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Item Upgrade Trick FAQ by Onion Kid

Version: 1.50 | Updated: 04/09/04

/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|       ______/     |       ______/     |__|¯¯¯\   |       |____     ____|
|      /            |      /                   |   |            |   |
|      \            |      \                   |   |            |   |
|   F   ¯¯|         |   F   ¯¯|             |¯¯ 3  |            | J |
|       __|         |       __|             |__    |            |   |
|      /            |      /                   |   |      ____  |   |
|      |            |      |                   |   |      \   \_|   |
|      |            |      |            |¯¯|___/   |       \        |
\______/            \______/            \__________/        \_______|
Final Fantasy 3j 
Weapon/Armor/Magic/Item/Key Item Upgrade Trick FAQ
By David J. Rivera
Version 1.50 

Final Fantasy 3 is copyright 1990 Square(c)

This FAQ is copyright 
CyberPlanet Industries
Consumer Affairs Dept. 
Table of Contents

I Intro to Upgrade

II Basics

III List of Items

IV Advanced

V Credits

I Intro to Upgrade

What is the upgrade trick you ask?  Well, it might be the single best 
thing in the entire universe!  Okay, maybe not THAT good but it is handy
little trick. Basically by following the intructions in the next chapter, 
you will be able to get any quanity of any weapon/armor/item/magic or any 
key item. The way this works can be proven in different ways.  But I will 
show you the fool-proof one I use that never fails and some alternate ways
with slightly different results.  Now, I have two theories as to why this
in the game.  One theory is that this was a cheat used by Nasir (the 
programmer of FF3j) to cycle through the 255 items, et cetera but was 
never removed.  My other theory I will share is that Square put this in 
intentionally when they realized how hard encountering a Grey or Yellow 
Dragon is in getting the Onion Equipment legitimately.  

How did I find it out for myself?  Well, I don't mean to brag but I'm the 
best at RPG's in the world!  >_> No, I actually found it out on the 
GameFAQ's Message Board of FF3j.  However, their method of upgrading was 
slightly wrong so after tweaking their instructions, I found a way to do 
it perfectly.   

In the following sections, you will find my perfect way of doing the trick
with no added side effects, the list of items in the game so you know what 
will upgrade into what, and the advanced section which contains alternate 
upgrade methods, their side effects, legends of upgrade gone wrong, and of
course challenges to which you can use this trick to your advantage.
II Basics

To perform this trick you will need:
99 Potions
21 Other Items/Weapons/Armors/Magics (is that a word?)/Key items
An Airship

Now make your items menu look like this:

Legend: (xx)= "other items" Potions included here
        (00)= blank space
        (A)= Item to be upgraded

(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (xx)
(xx)  (A)
(00)  (00)
(00)  (00)
(00)  (00)
(00)  (00)
(B)   (xx)

Now, with your items like this, hop on the airship and head back to Ur.  
Go to Altar Cave and run around and fight monsters.  You will need to 
receive a potion after fighting them. While all of the monsters here can 
give potions, Goblins are the most relible.  You can find them in the 
first room of Altar Cave. If you receive a potion the item in slot (A) 
will be upgraded.  So, for example, if (A) contained a Leather Helm, it 
would now be an Onion Helm.  Refer to the full list in section III for 
all the possible upgrades.
Of course, not every monster gives you a potion.  So after each of the 
battles in which you didn't get a potion, the item will NOT be upgraded 
and you will be forced to re-place your items in the correct order as they
are refreshed after each battle regardless of getting a potion or not.  
Don't give up!  It takes me a good 15 minutes to get the thing I want in a
few upgrades.  State saving works as a good solution if you do not care to
re-place items after an unsuccessful upgrade.  Simply statesave before 
each and every battle with the items set up correctly and reload after an
unsuccessful upgrade.  

Q: I haven't gotten a potion in over 100 battles, what gives?!?!?!?
A: Well, try to kill them in different ways.  Try defend, magic, death
followed by life, et cetera.  Just don't hold the A button down for an 
hour and expect to get potions.

Q: What if I don't want to fight Altar Cave enemies and I don't want to 
use potions?
A: You can indeed use items other than potions and fight enemies that drop
said "items other than potions".  However:
1) Potions are cheap and relatively easy to find.
2) Enemies that drop other items are either rare monsters themselves, in 
areas that might be inconvenient to reach, or their item drop rate is 
worse than the Altar Cave enemies.

Just use potions and fight enemies in Altar Cave.

*** Note: The above trick does _not_ work in the very beginning of the 
game (before getting Cid's first airship). ***
III List of Items

Note:  This list was supplied by EmeraldThunder21 

To upgrade an item, you must find the nearest item you can find 
(preferably cheapest) ABOVE the the one you want.  Example:  you want 
Onion Armor.  Leather Armor is above it, it's cheap and easy to find, you 
buy it, upgrade it and BOOM: you got it.

