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Boss/Monster FAQ by Sir Bahamut

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/26/04

 Version 1.1
 By:  Sir Bahamut   Real name: Kristian John Strømmen

 I.  General FAQ Information
  ~Purpose of the walkthrough
  ~About the Author
  ~Version History
  ~Copyright Info

 II  Boss Walkthrough.
 III Monster List.
 IV  Frequently Asked Questions.
 V   Credits.

 -Section I: General FAQ Information-
 This is a FAQ that will go as indepth as possible into the
 attacks, patterns, stats etc. of each Boss and Monster.
 It will provide as many and diverse strategies as possible,
 so that if you need help, no matter what your level or desired
 party be, you will receive as much useful information as possible.

 About the author:

 This FAQ is written by Sir Bahamut. Almost all strategies were composed by me, and
 all information was found through my research. Recommended levels and parties come
 from MY own experience when playing the game.

 If you want to contact me:

 Sir Bahamut--E-Mail--------------mary.strommen@c2i.net--Note that this is not my real
                                                         name, but my mailaccount is
                                                         broken, so use this.


  Make subject "FF3j Boss/Monster FAQ"
  No unnecessary attachments.
  If you have valuable information, don't hesitate to send it.
  If you do give me information, include the name you wish to be called in
  the credits section.
  No non-constructive critizism(your guide sucks etc.).
  Don't send the same message many times.

  Remember, I will not be able to reply immediately.

  And you can also find me at the FF3j message board, if you don't want to
  send E-Mail. There I am known as Sir Bahamut.

 Version History

 Version 1.0 - Contained a full Boss FAQ.

 Version 1.1(Current Version) - Fixed a few mistakes and added some stuff to Boss FAQ.

  Copyright Information:

  This game is a copyright Square, but this FAQ is a copyright Sir Bahamut 2003.

  This is what you may do with this FAQ:
  1. You may read it.
  2. You may download it to your computer.
  3. Send it to others as long as you don't charge them or change the FAQs
     content, and don't present the author as anyone else but myself.

  This is what you may not do:
  1. Sell this guide for profit(unless consented by the author).
  2. Steal information without giving the author all the credit and asking me
     on beforehand.

  Websites may post this guide if they follow these conditions:
  1. The guide is not changed at all.
  2. The author get full credit.
  3. You send the author a Mail before posting it, telling me you are
     going to post it, and include the Web sites adresse.
  4. Do not post it without permission, and don't harass if denied.


 NOTE 1: All bosses are immune to the following status attacks:

         Death, Petrification, Frog, Silence, Dwarf, Confusion, Darkness, Poison,
         Paralysis, Sleep.

         Or basically, ALL status-attacks.

 NOTE 2: The only thing you can steal from bosses, is Potions! So I strongly
         recommend against ever stealing from bosses.

 NOTE 3: When it comes to MP, I believe if a boss can cast a Spell, it can
         cast that spell an unlimited number of times(if not, at least something
         ridiculously much).


 ====ALTAR CAVE====


  HP:       120
  Gil:      500
  Exp:      132
  Cap:      31
  Weakness: None.
  Strength: None.
  Attacks:  Physical attack(always)

  Recommended level: 1-4 is enough. More than 4 is overkill.

  My recommended party: N/A.

  Strategy: His only attack is "Fight", which at levels 1 to 4 will deal damage
            in the approximate range of 10-25. Only the Onion Kids who got shields
            will get the lower end regularly.
            Anyway, I strongly reccomend not throwing a SouthWind on him(deals about
            25-80), as they will be much more useful later on, and he's dead easy to
            beat anyway. Just constantly use attack, and you will almost never need
            to use more than 1 Potion. Your attacks should be doing around 6-9
            damage to him, so around 15-19 direct hits to finish him.




  HP:       480
  Gil:      700
  Exp:      160
  Cap:      6
  Weakness: Ice
  Strength: Fire(not available at that time though)
  Attacks:  Fire, Physical attack.

  Recommended level: 5-8. In my opinion, level 6 is just right. Level 6 is also very
                     convenient, as that is the level you should be if you never
                     ran away from battles, and never purposefully got into battles.

  My Recommended party: Fighter-Monk-Monk-Red Mage

  Strategy: He will only ever use one attack in the battle, which is Fire.
            Fire will deal between 20-35 damage.
            Any Fighter should have 2 Longs, and should always Fight.
            Any Monk should have 2 Nunchucks and should always Fight.
            Any White Mage should be either casting Cure on the party, or
            attacking with the Bow+Holy Arrows(or Wooden if you run out of Holy).
            Any Black Mage should always cast Ice. When you run out of castings
            attack with Bow+Holy(evt. Wooden), or,if you gave the Bow to someone
            else, just give him 2 Daggers/Knives and hack away.

            No more strategy is needed than what I just listed. No healing either.

            I strongly recommend NOT using a Southwind, as he's not that hard, and
            you're better off saving it for two later bosses.




  HP:       65535(!)
  Gil:      N/A
  Exp:      N/A
  Cap:      N/A
  Weakness: N/A
  Strength: N/A

  Recommended level: Irrelevant.

