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No Class Change Challenge FAQ by Sir Bahamut

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/03

 Version 1.0
 By:  Sir Bahamut. Real name: Kristian John Strømmen

 I.  General FAQ Information
  ~Purpose of the walkthrough
  ~About the Author
  ~Version History
  ~Copyright Info

 II.   Rules of the No Class Change Challenge
 III.  Available Classes
 IV.   Walkthrough
 V.    Credits.

 -Section I: General FAQ Information-
 This FAQ will explain how you can beat the game without changing Classes.
 Naturally, this does not mean you have to finish the game as Onion Kids(that would
 be more boring than fun, due to the need to LOTS of leveling) but as any of the 
 jobs you get from the Wind Crystal. The difficulty varies from place to place, 
 but it is most certainly not an "easy" challenge.

 About the author:
 This FAQ is written by Sir Bahamut. If you want to contact me:

  Make subject "FF3j NCCC"
  No unnecesarry attachments.
  If you have valuable information, don't hesitate to send it.
  If you do give me information, include what name you wish to be called in 
  the credits section.
  No non-constructive critizism(your guide sucks, etc.).
  Don't send the same message many times.
  Remember, I will not be able to reply immediately.

  And you can also find me at the FF3j message board, if you don't want to
  send E-Mail. There I am known as, you guessed it: Sir Bahamut.

 Version History:
  First version:
  Version 0.1.  Covers the game till after you beat Garuda, and the analysis
                of the available jobs. 
  Version 0.2   From Garuda to the Cave of Darkness. Other small changes like
                the recommended level etc.

  Version 0.3   From Cave of Darkness to Eureka.

  Version 1.0   The first complete version. Added strategies for a party with a 
                White Mage in it, and also added/removed lots of other stuff, and
                corrected any mistakes I had written.  

  Version 2.0   Added strategies for Dark World without a White Mage. Also
                fixed some stuff like the Medusa Arrows and some other stuff.
                This will probably be the final version.

 Copyright Information:
 This game is a copyright Square, but this FAQ is a copyright Sir Bahamut 2003.
 This is what you may do with this FAQ:
 1. You may read it.
 2. You may download it to your computer.
 3. Send it to others as long as you don't charge them or change the FAQs

 This is what you may not do:
 1. Sell this guide for profit(unless I have consented).
 2. Steal information without giving me all the credit and asking me on

 Websites may post this guide if they follow these conditions:
 1. The guide is not changed at all.
 2. I get all the credit for it.
 3. You send me a Mail before posting, telling me you are goin to post it,
    and include the Web sites adresse.
 4. Do not harass me if I refuse, and do not post it without my permission.

 -Section II: Rules of the No Class Change Challenge-

 This section will explain the rules of the No Class Change Challenge.

 1: The only jobs you may choose from are the very first jobs you get.
    Once you have chosen four, you can't change them at all at any point 
    in the game.
 2: Don't cheat, not even to get your party Toaded or Minied.

 3: Don't abuse save states. Feel free to make backup saves over the real 
    ones, but don't save after every battle. This is because using savestates
    almost takes away the challenge, as you can manipulate the amount of 
    monsters you meet in battle.

 4: Don't use Fully Equipped Onion Kids as it removes the challenge part of 
    the game.

 5: Do not use any types of upgrading, except the one that must be done.

 --------GENERAL TIPS--------

 1: Level up to the recommendations in this guide. Some may seem very high,
    but with the first classes having such low defence and HP(except the Monk)
    you'll need all the levels you can get.

 2: Try saving attacking items for when you really need them(don't throw away on
    Goblins). Most importantly, SAVE THE GODSWINES!!! They are very important
    against some of the toughest bosses(Ahriman, CoD etc.). 
 3: Unless I specifically say not to, use Black Magic to assure your
    victory in battles(but don't waste).

 4: Save a lot. Remember to make backup saves every now and then, because you 
    don't want to get stuck inside Salonia unable to defeat Garuda.

 5: Always keep plenty of Potions, Hi Potions, Antidotes etc. in stock.
    Following my guide you will have plenty of money for these items.

    Im taking it for granted that you have already finished this game at least
    once, so I will not go into great detail as to where secret areas are and so
    on(if you are having huge problems, consult Yoichis FAQ).

 -Section III: Available Classes-

 These are my recommendations when choosing jobs. If you have your own,
 please E-Mail them to me, but only if you have a proper reason for choosing
 that party. Remember that the jobs you choose here, are the jobs you will
 have to finish the game with. So choose wisely.

 ONION KID:  Only use if you intend to upgrade Onion Equipment, but as I
             consider upgrading to be "cheating", I will not include them.
             Basically without Onion Equipment they are worthless. 

 FIGHTER:    Great class to begin with, as they have the best defence,
             and second best HP gaining. However, once you get further in to 
             the game, their attack power will start sinking compared to Monks,
             simply because equipment later in the game can't be equipped by
             Fighters. Only recommended for added challenge.

 MONK:       Without a doubt the best class you can choose. Their HP gain is 
             the best, and because their bare handed attack power rises pr.
             level, they will always end up much stronger than a Fighter.

 BLACK MAGE: Second best class to use. Obvious reasons for this are Big Rat, while
             other noticable enemies would be Hyne and some of the tougher random
             encounters. Sure, their defence and HP-gain are not anything to boast
             about, but spells like Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Bio and Brak2 make up
             for this.

 WHITE MAGE: Quite a good job actually. The Cure Spells will save you of precious
             Hi-Potions, and Haste will make all the bosses easier. Also, Golem 
             staffs can petrify enemies.
             On the downside, he has low HP, and low Defence, and Aero2 isn't even
             close to as useful as Bio, but bringing one of these with you,
             means you wont have to go through getting Toaded and Minied without
             the spell. This job, along with Monk and Black Mage are the best jobs
             you could bring.
 REDMAGE:    Good until you get the Enterprise, but that's about it.
             Falls behind all classes very early in the game. Absolutely
             useless once you get off the Floating Continent. 

 MY RECOMMENDED PARTY: I recommend a party consisting of a:
                       Monk-Monk-Black Mage-White Mage.
                       Or for added challenge(lots of it) a party of:
                       Monk-Monk-Black Mage-Black Mage.
                       The Monks are the absolute supreme fighters of the available
                       classes and are capable of doing LOTS of damage at high and 
                       low levels.
                       The Black Mages have incredibly useful spell, like Quake,
                       Brak2, Bio, Shade, Sleep....Heck, all their spells are 
                       useful throughout the game!
                       The White Mage will save your party from excessive use
                       of precious Hi-Potions and Elixirs, and they can Haste
                       the Monks for insane damage.
                       And once they get dual Golem Staffs, they can petrify an
                       enemy in two turns!

   The adventure begins with a fight against some GOBLINS, which you should
   easily dispatch. Pick up a POTION and a LEATHER SHIELD from the two chests.
   Equip the latter on any of the Onion Kids. Examine the stone and proceed 
   through the exit. Get the second LEATHER SHIELD from the chest, and as before,
   equip this on a chosen Onion Kid. Take the left path for a SOUTHWIND, then
   the right path for a POTION. Walk back and go up this time, for yet another
   POTION. Continue to the right for a Healing Spring, and a SOUTHWIND.
   You should be aproximately level 3 by now, but if you are not, stay near the     
   Healing Spring and get the party to level 3 or 4. Now go left, and through the 
   door for the first boss.

   BOSS: LandTrtl. HP: 120.  Weakness:Ice  Strong against:None  
   Recommended level:4

   Strategy: This boss is a pushover. Just keep attacking him and he'll 
             eventually fall. Do not use any items except a Potion if you feel 
             you must. 

   Speak to the Crystal for the Jobs, then warp out. Not exactly tough yet,
   but then again, the challenge has not even begun.

   Immediately change to the chosen jobs, and head back to the cave.
   Once in, walk through the inlet to the right for two chests, each holding 
   1000 gil. Continue into the cave for a COPPER RING, 2 LONG SWORDS, NUNCHUCK
   and a SLEEP spell. Once you're done, retrace your steps back out, and head
   for Ur.


   Firstly, go and talk to Topapa, and use the Healing Spring if necesarry.
   Once you are done talking, buy the following equipment for your jobs:

   3 Nunchucks(for two Monks).
   4 Daggers/2 Staffs(The Daggers for two Black Mages, and the Staffs for one White)
   1 Copper Bracelet(for BlackMage/s or WhiteMage).
   4 Leather Outfits(for all).
   Equip these accordingly, and sell the excess stuff. Once you have this,
   go and buy some Potions, Eyedrops and Antidotes(5 of each should be enough).

   Once you have this you can go to the warehouse and get all the stuff there.
   Give CURE to WhiteMage(obviously).
   Sell whatever you don't need, and get back. You should consider gaining a few
   levels here, as you will need to do it later anyway. Remember to get the three
   POTIONS in the well before you leave. And if you can afford it, get White Mage
   PURE, although it wont kill you not to.
   NOTE: Don't put your Mages on the back row quite yet. With two Daggers/Staffs
         they can help quite considerably in battles. 


