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Boss FAQ by RedDemon

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/20/04

  _    _   ______    ______      ____     _     _     ___      _____
 | \__/ | |  ____|  | ___  |    /    \   | \___/ |   /   \    |  _  |
 |      | | |       | |  |_|   /  ___ \  |       |  / ___ \   | | | |
 |      | | |       | |       |  |___| | |       | | |___| |  | | | |
 | \ /| | | |_      | |       |  ____  | | |\ /| | |  ___  |  | | | |
 | |V | | |  _|     | |       | |    | | | | V | | | |   | |  | | | |
 | |  | | | |       | | ____  | |    | | | |   | | | |   | |  | | | |
 | |  | | | |       | ||__  | | |    | | | |   | | | |   | |  | | | |
 | |  | | | |       | |   | | | |    | | | |   | | | |   | |  | | | |
 | |  | | | |____   | |___| | | |    | | | |   | | | |   | |  | | | |
 |_|  |_| |______|  |_______| |_|    |_| |_|   |_| | |   |_|  |_| |_|

             ˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜B O S S  F A Q ˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜

                    COVERS: Megaman 1-4

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    V E R S I O N  2 . 0 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Created By: ParanoidXE
Dated: 04-02-00
Email: paranoidtsi@hotmail.com
AIM: ParanoidXE2

Revision History:

Version 2.0: Removed the entire Version 1.0, started from scratc.,
 Really, the only reason I put 2.0, is because of the new layout..and who says I
cant jump a whole version number? Just compare AOL 4 to AOL 5 :o)
Added Quick Info..
I also added more depth to the Boss FAQ
Version 1.0:


Upon reading this document you agree on the following terms.
- EMAIL ME and ask if it is alright to post it on your website.
  (Trust me, I will find out if you posted it w/o permission)
- You cannot distrubute this in any other form other than     electronically.
- You cannot trade this to gain personal profit, this includes   trading,
selling for money, etc.
- This cannot be published in any magazine PERIOD! DONT ASK! Unless     you want
to pay me! :o)
- If given permission to post it on a website, it MUST be in orignal     form,
no modifications! Dont be stupid and take credit for my work!
If you do NOT agree with this Disclaimer, please click back button on your
browser now, if you do AGREE then please continue.


 T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    a) Megaman I
    b) Megaman II
    c) Megaman III
    d) Megaman IV
 III. Passwords

  Well...you wont believe some of the stupid questions I get in   email, so I am
forced to add this section, skip this if you know       all the basics.

  A     = Makes Megaman Jump
  B     = Makes Megaman Fire his gun
  Left  = Moves Megaman Left
  Right = Moves Megaman Right
  Up    = Makes Megaman Climb, if over a ladder
  Down  = No Function
  Start = Used to change weapons gained from Bosses


  Megaman Head = Gives Megaman an Extra Life
  Small White Life  = Gives Megaman approx. 3-4 life points back
  Large White Life  = Gives Megaman approx. 8-10 life points back
  Small Green Magic = Gives Megaman approx. 3-4 magic points back
  Large Green Magic = Gives Megaman approx. 8-10 magic points back


                    * _______________ *
                    * B O S S F A Q S *
                    * ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ *

 Storyline:"Brilliant Dr. Wright conceived the construction of fully-operational
human-like experimental robots to preform specific everyday duties. Dr. Wright,
and his assistant Dr.Wily, encouraged with their very first near-human robot -
Megaman - proceeded to develop six additional Humanoids, all programmed to
perform prescribed rituals, But with the exception of Megaman, all of
Dr.Wright's near-human robot experimentation went awry. Assistant Dr. Wily
turned disloyal, and re-programming Dr.Wright's Humanoids, now bent on
destroying opposition so Dr.Wily could control the world and its resources.
Resisting reprogramming, Megaman is chosen the defender of the universe and its
inhabitants. Megaman dares to single-handedly penetrate seven separate emipires
of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leaders and followers of these sovereignties."
- Megaman Instruction Booklet -

 Quick Reference:

 Enemy Name                 Weakness

 Bombman                    Regular weapon
 Gutsman                    Bombs
 Cutman                     Arm Cannon
 Elecman                    Cutman Boomerang
 Iceman                     Elecbeam
 Fireman                    Iceslasher

 1st - Bombman
 Bomberman is a very easy opponent to beat, and requires no special skill, or
item to defeat. You need to be quick on your feet and blast away at him with
your regular blaster.