  My recommended party: Irrelevant, as all Jobs available have Run.

  Strategy: Despite what looks like finite HP, it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat him. He will
            have 65535 HP every round no matter what you do to him.
            Do as Desh said, and have everyone Run. His attacks won't deal enough to
            kill you in the time it takes to Run.




 HP:       65535(!)
 Gil:      300
 Exp:      1500
 Cap:      4
 Weakness: None.
 Strength: None.
 Attacks:  Physical attack.

 Recommended level: As FEOKS, any level. As anything else, it all depends on
                    exactly how ungodly lucky you think you are.

 My recommended party: Unless you're feeling (ungodly) lucky, include at least 1
                       FEOK(check out both OnionKids "Item Upgrade Trick FAQ and
                       OnionKids and my "Fully Equipped Onion Knight FAQ").

 Strategy: You're not supposed to fight this boss really(hence the absurdly high
           HP), so unless you want a good challenge, ignore him.
           If you do beat him, he'll still be there again anyway.

           Unlike Bahamut, Nepto is actually beatable. Although as you can see, with
           60000+ HP, it's going to take VERY long to beat him. Unless you brought
           along 4 FEOKS, which is the only party you could use if you're at all
           serious in your desire to beat him.
           His attacks will deal around 1 Damage to your FEOKS and 30 to a normal Job
           at around level 10-15.
           If you have several FEOKS you can easily beat him.
           A party without any FEOKS will need ungodly luck, but it was stated by
           a user at Gamefaqs that he actually DID beat Nepto with a non-FEOK party
           at around level 10.

           Although note that if you do beat him, your ship will be set back one step,
           and if you move forwards Nepto will be there again! He will never
           dissapear, and the Experience you get isn't worth the time it takes to
           beat him(unless you have 4 FEOKS).

           Also note that you can't Run from Nepto, so if you get into a battle with
           him, and you want to get away, you have to Reset.




 HP:       450
 Gil:      1000
 Exp:      240
 Cap:      7
 Weakness: None
 Strength: None
 Attacks:  Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 9-10

 My recommended party: Black Wizard-Black Wizard-Black/Red Wizard-White Wizard.

 Strategy: This guy will cast Fir2, Ice2 and Lit2, as well as attacking normally.
           A spell will deal from 80 to 120, while a normal attack will deal very

           You'll definitely want a magic oriented party here, since you're all
           2 Black Wizards is a good beginning for a party.
           Get to level 9 too, as then your Magic-attack Multiplier will increase
           by 2(just like number of Physical hits).
           Basically, your spells will do lots of damage.

           Have Black Wizard/s cast Fire2, Lit2 or Ice2 every round, and switch to
           Fire/Ice/Bolt when you've run out(at level 9 you'll have 2 casts of
           Elem2 spells).
           Have White Wizard/s cast Aero every round. You shouldn't need to heal
           anyone, but if you want to, cast Cure on warriors hit by Spells, or
           Have Fighter/s and Monk/s throw SouthWinds, ZeusRages and if you got any
           from enemies, BombShards. But I strongly recommend against throwing more
           than 1 or 2, as BigRat is dead easy as long as you have 2 BlackMages and
           a White Mage, and the battle items will be MUCH more handy against a later

           Also equip anyone who can, 2 Shields, for more Magic Defense.

           If you have your warriors do these actions every round he will drop
           easily, and you probably won't need to heal.


 =====TOWER OF OWEN=====


 HP:        980
 Gil:       1200
 Exp:       360
 Cap:       7
 Weakness:  None
 Strength:  Offensive Magic.
 Attacks:   Break, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 10-12.

 My recommended party: Fighter-Monk-Monk-RedMage

 Strategy: She will almost always cast Break, which has ridiculously low Hit Rate,
           meaning you will most probably never be hit by it once. She can attack
           normally too, but that doesn't happen too often. It will deal around 80-100
           damage though, but nothing a Potion/Cure can't fix.

           Since she is strong against Magic, have EVERY Warrior(Mages too) go
           to the Front Row and go all out attack. You probably won't even need to
           heal. She'll drop soon.




 HP:        1400
 Gil:       1500
 Exp:       500
 Cap:       8
 Weakness:  None
 Strength:  Offensive Magic
 Attacks:   Fire2, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 12-13

 My recommended party: Fighter-Monk-Monk-RedMage.

 Strategy: He will either cast Fire2 or Attack.
           Fire2 will deal 60-90 on your average Warrior, while Fight deals around

           Remember that when it comes to Elemental Magic, you need to wear Armor of
           OPPOSITE Element to protect yourself.
           This means that any Fighter equipped with Fire Armor will be receiving
           140+ damage from each Fire2, while a Fighter equipped with Ice, will take
           only 20-40!
           If you however are by the boss, and you only have access to Fire Armor
           for your Fighter, you're better off not wearing Armor at all.