   Get the ZEUS RAGE and MITHRIL HELMET in the grass to the left, before going to
   speak with Cid.

   Leave Kazus and get the airship from the desert to the west.
   Now fly over to Sasoon Castle.


   Collect all the hidden treasure, including the super-useful ICE spell.
   You can sell all the equipment you get in here, unless you want to give your 
   Black Mage a Bow and Arrow(I didn't do this, but it does not matter).
   Go and get the W.SLAYER, for added experience. The Griffin should pose no
   threat to your party. Personally, I gained a few levels in here, due to fairly
   good experience, for fairly little trouble. 
   Once you are done. level your party till they are about level 8. Or to make
   it even easier, level 9. At level 9 your Monks will get 4-Hit, which makes
   all the difference.
   For quick leveling, get into fights in the very beginning of the Cave of
   the Seal, or alternatively, the Mithril Mine(tougher enemies for better exp.
   Use Cure on them if you have a White Mage).
   As soon as this has been done, go into the Cave of the Seal.


   As before keep all member on the front row(not a must, but it makes battles go
   At level 8, the only enemies that can pose any threat, are packs of Laruwais
   and CurseCoins(the latter mostly), but they will not be too difficult.
   Pick up the treasure in here(I don't need to mention pressing the skull, do I?)
   which consists of a POTION, a CURE Spell and 500 gil.
   Meet up with Sarah, and continue to Jinn. Remember to heal with Potions, of 
   which you should have plenty, before the battle.

   BOSS: Jinn.  HP: 450-500.   Weakness: Ice.   Strong against: Fire.

   Recommended level:8-9

   Strategy: Just pummel this guy with ICE and hopefully 4-Hits. Very easy. Heal
             if necesarry.

   After teleporting back to the castle, you will get the CANOE.
   Using the Canoe get your Airship back(its true purpose is revealed later) and
   return to Kazus.
   Here get the Mages the newest in weapons. Other than that just restock on
   items, Potions especially. Also, get both your mages FIRE and SLEEP, and a 
   second ICE. 
   Go and get the Mithril Sword from the mine as well, for money and experience.
   Once you are done here, get the Mithril Bow from Taca, and head over to 


   Rest in the inn if you need to. Buy 1 BLIND spell and 2 BOLT spells,
   before getting the ELIXIR, at the end of the water "path".
   Use the Elixir on Cids wife, for access to the treasure room.
   Get all the treasure in here. Keep everything but the Bow and arrows.
   Also collect the LUCKMALLET in the urn by the fireplace.
   Equip the second Blind spell to the Black Mage who didn't get one to begin
   with, before leaving.

   This is were one would normally go to the Road to the Summit, to meet Desh,
   BUT, if you recall, you need to be Mini to get into TOZAS. 
   Now this would normally be achieved by having a White Mage cast Mini,
   but you might not have brought one, and you can't change classes to 
   get one! There is no way to buy LuckMallets and no enemy drops them.
   This is were the Upgrade trick comes into use(check out OnionKid2002s FAQ for
   more info). You will have to use this trick to get LuckMallets(which Mini
   To upgrade LuckMallets, you need enough Money to have 99+8 Potions.
   This will result in you needing (maximum) 14850(for 99 Potions)+ 1080 for
   the additional 8, resulting in a whooping 15930 Gil!
   Naturally, if you have a White Mage, you can skip this next section, 
   and go straight to the Road to the Summit.

   If you know the upgrade trick from before(or read the FAQ), you might
   wonder why you need an extra 8 Potions. This is because you need to upgrade
   EchoHerbs to get LuckMallets, and the ONLY way to get EchoHerbs at this
   point of the game, is by giving the Old Man in the entrance at Ur, Potions!

   The best way to get lots of money quick is to fight in the Road to the Summit.
   This way you will get over 100 each fight(unless you were unlucky enough to
   run into to DiveEagles). Packs of RustBirds and FireFlies are the best enemies
   to meet, they will give great Experience and lots of money.

   When fighting in this place, put your Black Mages on the back row, and have
   them cast ICE, or if you meet RUKUS, you should cast Bolt.
   Your Monks are level 9 by now,(right?) so their 4-hits will make life easier.

   Once you have 99 Potions, and enough money for 8, your party should be around 
   13-14(I was 15, because I made sure I had 3500 left after buying Potions,
   something I recommend).
   Now walk all the way back to Ur, and give the Old Man 8 Potions in return for
   8 EchoHerbs.

   Once you have these, arrange your item menu like this:

   X=random items and equipment 
   U=Garbage bin
   X------X          For a Better chart, go to OnionKids FAQ.
   Once your menu looks like this, head out of Ur, and up to the Cave.
   Save your game outside, and enter.
   Get into a battle in here and win. If you get a Potion, you will now have
   8 LuckMallets in stead of EchoHerbs. If you do not get a Potion, simply reset,
   and try again.
   NOTE: If you happen to get two Potions or more after battle, your first 
         character will be upgraded as well. This means you will have, most 
         likely, a level 99 Monk in less the 90 Battles! Reset if this happens,
         unless you want to cheat your way through this challenge.

   Pretty soon you will have 8 LuckMallets, which allows you to move on the next
   part of the game.


   Most likely, you will already have raided this place for treasure, so
   just continue up till Bahamuts Nest, making sure you got the AERO spell.
   Once here, find Desh hiding in the nest, and you will meet Bahamut.

   BOSS: Bahamut    HP: Unlimited   Weakness:No   Strong against:Light Warriors.

   Strategy: This Boss fight has been proven impossible. OnionKid2002 even went
             in with four Fully Equipped Onion Kids, one of which was level 99,
             and still didn't manage to beat him. Just run.

   Once you escaped this "boss", you'll jump down the mountain and land next to
   Tozas. But before going. replenish yourself in the Healing Forest, in the 
   north part of the forest. Once you are at full health, use the LuckMallets,
   and enter Tozas(or Mini if you brought a White Mage).


   Buy some MidgetBread if you wish, or just head straght for Doctor Shelcos 
   house. In here, pick up all the treasure in the shelves including a super useful
   CURE2 spell and BURNING staff which you should give to your White Mage. Remember
   that when used as an item in battle, it will cast Fire for free.
   Now give the poor doctor an Antidote to cure him. Follow the path all the 
   way out to the World Map.
   You can run from these enemies, or decimate them with your magic(recommended),
   anyhow, you'll make your way out. 
   Once out, still do not de-minifie yourself(unless you upgraded 12 Echoherbs or
   have a White Mage), just walk into the Viking Base.


   Make sure you pick up FIRE2, ICE2 and BOLT2 from the secret place, through
   the right part of the wall, in the second room. Spread out these to your 
   Black Mages.
   Once you have all the treasure from here, exit and head out to Neptos Shrine.

   NOTE:Nepto can be beaten, either with UNWORLDLY LUCK, as stated by darkmaster,
        or as four FEOKs. If you do however, you will get hardly anything
        and Nepto will still be there.


   Walk straight through the eye, and pick up the SERPENT SWORD and CARAPACE
   armors for extra money. Try not to use any magic in here, as you will need it
   for the upcoming boss...

   BOSS: Big Rat   HP:450-500    Weakness:None   Strong against:Level 1-2 Magic

   Recommended level:15
   Strategy: Have your Black Mage/s use any of the Elemental2 spells(Fire2 etc.),
             and your Monks use either SouthWinds or ZeusRage. Your White Mage 
             should cast Aero, or heal if necesarry.
             This boss is the first tough boss in the game, but you should 
             prevail fairly easily, mainly due to your high levels.

   Once you beat this rat, take the Eye back out. Feel free to use any spare
   magic you have left on your way out. Once at the entrance give Nepto his eye
   back, and return to the Viking Base.

   Once back, talk to the leader, before resting at the inn.
   Use the ship to get to Argass Castle.

   Go straight up till you are in a room with four torches. Press the one
   farthest to the right, and walk in. Walk straight into the small wall 
   seperating you and the treasure, and walk down, to make your way to 3000 Gil.
   Afterwards walk up the stairs for over 10000 Gil. Once you have this continue
   up the first set of stairs and in to the Round Table(King Arthur anyone?).
   Walk down the block thing to the right for a BOMBSHARD, SOUTHWIND and 
   PARALYZER. Now set sail for Tokkle(south). 
   Pick up the treasure from the elders treasure chamber, conviniently located
   in the fireplace, and get the stuff lying around in the grass outside.
   The treasure consists of a 3-PART NUNCHUCK, FREEZING STAFF, KENPO, GREATBOW, 
   Sell the GreatBow. You might as well sell the 3-Part, because by the time you 
   get another one, your bare hands will be stronger,but it's up to you. 
   Equip the weakest Monk with the Kenpo, and the White Mage with the Freezing.
   Do whatever you want with the LamiScl, but unless you want Garuda to be
   EXTREMELY difficult, DO NOT throw away/sell the Gods Wine.

