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Ultimate Mega Man FAQ by Procyon_Lotor

Version: 1.5 |

(Edited for NES Versions only)

                Procyon Lotor presents:  THE  
__________.__                  __________              ___.                 
\______   \  |  __ __   ____   \______   \ ____   _____\_ |__   ___________ 
 |    |  _/  | |  |  \_/ __ \   |    |  _//  _ \ /     \| __ \_/ __ \_  __ \
 |    |   \  |_|  |  /\  ___/   |    |   (  <_> )  Y Y  \ \_\ \  ___/|  | \/
 |______  /____/____/  \___  >  |______  /\____/|__|_|  /___  /\___  >__|   
        \/                 \/          \/             \/    \/     \/       
The ULITMATE            __  ___                __  ___              
                       /  |/  /__ ___ ____ _  /  |/  /__ ____ 
                      / /|_/ / -_) _ `/ _ `/ / /|_/ / _ `/ _ \
                     /_/  /_/\__/\_, /\_,_/ /_/  /_/\_,_/_//_/
        Guide to the basics FAQ - ver. 1.5 - by Procyon Lotor

Contents: I) Intro
             a) What is this FAQ?
             b) Who is Mega Man?
          2) NES
             a) Mega Man 1
             b) Mega Man 2
             c) Mega Man 3
             d) Mega Man 4
             e) Mega Man 5
             f) Mega Man 6
          6) Cast List

I) Intro
A) What is thie FAQ?       
        Hello and welcome to the ULTIMATE Mega Man guide to the 
basics FAQ.  I have decided to undertake this and it took a lot
of work.  This is version 1.0.  I had to sit down and play each 
version during spring break (hey, it's not like I don't have a 
life, but I had to stay in school for crew practice.  What else 
did I have to kill time?)
        Please flip through it and feel free to comment.  If you
know any info off the top of your head that has been omited or is
incorrect, PLEASE feel free to email me and I'll add it in.  Let 
me tell you the basic format I have used to write this FAQ in.  
For each game I will tell:
        Release date
        Comments and addtions to previous version 
        Special tricks
        Where items can be found
        The order for the bosses
                (in addition, what weapon you get)
        Possible weaknesses for "Dr. Wily" stage bosses
        In addition, I will be including password info, but 
in a very limited fashion.  I.E. Only the best ones, and possible
breakdowns for each password (I know they cracked it for MM2 and 
3 on the NES).
        I think I covered everything.  This is not, I repeat NOT, 
a full strategy guide.  It is a bare bones FAQ, not a walk through.
Due to the amount of stuff I'm covering, a full strategy guide might
very well get close to a Meg.  Instead, this is meant as a simple
reference manual.

B) Who is Mega Man?
        Mega Man first hit the home video game screen on the NES in
1987.  He was created by Capcom, and the first game had 1 Meg of
memory.  Mega Man in his lastest creation (MMX2) has 12, plus a
processing chip called the C4, just to show you how far he's come
since then.
        The Story for the NES and GB Mega Man's run along these lines.
One day Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were partners and they made incredible
creations and robots to simplify the lives of humans.  But Dr. Wily had
other ambitions (like taking over the world) so one day he reprogrammed
all the original 7 robots (MM1 bosses + Mega Man), But Mega Man was able
to resist that reprogramming and was left alone to fight against the
other 6.  Later on we find out that Mega Man was originally a boy/cyborg
named Rock (who had a sister Roll).  When Dr. Wily became a threat, he
volunteered to have his body transformed into that of Mega Man, sometimes
also known as the Blue Bomber.  Through out each game, Dr. Light (also
known as Dr. Right sometimes) creates new pals and assistants for
Mega Man, the most famous being Rush the dog.
        In the SNES Mega Man X stories, we see a grim future time line
of the NES Mega Man, in which Mega Man's technology has been put to use
in many places, but some robots, known as Mavericks, want to take over
the world and use humans for slaves because they feel they are superior.
Mega Man (X) must go and stop these Mavericks (under the leadership of
Sigma).  Along the way he must find capcules that contain holographic
images of Dr. Light.  The contain power ups that make Mega Man stronger,
possibly the strongest robot the world has ever known.  Mega Man is
considered a Robot Cop, and he has a fellow cop named Zero.  Zero
sacrifices himself in MMX1 to help Mega Man, and this becomes a sub
plot in MMX2.
        The layouts stay fairly constant within each system.  On the
NES, you fight 8 (only 6 in MM1) robots and the go through the Dr.
Wily stages to beat the game.  In the GB you fight 4 robots first,
then another 4 again, then the Dr. Wily stages.  (The GB carts tend to
be the hardest of all the versions.  Ridiculous jumps and so forth).
The SNES versions are more like the NES versions so far, 8 robots
then the Sigma stages.

