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FAQ/Walkthrough by Gylgamesh

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/05/06

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    /      / /      /    /        /
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  /    /   /    /     ______/   /
 /    /   /    /     /         / 
/____/   /____/     /_________/

version 1.01

~Table of Contents~

I. Introduction
II. General Tips
III. Walkthrough
	A. Altar Cave
	B. Ur
	C. Kazus
	D. Sasoon Castle
	E. Cave of the Seal
	F. Canaan
	G. Road to the Summit
	H. Tozas
	I. Viking Base
	J. Nepto Shrine
	K. Tokkle
	L. Ancient's Village
	M. Tower of Owen
	N. Flame Cave
	O. Castle Hyne
	P. A Flooded World
	Q. Water Cave
	R. Amur
	S. Goldor's Mansion
	T. Salonia
	U. Dorga's Castle
	V. Temple of Time
	W. Ancient Cave
	X. Cave of Darkness
	Y. Dorga's Cave
	Z. Ancient's Labyrinth
	AA. Forbidden Land Eureka
	BB. Last Preperations
	CC. Sylx Tower
	DD. Dark World
IV. Jobs
VI. Legal Stuff
VII. Contact Info

I. Introduction
Sometimes I wonder why people even have these introdictions.  I mean, there
really isn't anything worth writing here.  I think the title here is self
explanatory.  This is a Walkthrough for Final Fantasy III (that's the real
III, not the US one).  Be aware that that is exactly what it is, a
walkthrough.  Don't expect big fancy tables and details about every nook
and cranny of the game.  This guide it designed to get you through the game
with as little trouble as possible, not document every nuance.  I think it
does a good job of that, though.  There are a few other things here too,
but those are essentially tips and tricks to help you have a better time
with the game.

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors (there are sure to be some)
and for any things I may have missed.  That's what contact info is for
(see: the end of the FAQ).  So feel free to let me know if I missed
anything.  The guide may be rough around the edges, but it serves it
purpose, and will get you from point A to B.

And now, that's enough of this lousy introduction, let's get on with the
guide, shall we?

II. General Tips

Here, I give you general rules that you should live by while playing the
game.  It's basically broad help that applies to the whole span of the
game, rather than particular parts.

- JOBS: You'll have to constantly change jobs as you progress through.  To
make sure you're ready for this, try to have equipment for different jobs
handy in the event you need to change on the fly.

- ITEMS: Dungeons have a knack for sapping your resources.  There's usually
a boss waiting for you at the end of most dungeons, and you don't want to
be caught with no healing spells.  When you enter a dungeon, make sure to
go in with a healthy supply of Potions.  Use those, rather than your
spells, to heal as you traverse through the area.

- MAGIC: Going along with the last one, don't waste your magic spells on
regular old enemies.  Save them for the bosses.  Use physical attacks
whenever you can.  If you must use magic, try and use lower-level magic,
conserving the better spells for when you really need them.

-TOWNS: Talk to everyone.  Yeah, it's cliche, but seriously, make sure you
do it.  They'll give you directions, tips, and sometimes, bits of funny
dialogue.  In addition, make sure you raid the houses in each town.  Check
pots, dressers, whatever.  You'll find plenty of useful items that you
won't need to waste your precious Gil on.

-SHOPPING: You can't tell on the shop window which bit of equipment is
better than the other, but as a general rule of thumb, the more expensive
the item is, the stronger it is.

-SWORD vs. SHIELD: Your physical attackers have the choice of using one
weapon and a shield, or two weapons.  Under most circumstances, the extra
attack for using two weapons is a better advantage than the extra
protection offered by a shield.  Use 2 weapons.

-SAVING: Save often.  Duh.

-RUNNING:  One word: don't.  Running drops the defense of all your party
members to 0.  Not just the one who ran.  This is a good way to get
yourself killed.  Fight it out, you'll need the experience.

Keep those in mind as you progress through the game.  And now, on to the

III. Walkthrough

When the game starts, you get the usual Final Fantasy business.  Crystals,
darkness, Light Heroes, etc.  Selecting 'New Game' lets you name your four
party members, and once that's done, you are thrown headfirst (literally)
into the first dungeon.

--(A. Altar Cave)--

Your crew decided it would be a good idea to fall into a hole, and that's
exactly what they do. (In all fairness, they were really trying to explore
the cave)  The boys look around, realize that they can't go out the way
they came, and begin looking for another exit.  Shortly after, they come
across a group of Goblins, which you should make quick work of.  All the
enemies in the dungeon are very easy, so you should have nothing to worry
about.  Concentrate on increasing your levels.

Move up the path and pick up the two chest right in front of you.  On
contains a Potion and the other a Leather Shield.  Equip the shield to
whomever you deem worth enough and continue along.  Hit the rock in front
of you (the boys will make it blatany apparent that's what you need to do),
opening up the path.  The next rock makes a sound, but doesn't actually do
anything.  Press it as many times as you want. :)  Pick up the chest
containing another Leather Shield (again, equiping it) before heading up
the stairs.

A three-way intersection is at the top of the stairway.  The left path
leads to a chest containing a SouthWind (an item that casts Ice on an
enemy), and the right is a chest holding a Potion.  After collecting your
loot, take the north path to another intersection.  There's a Potion in the
chest in front of you. Take it, then head right to a pond that will restore
your health and another chest containing another SouthWind.  When you're
all healed up, go back and take the left path to a door.  Through the door
is a crystal room.  As you approach the large crystal in the center, those
strange glowing balls converge upon you and attack!  Gasp!

==|| Boss: LandTurtle ||==
-HP: ~100
-Party Level: 3
-Recommended Jobs: Onion Kids all around (as if you had a choice)

Your first boss is nothing difficult at all.  Provided you gained a few
levels in the cave, you should have no trouble.  Unload your SouthWinds in
the boss for a ton of damage, and then mop him up with a few regular
attacks.  Some of his physical attack can to decent damage to your party,
so use a Potion if you feel the need too, you don't really need to conserve

After finishing off the overgrown turtle, approach the crystal for a speech
on Light Warriors and destiny and all that good stuff.  The crystal fully
heals your guys and bestows upon them 5 jobs (classes).  When you're all
done there, take the warp point behind the crystal, bringing you back to
the world map.

Don't go anywhere yet!  Turn right around and head back into the cave.
That's right, you still have a bit more to explore.  This is the area of
the cave before you fell down that hole.  In the first room, you'll see an
offshot to the right that looks like a dead end.  It's not.  Go down it and
into the wall.  You'll end up in a secret rooms with chests containing 1000
Gil a piece.  Nice!  Head back to the first room and make your way to the
stairs and to the B2F.  Follow the path to a clearing with a bunch of
treasure chests.  Inside you'll find a Copper Ring, two Long Swords,
Nunchucks, and Sleep Black Magic.  The enemies in this area of the cave are
a smidge more difficult than the lower levels, but it's nothing you can't
handle.  Once the place is properly looted you can leave the way you came
in, or fall down the hole and do what you did earlier.  It's you choice.

Time to decide what jobs you'll want to outfit your party with.  You'll
only have these 5 jobs for a while, and your choices are limited. Fighter
is your all around strong, armor wearing, weapon using tank.  Monks are
about at strong as Fighter and are a bit faster.  Black Wizard is a master
of Black Magic (no wai!), White Wizard corresponds to White Magic, and Red
Wizard gets a bit of both schools of magic and improved attack and defense
over the other two wizard jobs.  So what kind of party do you want?  Well
that all depends.  You certainly don't want all mages, and you certainly
don't want all fighters.  In the beginning stages of the game, melee
attackers are a bit more useful than mages, and seeing as high level magic
isn't available to you, the Black and White Wizards aren't as useful.  I'd
suggest a party of 2 Fighters, 1 Red Wizard and 1 Black Wizard.  That'll
give you a good attack base, with some nice damage spells, and enough
healing to get by.  You can swap out a Fighter for a Monk if you want, it's
your choice.  When you've made your party choices, head south to the first

--(B. Ur)--

What to do in Ur?  Most people talk about crystals or your party being
brats, nothing too constructive.  The old guy left of the entrance will
trade you a Potion for an EchoHerb that cures silence.  Head into the first
house and the Elder that raised you gives some not-so-sage advice (Go on a
journey!) and his lackeys teach you a bit about changing jobs.  Back
outside you can go all the way to the right, through the trees (you'll see
an old lady by a well) and go into that very well and pick up three
Potions.  Free stuff is always good!  Make a quick stop into the inn, then
into the door in front of you to the bar.  Chat a bit, play the piano, then
take a Potion from one of the jars in the corner.  You'll find another
Potion in a pot on the second floor of the inn.  The old guy running around
will tell you your classes (because you couldn't tell yourself >_>), and
take a rest if you need it (it's free, so don't worry about money).

Don't go shopping quite yet, there's one more bit of loot to gather.  Head
all the way to the back of the town (careful, there's monsters along the
way) to a lone house.  Raid the pots for 2 antidotes then talk to the old
man.  He gives an all to obvious clue to get to a secret room, so take him
up on the offer!  Up the stairs, grab the chests containing a 2 Leather
Shirts, Dagger, Cure, and a Long Sword.  Equip your newfound swag, leave
the house, then search the grass just outside for another Potion.

Time to finally go shopping.  If you've been following along, you should
have a ton of money and almost all the equipment you need at this point.
But stop by the shops anyway (you'll at least need to pick up a Pure magic
spell) and get anything you may have not gotten from treasure.  When you're
all suited up and ready to go, it's time to get moving on that journey the
Elder told you to go on!

At this point in time, your party should be at level 5 of higher.  If
you've been diligent, you should have already reached this point.  If so,
good for you!  If not, spend some time training outside town until you hit
5.  It shouldn't take long, and it's important that you keep up with
leveling, lest you find yourself in a difficult position later in the game.
When you think you're ready to move on, head south from Ur to your next
destination: Kazus.

