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Boss Guide by Lord Zero

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/15/2005

     		               Kirby's Adventure
	                  Abilities and Boss guide
      		           By Lord Zero
      			     Version 1.4



1.- File History
2.- Introduction
3.- Special Abilities
4.- Boss strategies
5.- Credits
6.- Legal Stuff

1.-File History:

-0.1 Start of the file.

-1.1 Hmmm... An update... Copyright Notice Changed, Several spacing and 
spelling errors corrected.

-1.2 Copyright changed.(07/09/2001, 15:11)

-1.4 Email Change. (10/29/2002, 16:54)

2.- Introduction:

Kirby's Adventure was one of the last and probably most advanced games that
came out for the NES. Kirby has been pretty underated, Nintendo never cared too
much about him, even when he was a potential selling character,but oh well...

This is a guide to help you maximize de effects of the special abilities,and
the best weapons and strategies for beating the bosses. I haven't played this
game for a while, but i played it to death, and I remember each one of the 
features. I'll play it again these days to add a Walkthrough. Good luck!


3.-Special Abilities:

3.1.- Spark: One of the basic abilities. Quite useful, however, Kirby ducks and
lets sparks come out of his body. This damages(or kills)any enemies that touch
him. Perfect ability against jumping enemies.

3.2.- Frezzer: Basically the same as Spark, but this time Kirby will blow Ice
shards that frezze any enemy(but no bosses)that touch him. They will turn into
an Ice block which you can kick to beat another enemy.

3.3.- Sword: One of the best abilities in the game, IMO. Kirby will swing his 
sword to beat the hell outta any enemy. If he uses it while jumping, he will
do an spin attack. Quite useful as an stand alone weapon.

3.4.- Cutter: Kirby will throw a boomerang which will destroy anything in it's
path, and will return to it's original place. It's a good ability, but it's 
seldom offered.

3.5.- Fire: Kirby will spit fire from it's mouth. Originally thought to act by
shooting a single fire ball. It's used mainly to fire up cannons.

3.6.- Ice: The same as Fire but with Ice, frezzing enemies. Pretty creative, uh?

3.7.- Fireball: one of my favorite abilities. Kirby will turn into a fireball 
and will fly ahead bruning whoever he finds on his path. Very cool attack, and
pretty powerful. It can be used for high speed dashes.

3.8.- Wheel: A powerful ability ,but kinda anoying too. Kirby will turn into a
wheel which will run ahead at high speed tackling anything in his path. Useful
against many bossses.

3.9.- Crash: Kirby will explode and send many Kirby darts to fly all over the
screen beating anything, whatever and whoever it's on the screen-including
bosses and minibosses. The bad side is that you can only use it once.

3.10.- Mike: Another quite useful attack. Kirby will first use a Megaphone and
scream to damage enemies on screen. The second time he will scream at a
Microphone. The third time he will take out a Mike with an stand, jump and make
a really cool pose while shouting the hell outta any enemy on screen. This 
ability can only be used three times, but I know a bug involving the second
Boss which will gave you roughly 256 Mikes. See the Bosses section.

3.11.- Hammer: Kinda like the Sword, but more powerful. It can be used to push
wooden stacks that ussually will lead to secret rooms.

3.12.- Parasol: How cute!...Pretty much like Sword and Hammer, but this time 
with a parasol. This can protect you from above and you will fall slowly from
the air while using it. Useful only when you get it, but it can get very cheap
with air Bosses.

3.13.- Laser: Kirby will shoot a laser which can change directions if it touches
sloped corner. It's quite powerful but it's pretty dang slow.

3.14.- Beam: Kirby will fire a beam(duh)which will cover a short range ahead in
a 180 degrees vertical range. Pretty slow, and not very powerful. Pretty cool

3.15.- hrow: This time he will inhale an enemy, and you can throw it in three
different angles as a Supershot. Pretty powerful, as expected.

3.16.- Back Drop: Kirby will inhale an enemy, and he will hold it until you
press a direction, and he will do a drop with the enemy, attack whatever he
touches with the enemy. Pretty cool looking, but it's the same thing as Throw
but with less range.

3.17.- Ball: A very unuseful ability. Kirby will turn into a ball which will 
bounce while you press A. Sounds uninteresting?It is.

3.18.- Stone: Kirby will turn into an Stone. It's only useful when you do it
while jumping, to kill whatever it's below him. Can be used to push wooden
stacks and to fall faster.

3.19.- Hi jump: Kirby will jump(duh again) to the top of the screen damaging
anythin gon his path.Pretty useful.

3.20.- Light: This ability only works once. Kirby will release "Something" to 
light up a dark room. Anywhere else it won't do anything.

3.21.- Sleep: If Kirby inhales an sleepy enemy he will fall asleep and be 
vulnerable for a while.

3.22.- Needle: Spikes come out form Kirby's back. About the same range as Frezze
and Spark, but waaaaaay more powerful.

3.23.- Tornado: Kirby spins and turn into a tornado running across the ground.
If you keep B pressed he will eventually go flying faster and faster.

3.24.- UFO: Kirby truns into a flying UFO. It can use three different shoots. If
you press B(Or A)you will use a BEAM. If you keep B for a second you will
shoot a single star. If you press it for two second or so you will shoot a 

3.25.- Mix: Not likely to be an ability, but just a chance to get an ability.
Press B when you want to get a ramdom ability. If you let it roll to stop by
itself, more likely you will get UFO, or HAMMER. this one is got by eating two
enemies at once.(Look at the picture, that's kirby going drunk or it's just 

3.26.- Star Rod: You will get this ability at the end of the game. It acts just
like Sword but it can shoot super stars too. The ultimate ability.


