Review by J J N

Reviewed: 01/20/04

Best Military game for the NES. Ever.


Military genres seem to do well for video games because it pit’s the player into an emulated “reality”, where they can be special force soldiers battling enemies deep in the Vietnam jungle or they can be in a submarine, shooting all those torpedoes at Russian ships. In the case of this game, you’re controlling a military jeep with an equipped machine gun.

I’m glad and perhaps even a bit proud to tell you that this is one of the most enjoyable military theme game I played for a long time for the NES console. Nothing beats having a military deep in , roaming around in a environment that vaguely resembles Iraq and saving hostages ( Prisons of war ) and while blowing up tanks and houses in the process!

Game Play

Like mentioned early, you’re playing as a military deep in which you move around in a flat environment. The camera view in the game is a bird’ eye view. Anyway, you have a bunch of enemies in the game which are trying to harm you. All they have to do is give you one hit before you die. So it is important to return fire in the game or dodge it completely. The enemies in the game includes men with bazooka. Note that you can easily kill these men by getting close to them and running then over with your jeep. And you thought that characters in video games adhere to the Geneva convention. There are also tanks and mortars that try to attack you. Note that I stress the word “try” because when they fire the ammo, it is nothing more then very slow white balls coming at you.

Of course, you’re no sitting duck for these nefarious enemies to kill you. What you can do in the game is return the fire back with our machine gun or missioners. Or grenades - I’m not sure. Anyways, you have an unlimited source of these ammos so you don’t have to be afraid of running ammo anything time soon.

Looks like the objectives I the game is to save your comrades. What you do is go into the base and blow up the houses. Then your comrade will come out and wave at you. What you do is pick them up and move on to the next prisoner camp. This sounds simple enough.

Only a fatuous gamer would think that that is all to the game. The boss in the game is actually, ( in the first stage anyways) multiple tanks in which you have to hit them with your missiles and successful evade their machine guns. It is very hard and takes a lot of console work.


This game probably will entertain you for a few hours. Unlike other games, this will grasp your attention and can be pretty addictive. I wanted to be the whole level before putting the game down. All in all, this game combines good graphics coupled with excellent game play and neat sound and music track to provide you wit something entertaining. And it isn’t surprising that this game has high entertain values. Therefore I’m going to give this game a high rating.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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