary of all
the ditches (especially the part where there are several thin platforms that
you have to jump from). Make sure the fire shooters don't get their shots off,
or their attacks will knock you right into the ditch. Kill them before they get
to close. When you are on solid ground, slide under their attacks the best you
can. (I think those little robots' main purpose is to hinder you from sliding
under their attacks.) Anyway, when you're done with this part, the hole
Protoman made in the ground is still there, so go down it.

Hug the right wall as you jump down the hole, and then shoot the mystery
canaster to your left. If you want what's inside, equip the Rush Jet and get
it. Otherwise, move to your right. Shoot the flying red robots as they come
along, then shoot the orbs as well as the robotic organisms inside of them. Try
to not shoot the orbs over the spikes until you get to the right of them, and
then shoot them if you'd like. If you want the mystery canaster on the lone
platform above, use the Rush Coil or Rush Jet to get up there and get it. Then,
go right and down the ladder that's there. Here, you'll land on some (well... a
bunch) or orbs. Shoot them all if you can, to get items. When you're done
there, (I got 4 extra guys just from that area alone), equip the Rush Coil to
get over the obtrusion, and then shoot all of these orbs as well, for more
possible items. When you're done with that, simply slide under the flying red
robots' heads (literally) and go into this stage's first Robot Master lair.

-Flash Man II Strategy-

Flash Man was easy in Mega Man 2, but because he's within Dark Master's body
this time around, it makes him a but more formidable. He uses his Flash
Stopper/Arm Cannon combo, so he isn't do lethal. What makes him a possible pain
is the fact that he runs into you and takes away quite a bit of energy. What
you want to do is equip the Shadow Blades, and keep firing at him. He should
give you no problems if you use this simple, striaght forward method. After
he's defeated, exit his lair from the right.

Equip the Rush Coil and jump up to your right. Jump over the hole and continue
along. Be careful of those guys coming out of the holes in the ceiling... they
can come in droves if you aren't careful. Jump up and go right, into the new
area. Here, equip the Rush Marine. Now go right, and avoid the many, many
robots from all ends, especially the missiles that the underwater fish shoot up
at you. Get the weapon-energy pellets as you go (there are two of them) and
just keep going right. When you get to the right, equip the Mega Buster and
slide under the obtrusion.

Here, there is an enclosed area with three of those red robots. Allow them all
to drop their heads down, and slide away from them. Then kill the three flying
bodies that are left over, and go up the ladder on your left. Here, there are
vast setups of ladders and platforms, and on these ladders are those annoying
small robots that climb up and down them. In the first two setups, avoid the
ladders, and just jump across the hole, go right, and down the ladder. This
next part however, you have to be a little bit more careful on, because there
is a spike-lined floor here. Just get across it all and down the ladder anyway
you can, it's truly hard to explain a good method here. Go down the ladder, and
go right, entering the final Robot Master lair of this stage.

-Bubble Man II Strategy-

This version of Bubble Man is pretty much lacking any difficulty, similar to
that of Mega Man 2's version. He's just much faster, and sends out some more
weaponry then before. Avoid his harpoon shots and his bubbles, as well as any
bodily harm from hitting into him. Again, equip the Shadow Blades (if you have
any left) and start chucking them at him. If you don't have any Shadow Blades,
or if you run out, simply take him out with the Mega Buster. And don't be
afraid to use E-Tanks!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A  R       B            |                            -EVERYTHING-
|                        |                     3 of 4 Dark Masters dead.
|B      B           B    |
|                        |
|C                       |
|                        |
|D      R   B            |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F              B        |


Robot Masters on this stage: Wood Man and Heat Man

The final Dark Master stage... we're almost done here people!

