Game Trivia

  • This was the first Kirby game with abilities, and the first power you can get in the game is Beam making that the first power Kirby as ever picked up.

    Contributed By: StingX2.

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  • Kirby's color was the cause of an argument at Nintendo. Masahiro Sakurai wished for Kirby to be pink, while Miyamoto wanted him to be yellow. Eventually, Kirby's yellow color would be used in later games, such as Kirby's Super Star as an alternate color for additional Kirbys while pink would be Kirby's main color.

    Contributed By: Jerrynsteph4eva.

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  • Rapper Wiz Khalifa sampled the Grape Garden map theme for his 2009 track "One Way".

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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Famous Quote

  • (Opening screen)

    First you draw a circle,
    Then you dot the eyes,
    Add a great big smile,
    And presto, it's Kirby!

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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Connection to Other Media

  • The last stage of the Rainbow Resort level is a homage to the first Kirby game; Kirby's Dream Land. Since that was a Game Boy game the level only uses a monochrome palette and it features every type of level found in that game.

    Contributed By: Donald Love 87.

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