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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AKishan

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    Mega Man Walkthrough
    Version 2.0
    By Amar Kishan on 8/1/01
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    This is a walkthrough for Mega Man (NES).   If you have anything to 
    add, just contact me at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the guide.  
    If you wish to use this guide for any purposes (other than use for help), please 
    email me first.  This guide is not to be reproduced in anyway without my 
    permission first.  This guide is copyright 1999-2001 Amar Kishan.
    - New level strategies
    - Minor editing
    - First Version
    i.) Introductions
    ii.) Version History
    iii.) Table of Contents
    I.) Weapons and Items
    II.) Walkthrough
    III.) Credits/Disclaimer
    Mega Buster: The standard cannon, can fire about 3 shots at once.  Not as
    strong as some other weapons.
    Fire Storm: Shoots a ball of fire and creates a field of fire around
    Hyper Bombs: Throws a bomb that detonates after several seconds.
    GutsArm: Allows you to pick up some blocks and throw them
    for massive damage.  Walk next to a block with it equipped and the block
    will start flashing,  Now hit B to throw it.
    Cut Blade: A boomerang that swings in a half circle.  If you rapidly hit
    select and the blade hits on enemy, the one hit will result in multiple
    Elec Beam: A three-way beam that destroys blocks that can be thrown by
    Gutsman power.  Also can do the multiple hit trick.
    Ice Slasher: Shoots a bullet of ice that can freeze fire columns and some
    Magnet Beam: Shoots a bridge that one can stand on (temporary).  Pushing
    the directional button extends the bridge.  Found behind a wall of
    throwable blocks in Elecman's level.  This is necessary to complete the
    Blue/Red Balls- 1000 bonus points
    Weapon Power: Restores the power of the equipped weapon.
    Power Up: Restores the power bar.
    Yashishi: Found in the 4th Dr. Wily stage, below the first teleporter.
    Restores all weapons and life energy once.
    Start heading east, blasting through the pink robots that jump around near
    here.  You should soon reach an area with pitfalls and pillars.  Wait for
    a bomb to fly up from the pitfall and explode, then jump across to the
    next pillar.  Repeat this until you reach a ledge.  Get rid of the
    shooters and grab the two powerups.  Climb up the ladder.  Continue up the
    ladder, avoiding the gun turrets' shots.  Ignore the powerup (unless you
    really need it) and continue climbing up.
    Head west again.  When you see a green robot with a shield, jump.  This
    should trigger him to jump or shoot, meaning you can blast him away (he
    puts away his shield).  Keep going until you reach another series of
    pitfalls.  Now you'll face a combination of torpedoes and gun turrets;
    trust me, it sounds and looks harder than it really is.  After going
    around the pitfalls, you'll reach an area with bladed creatures.  You
    can't destroy these guys, but you can freeze them with shots from your
    Mega Buster.  Jump up the blocks and freeze the bladed robot when he is
    farthest from you.  Now jump up and climb the ladder.
    Climb up and jump across the spikes.  Make sure that there is a torpedo
    halfway across the screen when you start jumping, otherwise you could be
    hit in midair and fall into the spikes.  Go up the ladder again to reach a
    similar area.  Wait for the robot to shoot twice, then jump onto the
    block.  Now jump onto the top block and wait for another robot to get
    directly under you.  Now jump to the next block and to safety.  Keep going
    east, kill the green shielded robot, and grab an extra life.  Drop down
    the hole and follow the path.  Kill another green shielded robot and go
    through the double gates.  Climb down the ladder carefully and move when
    the eye-bots give you enough room.  You'll fall into Bombman's lair.
    He'll jump over you and start hurling bombs at you.  Run halfway across
    the room and shoot the MegaBuster at him.  When he throws a bomb, jump up
    and towards the wall opposite Bombman to avoid the impact, then run back
    while shooting.  When he jumps back to your side, head to the opposite
    side and repeat the strategy till he dies.
    When he's dead, take the orb for the Hyper Bomb
    Head east and kill the helmeted robots when their face shows.  Try to
    avoid their three-way shots.  After killing them you'll reach a ledge. 