Okay, same as with your first visit to Shadow Man's stage, you have to jump off
of the beginning first platform to your left or to your right. And as in your
first visit, it doesn't matter which way you go! Just jump down, and don't hit
into the spikes on the insides wall(s). Then, when you get down to the next
area, you'll want to jump down the thin ditch, being careful not to hit into
tbe spiked walls again. Jump down the final ditch on your left, avoiding the
spikes to your right. When you get into the next area, immidiatly press to your
right, so you avoid the two spikes on your extreme left. Kill the eye robot and
move to your right.

Jump over the ditch, kill the eye robot, climb up the ladder, and kill the next
eye robot as well. Then, go right. Go down this ladder, then move right
slightly, and then down the ladder all the way to the left into the next area.
Here there is another large red robot. Shoot him in his eyes when he jumps
towards you. He shouldn't take too many hits. Then go left, and down the hole.
Here, go right, and kill the eye robots as you go (there are quite a few of
them). Now, it'll turn dark (as the mechanisms on the ceiling are the same as
they were last time around... they make it all dark unless you kill them or get
out of their view). Also, there are these red platforms that, when jumped on,
open up, making you fall through. So what you want to do is jump rapidly from
platform to platform to get to solid ground. It's hard to explain exact
strategy for this part, so go ahead and do it. I can wait...

...done? Okay, good. =) Now, go right, and kill those green exploding robots.
Now, you'll have to do a much more complex version of what you just did...
to make matter worse, there is no ground underneath you if you fall! It'll take
several tries to do this, if you're new to this game, so just be patient. When
you're done, kill some more green and eye robots, and go down the ladder. Here,
there are two more eye robots for you to kill. After you kill them, enter the
stage's first Robot Master lair.

-Wood Man II Strategy-

Okay, he's kind of a pain! Not only is he much faster then his Mega Man 2
version, but because Dark Master is, in essence, taller then Wood Man, it makes
his body surrounding Leaf Shield impossible to jump over. Just equip the Needle
Cannon and peg him when he shoots his shield at you. You should be able to kill
him within two shield-throws, if you do it right. You probably won't have to;
but if you do, use an E-Tank. After you defeat him, exit the lair to your


...go to your right and get the energy pellet. Go right some more, and kill the
green robot. (slide under his attacks to avoid losing energy). As you go right,
you'll fight two more of these green robots, and simply use the same tactics on
all of them. Then, when you get past the last one, jump down and continue

Now, this is exactly like your first visit to Shadow Man's stage... just jump
from platform to platform over the lava pits, killing the jumpy red robots and
the flying black and blue robots from above. Just keep going right. (Question:
WHY did they line the ultra-high ceilings with spikes??? Useless, I say!"
Anyway... go to your right, kill the large red robot that shoots the homing
missiles, and enter the final lair of this stage.

-Heat Man II Strategy-

Heat Man II is actually the most similar out of any Mega Man 2 Robot Master to
his original counterpart. The speed and the attacks are consistant with that of
his Mega Man 2 version. Equip your Shadow Blades and have a picnic! Everytime
he gets hit, he blazes across the room. Just jump over him when he does this,
and avoid his fire shooter as well. He's dead? Goooooooood!

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A  B       B           R|                            -EVERYTHING-
|                        |                     4 of 4 Dark Masters dead.
|B      B           B    |
|                        |
|C                       |
|                        |
|D          B            |
|                        |
|E                       |
|                        |
|F              B        |


Okay, now you'll notice that in the stage select screen, Protoman's face is
there. (or as they call him in this game, Breakman). Select him, and it'll be a
normal fight, as always, with him. When he's had enough, he'll escape.
Automatically, you'll be teleported to Dr. Light's lab. He'll fill you in on
the story, and now... it's time... for Dr. Wily's castle! Mwa-ha ha ha!

(please keep in mind that this is the last password you'll be receiving for
this game... once you beat Protoman, you go to Dr. Wily's castle. And since you
can't start within the castle [you can only start at the beginning], this is
the last one. I made this password with nine E-Tanks included, so you should be
all set!)

