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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

Before Super Mario Bros, this game existed..........

Yep, this game is not to be confused with Super Mario Bros, theoriginal pack-in game with the NES. In this game, Mario and Luigiare indeed the characters (and controlled by the first and secondplayer, respectively), but it is a completely different game. Thereare many levels, and each one is comprised of a single screen withseveral layers of platforms. There are four pipes, one in each cornerof the screen. Enemies enter the battle through one of the top pipes. If they are not killed, they exit through a bottom pipe andreappear through a top one again. The enemies include crabs, turtlesand flies. Fireballs are also an obstacle. Enemies are killed byhitting the platform they are on from below, cauing them to flipover. When they are upside down, you have to jump up to theirlevel and kick them. Another way to flip them over is to hit thePOW block, which flips all enemies over, but can only be used threetimes. Crabs must be hit twice before they flip over, and if analready upside down enemy is hit, he turns right side up. The lastenemy in each level turns blue, and moves twice as fast. This isa one or two player game. In the two player game, the player thatkills the most enemies wins the level.

Graphics: 6/10

Pretty good for the time period. Around what you expect from anearly (mid 80s) NES game.

Sound: 4/10

Pretty much non-existant. The usual sound effects.

Gameplay: 8/10

Frankly, this is a very fun game to play. It's not too hard in theearly levels, but by the higher ones it has increased. Control isaverage; sometimes Mario slides in a direction you don't want him to. The POW block is a nice addition, because it can work againstyou. If you hit it once, all enemies are flipped, except crabs,which take two hits. If you hit it again, the crabs are flippedupside down, but the other enemies are turned right side up again.Some strategy comes into play in this way. The two player game isvery fun and leads to some friendly (sometimes) competition.

Replay: 8/10

Despite being so simple, the game is pretty fun to play again.The longevity is increased with a friend.

Overall: 7/10

Don't be fooled by its age; this game is still a good one. If youhave an NES, you can be sure to find this game very cheap, and if youhave a friend willing to play, give it a try. You may not have knownit, but you might already have this game partially. If you haveSuper Mario Bros. 3, play a two player game and when your friendclears a level, move onto that square and press A. You and your friendwill engage in a one round battle of Mario Bros. Use this as anaccurate guide as to what the game is like.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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