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NES to GBA Changes FAQ by Wolf4knowledge

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/08/2006
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Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA)
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
Changes Guide
Written by: Wolf4knowledge
COPYWRITE 2002 Wolf4knowledge
Version 1.4   08/24/03

- Content -

1.     Introduction
2.     Version History
3.     Game Info
4.     Game Changes
          - Gameplay Changes
5.     Contact Information
6.     Credits
7.     Copywrite Info

1.   - Introduction -

After playing both games and beaten it both I decided to make a 
"Changes FAQ" for this game. Also I just wanted to make a FAQ 
for a game for the first time.

Anyways this FAQ with cover the changes made in the GBA
version compared to the orinigal NES version. Now that I
played the english version I will compare Kirby Nightmare in
Dreamland for GBA with the original Kirby Adventure for NES (both
in US of course)

2.    - Version History -

1.4  - 08/24/03 - Removed my E-mail Address

1.3a - 06/11/03 - Took out the Proven Wrong Section

1.3  - 06/11/03 - Added some stuff

1.2  - 01/02/03 - Changed something in the Contact Information
                  Added some stuff

1.1  - 01/01/03 - Added some stuff thanks to other people
                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1.0  - 12/20/02 - Added some stuff
                  Took out Slight level/music/enemy/etc. changes

0.9a - 11/29/02 - Corrected a few errors

0.9  - 11/27/02 - Added a lot of stuff

0.8  - 11/26/02 - Got USA version now
                  Added some stuff

0.7  - 11/15/02 -  Fixed some errors
                   Added a few things

0.6  - 11/09/02 -  Added a few things
                   Updated the Contact information and credits

0.5a - 11/09/02 -  Added one extra thing
                   Fixed an error I made on 0.5

0.5  - 11/08/02 -  Added a few more things
                   Fixed some spelling/grammer errors

0.4  - 10/31/02 -  Added a few more things
                   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

0.3  - 10/29/02 - Added a few more things
                  Added a Proven Wrong section
                 (things I wrote that was proved wrong)

0.2a - 10/28/02 - Added a few more things

0.2  - 10/26/02 - Added a few more things
                - Changed the very noticeable changes to 
                  Gameplay changes
                - Fixed a few things (thanks to Scizor CT)

0.1a - 10/26/02 - Added a few more things

0.1  - 10/25/02 - My first FAQ. First Release

3.    - Game Info -

What is Kirby's Adventure?
Kirby adventure was Kirby second game and was introduce to
his new copy powers. It also showed what amazing graphics
a NES can hold. For Kirby's first game with abilities it has 
the most abilities compare to his other games. This game 
has about 30 different abilities. This game consist of 
seven stages and each with about 4-6 levels each.

What is Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland?
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland is the remake of the popular 
NES game Kirby's Adventure. With enhanced graphics and 
new mini-games this remake turns out to be one of the 
best so far on GBA. The story and gameplay is the same 
compared to Kirby's Adventure and they didn't add any 
new levels or ability.

4.    - Game Changes-

- Gameplay Changes

The title screen is different and the game title has 
been changed (DUH) 

Now if you wait at the title screen it shows the story 
to the game immediatly without showing the demonstration on 
how to play from the NES version.

Now they have added multi-player function. Now up to 
four players can play Kirby's Adventure or compete 
in one of the 3 new mini-games

The graphics has been totally revamped. Everything you see 
looks a lot better compared to the NES version.

The screen is smaller than the T.V. so they had to take out 
the small menu at the bottom of the screen while you are playing.

All the bosses and mini-bosses looks slightly different and 
each boss has been made bigger (HUGE) 

They took out the three original mini-games and added 3 new 
mini-games. Quick-draw, Kirby's Air grind and Bomb rally

All the secret doors (not visible in the NES version) has 
been adjusted so you can slighty see each secret door. 

Now you can TAP A repeatedly you will fly and you can also 
hold the UP control pad as usual.

The intro to each world has been slightly changed.

Kirby now wears a hat to show which ability he currently has.

All the music has been totally remixed

Kirby now says somethings if he gets hurt or if he uses the 
mike ability

When Kirby runs uphill he doesn't craw up no more.

You can save in extra mode now.

They've added stars around almost every door.

When you get to the highest level on the cloud jumping game
only one Kirby shows up now instead of three

The Ending to the game has been changed slightly.

