Review by Charizard06

Reviewed: 07/28/04

I prefer Super Mario Advance over this any day

Do you know what Mario Bros. is? What? You don't? Well, it's a game that has been released several times -- too many times, to be accurate. And unfortunately, this is inferior to other versions of Mario Bros. that I've played. (Actually, I don't own an NES, but I have this on Animal Crossing, which is just like the NES version.)

Story: 8/10
I wish I had a manual for these games. But from what I know, the story goes like this: Mario and his brother Luigi live in the sewers of Brooklyn, NY. Then, strange creatures are invading where they live. It is up to these plumbers (yes, plumbers) to rid these creatures. A pretty good story for its time.

Gameplay: 6/10
Well, there are 1- and 2-Player modes, and there is Game A and Game B. If you have other NES games that were released during the time this was released, this shouldn't surprise you. Your objective is to get rid of the enemies. So how do you do it? Simple. You flip them over by waiting for them to be directly above you, then you punch the floor from below once (twice for the crabs). They become paralyzed, and that's your chance to get them. When you get them, you can get a coin from a pipe. Unfortunately, there are only six types of enemies, which takes away variety. At least in Super Mario Advance they added icicles.

If hitting enemies from the bottom of the blocks is too hard for you, there is one -- and only one -- POW Block at the bottom, which you can punch three times. If you punch it, it's like punching the whole floor at once. A second POW Block could have been useful, but no, they decided to only include one.

Also, there is a bonus stage that appears sometimes. It's difficult to get all the coins that appear, but if you do it, you will get bonus points. And it's easier with two players.

Speaking of two players, Mario and Luigi can play co-operatively, or compete against each other. This can add some fun either way. Playing co-operatively can get you far, or competing against each other can stress out the other player... which should make you happy. Try to paralyze an enemy, then free it when the opponent is about to touch it.

Graphics: 6/10
I'm starting to wonder why Nintendo had the need to put black backgrounds in NES games in the early 1980's. It makes it look it's nighttime, and it doesn't mix with this game! Or any game for that matter! And the characters aren't well detailed either. Mario/Luigi look FUNKY, especially since Luigi is white and not blue or purple. The enemies don't look great either. I mean, look at the Koopa. It doesn't look too much like a Koopa Troopa to me. And one-fourth of the crabs tend to blink. It's an annoying distraction. And, why are the coins red?

Sound: 5/10
There is only ONE music track, and that is on the title screen. It doesn't sound that bad, but I wish there was music in the stages, like in Super Mario Advance. Even something like the music from Donkey Kong would be better than no music at all. And, the sound effects are plain weird. When Mario walks, I hear bleeps of different tones. When an enemy pops out of a pipe, I hear a screech that rises up. And in bonus stages, the constant beeping every 1/10 of a second is very distracting. Sadly, all of these sounds were put into Super Mario Advance, but at least that version had music to cover it up...

Controls: 3/10
This is the main reason that I gave this game a low rating. First of all, Mario walks too slow, and there's no way to speed him up. Running wasn't implemented until Super Mario Bros., unfortunately. This makes it hard for him to escape from enemies. But, more importantly, the jumping is a pain in the neck. I mean, you jump in one direction, and you cannot control your jump in mid-air! So if you jump to get a coin above you, but a crab is in front of you, you lose a life since you can't turn back. Also, Mario seems to jump at different lengths every time you jump...which makes it more frustrating! It takes me many tries to even get up the POW Block, and that's pretty sad if you ask me. At least they fixed these major problems in SMA.

Replay Value: 6/10
I'm sorry to say the sloppy control will really frustrate you. It's so frustrating, that you will want to turn the game off when you lose all your lives. But, the next day, you will want to try it again and give this game a second chance. But you will probably mess up again, leading to more frustration.

Buy or Rent?
Neither. You can't rent NES games anymore. And if you really want this game, get any of the four Super Mario Advance games or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga -- they are better than this in every way. Or in the case of Animal Crossing, the only reason you would have this game on AC is if you used an Action Replay code to get Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda, which gets you this game too. If you can sell it to Tom Nook, do so (I haven't tried yet).

Final rating (not an average): 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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