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Reviewed: 12/03/07

Jackal, the military game that changed the way we would play Military Games.

Jackal is one of the best Military Games that ever came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game came out in 1988. I was in elementary school at the time this game was made, and now that I'm all grown up in my 30s it time to review this great military game that is called Jackal.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics for this game are awesome, and for 1988, they did a great job. The barracks were done quite well, also the boss design was done quite well in this game also. The jeep that you drive in this game is of course a military jeep. The landscape in the game was done quite well. Also the game is in a overhead view. The Military copter that drops off your characters was also done quite well.

Sound/ Music 10/10

Again another job that was well done. the music of course is your basic combat music that fits into the game. As for the sound effects, they were done quite well also. Everything from the explosives to the Super tank firing it's laser cannon was done quite well.

Game play 10/10

The game play is great in this game, you can control the jeep quite well, also you can fire, grenades, missiles, and rockets. Also you can pause the game to take a break every now and then. Also the CPU AI is pretty smart, so be careful. all in all great game play.

Challenge 10/10

The Challenge in this game is awesome. The enemy troopers will present quite a challenge. Also there are jeeps, torrents, bosses, and even ships, and a enemy train. This game will challenge the best gamer. The game only has limited continues (3 continues is pretty much all this game has). At the end of every level is a boss that you must beat in order to proceed to the next level. The bosses start off easy, but later on they can get tougher.

Prepare to fight the Super Fortress/Super Tank at the end of this game. The Super Tank will put up a good challenge so be alert, and be careful. All in all you should be able to beat this big behemoth with good skills and good luck, and also good timing.

Overall 10/10

Alright this is it, overall great game to buy on Eb-ay or at the Flea Markets. Also a great game to download as well for Emulators like the FCE Ultra for example. This is a great game to get for the NES so check it out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Jackal (US, 09/30/88)

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