    This part is very tough.  Jump onto the green platform and ride on it
    until you can see another platform below it.  Jump onto this one when it
    is away from the hole in the tracks.  When this platform reaches the
    eastern edge of its tracks, you can see another platform below it.  Jump
    onto this one (beware, there are many pitfalls in the track).  Ride this
    platform east, jumping over the pitfalls, and jump to the ledge.  The
    only real way to see what I mean is to play here.  If you can't do this,
    skip to Cutman's level and follow the walkthrough until you get the
    Magnet Beam.  Then come back here and use the Magnet Beam to get across.
    You'll face a pack of three airborne robots.  Kill or avoid them and head
    east.  Get the power up and continue.  Kill off the pickaxe throwing
    robots (they don't do much damage) as you jump across the ledges.  Now
    drop down and hold left.  You'll land on a pillar.  Jump across and fall
    down, this time holding right.  Kill the robots and grab the 2 small
    powerups.  Fall down the middle hole holding left and you should land a
    bridge.  Jump across for an extra life.  Drop down another hole.  Avoid or
    kill the large robot and go through the double gates.  Follow the tunnel,
    killing a few helmeted robots.  Equip the Hyper Bombs and go through the
    other gate into Gutsman's lair.
    He starts off in the right corner, hurling blocks at you.  These blocks
    will shatter into smaller pieces which also hit for damage.  To top it
    off, he jumps up and down repeatedly and when he lands on the ground, he
    causes an earthquake.  You can avoid this if you are in the air, otherwise
    you will be stunned.  Anyway run forward and throw a Hyper Bomb at him. 
    Jump when he does so you won't be stunned, then throw another bomb.  4
    bombs should take care of him.
    Grab the orb to get the GutsArm.
    Climb up the ladder and shoot the annoying robot that appears.  You'll
    have to kill some more as you head east.  Kill the turrets and climb up.
    You'll have to climb up through three more levels, each with three
    turrets.  Simply avoid their shots and make the appropriate jumps.  At the
    top, you'll see a machine that spits out scissors. Run past and kill the
    blue springs that get in your way.  Make your way to an area with ladders
    and eye-bots.  The eye-bots move in very predictable ways...kill them all
    and climb up the ladders.  Make your way through three more of these
    floors (sense a pattern?)
    Run past the building (it also shoots out scissors).  Head east and kill
    the robots.  Grab the big powerup and drop down the ladder.  Drop down two
    more ladders into another big area.  Avoid the giant purple robot and go
    through the double gates.  Kill the shooters, equip the GutsArm and cross
    the second pair of double gates into Cutman's lair.
    He shoots out the Cut Blade then jumps after it.  Stay on the ledge until
    he shoot at you, then jump off.  While he's still on the ledge, grab a
    block and hurl it at him to take away half his life bar.  If you can,
    throw the other one at him to finish the job.  Otherwise, wait for a good
    time and throw it then.
    Grab the orb to get the Cut Blade.
    You'll start in an area with four ledges, three with a bladed robot.  You
    should remember these guys from Bombman's level: they can't be killed,
    only stunned, with the Mega Buster.  Well, one Cut Blade will kill one of
    these guys.  Make your way up through this room and the next. Make your
    way past the electric charges and to the ladder.  Get to the ledge and
    wait.  Some green robots will show up from the bottom and top of the
    screen.  Kill them all off before climbing up the ladder.  Same story in
    the next room.
    After those two rooms you'll face a new challenge...well, moderate
    challenge.  Blocks will appear and disappear, leading the way to two
    ladders.  The left ladder leads to weapon powerups and the exit, the right
    leads to the exit. So you should take the left ladder if you used the Cut
    Blade.  To get to the left ladder.  Jump onto the first block, then the
    second.  Wait for the third to appear, then jump, after about half a
    second, in the direction of the fourth block (northwest).  You should land
    on the fresh block.  Quickly jump to the ladder and climb up. Get the
    powerups and jump on the block bridge that just appeared.  Now head up.
    Jump from block to block (ignore that powerup) and climb the ladder.  Wait
    for the green robots to appear and kill them.  You can take either the
    right or the left ladder, they lead to the same place.  Climb up through 2
    more screens to reach an area with a few throwable blocks with an item
    behind them.  Throw the blocks away to get the all-important Magnet Beam.
