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Password FAQ by Strider VM

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 12/06/99

Megaman/Rockman 3 Password FAQ by Strider VM (vm@msc.net.ph)
Version 0.9

Another FAQ for Megaman/Rockman 3, this one explains the password system
in this game.

In all of the Megaman games, this is the only one that has a logic in
it's password system, with proper knowledge, you can guess the passwords
that will give you the results you wanted, so let's get started, shall

And. oh yeah, I'm really bad at explaining things, so if you can't
understand the procedures, contact me. :)

Besides, the system is better understood if taught by a friend (Plus a
computer) than reading any procedures.

Password Understanding 101 :

On the password screen, you will see numbers 1 to 6 on the upper part and
letters A to F on the left part of the screen, to know where to put
the red or blue "balls" , put the balls by matching the numbers,
letter and color.

Example : C5r

In this example, "C" is the letter, "5" is the number, and "r" is the color.
so the vertical location is 5, and horizontal location is C and
the color of the "ball" to put is red.

Extra note : If the code doesn't have any "color" , it means
             any color can be used.

So, suppose you want the code that makes Hard Man, Top Man and Snake Man
defeated and having 8 Energy Reserve Tanks :

F2 A3b C4
F2 makes Megaman have 8 Energy Reserves.
A3b makes Topman and Snakeman Defeated.
and C4 makes Hardman defeated.

I. Energy Reserves

C5 = Start with 0 Energy Reserves
E6 = Start with 1 Energy Reserves
E4 = Start with 2 Energy Reserves
B4 = Start with 3 Energy Reserves
A5 = Start with 4 Energy Reserves
C1 = Start with 5 Energy Reserves
D2 = Start with 6 Energy Reserves
C3 = Start with 7 Energy Reserves
F2 = Start with 8 Energy Reserves
A6 = Start with 9 Energy Reserves
II. Robot Masters

Single Bosses codes

A3r = Topman defeated
B5r = Geminiman defeated
D3r = Needleman defeated
F4r = Sparkman defeated

D6  = Shadowman defeated
F6  = Snakeman defeated
C4  = Hardman defeated
F5  = Magnetman defeated

Note  : Before you e-mail me asking why certain combination of
        codes does not work, look first in the double bosses

Double Bosses codes

A3b = Topman/Snakeman defeated
B5b = Hardman/Geminiman defeated
D3b = Magnetman/Needleman defeated
F4b = Sparkman/Shadowman defeated

Note :

Another Note : There is a limit of 1 single bosses code if there are any
               double bosses code, so to have 5 bosses defeated, use
               two double bosses codes and one single boss code.

III. Returning Robot Masters to Dr. Wily's Lab :

Use this code then add the ones below then add
one Energy Reserve code to get the whole password : A3b B5b D3b F4b
(The code above is actually the combination of all four double
 bosses defeat codes found above.)

B6  =  Gemini Man's stage beaten (Flashman / Bubbleman)
A1r =  Spark Man's stage beaten (Metalman / Quickman)
A4  =  Shadow Man's stage beaten (Woodman / Heatman)
B2r =  Needle Man's stage beaten (Airman / Clashman)

B2b = Needleman / Geminiman's stages beaten 
A1b = Sparkman / Shadowman's stages beaten

A1b + B2b        = Battle with Break Man
A1b + B2b + E1b  = Dr. Wilys Base

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