 2nd - Gutsman
 Oh, Gutsman...yet another simple one to defeat, if you have the bombs that is.
The level to Gutsman is another story. Anyways, all you have to do is jump over
the boulders he throws at you, and use bombs to finish him off.

 3rd - Cutman
 I honestly thought this would be the first guy to defeat, well I was wrong. You
can use the regular blaster to defeat him, or you could make it even easier and
use the Arm Cannon that was obtained by defeating Gutsman.

 4th - Elecman
 Elecman may be one of the toughest normal bosses in the game. His weapon is
both damaging and easily used to hit megaman. You need to use the Scisor
Boomerang you obtained from Cutman, and also you will want to move quickly, if
you dont want to get burned from his weapon.

 5th - Iceman
 Iceman's Level is the hardest easily, the boss isnt. Use the Elec Beam obtained
through Elecman, and jump up between the gaps of Iceman's Ice Slasher and fire
at him.

 6th - Fireman
 Just Guess what you should use against him? You guessed it, use the Ice
Slasher, and jump over his fireblasts he shoots at you. They are pretty hard to
avoid but it is possible.

 Dr. Wily's Rockman
 Fire Elec Beam into the eye of Rockman, and as it passes through the eye,
repeatedly hit Select, this will do some serious damage to Rockman. Repeat until

 Dr. Wily's Megaman Clone
 This may be the hardest of them all, you must outwit your clone! the
recommended weapon for the Megaman Clone is the Arm Cannon. Move quickly and
fire rapidly.

 Dr. Wily's Bubble Machines
 Use the Arm Cannon to shoot the Boulders in the room at the Bubble  Machines,
it shouldnt be too difficult.

 >> You will face all the Regular Bosses Again<<

 Dr. Wily Himself
 Your first goal to defeating Dr. Wily is to shoot off the sheild, so start off
with shooting the red spot in front of Dr. Wiley's Vehicle. The sheild will come
off, and Dr. Wily will relentlessly charge at you. Now switch to Elecbeam and
use the same method as Rockman, Fire it at him and as it passes through him
press Select a bunch of times.


 Megaman II

Storyline: In Megaman II, our hero megaman must once again stop Dr.Wily and his
robots. Unlike last time, Dr.Wily has created his own robots to destory the

 Note: In Megaman II - IV dont bother trying the Select/Start Trick,        it
will not move, as Capcom removed the glitch.

 Quick Reference

 Enemy Name           Weakness

 Flashman             Regular Weapon
 Quickman             Time Stopper
 Metalman             Quickman Boomerangs
 Woodman              Metal Blades
 Airman               Wood Leafs
 Crashman             Air Shooter
 Bubbleman            Regular Weapon
 Heatman              Lead Bubble

 1st - Flashman
 Simply the easiest guy ever in the megaman series. All you have to do is stand
there and blast him with your regular weapon!

 2nd - Quickman
 Use the Time Stopper immediately to drain half of Quickman's energy,
then finish him off with your regular weapon, it shouldnt be too difficult,
although his speed is annoying.

 3rd - Metalman
 Again, Metalman shouldnt be too difficult if properly equipped with Boomerangs
gained from Quickman. Four or Five Blasts and Metalman should be gone.

 4th - Woodman
 Woodman should be simple. When he puts his sheild up use the Metal Blades to
cut him down. Watch out for the leafs that will drop from the ceiling.

 5th - Airman
 Airman is another simple one, use the Wood leafs to destory this high flyin
machine. be prepared to run the other direction when he attempts to suck you in.

 6th - Crashman
 Crashman is a little bit difficult if you dont know what your doing. So it
should be simple if your reading this shouldnt it? Use the Aire Shooter as
Crashman jumps into midair.

 7th - Bubbleman
 Bubbleman could fit in at anytime, as he is another one that is easily defeated
by your regular blaster. Just be prepared to jump over his bubbles that he may
throw at you.

 8th - Heatman
 Heatman's weapons are hard to avoid, I would focus on just shooting him with
the Lead Bubble obtained by Bubbleman.

 Dr. Wily's Dragon

 When getting to the end of the platforms, you must switch between the three
remaining platforms, while firing at the Dragon! Good-Luck!

 Dr. Wily's Tank

 If I am not getting this wrong, I believe he is next. The Tank is easily
defeated by using your regular weapon aimed at his head. Make sure you keep your
distance your you will die quickly.

