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Save State Hacking Guide by PKT_Paladin

Updated: 07/05/01

Save State Hacking FAQ for Megaman 3 NES
by: PKT_Paladin

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Revision History
III. Basic Modifiers
IV. Powers Modifiers
V. Rush Modifiers
VI. Credits
VII. Contact Information

I. Introduction
	My alias is PKT_Paladin, but that is not my name.  For this FAQ you
don't need to know my real name =).  Please don't steal anything from this
FAQ for your site or for your own FAQ unless you provide some sort of credit.
I wrote everything in this FAQ.  These offsets are specifically for the emulator
Nesticle and the game these offsets for is Megaman 3 for NES.

	If you are new to Save State Hacking, this is how it is done:
Download Hex Workshop from download.com.  Install it, run it, and 
open up the save state file.  On the left you will see addresses on the 
left and 16 columns on the right.  There are actually 16 bytes each in
groups of two.  Observe:

    0 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
   10 0000 0000 0000 00FF 0000 0000 0000 0000

	The location of the byte FF is actually 17.  In hex, as opposed to
the regular number system we are used to that goes from 0-10, the numbers
go from 0-F (0-10 and then A,B,C,D,E,F).  That means FF is the highest value
and 00 is the lowest (FF is 255 in decimal and 00 is 0).  Find the location
that I have listed in the savestate editting section and modify the bytes
to as high or as low as you desire.  When you are done, save it on the
hexidecimal editor and load it in the emulator and you should be done.

II. Revision History

v.90		: This first version contains all of the information
		  necessary to hack the life bar, amount of lives,
		  amount of energy tanks, which weapons you have
		  and which Rush equipment you have, and how much
		  of those you have.

III. Basic Modifiers
20A2 - Life Bar
	- Unlike the Ability points bar, this bar ranges from 00 to
	  FF.  The maximum that you are supposed to have is only 1C,
	  but by putting FF you have virtually limitless life and
	  you can get hit as much as you would like without feeling
	  the effects for a long time.
20AE - Lives
	- You can put as high of a value as you would like, but for it
	  to look correct the highest value is 64 (hexidecimal).  If
	  you put FF, you will have a strange looking symbol and a 4
	  which represents the amount of lives you have.
20AF - Energy Tanks
	- Unlike the predecessor to this game, which is Megaman 2, you
	  can have more than four energy tanks.  The energy tanks is
	  represented by a number instead of little blue balls on the
	  bottom of the screen.  Therefore, the maximum for the code to
	  work properly would be 63 (99 in decimal), but you can
	  get away with putting a higher number such ass FF (255 decimal).

IV. Weapon Modifiers
	- The maximum value for the Ability Points is FF.  In the game,
	  however, it is only refilled to 9C when you pick up an energy pellet
	  that refills it.  Therefore, if you set the value to FF (which has
	  no side effects [like an over-filled bar]) you can have a virtually 
	  unlimited amount of powers until the end of the stage when all of the 
	  values are reset to 9C.

209C - Gemini Laser's Ability Points
	- Received from Gemini Man
	- Letter GE
	- Flies around the room bouncing from wall to wall until hitting
209D - Needle Cannon's Ability Points
	- Received from Needle Man
	- Letter NE
	- Needles shoot out of Megaman's Megabuster in groups of 3.
209E - Hard Knuckle's Ability Points
	- Received from Hard Man
	- Letter HA
	- A blue boxing glove shoots from Megaman's Megabuster.
209F - Magnet Missile's Ability Points
	- Received from Magnet Man
	- Letter MA
	- A red magnet acts as a homing missile and hit the nearest enemy.
20A0 - Top Spin's Ability Points
	- Received from Top Man
	- Letter TO
	- This allows Megaman to spin in circles and only inflicts damage
	  while he is standing next to his opponent
20A1 - Search Snake's Ability Points
	- Received from Snake Man
	- Letter SN
	- A snake pops out of Megaman's gun and slithers across the floor
	  until reaching a wall or an enemy.
20A2 - Spark Shock's Ability Points
	- Received from Spark Man
	- Letter SP
	- A simple electrical ball flies from Megaman's Megabuster.
20A3 - Shadow Blade's Ability Points
	- Received from Shadow Man
	- Letter SH
	- Can be shot in 8 different directions and is a flying ninja star.

V. Rush Modifiers
	- Similar to the Abilities Points Modifiers, the maximum
	  value for these should be 9C, but you can set it to FF with
	  no side effects and still use the power for a long time without
	  a noticeable decrease in the amount you have left.
	- In order to obtain any of these abilities, put anything higher
	  than 80 in the offset.  If you put 80, you gain the ability
	  but with zero ability points.  Each hexidecimal higher than
	  that will increase your points for the power by one line.

20A9 - Rush Coil's Ability Points
	- The game is started with this Weapon
	- Represented in the menu by RC
	- Allows Megaman to spring from Rush's back to reach high places.
20AB - Rush Marine's Ability Points
	- Received from Shadow Man
	- Represented in the menu by RM
	- Allows Megaman to drive in a submarine underwater.
20AD - Rush Jet's Ability Points
	- Received from Needle Man
	- Represented in the menu by RJ
	- Allows Megaman to fly.

VI. Credits
Capcom			- They made the game.  They deserve all of
			  the credit.
CMoriarty		- I used his FAQ as a reference for the names
			  of all the weapons you get in the game.

VII. Contact Information
If you want to send me an e-mail, please send it pkt_paladin@yahoo.com.  
Since there are a few things that I have yet to know that you might know, 
I would appreciate any submissions (you will be given credit, of course) 
to help further develop this FAQ.  Please submit any questions so I can
answer them for you and anyone else who reads this FAQ.
This guide was written by PKT_Paladin (pkt_paladin@yahoo.com.  Please do
not use this guide without permission or take direct information from 
it.  Doing that is illegal.  I am in no way affiliated with the makers
of Megaman 3.

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