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Reviewed: 03/01/03 | Updated: 03/02/03

Running Over Little People Has Never Been So Much Fun.

Jackal is one of the top ten Nintendo games I remember most from my childhood, I still play this game to this day and enjoy every second of it. I purchased this game the first year it came out, 1988 I believe unsure maybe I should throw all these “superior systems” out and crank up my Nintendo, alright enough of that now to my review of one of the forgotten games of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I personally believe this game had good graphics, considering it was made in the early/mid years of the NES days. The explosions are cool and when you blow the side of a building up and the little stick guy or as I like to call them graphically challenged prisoners of war bail out is pretty cool. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the enemies and the vehicles, well everything looks crisp the games graphics are good enough.

SOUND 5/10
Take the worst sound you ever heard and throw Steven Segal in the mix and you got Jackal’s music, the reason I say that is because there is like 3 different types of music in it or something I really can’t remember because I always turn the volume off. Ok now your probably wondering why I even gave it a five, well the sound effects in this game are really excellent, too bad the cheesy Steven Segal music had to ruin it.

STORY 5/10
Story? Where? Well this game does have a story but its as weak as Steven Segal’s movies, ok fine I will quit slamming him besides I am talking about this game, ok basically the story is someone took your “brothers-in-arms” prisoner and you got to slap some scum up to get them back, what? That’s the story.

This game has good controls, I can’t think of one thing to complain about, as far as the controls go they are excellent. So anyways to what really should be important is this game fun? Yes it is probably the most fun I have had with a NES controller ever, except a few other games that surpass it and if you play two players with a friend it’s definitely the most fun you can have this side of Contra.

Well its two player and what else can a person really say, obviously you can go over this game with a friend until the day you die. I still play this game to this very day.

This game despite the Steven Segal elements is one of the best games made for the wonderful console that is the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is fun and isn’t that what really matters? Or has the world of next generation consoles clogged your minds to forget this wonderful game? Well I sure hope not because Jackal will always have a place in my Steven Segal hating heart.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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