    (If you don't have the GutsArm, come back here with the ElecBeam to get
    the weapon).  Again, you can take either ladder, but I suggest taking the
    left ladder.  Either way, you'll have to watch out for the electric beams
    that shoot out.  Cross a few more rooms to reach a flat area.  
    Head east across the blocks and climb the ladder.  Jump over the blocks
    (they shoot electricity and climb another ladder.  Avoid the crusher
    robot and go through the double gates.  Climb the ladder (watch out for
    electricity).  After two screens of this ladder stuff, you'll reach
    Elecman's lair.
    Immediately jump on to the ledge and equip the Cut Blade (if you don't
    jump, he'll hit you with an Elec Beam).  Shoot the Cut Blade at him, he'll
    die after three hits.
    Grab the orb to get the Elec Beam.
    ------->ICE MAN<-------
    Head east, shooting at the green robots (if you don't kill them, they'll
    split into two parts and stalk you).  When you fall into the water, you'll
    notice mobility is slow.  Who would have guessed?  Kill the penguins while
    jumping from pillar to pillar.  When you get out the water, fall down the
    hole and onto the slippery ice.  Kill the eye-bots and grab the big
    powerup.  Now fall down the tube and kill the bladed robot with the Cut
    Blade.  Rather than waiting for the blocks to form and jumping up using
    them, equip the Magnet Beam.  Shoot out ledges for you to climb on.  Fall
    down another tube and repeat what you just did to reach the ice ledge.
    Head east until you reach an open gap.  Equip the Magnet Beam, then jump
    on the robot.  The robot will start shooting, making it hard for you to
    jump the next robot.  If you can, use the Magnet Beam to simplify things.
    Snag the weapons power up (for the Magnet Beam) and re-equip the Mega
    Buster.  Jump from robot to robot, blasting the penguins, until you reach
    an ice ledge.  Fall down the tube while holding left to grab the extra
    life.  Fall down the tube again, also holding down left.  Grab the
    powerups and drop down to the next room.  Avoid the crusher robot and go
    through the double gates. Kill the penguins while running through.  Equip
    the Elec Beam and take the double gates into Iceman's lair.
    He'll shoot three or four Ice Slashers at you.  Just shoot the Elec Beam
    at him, and when it makes contact, press Select rapidly. Each
    pause/unpause will register new damage, thus killing Iceman quickly.
    Grab the orb to get the Ice Slasher.
    Head up the ladders, killing the shooters.  Follow the path to the lava
    pit.  Three fireballs will shoot up from the lava and coast back down-
    watch out for them.  Jump across the platforms and climb up the ladder to
    the next screen.  Ignore the powerups (unless you really need them) and
    proceed to the next screen).  Both the upper and lower paths lead to the
    same place, so take the lower one.  Watch out for the flame-throwers when
    you jump up.  Cross over to the edge and fall onto the ladder.  Grab the
    powerups and descend.  Fall down the left hole (the one in the center of
    the room is not a hole at all) and hold right.  Make your way across this
    large room and climb the ladder.  Use the Magnet Beam to get to the next
    platform (rather than trying to go under the fire shots) and climb the
    ladder.  Make your way to the double gates and enter them.  Kill the
    shooters on the ceiling as you make your way to the gate into Fireman's
    lair.  Equip the Ice Slasher and enter.
    Fireman shoots the Fire Storm at you, which leaves small flames burning on
    the ground.  Start shooting the Ice Slasher and do not stop, because he
    will also barrage you with his weapon.  He'll die first.
    Grab the orb to get the Fire Storm.
    --------->DR. WILY'S CASTLE<---------
    Clear Points: 200000
    ------->STAGE 1<-------
    Equip the Ice Slasher and freeze the crusher bots that obstruct your path
    while they are jumping high.  When you reach the wall, equip the GutsArm
    and throw the blocks away.  Now re-equip the Ice Slasher.  Instead of
    shooting the Ice Slasher from the raised platform, drop to the floor and
    try to time it so that the tower is frozen with enough space for Mega Man
    to walk through.  Now climb the ladder to the next room. Climb up, get the
    powerup, and fall to the next block.  Jump and climb the ladder.  Kill the
    screw enemies and throw the blocks out of the way.  Descend to the next
    area.  Watch out for the torpedoes as you cross the spikes and fall to the
    next area.
