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Speed Run Guide by ZeoGU

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/11/10


  __  __  _____  ____       _      
 |  \/  || ___ |/ ___|     /_\    
 | |\/| ||  _|  | |  __   //_\\  
 | |  | || |___ | |_|  | / ___ \   
 |_|  |_||_____| \____| /_/   \_\  

                      __  __     _     _   _     
                     |  \/  |   /-\   | \ | |    
                     | |\/| |  //_\\  |  \| |  
                     | |  | | / ___ \ | |\  |  
                     |_|  |_|/_/   \_\|_| \_|    
     ____  ____   _____  _____  ____    
   / __ | |  _ \ | ___ || ___ ||  _ \   
  \___ \ | |_) ||  _|  |  _|  | | | |  
  ___) ||  __/ | |___ | |___ | |_| |
|____/ |_|    |_____||_____||____/  

Presented by Daryl "Zeo" Kiddey, Co-founder of GU(I'll have it back you
cowardly traitors) and Co-founder of ICGF.  
http://thegamignuniverse.nfshost.com (I'll still have the other one back JIM!)

Fastest time though 41:30
World record verified time 41:38

If anyone needs something fleshed out tell me where the problem is, and I'll
 update.  I'm mainly hitting the  high points here.  
Format sucks deal. might clean it up later.

fast: Pm me on twingaalxies's forums.  Also ICGF, somewhat slower.
fast: ZeoGU AIM
slow: ZeoGU OR ZeoAGN@aol.com e-mail.  ZeoGu isn't checked as often.

As of july 08-Jan10(notice FAQ date), I am the current speed run holder 
Twin Galaxies, and the 2009/2010 Guiness book of world records 
speed runner of this game.  If you don't like that, submit a TG legal run 
**** it!
Place markers

<N> Needle man
<S> Spark man
<M> Magnet man
<H> Hard man
<T> Top man
<Sh> Shadow man
<Sn> Snake man
<G> Gemini man
<QM> Quick/Metal man
<AC>Air/Crash man
<WH> Wood/Heat man
<FB> Flash/bubble man
<B> Blues/Breakman/Protoman/Awesomeman/insertyourfanboynamesinhere
<W1> Wiley 1
<W2> Wiley 2
<W3> Wiley 3
<W4> Wiley 4
<W5> Wiley 5

Time checks removed due to new faster route not yet optimized, first 2 provided.

<G> Gemini man

you need this weapons to avoid wasting a minute + on needle man.

The top part of gemini land you're going to need to either Jet over it, 
OR figure out you own pattern. 

Inside though, needle cannon, and make as small and straight a shot 
thought the eggs as possible, and slide through. Once you get up the
ladder switch to rush.  Slide through the penguin 
units, hoping you hit chicks along the way.

.  When you get to the first etank, optionally for the loss of a second
use coil as you fall, you'll grab the tank and be back 
up so fast it barely even affects your times, keep going get optionally get
the second tank for a 2 second price.  Take the hit from helmet 
head if you can't slide jump over him(and use an etank if you do that). 

Gemini man: Pattern 1: shoots when you shoot, stand in the middle,and 
fire at one of the clones while the other is in the air. Jump over the 
pellet, repeat.

Pattern 2: after defeating the clone, when you shoot he jumps. Stick to 
his back, just like Protoman only slower.  When he turns around,shoot, 
wait, slide under(if you don't wait half a sec, you'll slide into him. 
Also if he's about to fire, he wont jump, try to not to give him time to 
trap you like that.

Ideal time 2:43-2:47

<N> Needle man

Hard start, but worth it for three reasons:

A. Rush jet  FIRST
B. Rush jet LEGALLY
C. Needle Cannon
D. E-tank (optional, suggest skipping)

Problem 1: Porcupine bots

Okay FIRST thing you need to learn is to maximize the efficiency between
movement and shooting, these guy take 6 hits and it IS possible to not 
take a hit, and NOT stop. if you're really in the 
mood to risk failure, hit the last one and slide through him and let him 
knock you off the ladder. This CAN be faster, but rarely is timed properly.

Problem 2: Metools/mettaurs on the platform.

Time your pellets to hit them as you falling, slide under and quickly jump 
back and froward over the platforms, 
this is faster then STOPPNG, waiting for the pellet to hit, then jumping on 
the platform.

problem 3, that pesky mesquito:

If you can't beat it, exploit it, let it knock you off the ladder fastest 
way to get down there.

Problem 4, needles:

*shakes head*  take the time waste and get though here without taking any 
hits, there is ALMOST NO WAY to go faster though here, becuase getting hit 
breaks the pattern on the needles, then you lose any time you gained by 
doing so. 

Although if you can calculate the changed patterns out, and do it in a 
faster way, more power to you, but i don't think its worth the effort.