A) Mega Man 1 - 1987
        - The very first one!
        - The ONLY version to keep score (except for Soccer
          of course)
        - The only version with on-screen pause (press Select)
        - The only version with just 6 bosses
        - The only version without passwords
        - Lets you fight through the Dr. Wily stages over and
        - Stages are revisitable.
Special Tricks - Pausing the game when a hit registers, and
        unpausing results in multiple hits with the Cutman Blade
        and the Elecman Beam.  By pressing start rapidly, you can 
        score tons of hits on one shot.  This works best on Rock 
        Man (cyclops) and Dr. Wily.  It CAN work against you too
        if you've been hit at the same time.
Items:  Magnet Beam - found in the ElecMan stage in plain sight
                      behind blocks which can be destroyed by the 
                      Elecman beam, or thrown with Gutsman's power.  
                      Shoots, ledges which may be stood on for a 
                      short time.
        Yashishi - Only one in any Mega Man game, found on the
                   4th Dr. Wily stage, below the first teleporter. 
                   Gives back all weapons and health.

Start With: Bombman - Weakness: Fire Storm.  Get Bombs
                      Press Select to pause the game, then upause to
                      eliminate the annoying sound effects made by
                      the moving platforms.
            Gutsman - Weakness: Bomb.  Get throwing power.
            Cutman  - Weakness: 2 Gutsman throw blocks in his room 
                      Get Cutman boomerang Blade
            Elecman - Weakness: Cutman Blades.  Get three way
                      Elecman Beam
            Iceman  - Weakness: Elecman Beams.  Get Ice Slasher
            FireMan - Weakness: Ice Slasher.  Get the Fire Storm
                      and force feild
Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Rock Man (Cyclops) - use Elecman Beam (and
                     the trick if you want an easy way out)
            Stage 2: Fight: Cutman, Fireman
                     Mega Man Clone - Go to far wall, and jump
                     and shoot a lot.  Any weapon you use, he
                     will use right back at you.
            Stage 3: Bubble Machine - Kill first 3 with normal
                     gun, and use the four blocks with Gutsman
                     on the last 4.
            Stage 4: Fight: Bombman, Fireman, Iceman, Gutsman
                     Dr. Wily - use ElecMan beam on first half,
                     use Cutman Blade on second half.  (once
                     again, the trick works well)