--(C. Kazus)--
When you arrive, a guy at the entrance will scream at you (AIEEEE!), then
tell you there are ghosts at the inn.  What a way to start your journey,
eh?  Talk to the ghosts and you'll learn about someone named Jinn, Mithril
Rings, and Princess Sara of Sasoon Castle.  Talking to the stationary
ghost at the inn, he reveals himself as Cid, and tells you about his
airship in the desert to the east of town.  We'll worry about that in a
bit.  You can rest upstairs for free if you wish.  Go into the house above
the inn, and grab a Potion from one of the pots.  You can go through the
wall one square up from the candle on the left, but there's nothing there.
The shops in town provide little use, so check out the mine in the back of

A word of warning.  The enemies you'll find in here are HARD.  Notice the
capital letter there?  That means it's really HARD.  Level 5 isn't going
to cut it.  You'll want to be at 7 or 8 to survive in here.  This area
isn't required, and there isn't anything of intrest in there right now,
but if you're up for it, the monster will provide some nice experience.
Do some training if you want, and when you're done, heal up and head back
outside of town.

Time to check out that airship that Cid talked about.  Just walk right into
the center of the patch of desert to find it.  Take the wheel and the ship
will automatically fly out of the ground.  You have a vehicle!  And so
early in the game, too!  Unfortunately, your travel is pretty limited.  Fly
around a bit and when you've had enough, land at the castle northwest of

--(D. Sasoon Castle)--

More ghost, save for the lone soldier outside.  Most of the castle gives
you the same response you got in Kazus.  On the second floor of the castle,
head off to the left and slip through the wall there.  This lets you wrap
around the room.  Take the stairs down and grab the two chests of 1000 Gil.
The next set of downward stairs lead nowhere, so head back up.  Head up
another level, and grab the chests on the other side of the room containing
Ice and a Leather Shield.  Don't go downstairs yet.  See that thin hallway
closest to you?  Go up it and through the wall at the top.  This will bring
you to a chest containing Tonfa.  Head back down and around to the center
set of stairs.  Go up and then up again.  Talk to the king ghost and he'll
tell you that Princess Sara, and her Mithril Ring, are in the cave Jinn's
holed up in.  Sounds like your next destination.

Before leaving the castle, check out the two towers, right tower first.
Grab the Holy and Wooden Arrows on the 3rd floor, and Potion, Bow and more
Wooden Arrows on the 4th.  Try sleeping in the bed for a funny bit of
dialogue, then make your way to the left tower.

There's monster in this one, but nothing overly difficult.  Holy and Wooden
Arrows in the chests on the 3rd floor, and on the 4th, a lone chest with a
monster inside.  The griffon shouldn't give you any trouble.  Just attack
away, and maybe put that Ice spell you just found to use.  Your prize for
beating the monster is a W.Slayer Sword, something that will become
extremely helpful in the next dungeon, provided you have a Red Wizard to
equip it.

After you're finished exploring the castle, head back to Kazus to heal up,
be sure to stock up on items (Potions and Antidotes, especially), and when
that's done, fly your airship to the cave up north of Sasoon Castle, land
outside, save your game, and head inside the cave.  (You'll want to have
your party be at level 7 or higher before tackling the cave).

--(E. Cave of the Seal)--

Follow the given path and you'll quickly come upon an intersection.
the southern branch to pick up a Potion, then head back up and go down the
right path.  The cave will wind around for a while (make sure to pick up
the Cure spell on the way), and will end at a set of stairs.  You end up in
a mostly empty room, save for some skeletons and a chest with 500 Gil.  If
you remember what you heard back in Sasoon castle, you'd know the skeletons
are the key.  Examine the one in the upper-right corner and a secret path
will open in the wall next to you.

In the next room you'll run into Princess Sara.  After a bit of dialogue,
she will join your party.  Don't get too excited, though.  She can't
battle, but she'll follow you around and you can talk to her for potential
hints on what to do next.  You'll get a bunch of people to follow you like
this throughout the game.  When you're done chatting, head down the stairs
to the next area.

Head south at the first intersection you come across on this floor and pick
up the SouthWind in the chest (which will come in handy very shortly).
Head back up north after that and follow the path.  Grab the Eyedrops in
the chest and continue along a little bit farther.  Shortly after, you'll
run into Jinn. Make sure to heal up before you approach him (the event
triggers at the opening, just be aware of that).

==|| Boss: Jinn ||==
-HP: ~500
-Party Level: 8
-Recommended Jobs: Fighter x 2, Black Wizard, Red Wizard

Compared the the monsters you've been battling in the cave, this guy's a
total pushover.  Have your fighters wail away at Jinn and cast Ice with a
mage.  Ice does a whole slew of damage (being a fire-based monster), and
feel free to use that SouthWind you found lying around before.  You should
beat the guy before he does any serious damage to your party, but in case
he does, just toss a Potion at whoever needs it.

After beating down Jinn, Sara will use her super-powerful Mithril Ring to
seal him away once again.  Then, using the ring's warping powers (wouldn't
that be nice to have?), she teleports you to the castle spring and undoes
the ghost curse.  She leaves the party, then you are put into the throne
room.  Talk to the king to revcieve a canoe!  But why would you need that
when you have an airship?  Leave the castle and you'll find out.

The airship?  Still on the other side of the lake, where you left it.
Whoops.  Head back up there and grab it, then fly to Kazus.  As soon as you
enter Cid will find you and demand you take him back to Canaan.  Nice of
him, no?  It won't be quite that easy, though.  Remember that big boulder
blocking the way?  Something needs to be done about it.  Visit the house
closest to the mines.  The guy there will trick out your airship with a
nice Mithril bow.  Sweet.  Be sure to hit up the shops before you leave,
there's some nice Mithril equipment to be bought.  When you've spent
enough, head outside and get in the airship.

Now, it may not look like the front of the ship is Mithril, but I assure
you, it certainly is.  So take it and run right into that boulder.

And that's the end of your airship.  Knew it was too good to have that
thing so early.  Airshipless, walk on foot to the town that is just south
of your position.

--(F. Canaan)--

Upon entering town, Cid will abandon you and tell you to go see King Argass
about getting another airship.  The thing he forgot to mention is where
this guy is.  Head in the first house and you'll hear about a man named
Desh who "swindled" the girl here.  Take the LuckMallet from the pot next
to the fireplace, then go down to the beds, and move through the wall and
to the enclosed pot, in which you will find a Soft.

Pick up some new spells in the magic shop, then make your way to the top of
town.  Hop into the water and follow the river all the way down.  On the
small patch of land at the end, you'll find an Elixer in the grass.  Now
head up to Cid's house in the upper-left part of town.  You'll find him
caring for his sick granny.  He says he needs an Elixer.  You have an
Elixer.  Do the right thing and hand it over (you need to give it to
granny, not Cid).  Talk to Cid again to gain access to his treasure room,
where you'll find a Soft, FenixDown, Blind, Iron Arrows, GreatBow, Potion,
and 2 MidgBreads (these let you view the world map on the overworld).  Take
a dip in the water and head over to the small area on the right, and move
through the wall for another couple treasure chests containing another Soft,
FenixDown, Potion and Iron Arrows.  That's all there is down here.  Really.
Back upstairs, hit the switch north of the wall to get back out (talk to
Cid again multiple times to see an unintentional glitch in the game).

Now where's a group of boys on a journey to go?  If you've been asking
around town, you'll have heard of Desh, who apparently went to the mountain
looking for something.  Seeing as it's really your only lead, best to check
it out.  Stock up on items, rest at the inn and start up the mountain just
outside of Canaan.

--(G. Road to the Summit)--

As soon as you get to the mountain you see a dragon fly by and land on top
of the summit.  Uh oh.  The path starts out very straightforward.  Weave
your way around, making sure to get the Softs and Aero along the way.
You'll end up back on the world map, only to get grabbed by the dragon when
you try to reach the top of the mountain.  He deposits you in his next.
Bahamut's nest.  Uh oh again.  Talk to the little bahamuts (?) if you wish,
then examine other moving thing in the nest.  It's Desh!  He got caught by
Bahamut too.  Seems Desh lost his memory, though.  Shortly after the
conversation, Bahamut shows up and he doesn't like what he sees.  So he
decides to attack.  How nice.

==|| Boss: Bahamut ||==
-HP: A lot
-Party Level: Higher than you're at now.
-Recommended Jobs: Hahaha!

Before the battle starts, Desh tells you to run.  And that's exactly what
you should do.  Select the Run command and get the heck out of there.
There's nothing more to the battle.  Is it possible to win if you decide to
stay and fight?  Yes, but you'll need to be at very very very high levels.
Higher than you'd normally be at.  A lot higher.  Your reward for winning?
Nothing.  The same thing happens if you win or run, so don't waste your
time and high-tail it out of there.

After the battle, Desh gives you the Mini White Magic, and decides to tag
along.  You jump off the mountain and land...in the middle of nowhere.
Head right into the forest east of here.  The small man there tells you
there's a town of midgets in the south forest.  The catch?  It can only be
found by other midgets.  Luckily you have the Mini spell you got from Desh.

Head down to the southermost portion of the forest and cast Mini on the
whole party (it only costs 1 MP to do it this way) and wander a bit until
you find the town.

--(H. Tozas)--

A word about being miniaturized.  Your attack and defense are knocked down
to one.  Because of this, there is no advantage to being in the front row,
so put all your party members in the back row.  This also renders physical
attackers useless.  So change up your jobs to all Wizards (the kind don't
matter, have a good variety, though).

Your first stop here should be the magic shop.  You don't need to go
overboard, but purchase enough so you have at least one 1st level and 1
2nd level spell for each character.  Next up, visit the house that's apart
from the rest of the village.  There's a sick man on the bed asking for an
antidote.  You should have one with you, if not, head to the item shop and
purchase one.  Give it to the poor guy and he'll open up a pathway (make
sure to raid the bookshelfs for some good items, first).