Problem 5: badly placed porcupine bot

Practice, time it right walk up and pump him full of plasma, slide->jump to 

Switch to gemini and learn how to time the green guys

Problem 6 helmet head

walk up to him, let him jump over you, slide under.  It is faster if you're
 good enough to let him hit you, but it takes perfect execution, and 
usually you'll lose a second instead of gaining it.

Needle man is a cinch, find out how to jump between his needles, and punish 
him for throwing his head at you, and you're done in as little as 4:15, no 
more then4:30(Start over if higher). 

Try to finish him off in the middle of the screen, saves time off of Megaman 
walking to the middle.

<T> Top 

slide and shoot. Switch  to Gemini when you reach the the ladder and  down 
and nail the the top spinner wth GL and then get the big energy.
Slide past the mechacannons, it will work even if it looks like suicide. 
When you get to the ladder for the first cat, blast 

blast the top dispenser and blast the second cat.

Blast the metool/mettuar, get the life if you need it, then blast the top 
dispenser,and switch to needle. Jump the tops.
Blast topman with needle as quickly as possible. should only take the 
two stops if you hit him enough before he spins the first time. 

<Sh> Shadow man
1. Switch to Gemeni Needle to fall off the ladder 
@do the Protoman thing.  The idea with Protoman is to pump him full of
 needles as he comes to you, slide under him, and stick to his
 back like glue, until he dies.
3. slide run jump slide
4. Once you get PAST the darkinators, switch to magnet and blast the 
hoppers and the parachuters.

Shadow man:  top twist

<S> Spark man

Key travel point, this is where you "Lose" most of your time over casual 

Number 1: RIGHT up front, slide jump over that first electro barrier.  With 
enough practice, you can do it.  

Number 2: switch to shadow ASAP. You will not need the submenu again this 

Number 3. when you get off the first of the floating platforms, slide 
immediately then book through the electro barriers, do it right no hits.

Number 4. the hard part, when the second floating platforms come up, jump
 on the first one then do a short hop(tap a quickly)jump to the next one,
 then slide onto the next ones, ect, no need to jump anymore.  
Gotta get the timing down though, that first one is a dusey.

Sparkman:.  Try to get him to stop NOT on top of you, and pump him full of 

<M> Magnet man

pretty simple, slide though the magnets are using the magnets to get over 
cracks, this takes practice to get the optimun route. 

Switch to Needle to fall off the ladder and do the Protoman thing.  The idea 
with Protoman is to pump him full of needles as he comes to you, slide under 
him, and stick to his back like glue, until he dies. Stay on needle till you 
get the energy capsules, then use the switch to rush jet to fall off the 
ladder.  Jet past the magnets and the blocks, switch to spark.

Run through the areacannon, and then jump on to the ladder while flashing so 
you don't take the stray bullet.  use a missile to 
go though the Jack-o-Launcher.  

Magnet man takes 4 hits with spark OR shadow, you should be able to hit him 
2-3 time while he's charging you, then if he uses his magnets nail him, if he 
polarizes himself get hit quick then turn around and finish him. 

<H> Hard man
Use Shadow and practice to take out the bees.  Thank you tiki.

Switch to coil jump on to the platform with the green guy, slide though him, 
don't get hit on the ladder, and then slide PAST(not through) monkeys.

Pick up the e-tank here, need it later.

Now when you get to the traps with the mosquitoes, try and slide as close to 
the edge as possible, you can slide over the edge and not need to jump, much 
faster.  Or time it right and you won't get hit. I can't explain this, you 
just have to do it.

Switch to needle, protoman again.

Grab the big energy if needed.

Slide under the helmet head.

Hard man: magnet missles.

<Sn> Snake man

the only real trick to this level is that you can slide though wth out 
damage the polevaulters if you time it right.

Other then that, shadow the snakes(you can also rush jet over the 
second one, but I think it works out almost even).  Use rush to bypass 
the clouds, boring.

Snake Man pump him full of needles.

final time for 8 Robot Masters  I'm hoping is  18:28-19:00  (I've not 
finished this route,this is base don calculations from other routes)

If you are well above 20  minutes here you are NOT optimizing somewhere, 
probably gemini or snake land.  

Ideally 8 masters 2 minutes a master+ cut scenes = 19 minutes on the dot 
or less.

You should have at least 1 etank right now, if not,start over. The tank 
in Hard land costs you NO time.

Time should no more then 31 minutes though to inside wily's castle, and 
10 minutes there for a total of 40-41:xx 

<QM> Quick/Metal man
"metal land" Practice.  Just like spark man's stage, nothing to 
complicated here.  Magnet missle his butt.

