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Reviewed: 11/22/03

The defining start to a brilliant trend


Arguably Nintendo's flagship product, Mario Bros. is perhaps one of the greatest games of all time. It's not that the game itself is suffers from several minor flaws and a limited number of major ones, however it's the fact that this game set the standard for literally hundreds of title's, for many years to come.

The first game it what soon became the Mario Bros. NES Trilogy, this Action\Platformer was a popular addition to any household of the late 80's\early 90's. Mario would later to go to become the ''Worlds Most Popular Video Game Character Ever Created,'' featuring in many, many games. However, enough about good is the Mario Brother's First Adventure?


Mario Bros. is extremely addictive and fun to play. Although there are now literally thousands of games available on a plethora of consoles (as of 2003), Mario Bros. remains one of those classic games which prompt you to drag out and dust of the old Nintendo Entertainment System for ''just one more turn...''

The Control system is incredibly simplistic, although that is to be expected on a controller that features only 4 buttons. The A button allows Mario to Jump and holding down B sees Mario charging along at super speed. (Although he never quite makes ''Super(sonic)'' Speed...)

Mario isn't any old fool however, and he has a number of items at his disposal. If he gets his chubby paws on a Magic Mushroom he'll evolve into the all-powerful Super Mario and deliver the almighty stomp of doom to his enemies. (Or something like that...) Also, if as Super Mario he finds a Fire Flower, he'll become Fire Mario, allowing him to deal ferocious fireballs straight into the path of the enemy!

The idea behind the game is simple, you move across the screen, from left to right and slowly make your way across the level. Aside from the aforementioned power-ups you'll also come across coins (collect 100 for an extra life), sub-worlds (bonus levels) and the all important, ever annoying, bad-guys. Enemy Elimination is achieved via 1 of 3 methods, the first being jump on them. Some enemies will be destroyed instantly (ie: Goomba's), others will take more than 1 hit. The second method requires the Fire Mario ability - fry your foes! - The third and final method is to avoid the enemy entirely...while this may seem crude, it often works.

Although the gameplay is simplistic, it's still a barrel of fun.



This is the same story that has since been rehashed several times for many other Mario Games. Mario Bros. was the first game to feature this story, It's almost overly creative, however, it was, and still is a classic.

You are Mario. A Plumber from the town of Brooklyn. You and your brother Luigi are one day fixing someone's plumbing and are sucked through the pipes into the magical world of the ''Mushroom Kingdom.'' Here Mario meets Princess Daisy Peach. (Often called either Princess Daisy or Princess Peach.) Of course Mario falls for this fair maiden, however much to his dismay, Bowser, the evil king of the Koopa's has kidnapped Daisy and locked up in his castle all the way over in Dark Land. (World 8) It's up to you to venture across the Kingdom and find the poor princess!

Overall it's quite strange, but highly entertaining, and very original.



It's always hard to review the graphics of a game that's more than 10 years old. Mario Bros. graphics are ridiculously primitive compared to the games we see now. However, so were all of NES' games. After-all, it was only an 8-Bit console, and as such the best graphics, were still by today's standards quite ''shoddy.''

Mario Bros. features some innovative graphic ideas for the system. Basic textures make up the world you play in and the player and enemies are represented by standard 2D sprites. While this in itself isn't amazing, that fact that there is an ever present fluid-frame-rate throughout the game, even when there is many enemies on screen is a bonus. It's something most NES title's managed, but we forget about them now...

The game's character animation is quite nice, and in comparison to other games on the system, Mario Bros. was quite an accomplishment.



The Mario theme music is one most people will never forget. The sound of simple undulating tones coupled with up-beat ''ping's'' and ''pong's'' may not sound very appealing, but it was quite an addictive tune...and the sound effects weren't THAT fact, in the late 80's you could do a LOT worse...


Play time/Replay-ability

The game itself gets quite difficult toward the end. Especially considering you can't ''save'' your progress anywhere along the way. With 8 worlds and 4 levels per world (that's 32 levels in total, for the mathematically challenged out there) the game will take a little while to get through from start to finish. Of course, if you get to world 6 then get killed by a ''Hammer-Brother'' you may be tempted to throw your controller at the TV screen....hopefully however you'll stop yourself just in time, and decide to start back over from the beginning. This time, you might make it to World 7...


Final Recommendation

If you haven't heard of this game, you CANNOT call yourself a gamer! If you haven't played it you'll do no wrong in giving it a try. If you have played it before, then you might remember how good it really was....nowadays there's hundreds of titles that have better graphics, music and fancy features, however it's rare, even now to get a game with magnificent gameplay. This game features just that.

Go on...give it a try!


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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