B) Mega Man 2 - 1988
        - The first version with Passwords
        - The first version with 8 bosses.
        - The first version with Energy Tanks (4 max)
        - The ONLY version with a difficulty selection
          (which IMO, they should have done more often)
          On Difficult, Weapons do less damage, enemies hurt
          more, and power ups are less frequent.  All numbers
          here refer to Difficult mode.
        - stages not revisitable
        - Most varied boss strategy (I will list my favorite)
Special Tricks - By pressing pause, in the middle of a jump,
        you reset Mega Man's velocity (down).  By pressing rapidly 
        pause at the height of the jump, you can coast back down 
        over long gaps.  ALSO, this makes Mega Man "phase out" for
        a moment.  Continuously phasing out allow many bullets to
        fly through you.
               - Ultimate 1-ups.  In Stage 1 of the Dr. Wily
        levels, use the Leaf Sheild at just the right spot at the 
        part of the level where those screws jump out (after you 
        use Item 3 or 1 for the first time).  If you stand at just 
        the right point, you'll get 1-up after 1-up.
                - Birds!  When you select a boss to go to, hold
        down the A button and the stars in the background will be
        birds flying at different rates.
Items:  Item 1 - Floating Elevator, won from Heatman
        Item 2 - Jet Sled, won from Airman.  Will keep going
                 until energy runs out or it hits a wall.
        Item 3 - Wall Climber, won from Flashman.
Start With: Metal Man  - Weakness: Metal Blade (this is not a typo)
                         win Metal Blade.  Does not use up much
                         power, and may be fired in 8 directions
            Bubble Man - Weakness: Metal Blade.  Get Bubble Lead.  
                         Also does not use much power.
            Heat Man   - Weakness: Bubbles.  Get Atomic Fire.  Can be
                         powered up to three different levels.
            Flash Man  - Weakness: Metal Blade.  Get Time Stopper.  
                         This weapon is capable of stopping the killer
                         beams in the Quick Man stage.  It can't
                         be stopped until it runs out of energy.
            Quick Man  - Weakness: Time Stopper and finish off the
                         last half of his energy with the Heat
                         Wave.  Get the Quick Boomerang, low power
                         usage, and fires up to three at a time.
            Air Man    - Weakness: Leaf Shield (Quick Boomerang works
                         bvery well though...), get Air Shooter, three
                         way firing.
            Crash Man  - Weakness: Tornados.  Get Crash Bombs, capable
                         of breaking through barriers.  Full power
                         lets you fire off 7.
            Wood Man   - Weakness: use Crash Bombs on him when the 
                         sheild is up, Heat Wave when it's off.  Get 
                         Leaf Sheilds.  Lasts forever until you move.
                         Can fire off in 8 directions.
Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Dragon - Use Quick Boomerang (alternate
                     between the top and middle block)
            Stage 2: Gutsdozer - Use Quick Boomerang
            Stage 3: Drones - Use Bubble Lead
            Stage 4: Force Cannons - Use Crash Bombs.  You only
                     have 7, so only shoot the two walls you
                     HAVE to destroy if you don't want to have to
                     start over.  If you die, walls will stay gone
                     but the Cannons will come back.  The "phasing
                     out" trick mentioned above helps a lot here.
            Stage 5: Beat all the bosses again.
                     Dr. Wily - A full blast of Atomic Fire will
                     destroy the first window.  Them aim and use 
                     Metal Blade repetedly.
            Stage 6: Alien Wily - Use Bubble lead.

Passwords:  All weapons, items, 4 Energy Tanks
            A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2
C) Mega Man 3 - 1990
        - First appearance of Rush!!!
        - First appearance of Protoman!!!
        - First use of icons for weapons list.
        - First appearance of Mystery Tanks.
        - First use of the Mega Slide.
        - 2 seperate boss circles.
        - Return of Mega Man 2 robots
        - stages not revisitable
Special Trick - By pushing right on control pad 2, Mega Man can
                jump etrordinarily high.  By pushing up on the
                same pad, Mega Man's controls and certain anima-
                tions slow down to a crawl.  Movement, once you
                get Mega Man going, is normal
Items:  Rush Catipult - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power.
                        Start the game with it.
        Rush Marine - Let's Rush (and Mega Man) swim through
                      water (no gravity).  Won from Shadow Man.
        Rush Jet - Let's Rush fly.  Controlable.  Won from
                   Needle Man.