   Once you are done here, sail to the Ancients Village.


   Buy another KENPO, and 2 HEADBANDS for your Monks, and two WIZARDS for your
   Black and White Mages.
   Buy another set of FIRE2, ICE2 and BOLT2 for your second Black Mage if you have
   one, but if you have a White Mage buy him SIGHT, EXIT and WASH.
   Now stock upon items. 10 of everything, except Hi-Potion, which you will not 
   need right now, and Potions which you should have around 50 of.

   When you have this, your business here is done, so sail towards Gurgur      


   Go and talk to the leader-guy , for the valuable/useless TOAD. Time for Desh 
   to meet his destiny!

   Your next destiantion is the Tower of Owen, but if you recall, you need to be
   Toads to get in.

   If you have a White Mage with you, you can just cast Toad to solve the problems,
   but if you brought two Blakc Mages with you, you'll need to find another way.
   My first thought was simply using MaidKiss, to get everyone Toaded,
   but as it turned out, MaidKiss only cures Toad, not induces it!

   Now when all hope was gone, OnionKid2002 said he thought he remembered a 
   monster in the beginning of the Tower of Owen that cast Toad(can't thank you
   enough for this), so I went to check it out.
   Farjalugs in here, will cast Toad at you. The odds that they will cast it,
   seem to be very random(sometimes they all cast Toad, and sometimes they
   don't cast Toad for several rounds), and the odds that you will actually be
   inflicted by it are, sadly enough, fairly low. Im not saying it's a 10% 
   chance, but not more than 20%.

   The easiest way to get everyone Toaded is to de-equip everyone, put them in
   the back row, and pray. Make sure you have about 50 Potions, before trying.
   When you are ready, enter.

   You most likely will not meet Farjalugs at once, but rather packs of 
   PutiMages and Pugmen, the former being quite destructive when un-equipped.
   Just run from everything until you meet some Farjalugs.
   Once you are in battle with these, have your Monks defend, and your naked
   Black Mages attack themselves(they should never hit).

   It will probably take a long time before one of your people get Toaded,
   but once one of them do, run away, or use magic to win.
   Now get out of the Tower, and sail back to Canaan.
   Once here, put everyone on the front row, and get into a battle against very
   weak monsters.
   Now kill of the Toaded character and run/win.

   Now restock Potions and go back to the Tower. Continue this until all party
   members are Toaded. Note that it will be very risky escaping the tower with
   only one frog. You should use your most powerful magic(evt. items if Monk),
   to ensure you get out. Battles on sea should easily be run away from.

   Once your entire party is Toaded revive the dead ones, sleep at the inn,
   and go into the Tower. Jump in to the hole and use MaidKisses to get normal
   NOTE: If you want added challenge, you could go up to the top as Toads and 
         kill Medusa as Toads. Her Break will never(at least not on me) hit you,
         and her physical attack can be cured with Potions. It will be a long 
         fight though, as she has aprox.900 HP and is strong against Black 
         Magic, so you will have to rely on normal attacks once your magic has
         run out. Normal attacks as Toads will only deal 1-2 damage. so make
         sure you have lots of Potions. In theory this battle is very possible,
         just not very easy. 


   Just run through this tower, using lots of Black Magic against enemies.
   The only useful items in here is a BOMBSHARD and a ZEUSRAGE.
   Once you make it to the top put your Black Mages on the front row,
   and commence the fight against Medusa.

   BOSS: Medusa   HP:900    Weakness:None    Strong against:Black Magic

   Recommended level:16

   Strategy: Have everyone attack, including the Mages. If she happens to
             attack you normally, have a Black Mage use a Potion or a White Mage
             At this point, you should be level 15-16 so this battle will be easy.

   Once done, Desh will sacrifice himself and you will be teleported out.
   Once out, sail all the way over to Gisahl.


   I love this town. The sheep are so comical. Anyway, head straight to the 
   Magic Key shop. As soon as you walk through the door, don't move. Instead 
   walk left, up and right behind the counter. Open the chest for a Shuriken!
   You can sell this for 32750 GIL! WOW!
   With your new small fortune, buy about 10 Keys, and ICE3 for both Black 
   Mages. Buy the White Magic if you want, but it's not really needed.
   Once you have everything worth getting here, return to Argass Castle.

   Back here, press on the torch again, but this time take the stairs all the
   way up. Open the left door with a Magic Key, to meet a White Mage who will
   give you an Elixir. You will also notice some chests to the right.
   To get the treasure, face the small bit of wall, seperating you and the
   treasure, face down and press. Grab the treasure, consisting of a bow and
   some arrows, none of which are useful.
   Open the right door with a Key, and get the treasure. Equip the strong
   SCHOLAR on one of your Mages. Now leave, and sail to the Dwarven Island.


   If your bare hands are less powerful than two 3-Parts, buy two for each Monk,
   although I do recommend leveling up till your hands are powerful, because 
   they will have a much better hit%, pluss you'll save lots of money.
   Also get a Shining Staff your your White Mage if you have one.
   Now if you got past Medusa as Toads(congratulations in that case), you will
   be able to jump straight into the lake, but if you used LuckMallets in The 
   Tower of Owen, you will have to get Toaded again. Use the same strategy as 
   before(naturally you know what to do if you have a White Mage).

   Once you are Toaded jump into the Lake.


   This place is easy, kill all the monsters you meet, don't be shy on Black
   Magic, for experience(Ice will work rather nicely against Bombs and such). 
   Collect the treasure that lies scattered around,
   and heal up before fighting Guzco.

   BOSS: Guzco   HP:1500   Weakness:None   Strong against:Black Magic

   Recommended level:17

   Strategy: If you are level 17, your Monks 6-Hit will obliterate him, if not,
             you still will, it just takes longer. Use the Mages as healers.

   Once you beat Guzco, walk back out again, just for Guzco to steal both Horns.


   Fight enemies here till you are all level 17. Once you are level 17, walk 
   through, collecting treasure for money(but if you find the enemies too tough,
   there is nothing important down here).
   Most enemies can be taken out with a single blast of Ice2, if you're lucky,
   Ice1, but don't waste your Ice3 as you will need it for Salamandr.
   Eventually you will meet Salamandr.

   BOSS: Salamandr  HP:2000+   Weakness:Ice    Strong against:Black Magic

   Recommended level:17-18

   Strategy: This guy is quite tough unless you are level 17. Have Monks attack,
             and Black Mage/s use Ice3, but if your Monks are getting low on hp,
             have them use Potion/Hi-Potion on them. Your White Mage should use
             a SouthWind the first round, but afterwards continuessly Cure2-All.
             You should manage this battle in a try or two, depending on your luck.

   Once you killed Salamandr you will get the next set of Jobs!!! 
   Unfortunately you can't use them, so just step on the star, and head back
   to the Dwarf Cave.

   Back in the Dwarf Cave, put the Horns back, and collect the treasure.
   Sell all the equipment but the SCHOLAR stuff which you should split evenly
   between your Mages. Make sure you have at least 7 LuckMallets(or a White Mage)
   before heading for Tokkle.

   Once inside, Hynes guards will kidnap you, and take you to his Castle.


   Talk to the man to the left for a LUCKMALLET. Now use LuckMallets to Mini
   your party and head through the hole in the wall.
   Feel free to run from enemies if they get too annoying(Glare), but your
   party should be able to handle them. Save your Magic for later though.
   Go through the false wall in the bottom left, and collect the treasure from
   all three doors(skip the left if you wish). Continue to get the KING sword,
   before going head on against Hyne.

   BOSS: Hyne  HP: 1500+   Weakness:Varies   Strong against:Varies,Weapons

   Recommended level:19

   Strategy: Have your Monks attack, even if they don't do much damage.
             Have one Black Mage cast Ice and the other Fire. If any of them do 
             over 200, have both Black Mages use Fir2/Ice2/Ice3 depending on which
             element hit strongly.
             If none do much damage, cast Bolt/Bolt2, Use your Monks as healers 
             here, but have them attack if you get a spare round.
             If you have a White Mage with you, he should in stead of the Ice/Fire
             he should throw a battle item, or use his Freezing/Burning Staff as
             an Item.

   After Hynes demise, the Living Tree will take you to the Living
   Forest, were it will seal the forest.
   Walk back to the ship, and sail it yet again to Argass Castle.

   Back here, talk to the King for the TIME GEAR then leave,
   and take the Time Gear back to Cid in Canaan.
   There he will make the Enterprise into a part airship.
   Make sure you have 99 Potions and about 20 Status Recovery items and MidgBread.
   Hi-Potions are optional but I recommend about 20. If you want, do some leveling 
   Once you are ready, fly the Airship off the continent.


   Once out here, you need to find a shipwreck. Best way to do this, is to go
   first North-East, until you reach a big island with the Water Temple on 
   it(use lots of MigetBread/Sight Magic), then go NorthWest till you see a 
   little island.