4.- The Bosses:

1)Vegetable Valley Boss: Whispy Woods.
Ability of Choice: Spark or Frezze or Needle(Though you can't, it's almost the 
Difficulty: as hard as pushing the On button of your NES.
Strategy: I shouldn't give strategies for this so-called boss, but here it goes
anyway. If you have any of the abilities I named, just go and duck next to him
and start using the ability. He will die within a matter of seconds.I f not,
then wait for him to throw some apples, take them and throw them to him.

2)Ice Cream Island Boss: Paint Roller.
Ability of Choice: Spark.
Difficulty: A bit harder, but not very much.
Strategy: If you have spark,sit in the very center of the stage and keep on
Sparking. If not, try this bug: Throw his life down to it's half, and wait for 
him to draw a Hat. Inhale it for a Mike power. Use it twice, and go the the 
center of the stage, jump,and in the top of the jump use the last Mike. He will
die. If everything got right, at the start you'll have something like P7 Mikes.
That means you'll have about 255 Mikes!

3)Butter Building Boss :Mr.Shine(Moon)and Mr.Bright(Sun).
Ability of Choice: Wheel.
Difficult: medium.
Strategy: With Wheel, this battle is a joke: Use it and keep rolling from side
to side, and you'll beat them with ease. If not,just keep avoiding their
dash attacks, and their ranged attacks, and wait for the one in the sky to
send you some stars, eat them(You can eat two of them with ease to get a MIX)
and throw them to the enemy. Mr.Bright is slighty harded than Mr.Shine.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.3: Somebody sent me an email with an easier strategy, but
somehow the email didn't had any direction (Or, frankly, I don't know what
the heck happened), but I put it here. Please, if you want the credit, sent
me your name and direction, as I can't find them.

"here's another easy way to kill mr.shine and mr.bright for your kirby boss 
FAQ, get freeze from the arena player in level 2 then just walk up beside 
mr.shine or mr.bright, use freeze, and they won't move, they'll just stand 
there and die, just don't let go of B. c ya"

Thanks a lot, but who are you??

4)Grape Garden Boss: Kracko.
Ability of Choice: Hi Jump or Tornado.
Difficult: Medium.
Strategy: With Hi Jump, just beat the heck out of him by jumping at him. With 
Tornado is harder but more effective, try to keep with him while using the
Tornado. If not, just keep eating enemies and throwing them at him when he
comes down trying to tackle you.

5)Yogurt Yard Boss: Heavy Mole.
Ability of choice: Hammer or Sword.
Difficult: Medium-Hard.
Strategy: Is pretty easy with hammer or Sword. Keep near jumping and attacking
and you will get no damage. If you don't have either ability, eat yellow guys
to get Hammer. Don't eat the Red guys or you will fall asleep and the screen 
will eat you alive.

6)Orange Ocean Boss: Meta Knight.
Ability of choice: No choice here, you will get the sword.
Difficulty: Quite hard.
Strategy:You will have to get the Sword to start the duel, errr...fight. This 
is, IMHO, the most exciting moment of the whole game. Meta Knight is very
hard to predict, he uses several different attacks. His dash attack(he will
run and put his sword to the front to dice you)is the most dangerous, but his
mosty open moment too, so jump it and attack him. If he jumps, he will most
likely fall down with his sword, so move back and slice him. He will take rougly
12 or 13 hits to be beated, so be patient. At the end he will reveal himself
as a black Kirby(cool!).

7)Rainbow Resort Boss: King DeDeDe.
Ability of Choice: Hi jump.
Dificulty: medium-hard.
Strategy: Keep using Hi jump or throw, that's the best way. If not,keep avoiding
HIM(so keep away from him)or he will dish out some anoying attacks, and keep
watching for stars to appear and throw them at him-He's not that hard, but
he sure takes a lot of hits.

8)Final stage Boss: Nightmare,first stage.
Ability of choice: You will have the Star Rod, what else do you need?
Difficulty: Quite hard.
Strategy: You will need quick fingers and reflexes to beat this thing. Keep 
shooting at hit, and keep on the center to avoid it's stars. He takes a lot
of hits to die, and you have about 5 minutes to kill him, or the floor will
appear and you will make a forced landing, dying.

-Nightmare,Second Stage:
Ability of Choice: Still you have the Star Rod.
Difficulty: Hard.
Strategy:T his is a lot easier than the first form. He will appear from several
spots shooting stars. If he falls from the middle, just jump and shot. If he 
appears from one side,r un to his back and attack him. If he appears with it's
head down jump backwards and shoot him. He will die in 6 or so shoots.



-Hal Laboratory for creating Kirby.This will be my favorite NES game of all
time.It's a Shame that Nintendo never cared about Kirby too much.

-Devin Morgan for some info on the bosses(he actually knows how many hits
can take each of the bosses!)He has an amazing "Ultimate Kirby Guide" a must
reading for any Kirby Fan.His email is DBM11085@aol.com.

-Club Nintendo Magazine.It's a Mexican Magazine in which I found the bug for
getting all those Mikes.

-Whoever sent me the strategy for Mr.Bright and Mr. Shine. Please contact 
me so I can add you here as you deserve it.

-And you,for reading this.Cya Next time!


6.-Legal Stuff:

This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2000-2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).

The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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