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Reviewed: 10/07/03 | Updated: 02/16/04

Not a BAD "classic" NES game just not a great one.

Ah yes ''Mario Bros.'' the post Donkey Kong but Pre-Super Mario Bros. game on the saga that is the Mario Brothers. However this is of course the debut of infamously undershown brother of Mario in green LUIGI MARIO! And its also the first time Mario is no longer called by his original moniker ''Jump Man'' as he is now called Mario, named after Nintendo's landlord in Seatlle whom is Mario Segalli, but thats a different story for a different time. And while plenty have deemed the original arcade version of this 1983 game to be quite the classic, is this version good? Well if you judge it on its own merits when it comes to Mario games on the NES you'll probably be reasonably entertained but if not lets just say you might want to be cautious. (And thats putting it kinda mildly...)

The gameplay concept is good, having everyone's fave Italian plumbers battle against turtles, krabs, awfully large flies and other nasty critters while collecting coins and banging on the ''Power Block'' on the center stage is good. The graphics and music are QUITE competent as they serve their purpose well. The gameplay isn't absolutely awful mind you but its awfully repetitive, granted the arcade games of those days were never known for really deep gameplay but even by these standards it can get really tedious. (Despite the fact that they do have different bonus rounds and stage designs but the gameplay is still feeling the same nevertheless.) Its also might be a bit too hard in the later levels even with a Game Genie so be careful. Is it really for Mario fans? Its a possiblity but its really more for fans of simple but seemingly endless action puzzle games.

Overall not a bad game it might seem disappointing whether you compare it to the ''Super Mario Trilogy'' or not. But its a decent little ''Quick Fix'' game thats not terribly hard to find & afford that'll give you some fun and replay value.

+ Luigi's debut and the debut of Mario as Mario
+ Good concept of Mario & Luigi battling Turtles, Krabs and others.
+ Good graphics with alright music
+ The bonus stages are a nice little touch
- Its gameplay isn't terrible just overly average and awfully repetitive and can also be a bit too hard (even with a Game Genie)
- The Bonus stages don't add a lot lets just say
- Its really quite more for fans of ''seemingly endless action puzzle'' games
- Its probably one of the weakest Mario games on the NES

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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