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Action > Platformer > 2D
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Mild Cartoon Violence
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1 Player
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Release Data

Box Title
Region Publisher Product ID Distribution / Barcode Release Date Rating
JP Capcom CAP-RX 4976219012089 12/17/87  
Mega Man
US Capcom NES-MN-USA 013388110070 December 1987  
Mega Man
EU Capcom NES-MN 013388110070 12/13/89  
Mega Man
EU Capcom FCTP Virtual Console Wii 06/22/07 7+
Mega Man
AU Capcom FCTP Virtual Console Wii 06/22/07 G
JP Capcom FCTJ Virtual Console Wii 07/29/08 A
Mega Man
US Capcom FCTE Virtual Console Wii 08/18/08 E
JP Capcom TAWJ Virtual Console 3DS 07/18/12 A
Mega Man
EU Capcom TAWP Virtual Console 3DS 10/18/12 7+
Mega Man
AU Capcom TAWP Virtual Console 3DS 10/18/12 G
Mega Man
US Capcom TAWE Virtual Console 3DS 12/27/12 E
Mega Man
US Capcom FANE Virtual Console WiiU 05/02/13 E
Mega Man
EU Capcom FANP Virtual Console WiiU 05/02/13 7+
Mega Man
AU Capcom FANP Virtual Console WiiU 05/02/13 G
JP Capcom FANJ Virtual Console WiiU 06/12/13 A


Play a piece of gaming history with the original Mega Man, the action-packed classic platformer!

In the year 200X, six robots created by master roboticist Dr. Light are tampered with by the evil genius Dr. Wily, and go on a destructive rampage! Only one robot remains who can put a stop to Wily's plans and restore world peace: the heroic Mega Man.

The original Mega Man captivated users at the time of its release with its challenging gameplay and innovative concept of taking the weapons from your enemies, then using them to exploit weaknesses in the bad guys yet to come.

This version features a choice of two difficulty modes.

* Normal Mode - (Unlimited continues) The continue screen is displayed whenever Mega Man dies. Selecting Continue allows you to restart from the last checkpoint you passed in the current stage.
* Hard Mode - This challenging mode limits your number of continues, and enemy attacks deal more damage. There are also fewer checkpoints within stages.

OPTIONS (The following settings can be adjusted in-game.)
* Sound - Increase the number to raise the volume.
* Vibration - Set to "On" to have your device vibrate when Mega Man takes damage. (Default setting: On) Note: This option will not be displayed on devices with no vibration function.
* Attack - Auto: Hold the attack button for rapid-fire Mega Buster shots. Manual: Each press of the attack button fires one Mega Buster shot. Tap repeatedly for rapid-fire shots.(Default setting: Auto)
* Speed - Choose between Normal and High to adjust gameplay speed.
* Key Config - Change position of the in-game attack button and jump button.

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