• Passwords

    1 Energy TankRed: E6
    2 Energy TanksRed: E4
    3 Energy TanksRed: B4
    4 Energy TanksRed: A5
    5 Energy TanksRed: C1
    6 Energy TanksRed: D2
    7 Energy TanksRed: C3
    8 Energy TanksRed: F2
    9 Energy TanksRed: A6
    Doc Robot StagesRed: A6; Blue: A3, B5, D3, F4
    Dr. Wily's Castle with all weapons and items, no E-TanksRed: C5-E1 Blue: A1-A3-B2-B5-D3-F4
    Every weapon, nine E-tanks and start at Break manBlue: A1, A3, A6, B2, B5, D3, F4
    Gemini Man DefeatedRed: A3, C5, F5; Blue: B5, F4
    Gemini Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,B5, Red
    Hard Man DefeatedRed: A3, C4, C5, F5; Blue: F4
    Hard Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,C4, Red
    Have Search Snake and Hard Knuckle with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-C4-F6
    Have Needle Cannon + Rush Jet and Gemini Laser with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-B5-D3
    Have Needle Cannon + Rush Jet and Magnet Missile with 9 E-TanksRed:A6- Blue:D3
    Have Needle Cannon + Rush Jet and Shadow Blade + Rush Marine with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-D3-D6
    Have Needle Cannon + Rush Jet and Top Spin with 9 E-TanksRed:A3-A6-D3
    Have Needle Cannon + Rush Jet and with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-C4-D3
    Have Search Snake and Gemini Laser with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-B5-F6
    Have Search Snake and Magnet Missile with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-F5-F6
    Have Search Snake and Shadow Blade + Rush Marine with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-D6-F6
    Have Search Snake and Top Spin with 9 E-TanksRed:A6- Blue:A3
    Have Spark Shock and Gemini Laser with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-B5-F4
    Have Spark Shock and Hard Knuckle with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-C4-F4
    Have Spark Shock and Magnet Missile with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-F4-F5
    Have Spark Shock and Needle Cannon + Rush Jet with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-D3-F4
    Have Spark Shock and Search Snake with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-F4-F6
    Have Spark Shock and Shadow Blade + Rush Marine with 9 E-TanksRed:A6 Blue: F4
    Have Spark Shock and Top Man with 9 E-TanksRed:A3-A6-F4
    HaveSearch Snake and Needle Cannon + Rush Jet with 9 E-TanksRed:A6-D3-F6
    Magnet Man DefeatedRed: A3, B5, F5; Blue: F4
    Magnet Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,F5, Red
    Needle Man DefeatedRed: A3, E6; Blue: B5, D3, F4
    Needle Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,D3, Red
    No Energy TanksRed: C5
    Shadow Man DefeatedRed: A3, C5, D6
    Shadow Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,D6, Red
    Snake Man DefeatedRed: C5; Blue: A3, B5, D3, F4
    Snake Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,F6, Red
    Spark Man DefeatedRed: A3, C5; Blue: F4
    Spark Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,F4, Red
    Start at Dr. Wily's Castle with 9 Energy TanksRed: A6; Blue: A1, A3, B2, B5, D3, F4
    Start with 9 Energy TanksRed: A6
    Top Man DefeatedRed: A3, C5
    Top Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A3,A6, Red
    Wily's Castle with all weapons, items & E- tanksRed: A6,E1; Blue: A1,A3,B2,B5,D3,F4


  • Get Rush Jet Early

    Normally, to obtain the Rush Jet, you must get it by defeating Needle Man. Instead you can go to Shadow Man's stage and defeat him so that you acquire the Shadow Blade from him. Then, go to any other level and find a weapon energy refill capsule. Don't pick it up yet. Instead, open up the pause menu and highlight the Shadow Blades. Then press Right on the D-Pad, then press start to unpause the game and you should now have an empty weapon energy meter. Grab the weapon energy capsule and you will now fill up the empty energy meter. This energy meter is the Rush Jet. You can now summon the Rush Jet anytime.

    Contributed By: DesertEagle97531.

    4    0

  • Get Rush Marine Early

    In order for this trick to work, you must have Spark Shooter (SparkMan's weapon), but must not have defeated ShadowMan, the Robot Master who gives it to you. Go into the menu and point to Spark Shooter. While the cursor is on Spark Shooter, press right on the D-Pad. Rush's picture will appear instead of Spark Shooter's picture. Select this, and you will now have Rush Marine with an empty meter. Now, go pick up a weapon capsule or weapon pellet to fill the empty meter with. Once it has a little bit of energy, the Rush Marine option will now permanently appear on your weapons list, even when you deselect it.

    Contributed By: RandyPandy.

    4    0


  • Freeze Enemies - US Version Only

    On Controller 2, hold Up and A and most enemies will be frozen, making them easy to hit. Some enemies - for example, bosses - will not be affected.

    Contributed By: StarNeptune and KeyBlade999.

    6    1

  • Infinite Energy Tanks.

    Anytime you find an energy tank in a stage, take it and get a game over. You keep your energy tanks by default after you get a game over, and the energy tank you found will respawn. Rinse and repeat until you have as many energy tanks as you want. Time-consuming, but it will make many boss fights much easier.

    Contributed By: Hrothgard.

    2    0

  • Super Jump and Invincibility - US Version Only

    When holding Right on Controller 2, you will jump twice as high as normal, and will also be able to survive falling down into bottomless pits. The invulnerability aspect comes in if you fall into a pit when you hold Right on Controller 2, and then manage to exit the pit: so long as you never gather any more health in the level, you will never be harmed, but you also lose use of your Mega Buster. (Boss-earned weapons still work.)

    Contributed By: counselorchrissy and KeyBlade999.

    6    1

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