• Codes

    Fight the First BossHold Down and turn on the NES. The screen will be solid white. Then press Left, Up, or Right on Controller 2.
    Sound TestAt the title screen, hold A + B on Controller 2, and press Reset.

    Contributed By: Flying Omelette.

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  • Boss Passwords

    1st Boss KokegMgP GICG
    2nd Boss PiroXDXI EKBY
    3rd Boss KapanELGh hHBh
    4th Boss Wizard King (Final Boss)LYSe bFBa

    Contributed By: Flying Omelette.

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  • Passwords

    Level 30SNNC BBCJ
    Special GameFbgJ IYAX
    Toy LandJVYD GKAe
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  • Passwords

    Cake Land 1CdhK UYBW
    Cake Land 10KJeK VNCe
    Cake Land 11PRKV UQCL
    Cake Land 12SBDQ FZAa
    Cake Land 13RAHW HBBW
    Cake Land 14MTTK hPCD
    Cake Land 15IHAV PXBB
    Cake Land 16ELeA hhBP
    Cake Land 2gACJ QaBF
    Cake Land 3aUZE UdAK
    Cake Land 4WYdD QgAZ
    Cake Land 5SMTg UADS
    Cake Land 6OQOe QaCF
    Cake Land 7KENY UECL
    Cake Land 8GIIX QgBN
    Cake Land 9HJUh UUCe
    Fruit Land 1GWZE CKAd
    Fruit Land 10hLHA MCDO
    Fruit Land 11bXED gKBe
    Fruit Land 12STZK hbCe
    Fruit Land 13PbaJ OgAb
    Fruit Land 14SSIe daCF
    Fruit Land 15WGTY IYCI
    Fruit Land 16aagL QOBK
    Fruit Land 17XDWH EIBP
    Fruit Land 2GGIb aACg
    Fruit Land 3HTYP OSAR
    Fruit Land 4KKKb dKCF
    Fruit Land 5OgFG IIBU
    Fruit Land 6RRRa QgCE
    Fruit Land 7ZZWT AMBT
    Fruit Land 8gOSH AODG
    Fruit Land 9CCeO YACC
    Garden Land 1CADO QECP
    Garden Land 10HVBQ EgAU
    Garden Land 11GUBO GaAF
    Garden Land 12OdYN OABW
    Garden Land 13NLKT WGCe
    Garden Land 14RhXY WQBg
    Garden Land 15VFUJ WGCe
    Garden Land 16ZXBg GACL
    Garden Land 17gMHQ GKCQ
    Garden Land 2hNRA EODF
    Garden Land 3bZaD WCBB
    Garden Land 4XKSH HNCe
    Garden Land 5TGNd HVBQ
    Garden Land 6ORBI XbCe
    Garden Land 7PeCL GKBV
    Garden Land 8OMUB UaCF
    Garden Land 9KITG QUCe
    Special Game 10JPLG IaBF
    Special Game 11JEJd DFBa
    Special Game 12KQMP AGCe
    Special Game 13LBYT YIBR
    Special Game 14LRJS aICB
    Special Game 15MCXS YIBQ
    Special Game 16MSGB IWBA
    Special Game 17NTGB YYAh
    Special Game 18NDXS IKBO
    Special Game 19NYVg VLBK
    Special Game 2FLPa YKCG
    Special Game 20OEYT IOBW
    Special Game 21PVMH YIBe
    Special Game 22PFeA ACCY
    Special Game 23QWLK UMBT
    Special Game 24QGaV IWBM
    Special Game 25QbgN JJCD
    Special Game 26RHDS EgBS
    Special Game 27RdBC FDCN
    Special Game 28RMQP JPCK
    Special Game 29TZQL YYBV
    Special Game 3GdBM IABg
    Special Game 30TJBd IKCE
    Special Game 4GMQL IgBF
    Special Game 5HeEh YYBB
    Special Game 6HNVQ IKCQ
    Special Game 7IgDg YYBC
    Special Game 8IOSF AgBD
    Special Game 9IDGN RRBC
    Toy Land 10XXDS KUBg
    Toy Land 11aXMH LXBV
    Toy Land 12hhed KICT
    Toy Land 13huTD bVCE
    Toy Land 14bIgR bFCa
    Toy Land 15XMeW bJCE
    Toy Land 16TAIL bZBE
    Toy Land 17LYTd bFBa
    Toy Land 2NBFQ GUBg
    Toy Land 3NRSe WgCD
    Toy Land 4OCCe WACW
    Toy Land 5OSRE OGCe
    Toy Land 6PhhW aUBg
    Toy Land 7TbER YUBg
    Toy Land 8PPRI KICD
    Toy Land 9SPSe LDCS

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

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  • Passwords for the PAL version of the game

    Enter the following passwords at the password entry screen.

    Cake Land - 1DntN bhCf
    Fruit Land - 1JfjG DNBn
    Toy Land - 1MdhF JNBq

    Contributed By: Tenners.

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Easter Eggs

  • Kid Niki Cameo

    Hold A on Controller 2, and turn on the game. Continue to hold A until the title screen appears, and Kid Niki Radical Ninja will appear.

    Contributed By: Flying Omelette.

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