Start With: Snake Man  - Weakness: Needle Shot.  Fire from the 
                         raised center platform. Get Snake Searcher 
                         (climbs walls)
            Gemeni Man - Weakness: Snake Searcher.  Get Gemeni Beam 
                         (ricochets off walls).
            Needle Man - Weakness: Gemeni Beam.  Get Needle Cannon
                         (rapid fire)
Start With: Spark Man  - Weakness: Shadow Blade.  Needle Shot is a 
                         good substitute.  Get Spark Shock
            Magnet Man - Weakness: Spark Shot.  Get Magnet Missle
                         (semi-smart missile)
            Hard Man   - Weakness: Magnet Missle.  Get Hard Punch
                         Can be used to break barriers like the
                         Crash Bomb in MM2
            Top Man    - Weakness: Hard Punch.  Get Top Spin.  Must 
                         hit with contact to cause damage.  May drain
                         a lot of energy quickly.  Mega Man can still
                         get hurt using this.
            Shadow Man - Weakness: Top Spin.  Get Shadow Blade.  
                         Boomerang effect, 8 directional firing.
Doc Robots:  MM3 boss  - MM2 boss:  1st choice  2nd choice
            Shadow Man - Wood Man:     Snake      Needle
                         Heat Man:      Top       Shadow
            Needle Man - Air Man:      Spark      Magnet
                         Crash Man:    Hard        Top
            Gemeni Man - Flash Man:   Needle      Gemini
                         Bubble Man:  Shadow      Spark
            Spark Man  - Metal Man:   Magnet       Hard
                         Quick Man:   Gemeni      Snake
Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Turtles - Use Top Spin or Regular gun.
            Stage 2: Rock Man (Cyclops) - Hard Punch right to 
                     the eye.
            Stage 3: Clone Mega Men - Takes 4 Search Snakes to
                     kill them (only one is vulnerable)
            Stage 4: Beat all the bosses.
            Stage 5: Dr. Wily Pinbot - Use Spark Shot on the low
                     gun turret.  Stand on Rush Jet to hit Dr.
                     Wily in the cokcpit
            Stage 6: Peace Keeper - Use Hard Punch on the head.
                     The either hit Dr. Wily with the Search Snake
                     or use the Top Spin to connect and possibly
                     kill in one shot.

Passwords:  All weapons, All Items, 9 ETs, no Doc Robots
            Blue: A3 B5 D3 F4           Red: A6
            All weapons, All Items, 9ETs, Dr. Wily Stage 1
            Blue: A1 A3 B2 B5 D3 F4     Red: A6 E1
D) Mega Man 4 - 1991
        - Features Mega Man's origin
        - First appearance of the Mega Buster
        - First appearance of Flip Top.
        - First appearance of Doctor Cossack
        - Stages are revisitable
Special Trick - Pharaoh shot can be used without energy usage
                Power it up, hit something with the shot building
                over your head.  Press start, and come back, and
                power the shot up again and repeat.  DO NOT FIRE
                if you don't want the shot to use energy.
Items:  Rush Coil - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power.
                    Start the game with it.
        Rush Marine - Allow Rush (and Mega Man) to swim.  Win
                      from Toad Man.
        Rush Jet - Let's Rush fly.  Verticle control only.  Won 
                   from Drill Man
        Balloon - Sets up platforms (like MM2 Item 1).  Found in
                  Pharaoh stage.  Rush catapult over the very
                  1st drop to the right.
        Wire - Grappling hook to ceiling, and pulls you up.
               Found in Dive stage.  After 2nd whale, fall down
               very next hole (watch out for wall spikes).  Can
               cause damage to enemies directly overhead.