    Use the Magnet Beam to cross over to the third floating robot, then jump
    to the fourth robot and to the land mass.  Refill the Magnet Beam bar and
    climb the ladder.  You have to have a full bar of Magnet Beam energy for
    this room.  Use it to climb up over the first ledge, then up to the
    ladder.  Now head east into the Cyclops' lair.
    Run to the far side of the room and jump forward over the flying rocks.
    The second he forms, equip the Cut Blade.  Jump and shoot it so that it
    will hit his eye.  Now start pressing select.  If he doesn't die, try
    again when he reforms.
    ------->STAGE 2<-------
    Try not to lose any hit points in this first area.  To do this, always wait
    at the edge of a ledge to see if any ariel robots are there.  At the other
    end of the area, head towards the weapon energy.  Instead, you'll fall
    through an invisible area and right into Cutman's area.  You have to kill
    him with the Mega Buster.  Just keep shooting at him and jump over his Cut
    Blade (it will fly at you, then back to Cutman). When he's dead, fall
    down a pit in the left side of the room.
    Cross the gaps in this area, watching out for fire from shooters.  There
    is another invisible pit on the other side, this time leading to Elecman. 
    Kill him with the Cut Blade and fall down yet another pit (again at the
    left side).
    Cross the gaps again, this time watching out for the bombs that fly up
    (guess who's the next boss?).  Climb down the long tower, using the Cut
    Blade or Elec Beam to get rid of the stupid eye-bots.  At the end, you'll
    enter an odd room where you'll have to fight your clone (ha! I made you
    think it would be Bombman!)
    Run to the left and equip the Elec Beam.  Immediately shoot and start
    pressing Select.  Stop this if he hits you with the Elec Beam. Otherwise,
    kill him with a few super shots.
    ------->STAGE 3<-------
    Kill the eye-bots and fall into the horizontal hallway.  Run until a tidal
    wave comes and pushes you forward.  Just press forward and shoot and you
    will make it past the fleets of penguins and missiles that attack you. 
    Once you get out of the tunnel, head east into the boss chamber.
    Robots surrounded by bubbles will come out of holes in the left, right,
    and top of the chamber.  If the bubble comes from the right hole, it will
    go left over your head and circle around the room.  If it comes from the
    top, it will go straight down and circle around the room.  If it comes
    from the left, it will go straight across the room, down, and around the
    Kill the first three robots by jumping and shooting rapidly.  Then equip
    the GutsArm and hurl the blocks at the next four Bubble Machines.
    ------->STAGE 4<-------
    Wait and kill the green robots that appear, then climb the ladder.  Climb
    as far up as you can and attack the green robots that appear.  Use the
    Magnet Beam to climb up and grab the Weapons Powerup.  Now head east
    through the shooter-filled hallway until you reach a ledge.  That moving
    platform is back!  Use the Magnet Beam to get to the other side, and hang
    onto the small ladder near an extra life and a Yashishi.  Drop down onto
    the platform, then onto the block with an extra life.  Use the Magnet Beam
    to get the Yashishi, then head back to the ladder and take the teleporter.
    You'll run into the four bosses you have yet to re-kill. 
    Bombman: Kill him with the Fire Storm.
    Fireman: Kill him with the Ice Slasher.
    Iceman: Kill him with the Elec Beam.
    Gutsman: Kill him with the Hyper Bomb.
    Head east and equip the ElecBeam.  Power it up and go through the double
    gates to face Dr. Wily.
    --->DR. WILY<---
    Shoot the Elec Beam at the purple portion of his ship, then rapidly hit
    select to inflict massive damage.  After his ship is destroyed, equip the
    Cut Blade and shoot it at Dr. Wily.  Again, hit select repeatedly to cause
    massive damage and destroy Wily.
    Enjoy the ending.
    Capcom: Making this game.
    Colin Moriarty <CMoriarty311@cs.com>: Pointed out that clear points are
    randomly determined except for Wily's stage.  Also has good MegaMan
    Faq/Walkthroughs on gamefaqs.com.
    Procyon Lotor: Multiple hit trick.
    Disclaimer: This guide is copyright 1998-2001 Amar Kishan, and Mega Man is
    copyright 1987 Capcom.  This guide is not official. Do not distribute
    or upload at all without my permission.  This guide cannot be reproduced
    in any way without my permission.

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