           Fighter/s should attack with Salamands, Serpents and Mithrils(preferably
           the two former).
           Monk/s at level 12 should either be Barefisted, or have two 3-Parts.
           Any Mage you brought should either Heal or advance to Front Row and


 =====FIRE CAVE=====


 HP:        2100
 Gil:       1800
 Exp:       700
 Cap:       8
 Weakness:  Ice
 Strength:  None
 Attacks:   Flame, Physical attack

 Recommended level: 14-15.

 My recommended party: Fighter-Monk-Monk-Fighter

 Strategy: He will use Flame every turn, and every now and then a normal attack.
           His Flame will deal ~200 to any Warrior, but only 50-70 to a Fighter
           equipped with Ice Armor.

           Now, the only thing that will really damage this boss, is:

           *Fighter attacking with IceBlade+Serpent
           *A 4-hit from a Monk.
           *A blast of Ice3 from a Black Mage
           *A SouthWind.

           You REALLY want your Fighter/s decked in Ice. I can't stress this enough.

           Give the Fighter with highest skill, the IceBlade+Serpent combo and have
           him attack every round.
           Give any other Fighter Serpent+Serpent, or have him throw(preferably not
           more than 1) SouthWind/s.
           A Monk should be unequipped, because the hitrate when barefisted is much
           better than with 3-Parts, so you'll be doing more damage regularly when
           unequipped(at levels 14-15 anyway).
           A Monk should just attack every round, don't care if he dies or not.
           A White Mage should cast Cure2-All EVERY round and once he runs out, just
           spend his last turns casting Cure-All.
           A Black/Red Mage should cast Ice3 every turn until he dies.

           As long as you have one Fighter decked out in Ice and
           IceBlade+Serpent/Ice Shield you will be ok.
           Have him throw Hi-Potions(you should have picked up 3 in this Cave, which
           is more than enough) on himself at low HP if no one else is alive.

           If you are still having trouble beating him, throw a GodsWine on your
           IceBlade fighter. His attacks should now deal around 400-500.
           It is my experience that you should use this GodsWine either here or
           at Kraken, or Garuda, because in any other bossbattles prior to Garuda, you
           won't really need to use it, and after Garuda, you get to buy Haste. And
           you still get 3 more GodsWines which along with the Haste spell is more
           than enough.

           If you are going to throw a SouthWind, don't throw more than one, as they
           will come in handy for the next boss.


 =====HYNES CASTLE=====


 HP:       1600
 Gil:      2100
 Exp:      1040
 Cap:      9
 Weakness: Varies
 Strength: Varies + Physical Attacks
 Attacks:  Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 15-16

 My recommended party: Knight - Black Mage - Scholar - Hunter/Black mage

 Strategy: Hyne will attack using Fire2, Bolt2 and Ice2, all at random it would seem.
           He will start off with a weakness against Fire/Ice or Thunder, but will,
           randomly it would seem, use WallChange to change his Weakpoint.
           His spells will deal ~140 damage to a Warrior. ~250 if the Warrior is
           wearing an Elemental armor with the same element as the spell, and ~40
           to a Warrior wearing Armor with the opposite element of the spell.
           He is also VERY strong against Physical attacks(you will in most cases
           just miss). This includes weapons/arrows with an Elemental property, so
           if he's weak to Cold, Ice Arrows will still either miss or do crappy

           As long as you have a Black Mage and a Scholar(well, at least the Scholar),
           it doesn't matter what the other jobs are, as they will be throwing
           battle items. Hopefully you didn't use more than 1 or 2 battle items
           at BigRat, in which case you should have enough. If you forgot to bring
           in your battle items, you might as well reset, as you're quite positively

           Start off the battle having everyone defend/run/attack, save the Scholar,
           who should Scan.
           Next round, have everyone throw the appropriate battle item, except the
           Black Mage, who can cast the appropriate spell. Do this until he uses
           Wallchange, healing with Potions/Cure/Cure2 if necessary(although your
           better off just trying to kill him fast).
           When he uses Wallchange, repeat the first step, except use the turn to
           heal wounded Warriors. Once you know his new weakness, continue.
           He should fall shortly.


 =====WATER CAVE=====


 HP:       1950
 Gil:      2500
 Exp:      1320
 Cap:      9
 Weakness: None
 Strength: Elem1 and 2 Spells(not really, but they do crap damage anyway).
 Attacks:  Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2.

 Recommended level: 17

 My recommended party: Knight - Scholar/Monk- Monk- Hunter/Black Wizard/White Wizard.

 Strategy: Kraken will attack normally or cast Fire2, Ice2 and Bolt2.
           Physical attacks deal between 80-100, while a spell to a normal warrior
           deals around 150-200. 400 to a Knight/Fighter/Hunter with the same
           elemental armor, and 80-100 to a Fighter/Knight/Hunter with the opposite
           elemental armor.

           Your Knight is going to want a King+Blood(not Iceblade) and he should
           attack always. At level 17 he gets 6 Hits which makes him much better than
           any level under 17.
           Monk/s should be barefisted, and should just attack as always.
           Scholar attack with whatever books you like. Don't bother Scanning or
           Peeping, as he has no Weakness, and Peep does not work against bosses.
           Hunter attack with any Arrows, casting Cure2/Cure on party members badly
           wounded. He is especially useful here, because with his high Agility,
           you should almost always be able to heal the person before Kraken goes.
           A Black Mage should constantly cast Ice3. Once he runs out, use him to
           heal with.
           A White Mage should just always heal.