Start With: Toad Man    - Weakness: Drill Shot.  Get Rain Flush 
                          (acid rains pours on enemies)
            Bright Man  - Weakness: Rain Shot (Don't waste any though)
                          Get Time Stopper.  Allows you to fire while 
                          time is frozen.
            Pharaoh Man - Weakness: Flash Stopper.  Get Pharaoh Shot
                          (like MM2 Heat Wave), can hit twice
                          Once when building overhead, and
                          again, when fired (8 directions).
            Ring Man    - Weakness: Pharaoh shot.  Get Ring Boomerang
            Dust Man    - Weakness: Ring.  Get Dust Crusher.  Breaks
                          in to parts when it hits, to damage twice.
            Skull Man   - Weakness: Dust Shot.  Get Skull Barrier,
                          like Leaf Sheild but stops when it hits
                          something.  Can't be thrown (so you can
                          move with it)
            Dive Man    - Weakness: Skull Sheild.  Get Dive Missile 
                          (homing missle)
            Drill Man   - Weakness: Dive Torpedo (when he's out of 
                          the ground).  Get Drill Bombs.  Capable of
                          breaking through barriers (like MM3
                          Hard Punch)
Dr. Cossack: Stage 1: Moth Bot - use Ring
             Stage 2: Flying Base - Breaks up into three peices
                      Slide under the bottom one.  Be inside when
                      it comes to rest.  Use Dust Shot.
             Stage 3: Automatic Scrolling!
                      Wall Walker (2) - Use Pharoah Shot.  Aim
                      when firing, but use the overhead trick
                      whenever possible.
             Stage 4: Dr. Cossack - Use regular buster. Never
                      stand right underneath him.
Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Giant Met-all - Use regular buster
            Stage 2: Giant Tank - Use Rings
            Stage 3: Fight all 8 robots again.
                     Dr. Wily ship - Stand right next to it and
                     shoot mega busters at it.  Flame shots will
                     go over head.  In the second phase, stay
                     beneath the ship for safety and use mega
                     busters when shot becomes available.
            Stage 4: Dr. Wily - Use Pharaoh shot.  Use the
                     Special Trick to defeat him.

Passwords:  PWs no longer keep track of ETs
            All weapons and items
            A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3
E) Mega Man 5 - 1992
        - First apperance of Beat
        - Mega Man uses a Jet Ski (Wave Man)
        - First ever Mega Tank (refules EVERY weapon)
        - First time (some) walls may be broken or walked
        - stages are revisitable
Special Trick - Spell out (find all the letters in) MEGAMANV and
        you can use Beat, the Bird who kills everything in it's
        path.  Energy usage is per hit only.
Items:  Rush Coil - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power.
                    Start the game with it.
        Rush Jet - Let's Rush fly.  Verticle control only.  Won 
                   from Napalm Man
        Super Arrow - Serves as a weapon, and a ledge creator.
                      Won from Star Man.  Sticks to walls and
                      may be jumped on.  Stays only temporarily.
                      May also be ridden while flying across.
Start With: Star Man    - Weakness: Water Wave.  Get Star Crash 
                          (like Skull Sheild)
                "M" in plain sight.  Jump but avoid spikes
            Gravity Man - Weakness: Star Crash.  Get Gravity Hold.
                          Reverses gravity for enemies.
                "M" right after a gravity switch.  Jump early
                    before the switch to snag on the way down.
            Gyro Man    - Weakness: Gravity Hold.  Get Gyro Attack, a
                          semi-controllable gun.  Fire, then press
                          up or down to change direction.
                "A" is below the falling bridge.  Jump onto the
                block right above the A and let it fall just enough
                to pick it up and jump off to save a life.
            Crystal Man - Watch for Mega Tank in this board.
                          Weakness: Gyro Attack.  Get Crystal Eye.
                          Fired as one big ball, then breaks into
                          3 smaller ricocheting balls.
                "V" during long verticle drop, push against left
                    side of the 1nd screen of the drop to pick up
                    the V on the left of the 2rd screen.  (Spikes
                    will kill you if you go left before the 1st drop)
            Napalm Man  - Weakness: Crystal Eye.  Get Napalm Bomb.
                "N" in a ledge right before drop.  Push left to
                    reach it.
            Stone Man   - Weakness: Napalm Bomb.  Get Power Stone, a 
                          tri stone outwardly rotating gun.
                "G" after first climb up a ladder to a new level
                   continue right until you get to the end, and
                   shoot the lower rightmost blocks.  Slide under.
            Charge Man  - Weakness: Stone Shot.  Get Charge Kick.  When
                          you slide with this weapon activated, you
                          can damage anything in your path.
                "A" in plain sight.  Can be reached without Rush
                    Coil, but use him if you want.
            Wave Man    - Weakness: Charge Kick.  Get Water Wave shot 
                          (hugs the ground)
                "E" in the water ski part of the stage.  Jump to
                    reach.  Timing is needed so be careful.
Proto Man:  Stage 1: Tank Bot - use Water Wave
            Stage 2: Force Bot - Use regular gun.  Keep jumping
                     over it.  Speeds up as it takes damage.
            Stage 3: Freezer Bot - Use regular gun.  White rings
                     from his gun freeze you in place.
            Stage 4: "Proto" Man - Use regular gun.  Best time to
                     hit him is when he lets out his force shield
                     and jumps over you.  Power up and fire.
Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Boss - shoot the two torso parts so they fly
                     over.  Jump on them and aim at the head.  Use
                     the Crystal Eye on the head.
            Stage 2: Boss - sheilded, flies over head shooting
                     every now and then.  Comes down, first to
                     the left, then to the right, with hatches
                     open.  Fire inside for damage.
            Stage 3: Fight all 8 robots again.
                     Dr. Wily - Stand still and near the center.
                     When the ship comes to rest, go to the
                     ledge the ship covers least, and jump and
                     fire at it.
            Stage 4: Skull Tank - Fire powered up shots to the gun.
                     Dr. Wily - Use Beat or regular gun.

