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I am not a slave to popular opinion. 05/13/03 Psycho Penguin
A classic sequel to a classic game 07/06/18 Celtic Forest
Almost as good as a glass of Pepsi... okay, it's better! 05/27/02 CMoriarty
Try and catch him if you can... 01/04/08 discoinferno84
Constant spawning of enemies doesn't make a game harder, it just makes me want to break it in half. 07/07/06 hecktic00
This game has nothing to do with a baby carriage. Or does it? 02/06/04 honestgamer
The sequel that almost wasn't sets the standard for the rest of the series. 08/15/13 Jerrynsteph4eva
Bubble Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Crash Man, and Heat Man join my 70th review party. 01/09/06 Megaman1981
Sidescrollers...They don't get much better than this 02/10/05 MKillBill
Not the best of Mega Man, but still fantastic - 9.2/10 03/23/07 Oil_0001
The universe's most resourceful robot in his first battle with...memory loss? 01/22/04 Overdrive
The birth of Mega Man mania! For me, at least... 10/20/04 PinKirby
Friends Are Forever 06/27/04 Retro
I'm holding out for a hero... 05/14/15 Ryan Harrison
The iconic one 03/18/13 SethBlizzard
The defending robot..... Mega Man! 12/24/05 Shivan Reincarnated
Houston, we have liftoff! 05/01/04 Sinspawn_X
The first Mega Man game I ever played and what a treat it was!! 09/05/06 tigmo55
The Blue Bomber Just Does Everything Right! 04/21/06 Unkownver2
A 10 seems high, but how many other games can you play over 40 times and still enjoy it? 05/14/09 Zylo the wolf

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A true blue classic. 09/25/08 Anclation
The game that truly started the Mega Man legacy. 03/09/04 Braben
Choose your own butt-kicking adventure! 02/04/09 chad9976
Despite its overratedness, Mega Man 2 is a great sequel to an already good game. 08/19/10 CorruptOwl
Not exact the best of the best, but still awesome. 01/04/10 dtm666
The best moment in the <I>Mega Man</I> series 09/04/02 EOrizzonte
Get your weapons ready! 12/29/03 Evil Nick Jr
Sorry Mr. Mega Man, but this ain't your best. 04/25/04 Gbness
Introducing: energy tanks, great music and passwords! 05/22/03 Halron2
If I had a cannon for an arm, less people would cut me off. 10/15/02 hangedman
Rise of the Blue Bomber 01/14/15 horror_spooky
My favorite NES game 04/23/18 IceMage2000
Learning from mistakes, polishing the edges, the making of a classic. 01/22/19 Junior_AIN
Bah... 12/28/01 KasketDarkfyre
The best Mega Man game in the series, and well worth checking out :) 09/14/04 Mister Sinister
Classic. 08/21/08 neonreaper
The real start of the series 02/09/15 Ofisil
And thus, the series took off. 04/07/02 Princess Lynaly
The beginning of too many sequels... 03/06/04 shneepshnop
The most talked about game in the series! 06/07/10 Sour
Mega Man 2 is a fantastic continuation of Capcom's successful series! 07/16/04 The Wise Tonberry
Arguably the best in the series, arguably the best on the NES 09/04/07 themick84
My favorite game of the entire Mega Man series! 09/10/03 thrillavanilla
One of the two best games in the main series. 05/12/10 UltimaterializerX
Take a flawed game and don't change it for the sequel and you end up with crap. 01/16/04 Westen Shelton
The Blue Bomber gets a sequel that tops even the first... 06/25/04 ZFS

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Masterpiece of the MM series 10/05/18 2001mark
Better than the first, a true classic! 01/29/00 BBigwig
Mega Man Kill Robot Dog! Mega Man Save Dr. Light! Mega Man Great! Blue Bomber Go! Yeay Mega! Marry Me Mega! Have My Babies! I Love You Mega Man! 01/16/02 Bobo The Clown
THIS is what I call a masterpiece! 04/16/00 Brak
It's overrated, but not horrible. 10/06/08 Calamity
In the year 20XX... 06/10/13 carnage54
A really good platformer 11/10/14 ChrisKantos
Now the games are starting to get good!!! 07/18/01 Crusher Man
Best one in the entire series. 09/20/10 DarkMark42
Hippofatamus! 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
This was where the Mega Man series truly took off... 02/01/00 EPoetker
A worthy sequel 07/16/01 Figure Four
GAME + NES = FUN/ENJOYMENT 11/10/08 HuggyGrunt
Classic action for the NES, and better than the first one. 07/16/01 JHarring
Megaman's Word's of Wisdom #2 : When sending you're robot on to another mission which involves Platform skills, Equip him with a better Jump ability! 10/14/01 Lagunathemoron
COOL STUFF! 01/28/01 Leetdude
Mega Man is back!!! 06/21/11 LOZ_OOT
Dr Wily is back 09/20/01 MI4 REAL
Mega Man is back in one of the best games of the series 07/16/01 Nint125
This follow-up to the popular Mega Man sports a longer game, better graphics, and better sound than the original.. 07/16/01 Ranma
The quintessential Mega Man game is perhaps the most overrated Mega Man game 07/01/11 roadtosalvation
Best Mega Man game ever? The answer is ... YES! 08/13/02 shand2001
Best Megaman game out there 03/27/01 shigman
The beginning of the Mega Man Era starts with the best in the series. 02/02/00 Spektre
Still fun to play, even today 07/09/00 TBranford
The amazing sound, visuals and gameplay make up for the very rare cheap level design 09/10/07 TheMadcapLaughs
The Megaman series stays as good as always. 07/31/01 Undertaker Powerbomb
An Awesome sequel to a pretty good game. 04/10/00 Vegita
It's certainly not MY favorite Mega Man game.. 03/13/01 Vertabreaker
A Mega Man Game that is Very Interesting 06/17/02 Warhawk
The "Best" In The Series Is A Haphazard And Thouroughly Unenjoyable Mess 06/04/18 Weltall548
One of the best 2D games ever 05/22/01 Writer
Almost perfect. 04/21/08 xF0x
A game with wonderful music.(Metal-man and flashman's stages, there we talk MUSIC!!) 07/16/01 Yakuza
Best Megaman on the nes, but also the easiest. 08/10/01 yatesy

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