Password so far:

R = Red Dots

B = Blue Dots
|   1   2   3   4   5   6|
|                        |                     Current Items/Weapons etc.
|A  B       B           R|                            -EVERYTHING-
|                        |                    Wily's Castle (last password)
|B      B           B    |
|                        |
|C                       |
|                        |
|D          B            |
|                        |
|E  R                    |
|                        |
|F              B        |


Finally, we're here! Okay, now please, I'm only gonna say this now, so you
know. As you go through the castle, you're bound to use your Robot Master
weapons and Rush adaptors more then ever. And because of this, they don't get
refilled back to normal as you go from stage to stage throuhgout Wily's Castle.
So, any weapon-energy pellet that you would earlier have over-looked you MUST
pick up now. It is vital. Especially the Rush Jet and Rush Coil... so...

As you begin, there is a large tower-like obstacle to your left, with an extra
life on the other side. What you want to do is equip the Rush Coil, and jump on
top of the tower, go down, get the extra life, and use the Rush Coil to get
back over. When you do this, continue to your right. Here, there are two Top
Shooting robots to block the way. Simply shoot them and any tops that manage to
come out of their stomachs. Then, continue right to the ladder. If you need the
E-Tank to the right, jump on top of the ladder, and then right to the E-Tank to
get it. (if you used my password above, which gave you nine E-Tanks, you
shouldn't need it.) Go down the ladder.

Now you are underwater. Don't bother equipping the Rush Marine, just use the
extra jump the water gives you to get over the spikes in the beginning. Kill
any water-penguin robots you come across. When you get to the large weapon-
energy pellet, use it to refill the Rush Coil's energy, and continue to your
right. At the end of this watery path, there will be an abundance of those
penguins, and they will knock you into the spikes if you're not careful. Lay
upon them some rapid fire. Then, jump out of the water (you WON'T need the Rush
Coil, just, again, use the water's extra jump) and go right, and up the ladder.
Here, there are two barriers with an extra life on the other end. You should go
get it, so equip the Hard Kunckles and use them to knock down the walls. Then
go, get the extra life, slide out of where it was, and go up the ladder on your
left. Here, in this next area, there are many an item. You really should
decipher what you need and don't need here. I'd suggest getting both energy
pellets and also, get the weapon-energy pellet for the Hard Knuckles... so...
in all, you'll shoot two of the three barriers. Only get the E-Tank if you need
it. (again, you won't if you used my password). To get up there, use the Rush
Jet, then knock down the barrier with a Hard Knuckle. Then, slide out, walk
out; whatever, and go up the long ladder. Here, there is one of those green
chucking robots. Shoot him, and then when he goes to throw at you, climb down
the ladder to get out of his way and then back up, and repeat. Jump on the
small platform, slide under the pipe to the next platform, and repeat again.
Then, go right.

Here, there are two more of those green robots to contend with. Now, there is
one elevated on an unreachable platform. Equip the Rush Jet. Fly in front of
him and shoot away at him until he dies. Unequip the Rush Jet, go right, and up
the ladder. Ahhh yes! No Mega Man game is complete without the
appearing/disappearing blocks in a Wily Castle. Here, you want to simply watch
the pattern of the blocks. (use the same strategy, basically, as you used in
Magnet Man's stage). There is no strategy here; just be patient and watchful.
When you get up the ladder, you'll be by a boss lair. But first, equip the Rush
Coil, and use one of the two weapon-energy pellets on the secluded platform to
refill the Rush Coil's energy, and the other to refill the Rush Jet's energy.
Then, enter the lair.


This is an odd boss to fight, but a formidable one nevertheless. What you want
to do is equip the Shadow Blade. Now, don't bother attacking the robot on the
stop; he's immune to your attacks. Instead, attack the robotic turtles that he
makes. As you go along, each one you attack and kill (it only takes one hit
with the Shadow Blade), it'll get faster. The robot will make the turtles
faster and the turtles will go faster. Stay away from the maker if you can and
chuck Shadow Blades at the turtles. Also, be careful of the small tornados that
are made on all sides of the small lair... they'll ram you right into the maker
if you're not careful.