Passwords:  All weapons, and items.
            BLUE: B4 D6 F1      RED: C1 D4 F6
F) Mega Man 6 - 1993
        - in America, produced (not programmed) by Nintendo
          instead of Capcom.
        - Rush no longer performs in Dog mode, but rather as
          armor enhancements for Mega Man.
        - Some boards have more than one boss, a false boss that
          is easy to find and the hidden true boss.  Weapons are
          gained from each of them, but special items are only
          found from the true bosses.
        - Final NES version of Mega Man
Special Trick - Spell out (win all the letters in) BEAT and
        you can use Beat, the Bird who kills everything in it's
        path.  Energy usage is per hit only.  Letters are won
        from beating the bosses.
Items:  Rush Power - Give Mega Man Punching power and added
                     armor.  Can be charged up.  At full power,
                     can bust through broken blocks.  Won from
                     Flame Man.
        Rush Jet - Now acts as a jet pack for Mega Man.  Has a
                   limited firing time.  Must land to repower.
                   Won from Plant Man.
        Energy Economizer - Distributes weapon energy to weapons
              that need it most if you don't purposely select a 
              weapon.  Found in Tomahawk Man's stage.  After long
              stretch (after 2nd Met-all producer) take the top path, 
              and go up.  Select Rush Power, jump to the left ladder
              and hang just low enough to punch left block.
Start with: Flame Man    - Weakness: Wind Storm.  Get Fire Blast.  
                           Can melt ice barriers
            Blizzard Man - Weakness: Fire Blast.  Get Blizzard Attack.
            Plant Man    - Weakness: Blizzard Attack.  Get Plant 
                           Barrier, just like Skull sheild and Star 
            Tomahawk Man - Weakness: Plant Barrier.  Get Silver 
                           Tomahawk. Travels in an upward sloping 
                           Get Beat "B" Part.
               True Boss - Read about Energy Economizer.  Instead
                           of taking top path, take lower path. 
                           You will need Rush Jet.
            Yamato Man   - Weakness: Silver Tomahawk.  Get Yamato Spear
                           (fires up once, then down once).
                           Get Beat "E" Part.
               True Boss - When you come to a raccoon shooting balls,
                           and there are two ladders, one going up
                           and the other going down, go up.  You will
                           need Rush Jet.
            Knight Man   - Weakness: Yamato Spear.  Get Knight Chain.
                           Get Beat "A" Part
               True Boss - After the trampoline-like part, just
                           before the false door, use Rush Power to
                           break the block in the path going down.
            Centaur Man  - Weakness: Knight Chain. Get Centaur Flash
                           (time stopper). Get Beat "T" Part.
               True Boss - You can see the true door.  Don't go
                           down the ladder, but instead use Rush
                           Power to fly over to it.
            Wind Man     - Weakness: Centaur Flash.  Get Wind Storm.
Mr. X:      Stage 1: Secret path in board that leads to 4 extra    
                     lives.  On 5th board up from start, the window
                     on the far right can be broken with Rush Power
                     but the jumps are nearly impossible.
                     Boss - Use Flame Blast on the SIDES of the
                            robots, not the top or bottoms.
            Stage 2: Boss - Use Silver Tomahawk
            Stage 3: Met-all Tank - Use Blizzard Attack.
            Stage 4: Mr. X - Stay to left, jump over ground shots
                     and fire powered up shots at ball.
Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Dinosaur - Use Yamato Spear.
            Stage 2: Rolling Cannon - Use Wind Storm.
            Stage 3: Fight all 8 robots again.
            Stage 4: Dr. Wily - For parts 1 and 2, use Tomahawk
                                For the last part, power up the
                                Mega Buster.