 Dr. Wily's Seven Turrets

 You are limited to 7 Crash Bombs, you need to use the levitation device to get
over the first wall, since there are more walls than there are bombs. Now
Destory the Turret in the upper right-hand corner, Then by using the Levitation
go over the wall, and drop down and defeat this Turrett. Now climb back where
you came from, to the platform in the center of the room. Now drop to the lower
right hand corner and blast the wall, then shoot the Turrett. Now get back in
the middle platform again. Now you must use the levivitation/jet to get to the
one above w/o breaking the wall that is in front if it, then use a Missle to
kill it. Now drop back to the center platform again, blast the wall right in
front of you, and kill the final Turrett. (Note: When the Turretts turn red, you
can rapidly press Start to prevent damage to Megaman)

 Dr. Wily - The "Man" himself

 After you make it through the cave, you will face Dr.Wiley...The Alien! Use the
Lead Bubble to finish him, it is difficult it will take many times.


Megaman III

 1st - Magnetman

 Magnetman, only requires you to use your standard attack device, make sure that
you are ready to run away from his magnetic Missles to prevent harm.

 2nd - Hardman

 Use Magnet missles to destory hardman. Jump over his Hardman Punch, and then
use the slide to slide away from his jumping drill.

 3rd - Topman

 To defeat Topman use the Hard Knuckle, beware of his top spin, just jump over
it to avoid being hit.

 4th - Shadowman

 Ah..Shadowman..Shadowman could be a difficult one. he is very quick, very
similiar to Quickman in Megaman II. He will shoot shriekens at you, so be
careful. Use Hardknuckle to defeat this beast.

 5th - Sparkman

 Use the Shadow Blade to destroy Sparkman, seven shots should do the trick. Jump
fast to avoid getting hit by his sparks.

 6th - Snakeman

 Snakeman should not be too difficult, simply stay on the opposite side of
Snakeman and use your Arm Cannon to defeat him. Beware Snakeman can switch sides
in a matter of seconds, which is your que to switch.

 7th - Geminiman

 Stay to the left of the center and jump over the Geminimen as they circle
around. Then use the Search Snake when you get a clean shot at him.

 8th - Needleman

 You need to stay as far away as possible to prevent serious harm from the
needles which needleman fires. Use the Gemini Laser four times to finish
Needleman off.

 9th - Sparkman 2nd time (Metalman)

 Keep yourself to the left of the screen, jump to avoid the stream of metal
blades he will toss at you, then hit him with the magnet missles. If you manage
to run out of Magnet Missles (Common) use the Hard Knuckle when Metalman is on
the ground.

 10th - Sparkman 2nd time (Quickman)

 Well..if you thought he was quick in Megaman II he is even faster now! Use the
Snake Search or the Gemini to finish this sucker off. You will want to make sure
you are on the move throughout the bout.

 11th - Shadowman 2nd time (Heatman)

 Our old nemesis is back, its Heatman this time. This time he has an additional
weapon, the ninja blade from Shadowman! you need to avoid these by jumping over
them. The Top Spin will work the best if you can manage to get close enough to

 12th - Shadowman 2nd time (Woodman)

 Woodman is also back, ready to kick some megaman butt. You need to avoid the
leafs that drop from the ceiling, and be prepared to jump over the leaf shield
that comes spiraling towards you. Use the needle cannon to defeat Woodman.

 13th - Geminiman 2nd Time (Flashman)

 The easiest of the second robots, but unlike Megaman II you have to use the
Needle Cannon or the Gemini Laser to defeat him fast and feiriously.

 14th - Geminiman 2nd Time (Bubbleman)

 Becareful about the roof of this place, use the Shadow Blade or the Spark Shot,
you will easily defeat him.

 15th - Needleman 2nd Time (Airman)

 Be prepared to fight the gusts of winds that Airman produces, and use your
Magnet Missles or Spark Shot to finish him off the quickest and most effective

 16th - Needleman 2nd Time (Crashman)

 To defeat Crashman you can either use the Arm cannon or you can use the Hard
Knuckle. Crashman is extremely fast so be careful! You may want to use the Mega-
slide to avoid getting hit with the Crash bombs.

 17th - Skull Compound Stage 1 - Mechanical Turtles

 To defeat them the quickest use the Shadow Blade, or you can just use regular
rounds. Either way, this boss should not be too hard to defeat.