   Inside the shipwreck you will find a BLOOD sword, and a ZEUSRAGE.
   Also you will find a Water Maiden, Eliah. Cure her with an Antidote.
   With her in your party, head back to the island with the temple on it(south
   -east). Enter the temple for the shard and a Healing Spring. Proceed to the


   Cast Bolt/Bolt2 on enemies here. White Mages should equip Shining Staff and use
   it as an item when not healing. 
   Look out for Cocktrice who can petrify you, so take them out quick. This place 
   is fairly easy.
   On floor B3F take the lower path and you'll soon reach the Crystal.
   Remember that there are no treasure chests here. Before facing Kraken, you
   should be level 20.

   BOSS: Kraken  HP:2000.   Weakness: Bolt or Ice   Strong against:Nothing

   Recommended level:20

   Strategy: Have Monks attack and Black Mage/s use Ice3. White Mage constantly 
             heal the wounded. This boss is a pushover.

   Once Elia has been avenged, you will get the useless jobs.
   Then, an earthquake will occur.



   You will awaken in Amur, where your airship has been chained up by Goldor.
   It is VERY important that you get your Monks a BLACK BELT and a CHAKRA each.
   Pick up the Thief equipment from the island in the water, and sell it.
   Buy some Hi-Potions, and head for the sewers.


   This dungeon can actually be quite hard, due to the Storopers that use Glance.
   Even over level 20, you might find your whole party confused, killing 
   eachother. Make sure you pick up the POWER RING from one of the secret rooms.
   You know, the one where the road suddenly goes down, and up again a bit later.
   Equip this on one of the Monks, and continue. Eventually, you will reach 
   Delila. After the Old Men arrive, you will get the FLOATING SHOES, then you 
   will be teleported out.

   With these shoes, walk down to Goldors Mansion.


   You know, back in Gisahl, when I told you to buy around 10 Magic Keys?
   You better have listened because you will need them now.
   The enemies in here are no problem except GoldBears, who can take off a 
   massive 500+ HP to a single party member. If someone is KO'd, you can just
   use a FenixDown. 
   Go straight up, and get the SHINY SWORDS from the chests.
   Go back out and use a Key on the top right door, and enter the secret passage.
   In here you can go straight through the bottom walls, to shorten your walk.
   After this room, you will meet Goldor. Put your Mages on the front row
   before talking to him.

   BOSS: Goldor  HP:2300  Weakness:None  Strong against: Magic(very strong)

   Recommended level:21

   Strategy: Have everyone attack, and if necesarry, have your Black Mages use
             Hi-Potions or White Mage cast Cure2. This battle should not be very 

   After beating this boss, he will destroy his crystal, and you are free to 
   Use a Chocobo from the forest south of Goldors Mansion to get back to Amur
   quickly. Once there, stock up on items and board the airship.

   Use the airship to visit Leprit, for some OK treasure, including
   an ELIXIR. To get it, climb the trees next to the house where you can see an
   old man walking inside. Once on the roof, climb down the chimney and press
   the bottom right candle for the Elixir.

   Make sure you buy your Mages RUNE in Dastar.
   Now, the next part of the game, has you going in battle against the
   legendary bird Garuda. Needless to say, it will be very difficult to beat
   At this point in the game, you should be around level 20-21.
   Don't even try challenging him at that pathetic level. Garuda will Thunder you
   to death for about 300-400 damage to everyone! Every round! Garuda does 
   actually use normal attacks, but this is VERY rare, so don't count on it being
   your key to winning.
   You will have to be level 30(or above of course) to have a chance at beating
   Yes, I know level 30 is a lot, especially considering the monsters you meet on
   the world map, will at the most, give you a bit over 700 exp. And that's only
   sometimes. Mostly you will run into pathetic enemies that give you only 
   300-400 exp.

   However, there is a place where you can get a minimum of 1200 EACH BATTLE!
   If you already beat the game, you will remember having to escort Unne to the
   Ancients Ruins, to retrieve the Invincible. To get there, you flew the Nautilus
   through the mountain passages. However, you don't need the Nautilus, you only
   need the thing you thought you had no use for: The Canoe!
   "Park" the ship outside Salonia. and follow the wall west, till you see a 
   river in between two mountains. Follow this river, till you get to a junction.
   Go right, then left to arrive just outside the Ancients cave.

   The only enemies you will face in here, are lone Pyralis, and packs of one
   or two D.Zombies.
   PYRALIS   HP: Aprox 1500.    Weakness:Ice    Strong against: Fire(?)

   Recommended level:22+

   Strategy: These guys will be tough at first, but once you get up in level 24,
             they will become easy. Have both Monks attack, and your Black Mage/s
             cast Ice2/Ice3. Have one of them cast Ice2 and the other Ice3.
             The White Mage should use Freezing Staff as an item.
             If he does not die after this, have everyone attack. Be careful,
             because he will hit a single character(front row Monks anyway) for
             400-600, so always heal after battle.

   D.ZOMBIES HP: Aprox. 2000.   Weakness:Fire, Healing items. Strong against:No

   Recommended level:22+

   Strategy: If you meet one of these guys, you will be alright, even if back 
             attacked(which, I found happened very often). Just Fir2 and attack 
             him to death(well, he is already dead but anyway).
             If you meet two in a normal battle, things will get tougher.
             Either have your Monks target one of them, and your Black Mage/s the
             other(more risky, but saves you casting magic on nothing), or
             take out one at a time. Your White Mage should cast Cure2 on them(they
             are undead).
             These guys can get in many hits, very quickly, something that makes 
             them rather lethal, at earlier levels(21-22). 
             Don't get mad if you die, the exp. comes so fast here, it
             does not really matter.
             BUT, if you get back attacked(which happened 8 out of 10 fights to 
             me), you will be in trouble! Real trouble!
             Both Mages should have been placed on the back row to begin
             with, meaning, the Dragons now have two low-defence/HP characters
             to pound on. Good combination? I think not.
             If your Mages survive the first assault, use the row command, to get
             your people in the right order. If both Black Mages die, forget 
             them(survival of the strongest in this battle).
             Keep the Monks on the back row, and run, or if you are feeling
             lucky(punk), attack them. The former is recommended though, to save
             you from loosing all the exp. you got from those Pyralis you just
             If you win the struggle against two of these, you will be well 
             rewarded with 2500 excperience!
   At level 27 your Monks will hit 8-Hit, the key to winning this battle, but 
   continue leveling till you reach 30.
   Your stats should then be:

   Monk(with bare hands,BlackBelt,Chakra and Power Ring. Note that I had a skill 
        of 73 at the time of writing down, but anything above 60 will be as close
        as close gets).

   HP:Aprox. 1500.                      Att. 8x  ..148(146 without Power Ring)
   Strength: 48(43 without Power Ring)  Hit%       99%
   Agility:  35                         Def  2x  ..37
   Vitality: 32                         Evade    ..39%
   Intellig: 1                          M.Def      12
   Spirit:   2                          M.Evade  ..1%

   Black/White Mages stats don't matter, except HP, which should be close to 1270.

   If your stats are the same, or very close, you can fly your ship into
   Salonia. But make sure you have saved beforehand, and have at least 20
   Hi-Potions(these can also be bought inside Salonia).


   Walk straight over to the South-West part, and kill the bullies, and collect
   Prince Allus. Use whatever magic you want, the only thing that matters, is
   that you have full health before fighting Garuda, which can be accomplished
   simply by using Potions.
   Only collect the DRAGON equipment if you want extra money, but feel free to be
   lazy, and walk straight over to the Castle.
   After the Kings attempted murder on his son, Gigames will come and you will be
   thrust into the first very hard boss, the legendary bird Garuda!

   BOSS: Garuda  HP:5000  Weakness: Wind  Strong against:Multiple hits. That was
                                                           my experience anyway.
   Recommended level:30

   Strategy: You know how some of the citizens said that only Dragoons could
             defeat Garuda? You're about to prove them wrong.
             Have the Monks attack, the Black Mage cast Ice3, and the White Mage 
             throw a Gods Wine(note that you could probably win without it, 
             letting you keep it for later)on the Monk with the Power Ring.
             If you are lucky, the hasted Monk will be hasted before he attacks,
             giving him the possibility to do aproximately 1000 damage.
             Garudas defence is high though, so don't reset if you don't.
             The next round, have both Mages use Hi-Potions/Cure2 on the Monks.
             Repeat this until your Black Mages reach about 300 HP. Then have 
             them throw Hi-Potions at themselves. The next rounds have them heal
             the Monks who should still be attacking like mad.
             If one, or both Mages die, have both Monks attack till they 
             die. You never know if you might get lucky.
             This battle will probably take a few tries, due to the fact that 
             the Monks(even Hasted), are quite capable of hitting 1-hits.
             But if your hasted Monk decides to hit for 1000, or Garuda spends
             a round attacking normally(very rare), the battle is most likely

   Once you finally clipped Garudas wings, give yourself a relieved pat on the
   back, and head outside to save.
   After saving, head back inside to the room where you killed Garuda. In between
   the two "sofas" there is a secret passage leading to lots of treasure, including
   a SCHOLAR hat for your second Mage, a GOLEM staff and 20 Medusa Arrows

   Once you collected the treasure, sell the useless stuff, and head outside to the
   In the bottom left room there is a secret passage(press the wall between the top
   right statue and sofa) leading to two FENIXDOWNS.
   The bottom right room results in you getting the Nautilus.