Head down the path, taking the Mithril items in the two chests, then go
down the stairs.  There are enemies in here, but if you prepared, you'll
be fine. The path is very linear and there are no big surprises along the
way.  You will soon find the exit.  As soon as you get out of the cave,
de-miniaturize yourself, but don't bother switching your jobs back quite
yet.  Head into the cave right in front of you.

--(I. Viking Base)--

Make your way into the cave (grab the 300 Gil in the chest by slipping
through the wall to the north of the chest), and talk to the vikings here.
You'll hear about a sea dragon and the state of the vikings' ships.  Head
up the stairs and to the left.  Slip into the wall and then down the
stairs.  Take the 600 Gil in the two chests.  The old man doesn't really
offer too much useful information, so back upstairs, go to the right this
time.  There's another secret wall that leads to a group of chests with
some powerful 3rd level magic.  Distribute it as you see fit, then continue
right.  The boss pirate offers you hit remaining ship if you get rid of
the dragon.  There's not much else to see here, so head outside.

You now technically have a ship.  But it will prove of little use, because
no sooner will you set out, than you will be attacked by Nepto, who will
proceed to rip you to shreds. (In all honesty, he won't obliterate you,
but you won't accomplish anything by trying to beat him, so don't)
Instead, head north to the shrine on the peninsula.

--(J. Nepto Shrine)--

Upon entering the shrine, you'll find a dragon head with a missing eye.  Go
ahead and miniturize your party again so to slip through (I told you not to
change your jobs!).

The key here is to make it to the end with a small margin of error.
There's a boss at the end of the road, and you'll want to conserve your MP
as much as possible.  The path starts out easy enough.  Eventually you'll
hit a dead end and there will be two holes in the ground.  Take the left
one, getting the Carapace Armor and Helmet, then go back up and fall down
the right hole.  Take the Serpent Sword, then fall down the next hole.
Keep going along the one-way path until you get to the end, where you'll
find a boss waiting for you.

==|| Boss: Big Rat ||==
-HP: ~450
-Party Level: 10
-Recommended Jobs: Black Wizard x 3, Red Wizard

It's a rat!  And it's big!  If you were careful to conserve your MP, he
should not be that hard.  Throw your most powerful spells at him.  Ice 2
works best, but there isn't that much of a difference.  The rat can throw
some powerful spells back at you, so be ready to use a Potion or two if the
need arises.  After a few turns, he should fall without much trouble.

Beating the rat nets you Nepto's Eye.  Make your way back to the beginning
of the shrine.  When you get to the dragon head room, the first thing
you'll want to do it de-miniaturize.  Then, place the gem you got into the
empty socket.  This will tame Nepto's mighty rage.  He thanks you, and
gives you a Water Fang as a gift.  At this point, you can change back your
jobs to your personal preferances.  Make a quick stop back at the Viking
Base to heal, then hop on your boat, it's time to go sailing!

The real question here is where, exactly, you want to go.  Even though you
do have a boat, your travel capabilities are still pretty limited, so at
this point, you'll want to sail to the small town just south of where you
exit the bay.  Dock your boat and head inside.

--(K. Tokkle)--

As soon as you enter, the music should tell you that something's up.
Talking to the two old men right in front only succeeds in making them run
away.  Head inside the first house, and talk to the boy, who will run into
the fireplace.  You'll find out that people have been taken away from the
village into the desert.  Head to the house in the back, and the elder will
tell you about a floating fortress in the desert.  Take the secret passage
in the fireplace for some equipment (check the jars too!), then leave the
house.  Dig around in the surrounding grass for a few more items, and when
you're done, you can leave the village.

It's time to go check out this desert, but before you go, make sure you are
ready.  Take a trip back to the Viking Base if you need to stock up and
make sure your party is on level 12 or higher before proceeding.  Wandering
around the desert won't do you much good right now.  You'll see they flying
fortress, but you can't get into it.  Instead, continue west until you
reach another small town.  Let's pay a visit...

--(L. Ancient's Village)--

Talking to the citizens around town will prove to be very interesting, so
make sure you talk to everyone.  Be sure to pick up some of the weapons and
armor here, they are quite powerful.  In addition, the child here will
offer you a prize if you walk around the continent on a chocobo.  There
just happens to be a chocobo forest right next to town, so give it a shot.
After completing the task, the boy will provide you with a MidgBread.  Not
the greatest prize, but it wasn't a difficult task.  When you're done here,
hitch up a chocobo and head north of Tokkle to a forest below a lake
(you'll need to get off the chocobo before entering).  This is the Living
Forest.  Talk to the faeries here and it will shed some more light on the

There's one more destination to visit.  Head north on your ship till you
hit Argass Castle.  Don't worry about the castle right now.  Instead, head
north, then west on foot until you see a cave.  Take a peek inside there.
Talk to the Gurgans, then head downstairs and talk to the gurgan down
there.  He gives you the white magic Toad.  Hmmm.  Looks like we need to
take a detour before taking on that flying fortress.

Back on the world map, continue heading north from Argass Castle until you
reach a tower.  Save your game and step inside.

--(M. Tower of Owen)--

In the first area, make your way to the center cross.  Desh will inform you
that the only way to proceed is to become a toad.  How convinient!  You
just got a Toad spell!  Toadize your party and head down the hole.

Now, toading your party has the same effect as miniaturizing.  Your attack
and defense are reduced to 1.  Luckily, you don't need to stay in this
state very long.  As soon as you pass through the hole, you can return to
your normal forms.  Follow the easy path to the second floor.  On the
second floor, grab the MaidKiss from the chest then up the stairs to the
3rd.  The next two floors are just as straightforward (make sure to get the
nice Red Wizard sword on the 4th).  The 5th floor may seem like a dead end,
but if you talk to Desh, he'll know how to proceed.  Grab the chest then
make your way up to the 6th floor.  Keep going up (getting the chests along
the way) until you get to the 10th floor.  There's a boss there waiting for
you (how nice) so make sure you are healed up before approaching him.

==|| Boss: Medusa ||==
-HP: ~1000
-Party Level: 13
-Recommended Jobs: Fighter x 2, Black Wizard, Red Wizard

Well, it's more of a medusa head.  Which should clue you off to one of its
main attacks.  This guy can turn your party members to stone, so hopefully
you have a few Softs on hand.  If not, you better hope you're lucky.  As far
as attack strategies go, physical attacks are your best bet here.  High
level magic will do some nice damage, too, but not as much as a well-
equiped fighter.  Just wail away, healing when neccessary, until the Medusa

Examine the flame in the center of the room.  All of a sudden, Desh's
memory will come back.  How convinient.  He will jump into the pit in order
to keep the continent afloat, and tell you to visit the island of the
Dwarves.  After a few seconds, you'll be warped out of the tower.  You'll
see the whirlpool is now gone, and you have access to the outer sea.  Head
back to your boat and sail out and to the left until you find the Dwarves'

Upon talking to the Dwarves you'll find out that someone has stolen one of
their special horns.  Hit up the shops (it's expensive, but worth it) then
take the southwest exit.  You'll need to toad yourself again to dive into
the pond.  Once you're in, you can detoad your party.  Follow the path
until you get to what seems like a dead end.  Like most of the other
seemingly dead ends in the game, there is a secret passage in the wall.
Take the stairs down on the other side.

Continue along for another few floors, grabbing the treasures along the
way.  At the end of the 3rd floor, you'll find a guy standing on a
platform.  Heal before talking to him, and when you're ready, approach.
He immediately attacks.

==|| Boss: Guzco ||==
-HP: ~1400
-Party Level: 14
-Recommended Jobs: Fighter x 2, Black Wizard, Red Wizard

Another rather easy boss stands in your way.  As with Medusa, physical
attacks are your best friend here.  Any magic other than Ice will do hardly
any damage, so try and shy away from using it.  None of his attack are very
strong, so you don't have to be worried about getting struck down by a
one-shot attack.  You shouldn't even need to heal.  Just attack and attack
again until he falls.

You'll obtain the Dwarf Horn after beating Guzco.  Return back through the
cave and bring the horn back to the dwarves in the cave.  You'll notice a
shadow following you on the way back.  There's nothing you can do about it
right now, so just let it be.  After returning the horn, Guzco will reveal
himself as the shadow and steal both horns.  He runs off to the cave in the
north.  Heal and stock up again, and when you're ready, give chase.

--(N. Flame Cave)--

This is not going to be a fun dungeon.  The enemies are tough and there are
many of them.  There's nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.  Start
by  going straight along the path to pick up the chest, then return to the
lava  floor.  Luckily, it won't damage you as you walk.  Take the right
path first to get a SouthWind, then take the right and head downstairs.

On the second floor  Go south first to pick up the IceBlade.  This will be
very useful in here.  After getting that, head back up and go through the
lava waterfall.  This one will damage you, but it's only a few squares, so
you should be ok.  Head south first for a HiPotion, then back up to the
upper and lower intersection.  The upper has a HiPotion, then go down the
lower and down the stairs to the next floor.

On the third floor, take the left path first to get a Potion, then head up
north.  Take the chest at the end, then examine the stone to open up
another new path in the wall.  You'll end up in a small room.  Go through
the door and you'll end up in the crystal room.  Unfortunately, Guzco beat
you here, and he is more powerful than ever.

==|| Boss: Salamander ||==
-HP: ~2000
-Party Level: 15
-Recommended Jobs: Fighter x 2, Black Wizard, Red Wizard

This one is tough.  He casts Flame (which hits your entire party) each
turn.  If you're using a Black ot White Wizard, this attack will do a ton
of damage to them.  Be ready to cure on command.  As far as attacking goes,
anything Ice is your best friend.  Ice 2, the IceBrand you found, any
SouthWinds you may hold, throw as much ice at him as you can.  He's got a
lot of HP, but if you watch your health, and keep at it, you should make
it out alright.