As you begin this stage, you'll be caught in a ditch. Use the three red
platforms to get to the top (and remember that they collapse, you have to be
quick.) There are two ladders to take here... take the right one. Climb all the
way up it, then jump into the place between both ladders. Go on the collapsing
platform, and fall through it. (have the Shadow Blades equipped). Get the
energy pellets and use them to refill the Shadow Blade. Then slide out to the
left, and go up the next ladder. When you get to the top of the ladder, go
right, quickly jump on and then off of the collapsing platform to your right,
and get the extra life. Again, slide out to your right, climb the ladder, go
left, and up the next ladder.

Go right. Slide under the obtrusion and over the punching robots from Hard
Man's stage. These guys are all over this part of the stage, so be weary of
that. Now, equip the Rush Jet, and use it to go over all of these spikes. Avoid
the large bees that drop the smaller bees, and kill the small bees that persue
you. Here, you can pick up a lot of weapon-energy (which you should use to
refill the Rush Jet's energy) as well as two E-Tanks, if you need them. When
you get all the way to the right, unequip the Rush Jet, equip the Hard
Knuckles, and enter the lair.


Ahh, in his valiant return! It's the same as it is for all other Mega Man
versions of this guy. Avoid his "Body Particles" as he shoots across the room,
and when he forms, shoot his eye with the Hard Knuckles. Repeat. (some people
suggest using the Rush Jet to avoid his "Body Particles" but I don't recommend
it. It isn't necessary.


Here, you'll want to equip the Rush Coil to get up to the left of the shooting
orange robot. Kill it, and go up the right ladder. You'll want to equip the
Hard Knuckle and destory both barriers. Use those two weapon-energy pellets
that were behind the barriers to refill the Hard Knuckles, and if you have to,
the Rush Jet as well. Then, go up the ladder, slide to your right, and kill the
other orange robot. Just to the high ladder from the platform which the orange
robot sat atop.

When you come up the ladder, slide right to get the E-Tank. Then equip the Rush
Coil to get to the top of the platform, and go right. Here is a Shadow Man-like
stage part, where it turns all dark and stuff. I really can't explain what to
do here. Just kill the ceiling mechanisms when you can so that it turns the
lights back on. Also be weary of the green robots, you remember them, right?
They explode and whatnot when you kill them, so stay far away from them when
you kill them. When you go all the way right, you'll fall down a pit. Ignore
the green robot there, and go left, and down the next pit. Kill the large red
robot here. (shoot him in the eyes when he jumps) and then slide under the
large obtrusion to your right. Here there is another large red robot, and do
the same thing to him. Then go up the ladder.

Here you'll have to jump from moving platform to moving platform to get to the
top and up the ladder. Just be careful to not get rammed into or hit any
spikes; they'll kill you automatically. Do this for two parts, and then you'll
be by another lair. But first, use the Rush Coil to get to the platform with
the two mystery canasters on the top right of the screen. Before you use your
Hard Knuckle to knock down the barrier, shoot the canasters first to see if
they're worthwhile to retrieve. If they are, then knock down the barrier. When
you're done, enter the lair.


This is sorta-kinda a remake of Mega Man 1's Mega Man clone... but much easier.
Here there are three teleport hatches, and you must decipher which of the three
Mega "Men" are real, and shoot at them. The two that are fake still shoot at
you and take away energy, but your body and your shots can go right through
them. That's how you know if they're the real one or one of the fake ones.


Okay, you're almost there! As you start the stage, there are many a weapon-
energy pellet right by you. Use what you need so that all of your weapons are
full, and then go down. Kill the rock thrower here (kind of like a weird Guts
Man), and then go down again. Just keep taking the ladders down, and gather
items and stuff, and kill the rock throwers. Then enter the lair, go into the
teleport hatch, and... it's Robot Master time, once again!