           If you're still having troubles with this boss, there are two things you
           could do:

           1) Throw a GodsWine on your Knight/Monk.
           2) Throw any level 3 Elemental battle item that enemies dropped on your way
              in here. A BombrArm for instance, can reliably deal 500+ damage!

           Although you probably won't have too many troubles, at least not
           if you're at the recommended level.
           But if you're going to follow my recommended parties, for the next two
           bosses, and you still have the GodsWine, just use it here.




 HP:       2250
 Gil:      3300
 Exp:      1640
 Cap:      11
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All Offensive Magic
 Attacks:  Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2, Ice3, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 18-19

 My recommended party: Knight - Karateka - Viking - Thief

 Strategy: He can cast Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2 and Ice3.
           His normal attack will deal around 80-120, and his Elem2 spells will deal
           ~200. Unequip any Ice you may still have, as you definitely don't want
           to get hit by Ice3(deals ~300 to normal warrior) which will surely kill
           you if you're wearing any.

           You'll want a Fighter oriented party here, and frankly, I don't see
           many parties besides the one I listed that is really good that way.
           You could switch the Viking for a White Mage if you really want to Heal.

           Give a Knight the King+Iceblade combo, and have him attack always.
           A Karateka should have the Dragon+Catclaw combo, and should always
           attack. If you want to risk it, you could use Buildup twice(but never more
           than twice) and unleash an attack of around 700-800 to Goldor, but
           since Buildup will leave you at 0 Defense and 0 Magic Defense, even just
           one attack from Goldor will kill you, so you will need some luck.
           A Viking should be the Healer of the party, throwing Hi Potions, and
           attacking when he can.
           A Thief should always attack with the Orialcon+M.Gauche. He will at
           level 18-19 be dealing 8-hits!
           A White Mage should cast Cure/Cure2 on party members.
           A Black Mage(if you were crazy enough to bring one) should be a Healer, like
           the Viking.
           A Hunter should heal or attack.

           You REALLY shouldn't be using any other jobs but these at the moment.
           Preferably you should ditch the Hunter and Black Mage(for now) too.
           Don't bother stealing from him(or any boss really).

           Using my recommended party you won't need to use the GodsWine. With
           another party though, you should be the judge yourself.
           But remember, you should use the GodsWine either here or in the
           next boss battle. You don't REALLY need to use it in either, so you be the
           Also, if you do decide to use the GodsWine, use it on the Thief if you're
           at the recommended level or above(he will have 8-Hits then), or if you
           don't have one, or your Thief doesn't have 8-Hits, the Karateka.




 HP:       5000
 Gil:      3400
 Exp:      2200
 Cap:      61
 Weakness: Wind
 Strength: Has high Defense multiplier, meaning less hits from attacks +Thunder
 Attacks:  Thunder, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 20-21

 My recommended party: Dragoon - Dragoon - Dragoon - Dragoon

 Strategy: His Thunder attack will deal between 250-420, and he will use it pretty
           much always. A normal attack might come in, but chances are extremely low.
           A normal attack can deal around 500 to a normal Warrior.

           The easiest and best way to kill him is using 4 Dragoons. You didn't
           get a full set of equipment for 4 Dragoons in this town for nothing!
           I'd recommend buying an additional 4 Wind Spears, so your first Dragoon
           has Wind+Wind(and Power equipped) and the rest have Wind+Thunder.
           You want to avoid using dual Thunders as much as possible, as Garuda is
           strong against Thunder!

           In battle just have everyone Jump every turn, forget healing.
           If you're at the recommended level, only a big dose of bad luck can
           bring about the doom to this party.

           Alternate strategy:

           If you however are stubborn, or are doing a challenge of some sort, and
           don't want to use Dragoons, you're going to need lots of Hi Potions.
           A White Mage with Cure2 is also a good idea. Since a Hi Potion will
           heal more than Thunder damages, as long as you have enough Hi Potions,
           you can kill him. The White Mage casting Cure2-All is just a way of
           getting a good start.
           Keep a heavily Fighter oriented party, and throw the GodsWine if you have
           it on the strongest attacker.
           If you don't have the GodsWine anymore you'll need LOTS of Hi Potions.

           Using this strategy, you'll want to be able to survive 3 Thunders, so
           level 33-35 is about right. If you however want to stay in the twenties,
           you're going to need insane luck to beat him.
           Getting to such high levels so early is quite something, and leveling
           should be done in the Ancients Cave(which is accessible by Canoe, by
           following the river west of Salonia).
           Fight Pyralis and Zombie Dragons(use Ice3 and Fire2 respectively) for
           loads of experience. Save after every battle though. When your HP is
           around 1300, you can challenge Garuda.