Passwords: All weapons, and items:
           B6 D4 F2 F4 F6

VI) Cast List
  Name           GB#        Dr. Wily Robot      MMX#    MM Soccer (*)
                             # (NES Only)
Dr. Light      1,2,3,4,5        N/A           1,2(dead)
Dr. Wily       1,2,3,4,5        N/A   
Dr. Cassock                     N/A         1,2(Dr. Cain?)
Proto Man(Blues)   3,4,5        000                          *
Mega Man(Rock) 1,2,3,4,5        001             1,2          *
Roll                            002
Rush             2,3,4,5        N/A
Beat               3,4          N/A
Fliptop            3,4,5        N/A
Eddie                           N/A
Tango                  5
Cut Man        1                003                          *
Guts Man                        004
Ice Man        1                005                          *
Bomb Man                        006                          *
Fire Man       1                007                          *
Elec Man       1                008                          *
Metal Man        2              009
Air Man          2              010                          *
Bubble Man     1                011                          *
Quick Man      1                012
Crash Man        2              013
Flash Man      1                014                          *
Heat Man       1                015
Wood Man         2              016                          *
Needle Man       2              017                          *
Magnet Man       2              018
Gemeni Man         3            019                          *
Hard Man         2              020
Top Man          2              021                          *
Snake Man          3            022                          *
Spark Man          3            023
Shadow Man         3            024
Bright Man           4          025
Pharaoh Man          4          026                          *
Drill Man          3            027
Ring Man             4          028
Toad Man             4          029                          *
Dust Man           3            030                          *
Dive Man           3            031
Skull Man          3            032                          *
Gravity Man                     033
Wave Man                        034
Stone Man            4          035
Gyro Man                        036
Star Man                        037
Charge Man           4          038
Napalm Man           4          039
Crystal Man          4          040
Blizzard Man                    041
Centaur Man                     042
Flame Man                       043
Knight Man                      044
Plant Man                       045
Tomahawk Man                    046
Wind Man                        047
Yamato Man                      048
Freeze Man                      049
Junk Man                        050
Burst Man                       051
Cloud Man                       052
Spring Man                      053
Slash Man                       054
Shade Man                       055
Turbo Man                       056
Enker            1,5                                         *
Quint            2,5
Punk             3,5
Ballade          3,5
Mercury           5
Venus             5
Terra             5
Mars              5
Jupiter           5
Saturn            5
Neptune           5
Uranus            5
Pluto             5
SunStar           5
Zero                                            1,2
Sigma                                           1,2
Chill Penguin                                    1
Storm Eagle                                      1
Flame Mammoth                                    1
Shock Babboon                                    1
Armor Armadillo                                  1
Launch Octopus                                   1
Boomer Kwanger                                   1
Sting Chameleon                                  1
Vile                                             1
Wire Sponge                                      2
Wheel Gator                                      2
Bubble Crab                                      2
Flame Stag                                       2
Morph Moth                                       2
Magna Centipede                                  2
Crystal Snail                                    2
Overdrive Ostrich                                2

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