Wily Stage 3 Boss Question?

  1. What is the OFFICIAL name for this boss? I remember once reading it was something along the lines of "jkl317" or something like that.

    User Info: DETHSHADO

    DETHSHADO - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. According to this site -> http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/CWU-01P , they are called CWU-01Ps.

    User Info: Socob

    Socob - 9 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Back in an old Nintendo Power article they called the boss "Bubble Boys" or something along those lines, though I'm sure the official name is the one you'll find on the Megaman wiki as seen above. Interestingly, the spide-bottomed jellyfish-like bots in Bubbleman's stage in MM2 are supposed to be miniature 'advanced models' of this boss.

    User Info: BreakmanDX

    BreakmanDX - 9 years ago 1 0

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