Examining the crystal will net you 4 new jobs.  Then take the warp pad back
out of the cave.

Let's take a look at the jobs you've picked up.  Hunter is mediocre at
best, there's no real advantage to using it.  Knight is an upgraded version
of the Fighter, which will be quite useful at this stage in the game.
Theif is a nice quick class, but it has low defense, so use it at your own
risk.  Scholar is...well, let's just pretend you don't have that class,
shall we?  There is nothing that makes Scholar worth using, so skip it.

Return to the Dwarf Cave and as soon as you enter, a representative from
Tokkle will show up, plead for your help, and then proceed to die.  He
mentions that a Scholar can see through Dr. Hyne's weakness.  Take this as
you will.  It does not make Scholar any more useful, and using one in the
battle is debatable at best.  Heal and buy stuff, then hop on your ship and
make your way to Tokkle. The second you enter town, you'll be captured by
Argass soldiers and thrown in Castle Hyne's jail.

--(O. Castle Hyne)--

So you're in jail.  Talk to the king to get a bit of history on the
situation, and then talk to the soldier against the left wall.  He gives
you LuckMallets and tells you escape through the small hole in the wall
north of his position.  Mini your party and slip through the hole.

Promptly de-miniaturize yourself and start along the path.  You end up in a
spider-like room.  There is a chest in the branch at 5 o'clock.  At 9
o'clock, you can see that you the wall can be moved through, so do that.
Take the chest from the next room then go up the stairs.  You're faced with
3 doors.  The left contains two chests with a mediocre amount of Gil.  The
middle has two chests with a lot more Gil, and the right has two more
chests containing some useful items.  After raiding those, head around back
behind the doors and enter the one there.

Grab the chest here (there's a nice sword) and then head through the wall
to the left.  Go up the stairs in the next room.  Grab the chest at the
end of the corridor here, then go south and up the stairs.  Take the item
from the chest first, then go into the door in the center.  Hyne is waiting
here for you.  He gives you a little speech and then attacks.

==|| Boss: Hyne ||==
-HP: ~1500
-Party Level: 17
-Recommended Jobs: White Wizard, Black Wizard x 2, Scholar

This is a tricky battle.  Physical attacks do no damage to him and only the
right kind of magic will harm him.  The only way to tell what kind of magic
to use is to use a scholar's Scan ability.  The problem with this is...
Scholars suck.  You probably aren't carrying the right equipment for them
and aside from scan, they are useless.  Unfortunately it's your best bet
here.  And since fighters are useless, your party should consist of
wizards.  The downside? Hyne's attacks will do a ton of damage to them.
It's a tradeoff you can't do anything about, though, hence the White
Wizard.  Just keep on scanning and using the right kind of spells and he'll
eventually go down.

Hyne's defeat garners you many thanks by a few different people.  The tree
makes its way back to the Living Forest and thanks you again by giving you
the Wind Fang.  You're then ejected from the forest.  Head over to Argass
castle.  Head  all the way upstairs and talk to the king.  He gives you
the TimeGear and tells  you to go see Cid.  Take the stairs down in the
other side (the stairs are  hidden, but it should be obvious).  Take the
BombShard and SouthWind from the chests, take the secret passage between
the chests to find a Paralyzer.  Head  back down and then through he door
in the center of the room.  Heal at the pond, then go back inside and all
the way downstairs.  Nothing much else to do here, so get on your ship and
sail to Canaan.

Talk to Cid and show him the TimeGear.  He turns your ship into an airship.
The downside?  It can only land in water.  You can still fly over land,
though, so it's just as useful.

Now, before you go and fly off the edge of the continent (which is surely
what you'll want to do), take some time to explore on the continent.
There's a town called Gishal on the eastern edge of the continent that
you've likely not visited yet.  Pick up some of the magic spells here and
look around town a bit.  It's nothing super-exciting, but the spells,
though expensive, are worth it.

Also, take some time to examine your party.  Are the classes you've been
using working for you?  If not, consider changing things around.  The
battles are about to get a lot harder, and if you've been having a lot of
trouble up to this point, it won't get any easier.  2 Physical attackers
and 2 Wizards is a good combination, just make sure you have at least a
Red Wizard for healing, if not a White Wizard at this point.  You'll also
want to make sure your party is at level 18 or higher.  When you're
satisfied, and have stocked up on item, save your game, and fly over the
edge of the continent to the world below...

--(P. A Flooded World)--

There's something you'll immediately notice about the rest of the world...
there isn't much of anything left, and it's easy to get lost here.  There
are only two landmasses left, a larger one with a shrine and a cave, and a
very small one with a sunken ship off the shore.

Do you have any MidgBread?  If so, finding these places will be a lot
easier.  If you don't have any, you're going to need to roam around until
you find what you're looking for.  Fly around to the larger island with the
shrine on it.  Land your ship nearby and make your way into the building.
Continue straight on until you reach a rooms with a crystal shard.
Apparently the crystal can only be touched by someone named Elia.  You can
head around back to the cave, but you can't make it very far in, so
instead, get on your ship any fly over to the other smaller island with the
sunken ship.

On the ship, head all the way downstairs.  Get the two chests, the talk to
the old man.  After that, talk to the girl.  You find that it's Elia, the
one who can touch the crystal.  It may seem like thre's nothing to do from
here, but give Elia a Potion, and she'll wake up.  He'll ask you to take
her to the Temple of Water, so do just that.  At the temple, grab the
crystal shard, then make your way to the cave behond the temple.

--(Q. Water Cave)--

Head along the path towards the door below you.  Elia will remove the seal
so you can go through the door.  Take the next linear room until the door
at the end of the area, then down the stairs in the next room.  At the
first split in the path on B2F, take the north path, the south one doesn't
lead anywhere.  On the next floor, take the southern path at the
intersection, as this time, the north one leads to a dead end.

On this floor, take the narrow, waterlogged path as it winds around, and
through the door into the crystal room.  Elia will return the shard to the
crystal, just as a misterious figure surprises you.  Elia will rush in to
save your party, and the figure will promptly attack you.

==|| Boss: Kraken ||==
-HP: ~2000
-Party Level: 20
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 2, Black Wizard, Red Wizard

This fight is not all that tough, but you need to keep an eye on your
party.  He can cast middle-level magic spells that will really hurt your
party, mages especially.  Be sure to keep yourself healed at all times,
because those spells can wipe out a weak member in one shot.  Your attack
strategy is pretty simple.  Physical attacks will do the most damage here,
but high level magic will do some decent damage as well.  Just attack away,
keeping a close watch on your HP and you'll be fine.

After the battle, Elia will sadly pass away, but not before bestowing you
with a few new jobs.  An earthquake will rock the shrine as the landmasses
of the world begin to rise from the depths and everything goes black...

--(R. Amur)--

You awake in the bed of the inn of a town called Amur.  If you ask around
town you'll hear about a guy named Goldor in the south who supposedly has a
crysal.  Don't rush over there quite yet, instead make sure you hit up the
shops.  You should be awash in cash at this point, so update your
equipment.  (All the equipment applies to new jobs, so be aware of that.)

You also have a nice variety of new jobs to choose from.  Geomancer is
pretty useless, so don't bother with that.  Dragoon is a nice alternatice
to your Knights, with about the same strengths.  Viking is essentially a
bersereker.  Karateka is a more advanced Monk.  M.Knight is an oddball.
It's not quite as strong as a regular Knight, but it has it's own uses.
You'll become a lot more familiar with this class a bit later in the game.
Conjurers are ok, but the amount of summons available at this stage of the
game is limited.  And bard is..well...a bard.  Not all that useful.

If you head outside, you'll notice your airship is on a chain, put there by
Goldor.  And there's a bottomless marsh to cross before getting to his
mansion.  In order to remedy this situation, visit the house all the way on
the right side of town.  The old man there will give you a key to the
sewers, where you can pick up a pair of floating shoes, that will let you
cross the marsh.  Go ahead and enter the sewers, which is south of your

The sewers should give you little trouble; the enemies are easy and the
path is staightforward.  On the third floor, you'll find a group of old
men being attacked by some goblins.  Cut through the goblins to save them.
It appears that they thought they were the four legendary warrior.  Uh...
Either way, continue on your way after saving them.  Follow the path in the
next room to the door.  There, an old woman named Delila will be waiting.
You'll get an odd scene where the old men come to help you out, and
eventually, you do get the shoes, and get teleported out of the sewers.
Back outside, get yourself ready and when you're done, head out to the
world map.

Go south and wrap south and right around the mountain.  The dark patch
right before the mountain is the swamp, but you can cross it now.

--(S. Goldor's Mansion)--

This is an interesting dungeon.  There are a lot of doors, but they're all
locked.  Instead, head north and up the stairs.  Wrap counter clockwise
around the next room to a long string of treasure chests.  You'll find a
bunch of Shiny Swords in them, but they aren't particularly useful (your
current stuff should be better).

Now, this may seem like a dead end, but if you've been paying attention in
some stores, and item called a Magic Key has been available.  Purchase a
few of these and you can unlock the doors in Goldor's Mansion.  If you
don't have any of then, set up a Theif and make him your onscreen sprite.
You'll be able to use the Theif's special ability to unlcok the doors.
Start with the upper right one.  It seems empty, but you'll see a part of
west wall that you can slip through.  Take the stairs in the next room.
Take the middle path here and follow it around.  Up the stairs at the end,
you'll meet up with Goldor.  He promptly attacks you, protecting his

==|| Boss: Goldor ||==
-HP: ~2300
-Party Level: 22
-Recommended Jobs: Knight, Berserker x 2, Red Wizard.