Here is the hatch layout. Keep in mind that all Robot Masters can be affected
by their own weapon, and each weapon kills each Robot Master in 7 hits. Next to
each name is the suggested weapon to use on that particular Robot Master. For
more weapons to use, see the Damage Chart section.

 ----------                                          ----------
|          |                                        |          |
|  NEEDLE  |                                        |  SNAKE   |
|    MAN   |                                        |    MAN   |
|          |                                        |          |
|  Use:    |                                        |  Use:    |
| GEMINI   |                                        | NEEDLE   |
|    LASER |                                        |   CANNON |
 ----------                                          ----------

 ----------                                          ----------
|          |             ROBOT MASTERS              |          |
|  MAGNET  |                CHART...                  |  SPARK   |
|   MAN    |            TELEPORT SYSTEM             |    MAN   |
|          |                                        |          |
|  Use:    |                                        |  Use:    |
|   SPARK  |                                        | SHADOW   |
|   SHOCK  |                                        |   BLADES |
 ----------                                          ----------

 ----------         ----------   ----------          ----------
|          |       |          | |          |        |          |
|  GEMINI  |       |   HARD   | |    TOP   |        |  SHADOW  |
|    MAN   |       |    MAN   | |    MAN   |        |    MAN   |
|          |       |          | |          |        |          |
|  Use:    |       |  Use:    | |  Use:    |        |  Use:    |
| SEARCH   |       | MAGNET   | |  MEGA    |        |  TOP     |
|   SNAKES |       | MISSILES | |  BUSTER* |        |   SPIN   |
 ----------         ----------   ----------          ----------

* - Mega Buster is Mega Man's default weapon.

When you get all through that, enter the lair looking thing. Refill your
weapons with the small but many weapon-energy pellets there, and enter the next


The last leg! There are a lot of items around here, and refill your weapons.
Make sure, primarily, that both of your Rush adaptors are full, and also, the
three weapons to make sure that are full first are the Shadow Blade, Spark
Shock, and Hard Knuckles.


There are two pats to this mega-boss! First, there is a cannon on the lower
portion of Dr. Wily's vehicle. Equip the Spark Shock and take it out. (it only
takes four hits before exploding). Then the hatch opens and Dr. Wily is
revealed. Equip the Rush Jet and shoot the hatch until he explodes, while
avoiding the plasma shots from his vehicle. When it explodes, Dr. Wily flies
out of the machine, and is revealed to be just a dummy. (literally)... one more


Collect all the items here, and enter the lair. Make sure to have the Shadow
Blades and the Top Spin both at full energy before entering.


There are two parts to this final boss as well. First, stand under Gamma's
head. Equip the Shadow Blades and chuck them while holding up into his head.
When half of Wily's energy meter is gone, you then want to either use the Rush
Coil or let the arm thing from the side come out so you can get to the top most
platform on the right. Now, equip the Top Spin, and jump into Wily's cockpit.
One solid hit should do him in! Congratulations!!!! You've beaten Mega Man 3!
Enjoy the ending... Protoman and all!




After defeating the final boss in the game, Gamma, Dr. Wily, as usual, jumps from 
his machine and begs Mega Man for mercy. The explosions violently destroy the lab 
that the two are in from the destructing Gamma, and blocks start falling from the 
ceiling. One lands on Wily, and as one is about to land on Mega Man, a shadowy 
figure [Protoman] comes from the sky and rescues him in the nick of time.

Protoman brings Mega Man to Dr. Light's lab and some text ensues, about how Light 
created Protoman, Roll, you [Mega Man] and six other robot masters (from the 
original Mega Man: Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, and Elec Man), 
as seen in his lab notebook. Then the credits ensue, you see the eight robot 
masters from the game once again, and who designed them, et cetera. That's about 



Needle Cannon - Obtained from defeating Needle Man. A Mega Buster-type weapon
that shoots out barrages of deadly needles at the enemy. Very effective on
Snake Man.