           Once in battle, attack until you have about 600 HP, now have everyone throw
           Hi Potions on themselves(or Cure2 on one person) until they are at full
           health, then attack again etc.
           The GodsWine will be EXTREMELY helpful in this strategy!




 HP:       7000
 Gil:      5600
 Exp:      5000
 Cap:      6
 Weakness: None
 Strength: None
 Attacks:  Atom Edge, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 26-28

 My recommended party: Knight - Karateka - Dragoon - Viking/White Mage

 Strategy: His normal attack will deal around 1000-1400, while his Atom Edge deals
           from 700-1000 to all party members.

           A Knight hopefully has the Defender from the Underwater Cave, so he can
           dish out nice damage.
           A Karateka can just attack always.
           A Viking can just attack always.
           A Dragoon hopefully has Blood+Wind equipped, and should always Jump.
           A White Mage should cast Haste on the Knight and/or Karateka, then cast

           At lower levels, it will be the Dragoon who wins the battle. Just allow the
           others to die, and keep jumping with Blood+Wind to absorb any lost HP.
           At higher levels, and with a White Mage casting Haste and Cure3/4-All, you
           should have no problem.


 =====LAKE DOL=====


 HP:       7000
 Gil:      5700
 Exp:      5000
 Cap:      6
 Weakness: None
 Strength: None
 Attacks:  Tsunami, Physical attack

 Recommended level: 32-35

 My recommended party: Knight - Karateka - Dragoon - White Mage

 Strategy: His normal attack deals around 1000-1300, while his Tsunami deals around
           500-800 to every party member.

           Your Knight should have 2 Defenders and 10 hits(aqquired at level 33).
           Actually, all major Fighters(Knight-Karateka-Dragoon-Viking) get 10-hits
           at around level 33, so you should be dishing out lots of damage.

           A Knight should preferably be Hasted, and attack always with
           A Karateka should preferably also be Hasted, and should always attack.
           Same with Viking.
           A Dragoon should just Jump always.
           A White Mage should Haste your 2 main attackers before casting Cure3/4-All.
           A Black Mage should cast Bio/Bolt3 or heal your fighters.

           He's not that tough, and as long as you have a Dragoon with Blood + Wind,
           the battle is secured.


 =====CAVE OF BAHAMUT=====


 HP:       7500
 Gil:      3500
 Exp:      2800
 Cap:      45
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  MegaFlare, physical attack

 Recommended level: 34-36

 My recommended party: Knight - Karateka/M.Knight - Dragoon - White Mage/Conjurer

 Strategy: His normal attack deals 1100-1500, and his Megaflare deals a whooping
           900-1200 to everyone!

           I really recommend having either a White Mage with Cure4 and Cure3, or
           a Conjurer with Odin, or a Dragoon with Blood+Wind. A mix of these is also

           Have all fighters attack always, and a Dragoon Jump.
           Now, to ensure victory, there are three things to do:

           *Bring a White Mage and 3 heavy attackers(Knight-Karateka/M.Knight and
            Dragoon work well). Start off the battle casting Haste on the Knight with
            two Defenders and 10 hits. The next turns cast Cure4-All, and Cure3-All
            when you run out. Have the weakest Fighter throw a GodsWine on the Knight
            as well, if you are having trouble.

           *Bring a Dragoon with Blood+Wind. Have him Jump always. Cast Haste on him
            at the beginning of the battle and he will win 9 out of 10 battles.

           *Now for the most clever strategy: Bring along a Conjurer with several
            charges of Odin. When Odin is summoned by a Conjurer, he will cast Wall
            on the entire party, reflecting MegaFlare back on Bahamut!
            Keep summoning Odin and attacking with anyone else and he'll fall, quite
            possibly leaving you unscathed. But don't cast Cure afterwards, as it will
            bounce off and heal Bahamut instead!

            A Black Mage brought along should either throw a GodsWine on a fighter,
            throw Hi Potions, or cast Bio as an attack.




 HP:       6500
 Gil:      4900
 Exp:      4800
 Cap:      2
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: N/A
 Attacks:  Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 35-36

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - M.Knight - M.Knight/Conjurer

 Strategy: He only attacks with a normal attack, which deals from 900 to 1400. Your
           party members should have 1800+ by now though, so it's not lethal.

           A Knight should always attack with dual Defenders.
           A M.Knight should always attack with best weapons available. Have him
           cast Cure2 on a wounded member if you feel like.
           A Karateka/Viking should always attack, throwing Hi Potions if needed.
           A White Mage should cast Haste on the strongest character(M.Knight with
           Kiku+Kiku), and then heal wounded members.
           A Black Mage should cast Bio as an attack, and throw Hi Potions if
           A Conjurer should cast Titan every round.

           This boss is dead easy. Just go all out offense and he'll drop in two rounds




 HP:       7800
 Gil:      4500
 Exp:      4400
 Cap:      13
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Flare, physical attack.

 Recommended level: 35+

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Conjurer/Karateka - White Mage/Black Mage

 Strategy: He will attack using Flare, which will deal between 500 and 1100.
           If you have a Conjurer and Odin, you can reflect it back on him!