Magic user are beyond useless here.  Even very high level magic will do
almost no damage to him, so strong, physical attackers are the way to go.
Be careful, Goldor's magic is VERY strong, and can take out your party very
quickly if you aren't paying attention.  Make sure everyone is fully healed
at the beginning of every turn, or you risk losing someone.  Other than
that, just keep the pressure on him, and with a bit of luck, you'll take
him down.

After the battle, Goldor will destroy the crystal and then he'll be gone.
He leaves behind a key that unlocks the chain to your airship.  When you're
finished, head back to Amur.  Sell those Shiny Swords for mucho dinero and
stock up on any items you may need, heal, and save.  Where you're ready,
get on your airship and head out until you find a very large town (you'll
know what one it is, it's REALLY big.)  Fly over it and...you'll be shot
down.  Another airship bites the dust.

--(T. Salonia)--

You land right in the middle of a battlefield.  North is the castle, but
you can't get in yet, so head south into town (the left-bottom part first,
there's four sectors).  All the stores seem to be locked and talking around
town will  give you a better idea of the situation you've fallen into.
Head into the pub, which is the northernmost building, to find the prince
being beaten on by some thugs.  Rough 'em up.  Prince Allus joins you
party, and wants you to help him get back into the castle.  Don't go to the
castle yet, though.  Do to the south-east section of town and climb the
tower there (you'll hit some secret walls, but it's not hard to find).  At
the top you'll find a few sets of Dragoon equipment.  Suit up some Dragoons
(you'll see why in a little bit.  When you're done, head to the castle, and
you'll be allowed in.  The guards set you up with a room for the night, but
no one can sleep.  In the middle of the night, the  king shows up and tries
to assassinate the prince.  The king actually stabs himself, so as not to
be controlled any more.  The man Gigames gets angry at the whole situation
and you go to attack him.

==|| Boss: Garuda ||==
-HP: ~5000
-Party Level: 24
-Recommended Jobs: Dragoon x 3, Red Wizard

This...isn't Gigames!  Regardless, I hope you made sure to fix up some
Dragoons for this fight.  This is by far the most difficult battle you've
faced thus far.  Garuda's HP is through the roof, and his Thunder attack
which he insists on casting every turn is decimating.  The best strategy
here is to jump, jump, jump.  If you're lucky, you'll miss his Thunder once
in a while.  Have one party member heal the whole party EVERY TURN, so as
to keep your HP up as much as you can.  Your jump attacks should do a whole
slew of damage to the guy, but his HP is very high, so it'll take longer
than it normally would.  This one may take you a few tries, as a large part
of it comes down to luck, but keep trying, and eventually you'll break him.

After the fight, the king dies, but Allus quickly takes over the job.  Now,
from you position, head right through the wall to a huge treasure trove.
In the castle courtyard, visit the bottom right building, and talk to the
engineers, who will give you an airship.  Whee!  Another one!  Take some
time now to do a bit of shopping.  Buy all the best stuff you can for the
classes you are using, you should have plenty of Gil.  (If you've been
using a Red Wizard, this may be a good time to move up to a White Wizard,
as the spells available at this point are out of the Red Wizard's range)
Visit the library for some interesting reads if you want, then when you're
ready, get on the airship, time for your next destination.

Where exactly is that next destination, though?  If you fly around enough,
you will find a landmass that has a single lane path cutting through the
mountain (there's an arrow pointing down on the southern part of the land).
Fly through that lane until you get to a castle.  Be careful, there's
enemies along the way, yes, in the air.  Head inside the castle once you
get there.

--(U. Dorga's Castle)--

Once you step inside, you'll be attacked...by moogles.  You won't have to
really battle them, so don't worry.  Dorga will show up and tells you
what's really been going on and then joins your party.  Farther inside, buy
some more spells from the moggles, then head into the inner room and
examine the candle.  Take the secret path and miniaturize your party and
enter the hole.

You're stuck being miniature, here, so mages, mages, mages.  This time,
though, it's a lot more difficult than you previous venture as midgets.
You really do need a bunch of fully equiped mages, and some high levels
certainly won't hurt (26+).  Fully equiped, of course, as in magic.
Spending money on weapons and armor would be a waste, considering your
attack and defense is 1 regardless.  Try and stick to single targeting in
here, it'll do more damage and make the battles a bit easier.

You'll probably want to make it to the end of this area in the shortest
possible time, so at the first intersection, hug the north wall until you
hit the down stairs.  On the next floor, head right and wrap around the
back of the room to the next set of stairs.  On the third floor, head
north and weave around until you hit an intersection.  Continue south
there, and you'll eventually hit a door.  Inside the room, Dorga will
enchant your airship to go underwater.  He then warps you outside.  Get
yourself situated (change your jobs back) and when you're ready, head for
your next destination.

Navigate yourself out of the mountains, then to the southern tip of the
continent that Salonia is on.  Head underwater at the hook and you'll find
a temple there.  Head inside.

--(V. Temple of Time)--

There are some very strong monsters in here, so watch yourself.  You may
also want to pick up some Magic Keys (10+) from Gishal before coming in
here.  Follow south along the path, making sure to hit both locked rooms,
and the wrap around to the stairs in the back.  Take the chest in this
room, then continue out the door.  Here, hit the room across the way, then
head north into the water.  Here, visit the left room first for some
treasure, then go to the right one and down the stairs.  In the waterfall
room, head all the way south, and pop in the left room first, then go to
the right one.  The Lute will be sitting right there.  Grab it and then
leave the temple.

Outside of the temple, head to the cave due north in the mountains (it's
not very far).  Inside, go up to Unne and play the Lute.  After she dances
around, talk to her.  She gives you the Fire Fang, and then instructs you
to head to the Ancient Ruins.  Continue north through the mountains to
another small cave in an alcove (it's west of Salonia).  Land your airship
and head inside.

--(W. Ancient Cave)--

Once again, be careful, there's a bunch of big, powerful monsters.  Unne
will remove the rocks in front of the path, so continue down that way.  The
first door you come across contains a chest with some nice armor.  The
second door has stairs right in front of you, but don't go down yet.  Head
north to three more doors.  Equip yourself with some of the things you can
buy here, and when you've spent all your money (which you probably will),
go back to those stairs and head down.

On the next floor, follow the path until you get to an area with a bunch of
new paths and doors.  First, visit the two rooms that are directly in view
for some more equipment.  Then, head south and hit up those two rooms.
When you're done there, head all the way north and around until you hit a
set of stairs.  On this floor, head east across a bridge, then down the
next flight of stairs.

The next floor is just as linear, so make your way around and to the next
level.  Are you using a Magic Knight right now?  No?  Then the monsters at
this point may give you some trouble.  You'll run into monsters here that
split if you attack them with any normal weapons.  Not fun.  You'll have to
deal with them by using magic at this point.  Be careful, they can easily
overwhelm you.  If you are felling very dangerous, try running away.  If
you're lucky you'll get away.  If not, you'll likely die.  Remember,
running away leaves your defense at a nice big 0.  They will be a royal
pain either way, so hopefully you won't run into a whole lot, seeing as you
don't likely have the right resources to deal with too many.  If worse
comes to worst, you can leave the cave, gain a few levels, and return with
a few more mages.  This lone floor is the most frustrating part of the
entire game, so just keep that in mind as you struggle through it.

Once you make it to the 9th floor, you'll be on the deck of an airship.
Take the wheel and get going!  Unne will give you a tour of the huge ship,
then take her leave.  This thing is beastly, and it does move slow, but you
can traverse over certain parts of mountains.

You're next destination, is supposed to be the Cave of Darkness, but the
entire cave is infested with those split monsters you've just had the
misfortune of running into.  How to remedy the situation?  Become Magic
Knights.  West of Salonia, you'll notice an area surrounded completely by
mountains.  Find a thin area and use the Invincible to fly over it.  This
is where the village of the Dark Sword, Fargabaad, is.

Now, how much money do you have?  You're going to need to outfit 2-3 Magic
Knights.  And it costs a hefty price.  If you have 120k Gil or more, you
should be fine.  If you don't there's a cave in the back of town that will
contain a bunch of Magic Knight equipment.  The catch?  The cave is
littered with split monsters.

Let's assume you don't have the money.  Go into the cave, and you'll notice
there are places you can slip through the walls everywhere.  You'll find
two swords and some armor while wandering around in there.  COmbine that
with a few purchased items and you'll have enough for two well-equiped
Magic Knights.  When you're done here, leave and get on your ship, time for
another dungeon.

You need to get to the Cave of Darkness now.  On the continent east of
Salonia there's a mountain range with a bunch of holes in it.  That's your
destination.  Use the Invincible to jump your way through the mountains to
the cave.

--(X. Cave of Darkness)--

Stop.  You have a party consisting of at least 2 Magic Knights?  If so,
fine.  However, if not, leave right now, and refer to the previous area.
Ready now?  Sure?  Ok, then, here we go.

Remember, it's all split monsters here, but in reality, they aren't that
tough with your dark swords.  They do, however, have a knack for ambushing
you in battles, which can get annoying.  Grab the chest through the wall
immediately to your right when you enter, then head south from the
entrance.  Go through the wall, get the chest, then go downstairs.  Here,
do the same thing, through the wall and downstairs.

On B2F, head north from the entrance.  On your way up, you'll notice a spot
in the wall you can slip thorough.  Do so.  Take the chest, then go back
and head north right through the wall.  When you get the choice to go right
or south through the wall, go right first to the chest, then back and take
the south way to the stairs.

On the third floor, take the first wall you can see on your left.  You'll
then have the choice between three ways.  The top one will take you to a
chest with a very nice piece of armor.  The other two will only loop
around, so skip it.  Return back to the main room.  Head south, then left
until the path loops around.  Go into the wall.

You're now faced with another large choice of exits.  The first one just
loops back around to the fourth, so you can ignore those two.  The third
has the same problem, so take the second one down to the fourth floor.
This floor, again gives you a bunch of choices.  The first one loops you
around, as does the second one.  Take the bottom one on the right wall to
the next floor.