   Now head to South-East Salonia and buy your Mages a BLACK ROBE/WHITE ROBE each, 
   before flying to North-West Salonia for a FIRE and ICE rod for your Black Mage/s
   and a second GOLEM Staff for your White Mage. 
   Magic Wise you should buy everything available.
   You should also restock on items. 
   When you are ready, fly the Nautilus to the Dalug continent, to the west of 
   Find the mountain path and fly up to Dorgas house. The enemies you meet on the
   way are easily dispathced by your level 30 Monks.


   Once Dorga joins your party, head inside and go to the magic shop for FIRE3 and
   WARP. If you can afford it, BIO. 
   For your White Mage get everything, including the EXTREMELY useful Haste!!!
   Once you have this, make sure you have lots of Potions, and use LuckMallets/Mini
   to make your way to the Magic Circle Cave.


   Put everyone on the back row. If you get into encounters with only one or two 
   enemies(DkKnight especially), have everyone run as you will usually get a First
   Strike, meaning you can run away at once. If you meet flocks of three and four,
   have your Black Mage/s cast Bolt2 on all enemies to take out most of them.
   Once you reach the end, Dorga will leave for the EUREKA KEY, and enchant your 
   Nautilus to allow it to go under water. You will then be warped out.

   Fly out of Dalug and head for the Temple of time, located between the two "horns"
   south of Salonia. Before you duck under water, make sure you have around 10
   magic keys.


   The enemies in here pose no real threat. Your Monks will kill most enemies in
   one hit. Have your Black Mage/s waste away Fire3, Bolt3, Ice3 and Bio if you got
   it. Just make sure you save one cast of Warp/Exit(or that you have an Otterhead)
   Collect the treasure here for extra money, and make your way down to the bottom 
   right room for the LUTE. use either an Otterhead, or use a blast of Warp(select
   the highest amount of floors possible to Warp right out).

   With the Lute, you can wake up Unne. Her resting place is west of Salonia, in
   between a mountain range.


   Use the Lute on her, and laugh at her exercises, then leave.

   Now you should head for Dorgas Village, which is on Dalug continent.
   Fly over to the west part of the continent, and duck under cloes to where you 
   can see the village, and drive on the green area to get to the village.


   Head straight down to the bottom right, and buy your Black Mage/s a QUAKE and 
   BRAK2 for a massive 40000/80000 Gil. You don't need DRAIN quite yet.
   For your White Mage just get CURE4
   Now leave. It's time for the Undersea Cave.


   Attack and Bolt2/3 will get you past these enemies. Pick up all the treasure
   (Warp out if you run out of space). 
   After you got all the treasure, you should level up to level 33. At this level,
   your Monks will gain 10-Hits and your Mages will get 5 casts of Quake/Brak2/
   Once this has been done, Warp out and sell everything except the battle items,
   which you should store in the Fat Chocobo. Buy at least 50 Hi-Potions and 50
   Potions, before heading, once again, to the Ancient Ruins.
   If you don't have BIO yet, I strongly advise getting it now.

   NOTE: If you want, you can do the Catacombs now. Remember, doing so, will 
         only make the Ancient Ruins easier.


   At any level besides 33(or above of course), this place will be very difficult.
   But if you took my advice and did get to level 33, you should with some luck, 
   be able to get the Invincible on the first try. Since this place is among the
   tougher dungeons, I will make a floor by floor walkthrough.

   Floor 1: Pyralis will go down easily. Have everyone attack. If you meet any
            D.Zombies, have the Monks attack one each, and the Mages use Fir2/Cure2
            on one each.

   Floor 2: Ignore the treasure here, you can always get it later.
            The only other enemie you might meet here, are Azraels, which your 
            Monks should be able to handle alone. Remember that they are voluntery
            splitters(they will split at their own wish, not your weapons).
            Use Fir2/Ice2/Bolt2 if necesarry.

   Floor 3: Remember that you can walk straight through the first bottom wall.
            If you are lucky you will meet D.Zombies, but chances are, you will
            either meet Azraels again, or Eaters. Eater is also a voluntery 

   Floor 4: Now things will start to get tough. You will begin encountering 
            Haniel and Balfrey. They are weapon splitters(split when attacked), so
            use Bio-All, or something similar(try to save Quake), to weaken them,
            before your Monks can finish them off. Bio-All followed by Bolt3-All,
            is a good combination. Note that splitted monsters will have the same
            amount of HP as the enemy had when split.

   Floor 5: This floor is much lke the previous. Use Quake and Bio-All to get you
            out of the tough battles. Don't waste magic, as there are still two 
            floors left.

   Floor 6: Here Sirenos and Garb will make their appearance. Sirenos can hit you
            for over 1000 damage, so I really hope you still have lots of Potions
            Use the Quake-Bio/Aero2-All combination to get you out of battles. 
            If you're starting to run low on magic, start casting Fire3/Ice3/Bolt3 
            on single monsters to weaken them.

   Floor 7: The final floor. Use any powerful magic you have left on the enemies.
            Once you make it past here, you will get the Invincible.

   After completing this ordeal, you will be handsomely rewarded with the great
   ship, the Invincible. 
   Buy DRAIN for your Mages if you don't already have it, and whatever white spells
   you can afford.
   Sell the treasure if you took it and make your way back to the Ancient Cave to
   retrieve the Nautilus.
   Stop by Fargabaad for the Kiku(Bio the Shinobi) which you can sell for 11000.
   Once you are back, you can collect the treasure if you refrained the first time.
   Board the Nautilus and fly it back to Salonia. Then take your Canoe and board 
   the Invincible to fly it back to Salonia.

   Now you should fly the Nautilus back to the Floating Continent and buy 
   99 Potions. Restock on Hi-Potions aswell. 

   Once you have sorted out everything, you can dive the Nautilus under the water
   to the east of Salonia and enter the Catacombs(note that this is optional).


   Ice3 will be the best spell against the enemies here. Take the right path when
   the road splits, collect the treasure and return to take the left.
   Walk straight up, and when you hit the wall, run right to find 8 Chests. 
   They give 4 Elixirs and 4 FenixDowns, and they are all guarded(by very easy
   Go up the stairs and heal, before talking to Odin.

   BOSS: Odin   HP:6000(?)   Weakness: None   Strong against: None

   Recommended level: 35

   Strategy: Have your Monks attack, and Black Mage cast Bio for great 
             results. Wite Mage should Haste the Monks and heal.  
             He can hit a front row Monk for 1500, but one Cure2/3/Hi-Potion 
             will take care of this.
             Atom Edge will do about 600 to all but don't worry about this as Bio 
             and Haste will help end this battle quickly. 

   Once Odin has been defeated, you will get him as a summon.
   Warp out and sell him for 22500 gil.

   Your next destination now, is the Cave of Darkness. You thought Ancient Ruins 
   was tough? At least there, not every monster was a true splitter.
   I would recommend doing lots of leveling before entering. 40 or above is
   The absolute best place to level up now, would be in the Cave of Bahamut.
   Fly the Invincible back to the Floating Continent and over to Tozas(mini-
   village). Here you will see a cave surrounded by mountains. The west side can
   be flewn over by the Invincible.


   Run around in the first room, and you will get into battles with Pterosaurs
   and Grenades. Usually in packs together.
   Have your Monks attack the Pterosaur/s and Black Mage cast Quake. White Mage
   should do nothing or cast Aero2-All if your Quake can't kill them in one shot.
   The battle should be over in one round for as much as 5700 experience, and a ton
   of Gil!
   Once you're out of Quake spells, leave(or Warp/Exit/OtterHead), and rest in 
   the Invincible. Then save and head back in.
   You will be level 40 in no time(well, some time but not that long compared to
   other places).

   Once you are level 40 you will be ready for the Cave of Darkness.

   The Cave of Darkness lies Noth of Amur. Use the Invincible to jump over all the
   mountains, to finally reach the cave(Make sure you bring an OTTERHEAD with you
   if you don't have a White Mage).


   This place is tough. Real tough. It has 8 floors, all of which are beriddled
   with secret passages. Not to mention that the monsters are splitters.
   I have however, developed a strategy for beating the splitters as easy, and 
   painless as possible.

   Strategies: All monsters but the HellHorse are splitters, so count yourself
               blessed if you meet lots of these. They are very easily killed by
               your Monks.

               Only 1 enemy: 
               Have both Monks attack, and the Mages attack(de-equip the Golems
               from your White Mage). 
               themselves(they will mostly miss). You'll kill off the original
               monster in the first round, and the "split" in the second.

               Two enemies:

               Have your Monks attack one of them, to kill him, and create a split.
               Next round, kill the split, and attack the other enemy. Next round,
               attack the remaining monster. Try not to use any magic.

