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Reviewed: 06/15/02 | Updated: 06/15/02

Is this like Contra in Jeeps?

When I first played Jackal I found it to be a very good game all around, and also that it was a lot like Contra. Let me explain before you go and argue with me. This game has originality and is fun to play, but I know that alone isn't going to make you buy or, if you can, rent it. Let me try to persuade you.


A cool game with some cool graphics. Not to make the game sound bad or anything but this game is almost exactly like Contra. They both have good graphics but why make the same type of game unless it is a pre/sequel to a game. Maybe Konami wanted a military view, but you cares? It is not bad to be like Contra because Contra is a good game like Jackal too. It is still a great game with tons of action.


Not the best in the world but not the greatest. There is gunfire, explosions, different sounds, it is great. Konami did an exceptional job on this game in my opinion, which is what reviews are right? An opinion.


This game will keep you coming back for more, hopefully. I especially enjoy the two player in this game. The levels are challenging and it has an intriguing story behind it. Most people just want to start a game so they hammer the START or A button. Didn't you ever stop to think what you were doing riding around in jeeps shooting stuff? Well I'll tell you.


The whole objective of this game is to rescue POWs. Now that makes this game more interesting doesn't it? Yup, you need to save some guys that got caught and are being held prisoner. I don't have much more to say here but if you can buy the manual with the game, or get the manual. I know the other review said to do this but I am NOT trying to copy that review. Just get the manual for your own benefit. This story is not a copy and is pretty original.


If you get the sudden urge to get up and go blow some stuff up on Jackal, that is totally normal. With it's attractive story line and tremendous gameplay, this game will keep you on your toes and on the look out all the way through. I am sure that this game will be at the top 10 list if you like shooters.


Hard to believe that there is still a place available to rent original Nintendo games. If there is a place by you, you are one lucky guy/girl. If there is not Buy this game as soon as possible.


A fun game. If you like shooters, Contra, and others like that then this is the game for you. If you buy it I hope you have a good time with the game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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