           Now, any M.Knight you have will be using Dark Elemental Swords, so they
           will do very little damage to him, so if you're going to Haste, Haste
           the Knight and/or Karateka first.

           Have any attackers attack always(avoid elemental weapons if you can).
           A Conjurer should just cast Odin every round, which will reflect his Flare
           right back on him, rendering you fairly invincible.
           A White Mage can Haste the Knight/Karateka, then heal people.
           A Black Mage should always cast Bio.

           Just keep a steady attack and he'll drop fast.


 =====DORGAS CAVE=====


 HP:       4500
 Gil:      4000
 Exp:      3400
 Cap:      12
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Quake, Brak2, Drain, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 36-37

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Warlock - Shaman

 Strategy: This guy has a predictable attack patter, which is:


           Quake will deal around 500-1000 to all party members. Brak2 will petrify,
           and has a high success rate(meaning I hope you brought along a Soft or two).
           Drain will drain about 500-900 HP.
           He CAN physically attack(chances are VERY low), and if he does, it
           always acts as an attack OUTSIDE the pattern, and will not act as a
           substitute for one of the spells.

           Note that none of these spells will be reflected back with Wall, so you
           should dump a Conjurer and Summoner(the only other attacks they have are
           elemental ones, and they do crap damage).

           A Knight/M.Knight/Karateka/Viking/Dragoon should always attack.
           A WhiteMage/Shaman should cast Haste on the Knight/Viking/Karateka,
           then cast Cure4-/Cure3-All, to prepare for the next fight.
           A Black Mage/Warlock should cast Bio every round.

           Have everyone save the White Mage/Shaman attack every round and he'll drop


 =====DORGAS CAVE=====


 HP:       4500
 Gil:      4200
 Exp:      4000
 Cap:      13
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  WWind, Wall, Blizzard, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 36-37

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Warlock - Shaman

 Strategy: She also has an attack pattern:


           WWind will reduce HP to a single digit, Wall will reflect back all
           spells that aren't automatically multiple-hitting, and Blizzard deals
           around 150 to everyone. As you can see, getting hit by WWind and then
           Blizzard is instant death, so Cure accordingly.
           WWInd can be reflected back, but the only effective and good way of getting
           Wall on all is through a Conjurer, and you should have dumped him by now

           A Knight/M.Knight/Karateka/Viking/Dragoon should all always attack.
           A Black Mage/Warlock should cast Bio the first turn, then cast Quake(so as
           to net get Bio reflected back in your face).
           A Shaman/White Mage should use the two first turns casting Haste on the
           main attacker(hopefully not an M.Knight). She should die before her first
           Blizzard. If you need to though, cast Cure4 on a member hit by WWind.




 HP:       7040
 Gil:      3450
 Exp:      4200
 Cap:      2
 Weakness: Changes
 Strength: Changes
 Attacks:  Flame, Physical attack.

 Recommended level: 40-41

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Warlock - Shaman

 Strategy: An upgraded Hyne with less attacks. His Flame will deal 150-450 on your
           characters, depending on the jobs stats(obviously, more magic def. equals
           less damage).
           His normal attack will deal 500-650.
           He'll use WallChange every now and then. If you hit him with a strong
           elemental spell(Ice3, Bolt3, Fire3, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh) that happens to be
           his weak spot, it will deal colossal amounts of damage(2500-3000). Two of
           those attacks and he's practically dead.
           If you hit him with the opposite element of his weakness, he'll absorb it
           for about 1000 HP, and if you hit him with any other elemental spell, he'll
           null it(take 0 damage).
           His weak spot is random though, so unless you're feeling lucky, you're
           better off using Bio and such.

           Have Knight/M.Knight/Karateka/Viking attack, and Dragoon Jump.
           Have a Shaman haste your best fighter once or twice, then heal.
           Have a Warlock cast Bio or if you're feeling lucky, an elemental spell.
           Have a Summoner summon Odin, throw Hi Potions, or summon an elemental
           summon if you're feeling lucky.

           He'll drop fairly fast.




 HP:       9000
 Gil:      5000
 Exp:      4800
 Cap:      14
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Physical Attack, Mindblast

 Recommended level: 40-41

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Warlock - Shaman

 Strategy: Her Mindblast will paralyse your second and fourth character, so use them
           accordingly. Her normal attack deals 900-1100 to any character.

           Your Knight should now have Break + FullMoon, so have the Shaman cast
           Haste on him twice, and he'll start dealing 3000-4000.
           Any other Fighter should Attack or Jump accordingly.
           A Shaman should, as stated above, Haste your Knight(or if you don't have one,
           the strongest attacker) twice, then heal.
           A Warlock should just cast Bio.
           A Summoner should summon Odin, or just sit on his ass throwing Hi Potions.

           She's not too hard.




 HP:       12000
 Gil:      5200
 Exp:      5000
 Cap:      16
 Weakness: N/A
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Physical attack

 Recommended level: 41-42

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Warlock - Shaman

 Strategy: His attack deals around 1000 damage normally. 500 to a backrow.