               Three enemies:

               This is were it starts getting tough. In the first round, make your
               Monks defend, and one Mage cast SLEEP on all, and the other BLIND(or
               Confuse if you have a White Mage).
               If you want(and you have two Black Mages, you can make both 
               cast Sleep to make sure all the enemies are put to sleep. 
               Sleep will almost always affect all monsters, and if you attack 
               them while they are sleeping, they will not split, or attack! 
               The Blind/Confuse, prevents enemies who didn't fall asleep from 
               damaging you properly.
               In the second round, have your Monks attack two of the monsters,
               and the Mages attack themselves(or cast Hi-Potions if you must).
               Round three, your Monks will kill the two previously attacked 
               monsters. Fourth round, you will kill the remaining monster, and
               fourht round you kill the split. Use magic like Bio and/or Quake 
               to speed things up.
               Four enemies: 

               Have your Monks defend and your Black Mage/s cast Sleep/Shade
               on all. Shade is better than Sleep as it lasts longer, but you 
               don't have as many charges as Sleep.
               Second round, have your Monks attack two enemies, and your Black
               Mage/s cast Fir3/Ice3/Bolt3/Bio/Brak2/Quake to damage/kill the other
               monsters. Your White Mage should cast Confuse or Mini/Toad.
               If you used Sleep, they will wake up now, if you used Shade, they 
               might still be Paralyzed. Either way, finish off the two weakened
               enemies, and if you want to, use magic to finish off the other ones.

               Useful information:

             * VASSAGOS have low Hp, and can usually be taken out in one 

             * Sleep/Shade/Blind/Brak2/Confuse will all work very effectively 
               against the monsters in here.

             * Always heal completely after battle, as the splitters hit hard.

             * Don't try to run, as it has practically no chance of working, and
               leaves you Defenceless.

             * Try and save magic as much as possible. Remember there are 8 Floors,
               and a Boss waiting at the end.

   Now for the actual way through here.
   Floor 1:
   On the first floor, go straight down and through the passage to the right.
   talk to the M.Knight at wish, and walk down the stairs.

   Floor 2:

   Follow the path till the top, walk through the hidden passage for a LILLITHKISS,
   and take the other passage till you evt. find your way to the next floor.

   Floor 3:

   Ignore the first passage on the left, and follow the path till the passage.
   In here take the second passage to arrive to the next floor.
   Floor 4:

   Take the lower right passage to get to floor 5.

   Floor 5:

   Ignore the two first passages. When you reach the third, go left, and at the end
   take the second passage.

   Floor 6:

   Take the top passage at the end here. Follow the path to reach the next floor.
   (here you will start encountering HellHorses).

   Floor 7:

   Ignore the right passage, and continue till you find all the passages. Take the
   left one. When you find four passages take the top one.

   Floor 8:

   Walk directly across the bridege, into the water, and when you get the choice 
   of three passages, take the right one, to eventually lead you to the Boss.

   BOSS: Hekaton  HP: 6400    Weakness: None    Strong against: Nothing

   Recommended level:40-41

   Strategy: Have Monks attack(what else?) and your Black Mage/s cast Bio.
             Your White Mage should Haste the Monks.
             If someone drops below 1500, use a Hi-Potion. This battle should
             be over in no time.

   Now that you finally have the EARTH FANG, use an OtterHead to get out of there.

   Fly the Invincible out of there after resting, and make your way back to the
   Nautilus, which you will fly back to Dorgas House with.
   Once inside you will be transported to Dorgas Cave.


   The only enemy that can threaten you are packs of Nemesis, as they can use 
   Glare, and their normal attack sometimes induces Paralyze.
   Feel free to use Quake to instantly end the battle.
   Take the left path, go down and follow the path till the door. Enter.
   Go left for a chest with 20000 Gil in it(but chances are you will already have
   all the money you will ever need. I had over 600000). Continue and collect
   another 20000 Gil, before going through the door.
   Go as far up as you can and go left to a room with three BARRIERs.
   Leave and go all the way to the right and enter the door.
   Pick up another Barrier, enter the passage, and continue till you find a door.
   Heal, and enter to meet Dorga and Unne.

   BOSS: Dorga  HP:4500   Weakness: None    Strong against: None

   Recommended level:42

   Strategy: Monks attack and Black Mage/s use Bio. White Mage Haste the Monks. 
             Use Soft on any victims of Brak2.

   BOSS: Unne   HP:4800   Weakness: None    Strong against: None

   Recommended level:42

   Strategy: Monks attack and Black Mage/s cast Bio. White Mage Haste your Monks 
             and heal if she casts WWind.
             If she casts Wall on herself cast Erase to remove it.

   Now Warp/Exit out and walk back inside Dorgas House and drink from the Healing 
   Now fly the airship out of there and back to the Invincible.
   It's time to take out Leviathan.

   NOTE:This is purely optional, but it does bring your levels up.

   Leviathan resides in Lake Dol, next to the Living Forest.
   Once there, use the Invincible to jump over the bit of mountain that is thinner
   than the rest. Exit, and ride your Canoe straight on to the shadow.


   The enemies hit rather hard down here, but by now, your party should be around
   level 42, which will be enough to get past them. Save your Bio spells, but 
   waste Quake and Bolt3 on the enemies.

   You'll get many battle items here, including a GODS WINE(!).
   Pick up all the treasure, scattered on the various paths. No paths lead to
   nothing here so explore all over the place.
   By the time you reach Leviathan, you should be 43, but if not, it does not 
   really matter.

   BOSS: Leviathan   HP:6000    Weakness:Thunder    Strong against:Nothing

   Recommended level:43

   Strategy: Monks attack, and Black Mage/s cast Bio or Bolt3. White Mage Haste
             Monks(as usual) and cast Cure4-All the rest of the battle.
             His Tsunami will take out 800-900 to all, but you should kill him
             before he kills you.

   Once you obtained Leviathan, Warp out and sell it, and all the useless equipment
   but store the battle items.
   Time for Bahamut. You should already know where he lives.


   Quake the larger packs of enemies and let your Monks handle the rest.
   Collect all the treasure, also here you will find a GODS WINE.
   Once you are a few steps away from the second exit, heal, because once you are
   next to the exit, Bahamut will challenge you.

   BOSS: Bahamut   HP:7300     Weakness: None    Strong against: Most things

   Recommended level:44

   Strategy: Monks attack and Black Mage/s use Bio/Quake. White Mage Haste both 
             Monks and Cure4-All the rest of the battle.
             His Megaflare will take out900-1200 to your entire party, and his 
             regular attack can take out 1500 on a front row Monk.
             The good thing is, he varies MegaFlare and Attack, so you should
             be able to kill him, before he MegaFlares you to death.

   After the not so challenging challenge, you'll have to walk back out, which
   is a good thing, as you'll probably gain a level.

   Once out, rest, and head to the Ancients Village to restock on Potions and
   Now it's finally time to get rid of the fangs, and save the Earth Crystal.
   Fly the Invincible north of Amur, more north than the Cave of Darkness,
   and you will find a mountain passage-way, once you see the Statues, get off
   the airship, and walk straight in between all of them to blow them up.
   Once they are all gone, fly your airship in, jump over the mountainwall,
   and enter the Ancients Labyrinth.
   Walk straight forward, to find the last Crystal, along with another boss.

   BOSS: Titan    HP:7500    Weakness:Wind(?)    Strong against:Earth

   Recommended level:45

   Strategy: Attack and Bio/Haste. He's strong against Quake, so don't use it.
   After this super-easy battle, return to the Airship, rest and head back to
   Bahamuts Cave.
   Time for more level gaining. Around 50 will do for now.
   At level 49 you gain 12-Hits, and at level 50 you gain 14-Hits.
   Once you are level 50, make sure you have 99 Potions, 99 Hi-Potions.
   Items like Antidote and EchoHerb you will probably be able to buy 99 of
   without having to worry. Remember that you will not be buying any more
   equipment, or magic.
   You can also take some of the better battle items like DarkScent etc. but I 
   recommend saving them for later.
   If you don't have a White Mage you'll want to bring your 3 or 4(depending on if 
   you used one against Garuda).
   Make sure you have quite a few empty spaces. Remember that you
   wont be needing any Magic Keys or MidgBreads.
   Once your inventory has been arranged it's time for the Ancients Labyrinth.


   None of the enemies here will be able to harm you severely. Your Monks 14-Hits
   will take care of all the monsters. Beware of Thanatos though, as she will cast
   Brak2, which could petrify many party members quickly if you are ambushed.
   Make your way through here collecting the treasure, making sure you pick up
   an ELIXIR and a PROTECT. Equip the latter on either Mage.
   Pretty soon you will emerge just outside the Sylx Tower.
   Now, you can either return to the Invincible and sell the Crystal stuff, and
   restock on items, before walking back through and up Eureka, but if you must,
   you can just go straight up Eureka now. I really recommend the former, as
   you will use less Potions/Hi-Potions the next time because you wont be gathering
   treasure, and you need all the Potions you can get for Eureka.