Magnet Missile - Obtained from defeating Magnet Man. A homing weapon that
persues it's target if shot in the target's direction. Very effective on Hard

Gemini Laser - Obtained from defeating Gemini Man. A hard-to-use weapon. A
laser is shot from Mega Man's cannon, at which point the Gemini Laser bounces
on walls until it hits a solid object. (Robot, Robot Master, etc.) Very
effective on Needle Man.

Hard Knuckle - Obtained from defeating Hard Man. A robotic fist, this weapon is
like a large boxing glove. Primarily used to knock down barriers, similar to
Crash Man's Crash Bombs in Mega Man 2. Very effective on Top Man.

Top Spin - Obtained from defeating Top Man. Another hard to use, and even hard
to understand weapon. The first weapon that doesn't shoot some sot of
projectile, or use a time stopper, this weapon is more of a specialty item. Run
into an enemy with it equipped and press B. Your body becomes a lethal spinning
top! Extremly useful on Shadow Man.

Shadow Blade - Obtained from defeating Shadow Man. A weapon similar to that of
the Metal Blade (from Mega Man 2), the Shadow Blade can be shot in all
directions, and is very useful for comabting hard to reach enemies. Extremly
useful on Spark Man.

Spark Shock - Obtained from defeating Spark Man. An electrical weapon, the
Spark Shock is a basic weapon. Extremely useful on Magnet Man.

Search Snake - Obtained from defeating Snake Man. The Search Snake is simply a
small snake that comes out of Mega Man's arm cannon and goes after the enemy.
Extremly useful on Gemini Man.

            Rush Adaptors

Rush Coil - Mega Man's default Rush Adaptor. Use the Rush Coil to "superjump"
to high, hard to reach places.

Rush Marine - Mega Man obtains this Rush Adaptop when he defeats Shadow Man.
Use the Rush Marine to navigate water areas with ease!

Rush Jet - Mega Man obtains this Rush Adaptor when he defeats Needle Man. Use
the Rush Jet to navigate the skies with ease!


- Energy Pellet (white): Restores energy to Mega Man's health meter.
Big ones restore a lot of energy, little ones restore a little bit of
- Energy Pellet (blue): Restores energy to Mega Man's weapons. Big ones
restore a lot of energy, little ones restore a little bit of energy.
- E-Tank: You can carry as many as nine of these in your inventory. These blue
paintcan-looking items can be stored and used to re-fill your energy meter to
maximum at any time during the game. Especially useful in Dr. Wily's various
- Extra Life- Shaped like Mega Man's head. Pick it up to receive and extra
- Mystery Canaster - E-Tank like items that have large black question marks on
them. Shoot the canaster to see what's inside!


Please note that all numbers are approximate, although I'm positive most, if
not all, numbers are right in this chart.

Before we go onto the damage charts, there are two things I must explain. First
of all, I'll explain how I got these figures, and then I'll explain how to read
the chart.

How these figures were obtained:

These numbers and whatnot on the chart were obtained via careful calculation. I
simply fought every Robot Master with every weapon, including him own. I then
saw how many hits with each weapon it took to kill that Robot Master, and put
the figures on the chart. A -- symbolizes that the Robot Master is immune to
that weapon and that it doesn't effect him in any way.

To read the chart:

Simply line up the name of the robot master on the left side with the robot
master weapon you want to beat him with on the top. There is a key below to
read the symbols.

(An HTML version of this Damage Chart can be found on protoman.com.)

Key to the Charts:

MM - Mega Man
NM - Needle Man
MM²- Magnet Man
GM - Gemini Man
HM - Hard Man
TM - Top Man
SM - Shadow Man
SM²- Spark Man
SM3- Snake Man

Robot Master  MM  NM  MM² GM  HM  TM  SM  SM² SM3
Needle Man    28  07  28  03  --  28  14  --  28
Magnet Man    14  28  07  07  14  28  28  04  --
Gemini Man    28  28  14  07  14  --  14  28  07
Hard Man      28  --  07  28  07  --  --  --  --
Top Man       14  14  28  --  03  07  28  28  28
Shadow Man    28  28  28  28  14  07  07  28  28
Spark Man     28  14  --  28  14  --  07  07  --
Snake Man     28  07  --  --  14  --  14  28  07


You want to make up your own password eh? Okay! Here is a guide on the password
system of Mega Man 3. It isn't hard to do, so read on!