           A Knight/M.Knight/Karateka/Viking should always attac, and a Dragoon Jump.
           A Shaman should cast Haste twice on your strongest attacker(M.Knight uses
           elemental weapons, so go for Knight/Karateka before him).
           A Warlock should cast Bio.

           Not much more to say about this boss.




 HP:       10000
 Gil:      5400
 Exp:      5200
 Cap:      16
 Weakness: None
 Strength: None
 Attacks:  Physical attack(1%) + Flare(99%)

 Recommended level: 41-42

 My recommended party: Knight - M.Knight - Warlock - Shaman

 Strategy: She has no elemental resistance, so your M.Knight will probably deal more
           damage than your Knight, depending on equipment.

           Her Flare deals 1000-1800 depending on Magid Def.

           A Knight/M.Knight/Karateka/Viking should always attack, and a Dragoon Jump.
           A Shaman should Haste the strongest attacker/s every round, as you can
           restore magic in the next room.
           A Warlock can go crazy with Bio.

           Also, Flare can be Reflected, so if you happen to have a Conjurer, his Odin
           will be very useful.




 HP:       12000
 Gil:      5600
 Exp:      5400
 Cap:      17
 Weakness: None
 Strength: None
 Attacks:  Quake - Reflect - Cure2

 Recommended level: 41-42

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: His attack pattern is: QUAKE-WALL-QUAKE-QUAKE-WALL-QUAKE-CURE2-REPEAT.

           His Quake deals 800-1100 to a normal warrior, and 300-400 to the Warrior
           with a Ribbon.

           Have your Sage/s Haste your Ninja/s, or cast Bahamut.
           Have your Ninja/s attack always.
           Exploit the attack pattern to determine when to heal and such.

           With your new Ultimate Jobs this is easy.


 =====SYLX TOWER=====


 HP:       21000
 Gil:      0
 Exp:      0
 Cap:      0
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Libra, Meteor, Quake, Flame, Physical Attack.

 Recommended level: 45-48

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: He has an attack pattern:


           Note that any physical attack you see, always counts as outside this

           His Meteo will deal around 3000 to all warriors. You should have 3500 HP or
           His Quake deals around 2500 to every warrior, but only a measly 500 or so to
           the one with the Ribbon. Flame deals around 600 to a normal warrior, and 150
           or so to a Ribbon-bearer. A physical attack deals around 1000.

           At levels 45 and above, you should kill him in three rounds(using the
           recommended party), so you won't ever need to heal.

           Start off having Ninjas attack.
           Have Sages cast Haste on both Ninjas(one each).
           Next round continue attacking, but have the Sages cast Bahamut from now on.
           He should fall in three rounds. If Meteo kills someone, cast Life2/Life/
           FenixDown, then next turn, have the Sages cast Cure4 on the people with less
           than 2500 HP.

           Anyway, keep attacking as much as possible, and keep an eye on the pattern
           to see what's up next.




 HP:       65535
 Gil:      0
 Exp:      0
 Cap:      0
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  FlareWave, Physical Attack.

 Recommended level: Irrelevant

 My recommended party: Irrelevant

 Strategy: She is invincible. Period. Just like Bahamut when you first meet him, just
           stronger. Her regenerates to max after every round, her Evade is 99, her
           Defense is 255, and she blocks 32 hits. Basically, you will never
           (realistically speaking) hit her.
           Her FlareWave deals 1500-2000 to everyone, so you'll die rather fast.
           Just have everyone Attack until you die.


 =====DARK WORLD=====


 HP:       23000
 Gil:      6400
 Exp:      6000
 Cap:      18
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Lightning, Physical attack(added effect: Petrify)

 Recommended level: 45+

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: His Lighting will deal around 600-900 to a Ribbon-bearer, and 900-1400 to
           someone without a Ribbon. You should have at least two Ribbons by now, so
           equip them if you haven't already.

           If you don't have Shurikens, start off the battle with your Sages casting
           Haste on one Ninja each, and have Ninjas attack

           Do the same the next round as well. From there on, have Ninjas attack,
           and Sages summon Bahamut or cast Cure4 on a warrior at low health.
           The fight shouldn't last more than 5 rounds.

           With Shurikens, this is ridiculously easy. Have Ninjas throw Dual Shurikens,
           and Sages summon Bahamut. Re-equip Ninjas with Shurikens(or switch to
           weapons if you don't have many) and repeat. He'll die the second round, as
           a Shuriken will deal 4500-7000 to him.


 =====DARK WORLD=====


 HP:       32000
 Gil:      7000
 Exp:      8000
 Cap:      19
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Quake, Brak2, Drain, Meteor, Death, Flare, Physical attack(rare)

 Recommended level: 46-48

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: She has an attack pattern:


           Important: Equip Ribbons to anyone who can!

           Quake deals between 1800 and 2500 to a Ribbon-less warrior, but only
           600-1000 to someone with a Ribbon(which should be three of four warriors
           by now).
           Brak2 only works on the person without Ribbon. Drain drains about 900-1300
           HP, Meteor deals around 2500-3300 to all, Death only works on the
           Ribbon-less bloke, Flare deals 2000-3000 to a warrior.