   Whatever you do, save once you are outside Sylx, and enter.
   Walk straight up, hoping not to get into any random encounters.
   Feel free to restart if you do.
   Walk through the door and use the Eureka Key.


   Your first time through you'll be gobbling Potions and Hi-Potions as if you
   had unlimited.
   The enemies here hit hard. Very hard. And you will often find yourself ambushed. 
   Luckily enough one attack from a level 50 Monk will kill every enemy 
   here(save the bosses).
   Use Quake when back attacked to end the battle quickly. The key to these
   battles are winning as quickly as possible, thereby saving precious Hi-Potions.
   Unless you leveled up to like level 60, I highly recommend you return to the 
   Invincible once you are down to about 35-40 Hi-Potions(if you have a White Mage
   you could probably last longer). 
   Also, Haokahs can be taken out with a single ICE3.

   Pick up the battle items from the left and right room, before walking down
   the stairs.
   In this room, get the items from the right room, then the left room before
   taking the secret passage in the middle of the wall where you can see a
   chest inside.
   Once you open it, you will be attacked by a Ninja.
   Two BREAKs will finish him off. Have Monks Defend to reduce the damage and let
   the Mages do the killing.
   You will get the RIBBON, which you should equip on the Mage that didn't 
   get the Protect.
   Now you can(if you wish) walk down the stairs in the middle, and open a chest
   for a SHURIKEN, but I don't really recommend it, as you should have more than
   enough money already, and it will only result in you using more Potions/Cures.
   Whatever you do, head down the stairs to the right of the second floor.
   Get the ELIXIR from the chest to the left, and proceed to get the SHURIKEN and
   FENIXDOWN before entering the fourth floor.
   Keep walking and talk to the round object to commence a boss fight.

   BOSS: Amon  HP: 8000   Weakness:Varies    Strong against:Varies

   Recommended level:52

   Strategy: This is basically Hyne, minus the high defence.
             Find out his weakness with Fir2/Ice2/Bolt2 and pummel him with the 
             according  Elem-3 spell, or to be on the safe side, cast Bio.
             White Mages Haste and heal as usual.
             This guy will fall in no time. 

   After winning, you will receive the FULLMOON. So basically you earned 31000 Gil.
   At this point, your Potions/Hi-Potions should start getting around 30-40.
   As I said earlier, I recommend turning around, and walking all the way back to
   the Invincible to restock. Note that KILL will finish all the monsters you meet
   while on the Invicible.
   After returining(or not) continue on to the next floor.
   Go left for a FENIXDOWN and then right to find the legendary Masamune.
   A boss fight will ensue.

   BOSS: Kunoichi   HP:9600    Weakness: None    Strong against:Most things

   Recommended level:54

   Strategy: If you are lucky, she will not use MindBlast to begin with.
             If she does however, it's ok as long as not everyone got paralyzed.
             Use the same strategy as always to win.

   If you by now, are starting to get short on Potions/Hi-Potions, walk back to
   the Invincible to restock(I know it's boring, but rushing is NEVER the best

   Once you beat Kunoichi, walk to the beginning of the path, and walk down.
   Pick up the FENIXDOWN before entering B6F.
   Walk right and you will meet Excalibur. New boss fight.

   BOSS: General   HP:12000     Weakness: None    Strong against:The regular

   Recommended level:56

   Strategy: Laugh at this guy, as you pulverize him in two rounds.
             Attack and Bio/Haste(as usual).

   Now return and take the left path, which will lead to a wall. Walk straight
   through it to arrive to the second last room.
   Go straight up and through the door, and drink at the Healing Spring to the
   right, then open all the chests for two SHURIKENs and two ELIXIRs.
   Sell the Shurikens and return to the previous room.
   Talk to the staff to the left.

   BOSS: Scylla    HP:10000     Weakness:None     Strong against:Irrelevant

   Recommended level:56

   Strategy: Attack and Bio/Haste. Her Flare can take out over 2000 in one go, but 
             it does not matter, because you should kill her in two rounds.

   You will get the ELDEST and the two final jobs.
   Now return to the Healing Spring, before talking to the sword to the right.

   BOSS: Guardian   HP:14000    Weakness:None    Strong against: The usual.

   Recommended level:56

   Strategy: His Quake can do about 2000 to your Monks, but only 400-500 to the
             Mage lucky enough to get the Ribbon. If he casts Wall, cast Erase 
             before using spells again.
             Using the good old Attack Bio/Haste combination he will fall in no 

   Drink from the Healing Springs before starting to walk back out(although I
   recommend gaining a level here because you can Heal for free).

   On your long walk out, remember that you don't need that many Potions/Hi-Potions
   to make it through the Ancients Labyrinth(I once made it through only using 6 of
   both Potions).

   Once back in the Invincible, you only have two more places left:
   Sylx and the Dark World.
   But before that, you'll need to restock on items.
   Once done, enter Sylx. 

   Picture the strenght of the enemies in Eureka. Then picture all the times you
   were back attacked or ambushed. 
   Now multiply by 2 and you have Sylx. Basically this place is hard as Hell!
   This being the second last place in the game, I will list detailed information
   on how to beat every single monster.


   They can summon DorgaCln, who can be taken out in one hit(strong against magic 
   though), but apart from that, they will pose no problem. To conserve magic, let
   the Monks take care of them.


   These guys will cast Flame, which can take out up to 900 on your Monks, and 500
   on your(non-Ribbon) Mages. Just attack with Monks if there are three or less,
   but if you meet four, don't hesitate to Quake.


   QumQums can cast Death, Brak2 and all the Elem3 spells, for devastating results.
   Pray that you kill them before they kill you(use Bio-All if you want your Monks
   to have an easy time). These will be your worst enemy up Sylx, so treat them
   as such. 


   Attack, attack, win battle. 


   They usually attack in packs of four, so Monks Defend, and your Mages Quake 
   and/or Bio All.


   Just hit him as hard as you can till he drops. Look out, because he can stone 


   See Plantials, but take away the Stone part. They also have low HP.


   These also hit hard, and they have high Hp. Two Monk attacks will kill him.
   Use Bio if necesarry.


   Basically an improved Haokah. Attack and Ice3.

   Dragons(all coulors):

   Just use any instant death attack(and I mean any, even Kill will work).

   NOTE: A White Mage with dual Golems on the front row, should be able to petrify
         an enemy in two attacks. Pair this with Break to kill an enemy quickly.

   When walking through Sylx, it's a good idea to collect the treasure in a few 
   rooms, and then return to the Invincible to sell and restock. This way, you
   can in the end just walk straight through, meaning you wont conserve so many
   Potions/Hi-Potions. You will also gain levels(which is alway a good thing).
   In the first room, collect the battle items from the side walks, before
   unlocking the door with the Sylx Key(what else?) and proceed.
   Keep going left and pick up the chest with the ELIXIR. The go down, right and 
   through the false wall. Get the FENIXDOWN from the chest above you, before 
   walking to the very left for another ELIXIR! Now continue to the third floor.
   Go up and throught the false wall before going through the next false wall, 
   which eventually leads to an ELIXIR.
   On the fourth floor go up, then right and then down again. Collect the FENIXDOWN
   and ELDEST STAFF on your way before continuin to the 5th floor.
   Pick up the FENIXDOWN before making your way through the false walls and two
   ELIXIRS. The next floor has no treasure, so follow the path till the next floor.
   This room is pretty straight forward, just collect the FENIXDOWN to the left,
   On the last floor, collect the treasure that lies scattered around, consisting
   of some CRYSTAL stuff and a FENIXDOWN.
   Now never give up and restart if you are running out of Potions/Hi-Potions
   because there is always a small chance that you will make it out(the first time
   I finished Sylx I was level 60, and made it out with no Hi-Potions and 4 

   Now that you have made it to the top, it's time to walk all the way back to 
   the Invincible, and prepare for the last ordeal: The Dark World.
   ELIXIR HUNTING(only if you don't have a White Mage)

   In order to have a good chance of beating the Dark World, you'll need at least
   25 Elixirs. However, you can only find 20 in chests, and chances are you already
   used some.
   The only other way to get Elixirs, is to either steal them from Dragons in Sylx,
   or win them from him. 
   Naturally, since you don't have a Thief in your party, you'll need to do the

   Just make your way up to the floors 5 to 7, and run around there.
   Eventually, you will meet a Dragon. Use Kill, two Breaks or simply Brak2 to
   instanly dispose of him.
   He should drop an Elixir, however he can also drop Onion equipment, which
   you, sadly, wont be using.
   Once you get an Elixir, either return to the Invincible, or stay and get 
   another, all depending on how many Potions/Hi-Potions you have.

   Once you have 25+, it's time for the final preparations.
   It's been a long, and dangerous journey, but it's all drawing to its end.


   Firstly, restock on items.
   Then go to Bahamuts Cave and get your entire party to level 65 if you have a
   White Mage, 70+ if you don't.

