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Guess who paid 50 dollars for this game? ME! 02/11/00 bruplex
Did I Mention That I Hated The Movie? 10/17/02 CodieKitty
A challenging and great game! 12/21/01 Cyrus
Not a bad game really 06/28/01 Da Ass Man
13 is obviously an unlucky number for Nintendo 10/15/00 funkymonkey
LJN really should've quit while they were behind 07/21/00 Geluf
This game is intense, if you can get into it 11/17/01 Green Goblin
Six counselors must protect 15 campers and themselves from Jason Vorhees. 08/07/01 Hiryuu
A scary good time! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
Jason should have mercy killed this piece of crap 08/07/01 Lethargy
Jason's back and greener then ever 05/31/05 linkfan1988
look there's Jason! And there's a zombie! And there's a...bird 11/18/01 lynx561
Not as bad as you might think.... 11/17/01 MRowe_
Cool idea, but not executed properly 02/05/07 peach freak
An obviously flawed game with strange appeal 02/13/01 pulsejumper
One word: Ugh 07/17/01 SalsaShark
Make it stop please make it stop! 09/07/03 Sim Kid
Not as bad a most people think... 01/07/14 Snake891
Seen Jason in the Movies? See him in the Game! 01/08/03 Spoiled Meat
Not as bad as the critics say 03/15/17 TheWolf27
Just like Jason himself, this game isn't bad, it's just misunderstood! 09/10/03 thrillavanilla
Survival horror at its...well, definitely not best. 07/04/03 Virulent
Hmmm...Maybe if you can manage to get into it... 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
If you suck at video games, dont play this. Otherwise, it's great! 01/09/06 xVforVendettax

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