Getting tired of this place yet?  Fifth floor.  The first hole in the south
wall will lead to the second hole, a wasted effort.  Take the third one,
get the chest, the go through the wall to the right.  Continue on, the rest
of the way is pretty easy.  When you get to the wall with three passages,
take the middle one.  Head down the stairs when you get there.

Another floor?  Ugh.  Go along until you get to four choices.  The middle
two are useless.  The fourth one leads to a chest, and the top one is the
one that you'll want to take.  Then, follow the road down, then down the
stairs.  Here, head straight south, through the left hole, then when you
hit the end, head right.  Follow the path to a small little room, where
you'll want to continue right to another small room.  Head left to the
eigth floor.

Almost done.  Head across the bridge, then wade through the water to the
are with three wall holes.  Take the right one until you finally get to
the fang.  Think you're done yet?  Not quite.

==|| Boss: Hekaton ||==
-HP: ~7000
-Party Level: 34
-Recommended Jobs: Magic Knight x 2, Black Wizard, White Wizard

Have any resources left after that cave?  Better hope so.  If you have at
least a few high level magic spells and some cures left, you should be ok.
Hekaton can hit your front row member for a LOT of damage, and it can wipe
them out in one hit, so be ready to revive them at a moments notice.  Fire
4, if you have it will do some nice damage, as will a Magic Knight with two
dark swords.  Keep at him, healing when necessary, and hoping your
resources don't run out before he falls.

Not done yet, sorry.  You need to track your way back through the cave,
unless you have the Exit spell or an OtterHead.  Hopefully you do.  When
you return to the outside, you'll need to go back and get the Nausicaa so
you can return to Dorga's Castle.  Make sure to readjust your classes as
you see fit.  As soon as you enter Dorga's castle, he'll teleport you to a
special cave.

--(Y. Dorga's Cave)--

Upon being teleported to the cave, Dorga will tell you to find him and
Unne.  The enemies here are a LOT easier than in the Cave of Darkness, and
net a lot more exp, so you should have no trouble making your way through
the cave.

Start out by talking the left path, then at the interesction go south, then
at the next go right and you'll make it to a door.  Go inside.  Follow the
path, getting the two 20k Gil chests, and then head down the stairs.  On
the second floor, head north until you hit a door, grab the chest, then
continue on down the stairs.  On the third floor, just follow along until
you get to the next door.  Heal your party before going inside.

Dorga and Unne are waiting for you inside, but in order to complete the
Eureka Key, you need to battle the two.  Dorga attacks first.

==|| Boss: Dorga ||==
-HP: ~5500
-Party Level: 36
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 3, White Wizard

He's not too tough.  Physical attacks will be your best friends here.  If
you have Haste, make use of it, Knights will do a ton of damage to him.
Watch out for Quake, which can do big damage to the whole party.  He can
also Petrify your guys, so have some Softs handy.  The battle should only
last a few turns, but try to have your party in good shape at the end of

With no time to heal up in between, Unne promptly attacks you.

==|| Boss: Unne ||==
-HP: ~4500
-Party Level: 36
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 3, White Wizard

The exact same strategy applies here.  A few Hasted Knights will take her
down very quickly.  Watch out for W.Wind, which will knock yout HP down to
1.  She will also cast Wall on herself, but seeing as you shouldn't be
using any attack magic, it won't make a difference.  If you beat Dorga
fine, you'll make it through this one, she's actually a bit easier.

Talk to Dorga to get the Eureka Key and Unne to get the Sylx Key.  They
both pass away after yeilding their items.  Leave the cave by whatever
means you like.

You're nearing the end of the game now.  There's only one dungeon left,
that's divided into 3 sub-dungeons.  There are also a few other things to
do before going after Zande.  First off, take a look at your money.  Do you
have 200k+ Gil?  Your trip through Eureka is going to be expensive.  Next,
how about your levels?  You're going to want to be at 40+ for taking on
Eureka, so spend some time leveling.  When you're ready to proceed, head to
Sylx Tower, which is east of Salonia.

You can now eliminate the statues that previously killed you if you tried
to pass them.  (You'll need the Invincible to get all the way to the tower)
Once you get there, land your ship and enter the foreboding building.

--(Z. Ancient's Labyrinth)--

You have to make it through here first, before actually getting to the
tower.  Enter the door as soon as you come in and you find the Earth
Crystal, and then immediately be attacked.

==|| Boss: Titan ||==
-HP: ~8000
-Party Level: 38
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 3, White Wizard

This guy isn't too bad.  He only uses one attack (Flare) that can hit you
for about 1000 damage, which can easily be remedied with a nice Cure 4.
Just wail away at him with Hasted Knights and he should fall pretty easily.

Talking to the Earth Crystal nets you a few more jobs.  Warlock, an
advanced Black Wizard; Shaman, an advanced White Wizard, and Summoner, an
advanced Conjurer.  Upgrade any lesser mages you were using, and head back
to the first room.  This time, head around the crystal room to the back.
Grab the chest from the right passage, then through the door on the left

In this room go north and grab the two chests, then take the south path.
At the next intersection, go up first, the backtrack and go left then down
to the  chest.  From the chest, continue left, then all the way north to
another chest.   Once getting the Crysal Gloves,backtrack a bit to the
right pathway and take that one.  In the next area, continue right until
there's a down passage.  Take it all the way to three chests.  Get the
chests at the end of both lower horizontal branches.  When you're done
looting, head back to the upper branches and head right again.

In this area, take the lower path at the intersection for some more
treasure.  Make your way to the lower right corner of the room and follow
the path around until you get to a door.  Grab both chests in this room,
then continue on north until you reach a door to exit.  Save your game and
then enter the tower.  Inside, just head straight through the door in front
of you.  Use the Eureka Key at the barrier then approach the mirror to

--(AA. Forbidden Land Eureka)--

This is a very long area.  And there's a lot going on here, too.  Don't be
afraid to leave and come back if you run out of magic or items.  HOWEVER,
you cannot warp, you'll have to leave on foot.  So make sure you can really
make it all the way through.  There are a lot of bosses here too.  FOr
each piece of awesome equipment or spell you get, you'll need to fight a
boss, so proceed with caution.

Right away you're faced with an intersection.  Head left first and grab the
two chests there, then do the same on the right side.  After getting those,
go down the stairs through the center path.

On the second floor, head left first and enter the building, get the chest,
then continue left and grab the chest in the wall (you can slip through the
wall from the opposite side, as usual).  There's a ribbon in this chest,
with a monster in the box.  Afterward, grab the three chests from the right
building.  You can now go down to sets of stairs.  The right one, or the
left one.  Take the left one first, get the chest there, then go down the

On this side of the 3rd floor, get the chest left of you first, then go
down.  Get the chests along the way, then continue on to the next floor.

On this floor, you'll reach an altar with an orb after following the path
for a while.  Examine the orb and you'll have to fight a boss.

==|| Boss: Amon ||==
-HP: ~7000
-Party Level: 42
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 2, Warlock, Shaman

This guy's a pushover.  He's super weak against flame, so high level fire
spells will do a ton of damage.  Mop up with physical attacks and you'll
have yourself a nice new weapon for use a bit later on.

Continure on south.  You'll find a set of stairs.  Take them.

On the fifth floor, take the first bridge to the intersection.  Head left
first to a chest on a pedistal.  Then, head right to the nice looking sword
sitting on another pedistal.  You'll have to fight another boss to obtain

==|| Boss: Kunoichi ||==
-HP: ~8000
-Party Level: 43
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 2, Warlock, Shaman

Another fight that's not too difficult.  She'll start with a mind blast
that will likely paralyze a few members, but if you can get a Haste off on
one of your physical attackers, she should fall in short order.  Black
Magic isn't quite as effective this time around, but it will still do
decent damage.

Even if you aren't using a Magic Knight, and on to the sword, it'll be
useful soon enough.  Take your spoils and go back to the intersection and
head south.  Take the chest and proceed down the stairs.

On the sixth floor, head right first.  After crossing the bridges, you'll
find a sword stuck in a rock.  Examine it and you'll be thrust into another
boss fight.

==|| Boss: General ||==
-HP: ~12000
-Party Level: 43
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 2, Warlock, Shaman

He's got a lot of HP, but his attacks aren't too strong.  It may sound like
a broken record at this point, but Hasted attackers are the way to go.
It'll take a while to whittle away his HP, so watch your own in the
process.  Black Magic is pretty useless in this battle, but use it if you
feel the need.

You'll pick up the Excalibur for your troubles, a very powerful weapon you
can likely put to use right away.  After equiping it, head back to the
intersection and go left this time (don't worry about the gaps, you can go
right over them).  Follow the path along until you get to what seems like a
dead end.  It's not.  Go straight through the wall in front of you to make
it to the next floor.

Head straight across the bridge on this floor, and you'll come faced with a
staff, a sword and a door.  This is what you really came down here for.
Start by appraching the sword, and get ready for a boss.

==|| Boss: Guardian ||==
-HP: ~12000
-Party Level: 44
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 2, Warlock, Shaman

You need to make this fight as fast as possible.  His Quake attack is
quite strong and can really hurt your party.  Luckily, his defense is
lousy, so any attack you do will do a ton of damage.  Even moreso if you're
Hasted.  He can also cast wall, so be wary of magic attacks.  If you beat
him in about 4 turns, you should be fine.

You just got the best sword in the game.  Make sure to equip it and then
heal up your party.  When you're ready, go over and examine the staff.