Getting 100% on extra mode allows you to play the game as
Meta-Knight (thanks to Scizor CT. Can't believe I forgot
to put this)

Most backgrounds has been totally revamped

When Kirby swims he wear goggles now

No more OUCH icon

Each abitity icon looks different.

Kirby's underwater attack now shoots farther than before

When playing Boss Mode (vs. boss (NES) Boss Endurence (GBA) )
You no longer have to retrive the star rod once you defeated
a boss.

The description of each the ability has been changed

The door that goes back one world no longers says back
It says previous now

When Kirby runs it looks different now

The door that goes forward one world no longers says go
it says next now.

The text in the menu is different. It says Leave through 
Door now.

The ending text has been altered

The ending in extra mode has been changed

You can use the high-jump ability after you jump

The fireball ability has been changed to burning ability

The crash ability looks a little different now.

Backdrop requires you to grab the enemy now instead of
inhaling it (Plas Durock pointed this one out)

On the needle ability you can hold it forever in the gba 
version. In the nes one, they retracted after a few seconds 
or so. (sadman pointed this out)

When using the stone ability Kirby can slighty move before
hitting the floor.

Kirby slides normally now while having the hammer ability

When using the BALL ability use can bounce now even it there
is no ceiling (Screens counts as a wall)

When you slide into something an you bounce back while in the 
NES version you slide through enemies (sadman pointed this out)

The wall climbing enemy has been changed into a pig

The needle enemy has been changed into a needle worm.

After winning an arena match the music doesn't stop.

Cannon does a flip before it fires (sadman pointed this

The background music for King Dedede battle has been changed

The background music while fighting Meta Knight's warriors
has been changed

In some levels Meta-Knight no longers throw the invincible
lolli-pop at you

To get the fuse lit underwater on 6-3 has been changed. 
(or slightly adjusted?)

The old turtle (corrected by Scizor CT) looking boss has been 
replaced with an elephant

Meta-Knight is now blue and you can see his eyes.

Meta-Knight doesn't do that stab move in the air on
the NES version (Plas Durock pointed this one out)

The strange block (ice and hammer block in orinigal version)
has been changed so it can be destroyed by fire/fireball and 
hammer and stone (it can be destroyed by U.F.O. too by 
charging to the max)

In the NES version getting an ability that changes Kirby's
color also shows on the Jump game and Kirby's Victory
dance. GBA it don't show that anymore. (Plas Durock pointed
this one out)

On the demonstration of an ability you just got doesn't hurt
anything until the screen is bright again.

The charged up shot for the UFO now shoot a beam instead of
a star (HydroKirby pointed this out)

Kirby doesn't get larger while inhaling in the GBA version
(HydroKirby pointed this out)

The Fire and Ice ability now has a slight charging time before
the attack can be exucuted (HydroKirby pointed this out)

In 1-3 the last enemy (Bronto Burt) has been changed
into the fire enemy

They added an extra bomb block in 2-5 second room

In 2-2 the fourth and fifth room has been changed
(Plas Durock pointed this out)

In 2-5 the third room has been totally changed

In world 3 all of the rotating towers rooms has been took 
out. (Appears on several levels)

In 4-5 the first room has been changed

In 4-5 the fifth room has been changed

In 5-5 the secret area only has one column of of star block
instead of 2

In 5-5 when you go on the warp star in room 2 the animation
is different

On 7-2 the background music has been changed

On 7-3 the fourth room has been changed

On 7-4 they've added an extra room near the end of the level

On 7-6 all the enemies are now colored instead of black and

On the world 8 intro Kirby no longer makes a mad face

5.    - Contact Information -

I removed my contact information because people like to be stupid.

6.    - Credits - 

I would like to thank

YOU! for reading my FAQ

Gamefaqs - For posting my FAQ and allowed to be on the website

Nintendo and HAL - For making this game and Kirby possible

And me! Wolf4knowledge - for writing the FAQ

and all the other people who helped out with the FAQ
(Scizor CT, THE FROZEN, Plas Durock , HydroKirby and sadman)

7.     - Copywrite Info -

This FAQ is copyrighted 2002 to 
Kennth Yeung  A.K.A. Wolf4knowledge

This is for personal use only, you may not put this in your 
site or use it to make a profit. If you wish to use this 
FAQ, contact me at me e-mail or IM me and I will consider it.
Do not distribute this document, or alter it in any way shape
or form. It can be printed out for personal use only. You 
can NOT use this document without my permission.

If you find the FAQ on a site other than GameFAQS.com and
www.cheats.de then please contact me.

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