 18th - Skull Compound Stage 2 - The Rockman

 Rockman is the same as in Megaman I, use the Hard Knuckle this time to take
some major damage. This may take a couple of lives to defeat him, he is pretty

 19th - Skull Compound Stage 3 - Triple Trouble Megaman

 Well this time it isnt just one clone Megaman must deal with, now he has to
deal with three! There is only one Megaman that is real, I recommend using the
regular weapon to deal with him. Most of the time the real one is in the center,
but he does move levels.

 20th - Defeat all Robots Again

 Read the guides I have already given you above, to defeat all of Dr.Wily's
Robots again!

 21st - Dr.Wily Battle

 What you need to do is look below his ship at the gun, you need to fire at that
to destory it, then Dr.Wily will be exposed. Now you should use Hard Knuckle on
Dr.Wily as the ship comes down and up, you will want to fire your Hard Knuckle
when the ship is on it's way down.



Storyline: A message is sent to Dr. Light, and it explains that Dr. Cossack is
tired of being ignored since Dr.Light is the best robot designer in the world.
Dr. Cossack says he will send eight of his most powerful robots to destory
megaman, and then he'll display it to the world...so the battle begins..

Note: To use the mega-blaster charge B and release.

Quick Reference:

Enemies            Weakness
Toadman            Mega-blaster
Brightman          Rain Flush
Pharaohman         Mega-blaster/Flash Stopper
Ringman            Pharoah Shot/Megablaster
Dustman            Boomering
Skullman           Dust Crusher
Diveman            Dust Crusher
Drillman           Dive Missles

 1st - Toadman

 Try to stay out of the way of the Rain Flush, you are probably best using your
regular weapons to defeat him, he should not be too difficult to defeat.

2nd - Brightman

 To defeat Brightman use the Rainflush obtained by defeating Toadman. Beware of
Brightmans Time Stopper, you will want to be in the air when he does this.

 3rd - Pharaohman

 Use your mega-blaster on him to destory him quickly, You can use the Flash
Stopper if you want to kill him even faster.

 4th - Ringman

 Ringman's Level is hell to go through, but Ringman shouldn't. Use the pharaoh
shot to end his reign quickly. If you run out of the Pharaoh Shot then you will
have to settle with the Mega-blaster, and he isnt too hard with that either.

 5th - Dustman

 Use your boomering obtained from Ringman, he should go down in four to six

 6th - Skullman

 When you are battling Skullman, ensure that you do not attack him when he has
his shield up because it will not do any damage to him. Use the Dust Crusher.

 7th - Diveman

 Diveman shoots fast with his Torpedos so be prepared to jump over them when you
have to. Then use Dust Crusher to finish him.

 8th - Drillman

 When you are fighting drillman, make sure you are running at all times because
he can crush you very quickly. Use the Dive missles to finish Drillman.

 9th - Dr. Cossack

 Dr. Cossack is pretty easy, but the machine can be deadly if you dont move
quickly, when you notice his machine above you, run away and fire your Dust
Buster at him. Repeat until Cossack falls to his doom.

                   * _________________*
                   * P A S S W O R D S*
                   * ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯*

 The only megaman that doesnt use passwords, bummer.

 Megaman 2
 Woodman defeated   - A1, C3, C4, D2, D3, D5, E1, E2, E4
 Metalman defeated  - A2, B1, C4, C5, D3, D4, E1, E3, E5
 Flashman/Quickman defeated  - A1, B4, C1, C3, D2, D3, D5, E2, E5
 Bubbleman defeated - A1, B4, C1, D1, D1, D2, D3, D5, E2, E5
 Airman defeated    - A1, B4, C1, D1, D3, D5, E2, E3, E5
 Crashman defeated  - A1, B4, C1, C5, D1, D3, D5, E3, E5
 Beginning of Dr.Wily's Castle - A1, B2, B4, C1, C5, D1, D3, E3, E5

 Megaman 4
 Dustman Defeated - A2, A3, A6, C5, D1, E3
 Toadman Defeated - A3, B1, C1, C5, D4, F2
 Skullman Defeated - A2, A3, B2, C5, E3, F2
 Diveman Defeated - A3, B1, C4, C5, D4, E2
 Brightman Defeated - A1, A3, C5, C6, D4, E2
 Ballon?man Defeated - A1, A3, C5, D2, E2, F3
 Pharoahman Defeated - A1, B4, C5, E2, E4, F3
 Drillman Defeated - A1, A4, C5, E2, E6, F3
 Ringman Defeated - A1, A4, B5, E2, F1, F3

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