==|| Boss: Scylla ||==
-HP: ~10000
-Party Level: 43
-Recommended Jobs: Knight x 2, Warlock, Shaman

This fight is super easy.  Just like Guardian, Scylla has a very low
defense.  Hasted attackers will do a ton of damage.  Magic attacks will do
just as much.  The only thing you need to watch out for is Scylla's Flare
attack, which can kill a party member in one shot.  Be ready to heal or

You now have access to the ultimate jobs, Sage and Ninja.  Unlike some of
the other useless jobs you've come across, these really are the best in the
game.  You don't have to change them quite yet, but you'll want to soon.
2 Ninjas and 2 Sages should be your party for the remainder of the game.
Head inside the door after beating those two bosses.

Inside, heal yourself at the two ponds, then take the stuff in the 4 chests
around the room.  Now, talk to the guys here.  This is why you wanted lots
of Gil before coming here.  These are the best spells in the game.
Remember, Sages can use BOTH types of magic, so you may want to double up
on some of the spells.  The other guy tells you about Bahamut, Leviathan,
and Odin.  Make sure you have everything you want, now, or you'll have to
come all the way back down to buy more.  If you're sure you're done, go up
and examine the small alcove at the top of the room, which will open up a
passage.  Take it, and buy another set of Crystal armor, and as many
Shurikens as you can.  Then, make your way back through Eureka and up to
Sylx.  Once you get to Sylx, leave and head back through the Ancient's
Labyrinth.  We have a few things to do before taking on Zande.

--(BB. Last Preparations)--

First things first, hop onto the Invincible.  Time to change those jobs.
Two Ninjas, two Sages.  There's a chance you won't have enough Capacity
Points to do this in one fell swoop.  Just battle a bit till you make what
you need.  Once you're healed up, it's time to go summon hunting.

At this point, any enemies that aren't inside Sylx Tower are ants to you.
Your characters are prectially indestructable.  It should be a nice change
from the rest of the game.  Make your way back to the floating continent
(Use the Invincible for this task).  You see those caves over by the Toza
village?  Well, with the Invincible you can reach the northern one.  Do so,
and enter.

Cave of Bahamut.  Guess what you find here?  The cave is very
straightforward and the enemies are easy.  Make your way through, grabbing
the chests along the way.  At the end of the third floor, Bahamut will
challenge you.

==|| Boss: Bahamut ||==
-HP: ~8000
-Party Level: 44
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

Rematch of the century, right here.  It's actually pretty dissapointing.
This guy is a piece of cake for you at this stage in the game.  Just attack
and use high level magic and he'll fall in a few turns.  Even his Mega
Flare does pathetic damage.  Just swing, swing, swing.

Bahamut is now yours.  Give him to one of your Sages (it's a level 8
magic).  One legendary summon down, two more to go.  Next up: Leviathan.
You've no doubt seen him swimming around in the lake by the Living Forest.
The Invincible allows you to access that lake.  Use the canoe to swim out
to him.

Another short, easy cave stands in your way.  Like Bahamut's cave, it's
easy to navigate, just grab the chests along the way.  Leviathan waits for
you at the end of the 4th floor.

==|| Boss: Leviathan ||==
-HP: ~8000
-Party Level: 44
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

This one's even easier than Bahamut.  Just attack and use your strongest
magic spells until he falls in a turn or two.  None of his attacks are
anything to worry about, so you probably won't need to heal even once.

You now have Leviathan, a level 7 magic.  Now, all that's left to find is
Odin.  He's a bit trickier to find.  You'll need the Nausicaa.  Just south
of Salonia, you'll find a cave underwater.  Follow the simple catacombs
until you make your way to Odin in the castle celler.  Talk to him to
engage in battle.

==|| Boss: Odin ||==
-HP: ~7000
-Party Level: 44
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

Yawn.  You know, for legendary summons, these guys really were pushovers.
Odin is the easiest of the bunch.  You can beat him in a single turn,
before he even attacks you once.

You now have everything you need to tackle the rest of the game.  Stock up
on any other items you might need, make sure your levels are at 45 or
higher, then fly yourself right back to Sylx Tower, pass through the
Ancient's Labyrinth, and enter the tower.

--(CC. Sylx Tower)--

This time, it's the real thing, no beeline to Eureka.  Clean out the chests
on this floor, then head up to the door in the northern part of the room.
Use the Sylx Key to open the door and head inside.  On the second floor,
weave your way around to the south portion of the room where you'll find a
stairway to the third floor.

By now, you should be able to recognize where you can slip through the
walls.  Do so and make your way around the right side of the room to the
stairs.  On the fourth floor, go all the way around the room to the down
stairs on the other side, bringing you to the other side on the 3rd floor.
Back down on the third floor, make your way up the left side of the room
to the stairs at the top.  On the fourth floor, take the stairs just south
of your position.

On the fifth floor, walk along the narrow path to the north part of the
room to the stairway.  On the sixth floor, head south on either side of the
room to the next set of stairs.  The seventh floor contains another set of
crystal armor, which you probably won't need at this point.  When you're
ready, heal and go in the door.

Here, you'll be treated to a cutscene where a bunch of your old friends
come to your aid to fend off the dragons and allow you to reach Zande.
You'll be sent to one final room where Zande waits for you.  Talk to him
and get ready to fight.

==|| Boss: Zande ||==
-HP: ~22000
-Party Level: 48
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

Surprise!  This isn't actually the final boss, so don't go crazy and use
up all of your items.  Still, he is a formidable foe.  His attack pattern
goes as follows: Libra, Meteo, Libra, Meteo, etc.  Meteo will devestate
your entire party, so watch out for that.  Physical attacks do nice damage
(again, Haste is always good) and Bahamut will do big damage as well.
Other magic attacks aren't quite as useful, so don't bother with them.  Try
and beat him before he casts Meteo a second time.  If you can't do that,
you'll likely lose to him.

After beating Zande, the Dark Cloud will show up and give you a nice little
speech.  It will then proceed to attack you.  No matter what you do, you
can't even damage the cloud, let alone win the fight.  After losing, your
friends will come to your aid once again.  Dorga and Unne will tell you
that there's one more thing to do in the Dark World.  Steel yourself and
head through the portal right ahead of you.

--(DD. Dark World)--

This is it.  You're almost there.  Here's how the Dark World is set up.
Dark Cloud is in the room right above your position.  Unfortunately, if you
try to fight it now, the same outcome will take place.  Instead, you need
to invoke the powers of the Dark Crystals, which can be found at the four
corners of the area.  To start, proceed to the upper left room.

In this room, take the left hole in the wall.  You'll soon see a chest once
you get back on the path.  Inside is a Ribbon, a nice prize, but you'll
have to fight a mini Zande with the same attack pattern as the real one.
After that, go through the south passage, not the one exactly right of the
chest.  Follow the path around to a set of stairs.  Inside is the Wind Dark
Crystal.  As you approach the crystal, you'll be attacked.

==|| Boss: Cerberus ||==
-HP: ~22000
-Party Level: 50
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

This guy's not too bad.  He only every uses his Thunder attack, which will
hit for a moderate amount of damage, but it's easily healed with a Cure 4.
He's fast though, so watch out.  Nine times out of ten, he'll attack before
your party does.  As with previous bosses, Hasted attacks and Bahamut are
the way to go as far as attack strategies go.

Examine the crystal reveals one of the Dark Warriors.  He heads off to the
center room.  One down, three to go.  Leave this area and head off to the
room in the southwest portion of the main area.

Here, you're faced with a bunch of branching paths.  You'll want to take
the fourth one to the door leading to the crystal room.  Again, as you
approach the crystal, you'll be thrust into another battle.

==|| Boss: Echidna ||==
-HP: ~36000
-Party Level: 50
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

Yeah, that's a lot of HP.  He's a bit tougher than Cerberus, due to a
bigger variety of attacks.  Quake is pretty damaging, but what you really
need to look out for is Meteo.  If your party is weak, that could be big
trouble.  As always Hasted attacks and Bahamut will do the best damage, but
you'll need to spend a bit more time healing in this battle that you
normally would.

Again, approach the crystal and the Dark Warrior will head off to the
center room.  Make your way back to the main area and visit the bottom
right room this time.

This room is pretty simple.  Just wrap around the bottom or top to get to
the middle pathway and follow it down the room to the stairs.  Head up to
the crystal room.  In here, it's the same deal as it's always been.
Another boss to fight.

==|| Boss: Ahriman ||==
-HP: ~36000
-Party Level: 50
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

Ahriman is the hardest boss in the Dark World thus far.  He has Meteo, and
he's not afraid to use it.  His attacks are essentially the same as
Echidna's, but they're stronger.  Don't be afraid to use an Elixer or some
Shurikens if you  want to.  This battle will likely require a but of luck
on your part.  As far as attacking, the usual strategy should work, though
Bahamut seems a little but more potent here than it has been in the past.

Another Dark Crystal, another Dark Warrior.  One more to go.  Head back to
the main room and head up to the last area (the northeast one if you
haven't been paying attention).

As soon as you enter here, you'll notice an area where you can slip through
the wall (it only looks like you can do it from the other side, but both
sides will work).  From your position, head up a little bit to another hole
in the wall, go through it then up to the stairs to the crystal room.  You
know the drill by now.  Boss time.

==|| Boss: 2-Headed Dragon ||==
-HP: ~30000
-Party Level: 50
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

This is easily the hardest of the four.  His physical attacks are beastly,
and will kill your members in one shot almost 100% of the time.  Life2 is
going to be working overtime, so hopefully you have Life2 on more than one
person.  If not, you better hope he doesn't kill your lone healer.  Other
than watching out for his devestating attacks, apply the same strategy
you've been using the whole time here.  With a little bit of luck, you
should be able to take him down.

Release the final Dark Warrior from the crytal, then head back over to the
middle room.  Head through the center door and make your way through the
hidden paths (it's not that hard).  When you reach the exit, heal up your
party fully (use elixers on the magic users) before you go in.  When you
think you're ready, brace yourself, and enter the room.  Head straight up
and approach the Dark Cloud.  The Dark Warriors show up to help you out.
They sacrifice themselves to sway the cloud's power, and then, the final
battle begins.

