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Reviewed: 12/10/00 | Updated: 12/10/00

Old School Mario

-Visuals 8/10-

Way back in the day of NES, this game was the first of many Mario games that spawned a near-cult like following. While basic, and to the point, it didn't have alot of flare to it, but offered you alot of detail in a game that was really quite basic. Putting you in different level designs, the only real thing that was different from one stage to the next was the color of the flooring and girders that you bopped turtles on.

-Audio 8/10-

Again, very basic, but very uplifting. You had generic music and very basic sounds that included bops and that high-pitched jumping sound effect. It's really hard to imagine what the sound could have been like in this day and age, but back then, this was top of the line MIDI music programmed for the NES. Not bad for a first generation gaming console.

-Control 8/10-

Easy to understand and even a blind man could pull off what needed to be done. You're basic moves where running back and forth and jumping over or underneath an enemy and flipping them over. You can't get much easier than this. The most advanced move you really have, is jumping from level to level, and even that is easy enough to pull off.

-Gameplay 8/10-

Again, basic and to the point. The game revolves around a Mario Brother and taking out a bunch of turtles through-out a seemingly endless line of stages that really don't vary much but in terms of where the levels are placed. You have a POW block in the center which flips all onscreen enemies onto their back, and then you go around and knock them off the stage. While this may seem pretty dull for today's standards, you have to look past that and see it for what it really is: A very addicting game in a very basic way.

There aren't any secrets, and even though it's two players, there isn't much else to do but knock all the enemies off the stage and proceed to the next one.

-Overall 8/10-

This was the Old School Mario before he turned 3d, and before the intricate storylines that came later. With this game, Nintendo started a giant series that's spanned a couple of different systems, and has spawned several things, including comics, TV shows, movies, games, music, posters, books and about a million other things.

When you look back on this game, if you can find it, it's the truest collector's item that there is on the market today, in which it was the first corner stone to a wordwide phenomenon that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you can find this game, then you're truly lucky. It's worth a look, and it's definitely worth picking up for the money that it goes for these days. If anything, you'll find some addicting gameplay and a piece of history contained in a small cart for a timeless system.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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