           With Shurikens, you should have the Ninjas throw Shurikens every round,
           and have the Sages summon Bahamut every round. He'll drop after the third
           round, and will thus never use Meteor, so you won't need to heal(unless
           Quake kills the Ribbon-less warrior).

           Without Shurikens, you'll want to use the first round, having the Sages cast
           Haste on each their Ninja. The Ninjas should of course attack every round.

           The next round, have both Sages repeat(if one of them is stuck with
           FullMoon, have both Haste the one with dual swords).
           The next round, have one Sage cast Haste on the strongest Ninja, and the
           other, heal the warrior who didn't have Ribbon when Quak was fired.
           The next round, have Ninjas attack, and Sages summon Bahamut.
           Chances are, a few warriors may die from Meteo. Try and count her HP,
           and determine whether or not you can finish her before her next Meteo
           (considering the damage of Flare and Drain).
           Cast Life2 on a dead warrior if needed, and cast Cure4 as well.


 =====DARK WORLD=====


 HP:       29000
 Gil:      6800
 Exp:      7000
 Cap:      19
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Physical attack always(extremely powerful).

 Recommended level: 47+

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: His attacks are ridiculously powerful. Let me repeat that.
           Ridiculously powerful. We're talking a steady 7000 or more to a level
           47 Ninja on front row with no shields. A steady 3000 to the same Ninja
           on the backrow, but only 1000 or so to the same Ninja with Shields on the
           back row.

           If you have Shurikens, the best strategy IMO, is the fastest one.
           Put everyone on back row, and equip them with stuff to boost Defense.
           Give the Ninjas 2 Shurikens(they are ranged, so they deal same damage from
           back row), and start battle.
           Have the Ninjas throw Shurikens, and the Sages summon Bahamut, EVERY ROUND.
           Don't bother healing at all, because he could kill you again anyway, and
           you really want to end this battle fast.
           If someone dies, you can cast Life2 on that person, but only in a real
           emergency. Just attack ALWAYS.

           Without Shurikens, this will be a battle of patience and luck.
           Start with everyone in the backrow, and have the Ninjas equip two Shields
           (Aegis+Crystal or Crystal+Crystal).
           Now start boosting your Defence using Turtleshells and Safe.
           Heal anyone that looses a lot of HP(be your own judge here), and
           keep casting Safe(prioritize Ninjas). Once it becomes ineffective,
           cast Haste thrice on both Ninjas.

           Now advance Ninjas to front row, with a shield(Crystal) and a sword.
           Start attacking, and have Sages cast Bahamut, and revive. Since he can
           only kill one warrior at a time, you can't loose(unless you get unlucky).

           Alternate strategy: Keep everyone in the backrow, and give one Ninja two
           shields, and the other one shield and the FullMoon.
           Have the FullMoon Ninja attack always, have the Sages cast Bahamut, and
           the second Ninja revive with FenixDowns, or throw TurtleShells on people.
           You should win after a while.


 =====DARK WORLD=====


 HP:       35000
 Gil:      7200
 Exp:      9000
 Cap:      21
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Meteor, Flame, Quake, Blizzard, Lightning, Cure2, Physical attack(rare)

 Recommended level: 48+

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: He has an attack pattern:


           Equip everyone with Ribbons.

           Meteo deals around 2500-3000, Flame/Thunder/Blizzard around 100-200
           Quake around 800-1000.

           With Shurikens, it's just the same drill. Ninjas attack, Sages summon
           Bahamut or heal. I reccomend using the Flame/Blizzard/Thunder/Cure2 turns
           to heal on. Easy, once you know the pattern.

           Without Shurikens, it's still easy.
           Start off having Ninjas throw GodsWines on themselves, and Sages casting
           Haste on them. The next round, have Ninjas attack, and Sages cast Cure4-All.
           NExt round, have Sages cast Haste on the Ninjas again. From there on, it's
           Bahamut all the way, save for healing. Heal in the lame/Blizzard/Thunder/
           Cure2 turns.


 =====DARK WORLD=====


 HP:       45000
 Gil:      0
 Exp:      0
 Cap:      0
 Weakness: None
 Strength: All elements + Drain
 Attacks:  Flarewave

 Recommended level: 50+ (although 47-48 is still possible).

 My recommended party: Ninja - Ninja - Sage - Sage or if at low levels:
                       Ninja - Sage - Sage - Sage

 Strategy: Her Flarewave deals between 1000 and 2000.
           Also, she is invincible if you haven't freed all Dark Warriors.

           Go all out. Throw Shurikens and use Elixirs and GodsWines.

           At higher levels(55+), two Sages casting Cure4-All every round is probably
           going to be enough.
           At lower levels(47-50), you'll probably want to first have 2 Sages cast
           Cure4 on two warriors, then the two other Warriors the next round, and so

           Cast Haste if you're not using Shurikens, but only the first round!
           Healing is a top priority at low levels!
           Keep trying and you'll eventually beat her.

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