==|| Final Boss: DarkCloud ||==
-HP: ~45000
-Party Level: 50+
-Recommended Jobs: Ninja x 2, Sage x 2

This is it.  The last battle of the game.  Don't hold anything back.
Unload any Shurikens you may have and don't be afraid to use up all your
Elixers.  Even still, this is a tough battle.  DarkCloud will hit you with
FlareWave every single turn.  In one turn, it's not so bad.  But over time
is adds up, because one Cure4 can't keep up with it.  If you have two
people curing, it will make the battle a bit easier.  If you don't however,
this battle become supremely difficult.  At that point, it become a race
against time.  You need to kill the boss before it kills you.  A higher
level helps with this, something in the range of 55-60.  Either way, use
the same strategies you've been using: Bahamut and Hasted attacks.  With
some good strategy and a little bit of luck, you can beat her.

The Dark Cloud crumbles away in traditional Final Fantasy fashion.  All
that's left now is the ending.  I won't ruin it (or I'm too lazy to
summarize), but enjoy it, you just finished one of the most difficult Final
Fantasies (and my personal favorite)!

IV. Jobs

This is a complete list of all the jobs available to you in the game, along
with a description of all their strengths and weaknesses.

-Onion Kid
-Availablility: The whole game
-Usefulness: **
This is the default class that all you characters start out as.  There's
nothing extraordinaty about it.  They can use a decent variety of weapons
and armor, but no magic, and they don't get stat bonuses like the other
classes do.  As soon as you get your first choice of jobs, you probably
won't use the class again.

-Availability: After beating LandTurtle in Altar Cave
-Usefulness: ***
Your basic physical attacker class.  In actuality, they aren't a whole lot
stronger than Onion Kids.  They can use slightly better weapons and armor,
and their HP and strength bonus are a bit better, but like the Onion Kid,
they can't use magic.

-Availability: After beating LandTurtle in Altar Cave
-Usefulness: ***
This is your early alternative to a Fighter.  The Monk's HP and strength
bonuses are a tad better than the Fighters, but they lack the defense that
Fighters get.  Weapons and armor are also harder to come by for these guys.
Like a Fighter, the Monk gains no magic spells.

-White Wizard
-Availability: After beating LandTurtle in Altar Cave
-Usefulness: ****
These guys will save your ass more times than you can count.  Having some
type of white magic is invaluable throughout the game.  The attack,
defense, HP and strength of the White Wizard is pitiful, but they gain the
ability to use any level of white magic.  Very useful.

-Black Wizard
-Availability: After beating LandTurtle in Altar Cave
-Usefulness: ***
Black Wizards are a tough choice.  Sure, they get magic spells, but like
the White Wizard, their stats are pretty pathetic.  Not every enemy is weak
against magic, but there are times when you'll absolutely need the help of
some black magic.

-Red Wizard
-Availability: After beating LandTurtle in Altar Cave
-Usefulness: ****
A veritable jack-of-all-trades, Red Mages are easily the most useful class
at the beginning of the game.  They have decent strength and HP bonuses,
can wear good armor and use good weapons, and can cast lower-level black
and white magic spells.  The usefulness wanes, however, once the Red Wizard
outgrows its ability to cast magic, it takes a sharp drop in usefulness.

-Availability: After beating Salamander in Flame Cave
-Usefulness: **
Hunters use bows to attack and can wear decent armor.  Unfortunately,
compared to the other classes you have at the time, there is nothing about
it that makes it become more useful than the other classes.  They can use 
ow levels of white magic, but that doesn't really make them a better

-Availablility: After beating Salamander in Flame Cave
-Usefulness: ****
The upgraded version of a Fighter, these guys will prove extremely useful
to you throughout the game.  With better strength and HP bonuses than
Fighters, these guys can deal out a ton of damage, especially when holding
two weapons.  Be sure to have at least one in your party whenever you can.

-Availability: After beating Salamander in Flame Cave
-Usefulness: ***
Theives aren't so much usseful for their battle capabilites as they are for
their onscreen abilities.  If you have a theif onscreen, they can unlock
any locked door, something that could be very useful if you don't have any
Magic Keys on hand.  In battle, they gain the Steal command, which will
sometimes net you a decent item, and the Escape command, which is a form of
Run that is successful much more often.

-Availability: After beating Salamander in Flame Cave
-Usefulness: *
These guys are horrendus.  All their stats are pathetic, they use crappy
armor and weapons, and get no magic spells to speak of.  The only advantage
is the fact that in battle they can pinpoint an enemy's weakness, something
you'll only find yourself using in a single battle throughout the whole
game.  Steer clear.

-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: **
Geomancers are weird.  The aren't really great attackers, though they have
a decent defense.  The weapons and armor they use are questionable, and
they have no magic to speak of.  They do, however, get an ability called
terrain, which, depending on the area you are in, will do different attacks
to the enemies you face.

-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: ****
A Dragoon is essentially another alterative to using a Knight.  Their stat
bonuses are pretty much the same, but Dragoons get the Jump command.  It's
fairly useful, and you'll need to use it at a point later in the game.  A
god choice if you need another strong fighter.

-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: ***
Another pure fighting unit, this one is kind of like a berserker.  The
attack of the Viking is higher than that of most fighters, but the defense
takes a hit to even that out.  HP is nice, and it can use good weapons and
armor, but in battle, it lacks any special abilities.

-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: ***
This is pretty much your second level Monk.  He uses the same weapons and
armor, and in battle, gains an ability called Build Up, which charges for
one turn, making your attack the second turn more powerful.  Another solid
choice for a physical attacker.

-Magic Knight
-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: **
You will grow to hate these guys.  Their equipment will cost you an arm and
a leg, and their defense is very lacking.  The only upside?  This is the
only class you can use to defeat the lousy split monsters in the game, so
you'll be using Magic Knights a decent bit throughout the game.

-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: **
Conjerers are just what the name implies.  They can summon.  Unfortunately,
that is just about all they are good for.  No good stats, and no good
weapons or good armor make them a bad class choice.  Add in the fact that
there are so few summons available in the game, and it makes for a very
useless class.

-Availability: After beating Kraken in Water Cave
-Usefulness: *
Yuck.  Bards.  They get two extra commands in battle, Scare and Cheer.
Scare lowers an enemy's stats by a miniscule amount, while Cheer does the
opposite to your party.  They get terrible stats, and do almost no damage
to anything.  The epitome of useless.

-Availability: After beating Titan in Ancient's Labyrinth
-Usefulness: ****
And advanced Black Wizard.  They are everything that a Black Wizard is,
only better.  Their MP is much much higher, making them very useful when
magic is called for.  Unfortunately, they are only available for a short
portion of the game.

-Availability: After beating Titan in Ancient's Labyrinth
-Usefulness: *****
An advanced White Wizard.  Very, very useful.  They get all the spells that
White Wizards do, but have a lot more MP, making the usefulness go through
the roof.  Unfortunately, like the Warlock, they are only available to you
for a short amount of time.

-Availability: After beating Titan in Ancient's Labyrinth
-Usefulness: **
They are Conjurers with more MP.  That doesn't make them any more useful,
though.  The amount of summons available to you is still slim, so there
really is no reason to use these guys.  Stick with a Warlock for attack

-Availability: After beating Scylla in Eureka
-Usefulness: *****
The ultimate magic class.  They have a ton of MP, and can cast magic from
every single class, black, white or summon magic.  They are invaluable once
you get them so make sure you have one or two in your party at all times.

-Availability: After beating Scylla in Eureka
-Usefulness: *****
The ultimate fighter class.  They can use any weapon or armor, and their
attack ratings are through the roof.  The perfect contrast to a few sages,
there should be Ninjas in your party at all times once you obtain the job.


FAQs.  You know what these are.

Q: What are Capacity Points?

A: You need Capacity Points to change jobs.  The closer the job you're
switching to is, in nature, to your old job, the less Capacity Points it
will require. There are few times when you'll find yourself in dire need of


Q: You can only save on the world map?

A: Yep.  This becomes a problem later on in the game when dungeons start
getting really long (the final dungeon especially).


Q: Help!  I don't know where to go!

A: If the walkthrough wasn't specific enough, talk to some people around
town.  Believe it or not, a lot of them will offer helpful directions if
you aren't sure of your next destination.


Q: I've reached a dead end.  what do I do now?

A: All too often, you'll need to go through hidden passages in the wall in
order to proceed in an area.  Try searching the walls to see if there's
anything you missed.



A: Yeah, split monsters are a pain.  Make sure you have some Magic Knights,
or use magic.  These are the most frustrating parts of the game, but keep



A: If you're still having trouble, you may just be underleveled.  Gain a
few then come back and see if that doesn't help.


Q: [Insert boss here] is way too cheap.  There's no way I can beat him.

A: As with the previous question, leveling up is your best option here.


Q: Wait a second, where's Locke and Terra?

A: Wrong game.  You're looking for Final Fantasy 6.


Q: No, it says 3 on the box.

A: Trust me.


Q: Did you make up all these questions yourself?

A: Next section, please. >_>

VI. Legal Stuff

Don't copy my stuff.  If you do, I will know.  I'm good with stuff like
that, so it would be best for you to not do anything you might regret.
In all serious, though, if you want to use anything in the guide for your
own website or whatever, I don't care, just give credit where credit's due.

VII. Contact Info

Wanna tell me how AWESOME the guide is?  Tell me is sucks?  Have a FAQ? 
Did I miss something?  Just saying hi?  If any or all of the above apply,
feel free to contact me at  cr30vinc@siena.edu.  No stupid crap, I get
enough spam already.  If you send me any, I WILL find you.  Book it.

-Special thanks to Josh Turck for proofreading the guide (at least, he SAYS
he did it).

Copywright: Chris Vincek, 2006.

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