To bypass stage, input the dot on the password screen. For E-Tanks, you can
only have one dot for them... you can't have a dot for nine E-Tanks and a dot
for eight E-Tanks. To get past the first eight guys, input all of the blue codes
for them, not the red codes. To bypass the Dark Master stages, input the two
blue codes in addition.

Needle Man ? D3 Red
Magnet Man ? F5 Red
Gemini Man ? B5 Red
Hard Man ? C4 Red
Top Man ? A3 Red
Shadow Man ? D6 Red
Spark Man ? F4 Red
Snake Man ? F6 Red

Spark Man & Shadow Man ? F4 Blue
Magnet Man & Needle Man ? D3 Blue
Top Man & Snake Man ? A3 Blue
Hard Man & Gemini Man ? B5 Blue

Gemini Man Dark Master ? B6 Red
Spark Man Dark Master ? A1 Red
Shadow Man Dark Master ? A4 Red
Needle Man Dark Master ? B2 Red

Needle Man Dark Master & Gemini Man Dark Master ? B2 Blue
Spark Man Dark Master & Shadow Man Dark Master ? A1 Blue

Protoman/Breakman ? E1 Red

No E-Tank(s) ? C5 (red or blue)
One E-Tank(s) ? E6 (red or blue)
Two E-Tank(s) ? E4 (red or blue)
Three E-Tank(s) ? B4 (red or blue)
Four E-Tank(s) ? A5 (red or blue)
Five E-Tank(s) ? C1 (red or blue)
Six E-Tank(s) ? D2 (red or blue)
Seven E-Tank(s) ? C3(red or blue)
Eight E-Tank(s) ? F2 (red or blue)
Nine E-Tank(s) ? A6 (red or blue)


---Special Thanks goes out to:---

*My family (Mom, Dad, Dagan, Dana, and Ali)

*My peeps (Mike, Cody, Corey, Jason, Kevin, and the rest)

*My Favorite Band (311) for keeping me company with background music while playing 
through this and basically all videogames.

*Capcom (for making such a great game and such a great series)

*Nintendo (for making the NES way back in '85, my favorite system to this day, even 
if I DO have like ten other systems, nextgen and all. You don't get better than the 

---About the Author--- [as of June 14, 2001]

Well... as of the time I'm writing this, I'm about to finish up the 11th grade. I 
live on Long Island, in New York, about half an hour from New York City. I play ice 
hockey, I work at a deli, and I love videogames, especially RPGs. My favorite 
series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series (excluding VIII), the Dragon 
Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the Tales series. I aspire to go to 
Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to study History and Archaeology.

---Closing Notes---

Thanks for reading the guide, and again, any questions, comments, suggestions, or 
ideas can and should be sent to me, Colin Moriarty, at cmoriarty311@cs.com. Please, 
constructive criticism only, whether it be positive or negative. I don't care which 
it is, but please, be polite and above all, constructive.

Thanks for reading.


This walkthrough is copyright (c) Colin Moriarty and should only be found on
GameFAQs at www.gamefaqs.com. CJayC, the owner of GameFAQs, is the ONLY person
permitted to have this on his webpage. Please don't e-mail me, asking to have
this on your webpage, I'm just going to say "no" and I hope you understand that
the reasons for this are too many to be named here. If you found and are
reading this guide on any other site but GameFAQs, please contact me at
cmoriarty311@cs.com immediately. Thank you.

(c) 2000-2001 by Colin Moriarty (cmoriarty311@cs.com) All Rights


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