"Quickland" trick time. the electro barrirs here are a little to fast 
for the old slide and run trick, so instead make them disappear by 
getting them off screen, using the rest of your magnet missiles on 
the mechacannons. While it is faster the try and bum rush them, you 
might get caught, forcing you to use an etank on quick man like tiki 
deos.  This is to be avoided, since an etank uses 3-4 seconds.   

Quickman Use snake on quick man.  With practice, and hitting the 
boomerangs and let him run through you while flickering, this will 
save you an e-tank usage.

easy street.  
"Airland" Literally a repeat of needle land, same rules apply. *yawn* 
grab the etank with jet if you want, costs about 3-5 seconds.

Airman: spark

Crashland: you might need an e-tank after airman, you might not, that's 
number one used (out of 1 or 2 if you got this one).

Take Rush jet to the top of the screen then, jump across, you'll pick up 
energy from the bottom.

use shadow blade right on top of the giant mets. takes 4  hits I think.

Crash man: use hard. get close.

<WH> Wood/Heat man:

"WoodLand": Just like shadow part on, slide jump run,  use rush jet and 
blast the darkinators to avoid sprite overload on that part.  This is cake.
 if you really need more detail, read the other FAQs then if you still need 
help AIM me and I'll walk you through it.

Woodman: search snake does the most damage, and is fastest, but it is a 
TERRIBLE execution prostitute.  Use needle cannon, because UNLIKE MM2, 
once he throws his shield, needles will go through it.  By time you screw 
with lining him up, getting leafed to death, ect, you can have him needled.

"Heatland"  Same as shadow land part 2, magnets are your friends, you can
A. just slide though the green guys and use an etank(if you still have it) 
before heat man or 
B. use Gemini laser after beating wood man to quickly take them out.

Heat man: top twist

DO NOT listen to that guide that says "I cannot imagine beating heat man 
without shadow blade, it the only weapon to use...don't bother emailing me 
saying you have better tactics because I'm probably better at Megaman then 
you and your entire family" for this. That overconfident jack***etry aside, 
top twist is considerably faster.

<FB> Flash/bubble man  alright hardest level to speed run, period.  you're 
gonna take a beating in the first part, suck it up and use an etank, 
preferably AFTER Flash man if you can, that's either your last or second to 
last  Needle cannon Flashy,  fly over the water, and then shadow Bubbles.

<B> Blues/Breakman/Protoman/Awesomeman/insertwhateverofyourfanboynamesinhere:

same as before, but have to use plasma cannon.

<W1> Wiley 1: This is self explanatory, with 2 exceptions, use magnet 
on the fish, and rush to bypass the blocks. get the e-tank its not out of 
your way very much at all.  Use Gemini laser on the firs two guys.

<W2> Wiley 2: this SOB is hard, first off the stage  is pretty much practice. 
get your flow going grab the e-tanks since they are in your way and it faster
 to slide then jet anyway..

Gold devil: this *&$% son of a *&^#$ is not easy. you have three ways to 
beat him.
A. use hard takes about a minute
B. use rush jet to get up to the eye and button mash.
C. try to use shadow for a quick KO and not get hit. (Credits to tiki's 
SDA run)
Shadow is the fastest, but is easiest to mess up.  Never could make it work.

al three ways you'll probably burn an e-tank

<W3> Wiley 3  OH goodie, its shadow land part 1 AGAIN. Same idea as the last 
2 visits, use TOP on the top clone of the first set. Snake is almost as fast 
and easier but top if your quick saves a second.
feel free to burn an etank to get through here fast.  you should have 1  
left afterword at this point.

<W4> Wiley 4 take the damage and run through the rock monsters, burn your 
last e-tnak.

Robot masters: use the  right weapons and do them in order starting from 
the top left to the top right.  

The other FAQS plus the link at bottom of the page will tell you which 
weapons to use. Or you can ask me.  

<W5> Wiley 5 Spark shock the base, and use rush jet on the top.

<WF> Wiley Final

Wily Final: By FAR easiest section of game.  slide though, shadow "P" man,
 rush coil to top of gamma platform OR rush jet over gamma's head, top 
twist, wily dead. WARNING: Top deons't always work properly, use at said risk.  
Snake will work safely from platform top, but at the cost of about 1 minute, 
more if you fall.

NEW: Tiki at SDA has proven that rush coil + snake can kill wily faster, 
BUT is a huge risk, as is if you fail, it doubles the boss time.  However 
I recommend this tactic for the AC versions (**** autofire button).

Credits: Only one general credit, I figured this out for my WR by myself, 
but afterwords I found a LOVELY site I strongly recommend.   
http://www.mmhp.net   Bossweakness charts, pass words password generators....
you name it, they got it.  Also credit them for using 
top on the clones.  Also for 1.5 I added in notes form Tiki's SDA runs.

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