   Now, clear all unnecesarry inventory space, so you only have items like Potions
   and status removing items, and Elixirs and FenixDowns.
   Also, bring all your battle items(hopefully you have a little storage of them).

   Once you're ready, it's time to banish the darkness from this world, and beat
   this challenge!

   Return to the Ancients Labyrinth and enter. Try and save magic as much as
   possible, you'll need it later.
   Also save battle items.
   Once outside Sylx, make sure you have over 90 Potions/Hi-Potions left.

   Through Sylx, you should also try and save as much magic as possible, but rather
   use some battle items now and then.
   If anyone in your party is killed, restart if you don't have a White Mage, or
   Life/FenixDown+Cure4 if you do.
   Once you are up at the top floor, make sure you have at least 50 Potions/

   Once at the top, go through the door to meet Zande.

   BOSS: Zande    HP: 20000     Weakness: None    Strong against: The usual

   Recommended level:65+

   Strategy: This guy is easier than what one would expect.
             He'll start off using Libra(or if you're lucky, a physical attack).
             The next round he will cast Meteor(if he used Libra last round) or
             Libra, if he physically attacked you.
             Then he will repeat this pattern, switching Meteor with Quake, and 
             using Flame before one final Meteor. Now he will beging at the 
             beginning again.
             Basically, have your Monks attack, your Black Mage/s cast Bio, and
             your White Mage cast Haste on your Monks.
             He should die before he has the chance to cast a second spell.

   Next you will battle the Cloud of Darkness, who will easily decimate your party.
   Then Dorga and Unne will sacrifice themselves for you, and you will enter the
   final dungeon!


   Now's the time to waste those battle items. EarthDrums will be especially
   helpful, but only use it against flocks of three and four. Also Mini/Toad will
   work wonders(especially against QueenScyllas).
   The first boss you'll want to take is the 2-Headed Dragon, so walk up the top
   right path. Walk through the false wall to the right, and walk up, right and
   you will find a chest containing a RIBBON and a Zandecln.
   Use something like DarkScent or Brak2 to dispose of him quickly, as he can cast
   Meteo the first round.
   Equip the Ribbon on the second Mage and walk back, and through the other path,
   till you reach the stairs leading to the Dark Fire Crystal. Make sure everyone
   has full HP.

   BOSS: 2-Headed Dragon   HP:25000+    Weakness:None   Strong against:The usual.

   Recommended level:65 if you have a White Mage, 70+ if you don't.

   Strategy: In the first round, have your Monks attack, your Black Mage throw
             a TurtlShell on any of the Monks, and your White Mage cast Haste on
             the strongest Monk.
             The next round, your Monks should still attack, and your Black Mage 
             revive(with FenixDown) any fallen Monks, or cast Bio if no one died.
             Your White Mage should cast Haste on the second Monk.
             Continue this, having the White Mage cast Cure4 on single members, and
             the Black Mage reviving.
             As long as you get in one hit per round, you will beat him.
   Without a White Mage:

             If you don't have a White Mage, the Monks should always attack.
             The first round a Black Mage should throw a TurtlShell on any of
             the Monks, and the other throw a Gods Wine on the other.
             Only use FenixDowns, don't bother healing, the Black Mages should
             just cast Bio, or revive.

   Elixir usage: 0
   Once the dragon has been slain, talk to the Crystal to free the first Knight.
   Now return to the first room you were in, and take the lower left path.
   In here, walk all the way to the left, down and right for another Ribbon.
   Use the same tactics as before on the Clone.
   Now go up, and into the right file(walk through the wall).
   The wall two spaces from the chest is the way to the stairs. Heal and enter.
   Equip Ribbons on all if you don't have a White Mage.

   BOSS: Echidna   HP: 30000   Weakness:What do you think?   Strong against: ....

   Recommended level:65 of you have a White Mage, and 70 if you don't.

   Strategy: First round you should make your Black Mage throw a Gods Wine, and 
             your White Mage Haste the other.
             The next round, have your Black Mage and White Mage heal the wounded
             with Elixirs(try and use as few as possible) and Cure4 respectively.
             Her attack pattern is: Quake-Brak2/Drain/normal attack-
             Brak2/Drain/normal attack-Meteo/Quake etc. so plan accordingly.

   Strategy without a White Mage: 

             Attack and Bio the first round. After Quake/Meteo
             have the Black Mages throw Elixirs on the Monk
             and themselves, then cast Bio again. Use Elixirs
             again after the next Quake/Meteo.

   Elixir usage: 2-4

   After Echidna has been disposed of, release the Dark Warrior, and return to the
   first room.
   Time to take on the toughest of the lot, so take the bottom right path.
   Walk through the path and make your way to the stairs. Heal and enter.
   Equip Ribbons if you don't have a White Mage.

   BOSS: Ahriman   HP:35000   Weakness:None  Strong against:I think you know by now

   Recommended level: 65 if you have a White Mage, 70+ if you don't.

   Strategy: This guy is really hard. White Mage Haste a Monk, and Black Mage throw
             Gods Wine on the other. He should start off with a devastating Meteo,
             which could be followed by a Quake, but with some luck, by an 
             elemental attack or Brak2.
             If he uses Quake, you really have hardly any chance of winning, but if
             he doesn't, have your Black Mage throw an Elixir on one of the Monks,
             and the White Mage Cure4 the other. Eventually he will fall.

   Strategy without a White Mage:
             Same strategy as Echidna really, but heal with Hi Potions after an
             Elemental attack. Also, on the first round, have the Black Mages
             throw GodsWines on the Monks.

   Elixir usage: 4-6

   After that ordeal, free the Warrior, return and take the only available path, 
   the top left.
   In here, walk through the hidden path, and open the chest(same old thing).
   Then take the FIRST passage to the right, and you will end up by the stairs.
   Make sure everyone has Ribbons equipped(including Monks), heal and enter.
   BOSS: Cerebus   HP: 25000   Weakness: None   Strong against: See Ahriman.

   Recommended level: 65 if you have a White Mage, 70+ if not.

   Strategy: With Ribbons, his Thunder attack can be taken care of with one 
             Cure4-All, but Haste(only the magic) your Monks first, and let your
             Black Mage throw Hi-Potions the two first rounds, before casting Bio.
             He will fall fairly easily.
   Strategy without a White Mage:
             Don't use any Gods Wines, just attack and Bio. Have the Black Mages
             heal the Monks with Hi Potions when you are dying, but hope to kill
             him before he kills you.               

   Now free the final Dark Warrior, and head back to the first room, where you go 
   Walk up, right, up, left, up, righ, up and finally left to reach the door.
   In the next room, heal everybody, and make sure your White Mage has full(or very
   close to full) MP. The Black Mage does not really matter. Also give your Monks
   their Chakras back.
   Now walk up to the final battle in the No Class Change Challenge.
   BOSS: Cloud of Darkness HP: 45000  Weakness: None  Strong against: The usual

   Recommended level: 65-66 if you have a White Mage, 71+ if you don't.

   Strategy: The Cloud of Darkness will cast FlareWave every single round, good
             for 1500-2000 damage to your entire party.
             The first round, have your Monks attack, your Black Mage throw a Gods
             Wine on one of your Monks, and the White Mage Haste the other.
             The next round have your Black Mage throw the last(if you followed 
             the guide till now) Gods Wine on either Monk, and the White Mage cast
             The next round, have the Black Mage throw an Elixir on one of the 
             Monks, and the White Mage Cure4 the other. The following round, do 
             the same, but heal the Black Mage and White Mage instead.
             Keep alternating this pattern until the Cloud of Darkness finally
             crumbles away into nothingness, and the world has been saved!
   Strategy without a White Mage:
             Have your Black Mages throw GodsWines on the Monks the first round,
             the heal people with Elixirs when needed. Cast Bio on any spare rounds,
             but always make the Monks attack.    

   Watch the ending that ensues, and feel pleased with yourself when you see the
   Monks and Mages in the Cast, instead of the Ninjas and Sages.
            You have now beaten the No Class Change Challenge!!!

   I hope you enjoyed playing this challenge, and that you found my FAQ useful.
   Please feel free to mail/post on the Message board questions or strategies
   you have and I will try and respond as quickly as possible.


 -OnionKid2002, for making me start this challenge, and for the life-saving 
  information about Farjalugs, and his knowledge of the upgrade trick.

 -Magus999, for writing good FAQs that I can look on as rolemodels for my own
 -John Inman Fan, for bits and pieces of information.

 -CjayC, for posting this guide on Gamefaqs.

 -Square, for making this stroke of genious. 

 -Me, for beating this challenge, and taking the time to write an FAQ.

 -The guy who told me about the Shuriken in Gisahl. If you know who it was,
  mail me.

 -My darling guitar Victoria, Dream Theater, Allan Holdsworth and Yngwie J. 
  Malmsteen for loads of inspiration.

 If your name is not on this list, and you know you deserve credit, either mail
 me, or tell me on the FF3j message board.

       Thats all for now. May update later, but no big plans.
       Good Luck on your challenge!

       Sir Bahamut.

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