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Great game to start a great series. 01/26/00 BBigwig
Classic! 06/27/00 Brak
Everything must start out in some way. Even Mega Man. 08/18/10 CorruptOwl
A good start for the best game series of all time! 07/17/01 Crusher Man
Very classic, very basic, and very fun game 05/22/01 DayoftheRhodes
Good game, but I've never been the victim of so many cheap shots in my life!! 03/18/00 DGremmil
The start of over twenty US Mega Mans 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
The first is also the hardest, but then again, it's the shortest too... 02/25/00 EPoetker
The one that started it all 07/16/01 Figure Four
Birth of the Blue Bomber 01/12/15 horror_spooky
The 1st of the series 11/11/16 IceMage2000
Beginning of an era 01/03/08 IceQueenZer0
Megaman Word's of Wisdom #1 : When making a Robot game, Make sure it has a LOT of sequel's! 10/14/01 Lagunathemoron
One of the greatest Nintendo games ever. 07/16/01 Lone
Mega Man's first showdown with Dr.Wily 07/16/01 Nint125
Mega Annoying 01/19/15 Ofisil
A great start to the long-running series 06/30/08 PentiumMMX
My all-time favorite game. 04/07/02 Princess Lynaly
The game that spawned it all is surprisingly good 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
This is the humble NES game that spawned 5 NES sequels, 5 Game Boy releases, 2 SNES sequels... 07/16/01 Ranma
Only hardcore Mega Man fans should invest in the original 06/30/11 roadtosalvation
The Start of one of the best Platforming Franchises of all time! 06/21/11 RockHero3
A good start for Megaman.... 04/12/01 shigman
Not the greatest game, but a great one nonetheless. 01/29/00 Spektre
Fun for its time, and still fun even today.. 07/07/00 TBranford
Mega Man's start was definetly a good one. 04/23/09 tgoldberg
Capcom shoots...and scores! 07/30/01 Undertaker Powerbomb
First in series: Yes. Best in series: No. 04/09/00 Vegita
Capcom's First Mega Man Game is Good 06/17/02 Warhawk
Mega Man's First Adventure Has Aged Surprisingly Well 03/20/18 Weltall548
The game that started... oh, you know the drill. 07/16/01 wing2871x
The blue bomber's first game is a classic 05/14/01 Writer
First game in one of the biggest series ever......... 07/16/01 Yakuza

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