1.	Nothing** 
2.	Kaiser Claw
3.	CatClaw
4.	Dragon Claw
5.	Elven Claw
6.	HellClaw
7.	Nunchuck
8.	Tonfa
9.	3-Part
10.	Mithril Rod
11.	Flame Rod
12.	Ice Rod
13.	Light Rod
14.	Ultimate Rod
15.	Staff
16.	Burning Staff
17.	Freezing Staff
18.	Shining Staff
19.	Golem Staff
20.	Rune Staff
21.	Eldest Staff
22.	Hammer
23.	Thor Hammer
24.	Battle Axe
25.	GreatAxe
26.	M. Star Axe
27.	Thunder Spear
28.	Wind Spear
29.	Blood Spear
30.	Holy Spear
31.	Knife
32.	Dagger
33.	Mithril
34.	M. Gauche
35.	Orialcon
36.	AirKnife
37.	Long Sword
38.	W. Slayer Sword
39.	Shiny Sword
40.	Mithril Sword
41.	Serpent Sword
42.	IceBlade
43.	Tyrving Sword
44.	Salamand Sword
45.	King Sword
46.	Tomahawk
47.	Ancient Sword
48.	Ashura 
49.	Blood Sword
50.	Defender Sword
51.	Triton Hammer
52.	Kotetsu
53.	Kiku
54.	Break
55.	Excalibur
56.	Masamune
57.	Ragnarok
58.	Onion Sword
59.	Flame Book
60.	Ice Book
61.	Inferno Book
62.	Light Book
63.	Illumina Book
64.	Boomerang
65.	Full Moon
66.	Shuriken
67.	Blizzard Book
68.	Giyaman
69.	Earth
70.	Rune
71.	Madora Harp
72.	Dream Harp
73.	Lamia Harp
74.	Loki Harp
75.	Bow
76.	GreatBow
77.	Killer Bow
78.	Rune Bow
79.	Yoichi Bow
80.	Wooden Arrows
81.	Holy Arrows
82.	Iron Arrows
83.	Bolt Arrows
84.	Fire Arrows
85.	Ice Arrows
86.	Medusa Arrows
87.	Yoichi Arrows
88.	Nothing
89.	Leather Shield
90.	Onion Shield
91.	Mithril Shield
92.	Ice Shield
93.	Hero Shield
94.	Demon Shield
95.	Diamond Shiled
96.	Aegis Shield
97.	Genji Shield
98.	Crystal Shield
99.	Leather Helmet
100.	Onion Helmet
101.	Mithril Helmet
102.	Carapace Helmet
103.	Ice Helmet
104.	Headband
105.	Scholar Helmet
106.	DarkHood
107.	Chakra Helmet
108.	Viking Helmet
109.	Dragon Helmet
110.	Feather Helmet
111.	Diamond Helmet
112.	Genji Helmet
113.	Crystal Helmet
114.	Ribbon
115.	Cloth Robe
116.	Leather Robe
117.	Onion Armor
118.	Mithril Armor
119.	Carapace Armor
120.	Ice Armor
121.	Flame Mail
122.	Kenpo Armor
123.	Darksuit
124.	Wizard Robe
125.	Viking Armor
126.	BlackBelt
127.	Kinght Armor
128.	Dragon Armor
129.	Bard Robe
130.	Scholar Robe
131.	Gaia Robe
132.	Demon Armor
133.	Diamond Armor
134.	Reflect Armor
135.	White Robe
136.	Black Robe
137.	Genji Armor
138.	Crystal Armor
139.	Rusted Armor
140.	Copper Ring
141.	Onion Glove
142.	Mithril Glove
143.	Mithril Ring
144.	Thief Glove
145.	Gauntlet
146.	Power Ring
147.	Rune Ring
148.	Diamond Ring
149.	Diamond Glove
150.	Protect Ring
151.	Genji Glove
152.	Crystal Glove
153.	Magic Key
154.	Carrot
155.	Horn
156.	Eye
157.	Time Gear
158.	Eureka Key
159.	Wind Fang
160.	Fire Fang
161.	Water Fang
162.	Earth Fang
163.	Lute
164.	Sylx Key
165.	Midget Bread
166.	?
167.	Potion
168.	HiPotion
169.	Elixir
170.	FenixDown
171.	Soft
172.	Maiden Kiss
173.	EchoHerb
174.	Luck Mallet
175.	Eyedrop
176.	Antidote
177.	Otter Head
178.	Bomb Shard
179.	South Wind
180.	Zeus' Rage
181.	Bomb R. Arm
182.	North Wind
183.	Gods' Rage
184.	Earth Drum
185.	Lamia Scale
186.	Gods' Wine
187.	Turtle Shell
188.	Devil's Sigh
189.	Black Hole
190.	Dark Scent
191.	Lilith Kiss
192.	Imp's Yawn
193.	Split Shell
194.	Paralyzer
195.	Mute Charm
196.	Pillow
197.	Bomb Head
198.	Barrier
199.	Chocobo Rage
200.	White Scent
201.	Flare
202.	Death
203.	Meteo
204.	W. Wind
205.	Life 2
206.	Holy
207.	Bahamut
208.	Quake
209.	Break 2
210.	Drain
211.	Cure 4
212.	Heal
213.	Wall
214.	Leviathan
215.	Fire 3
216.	Bio
217.	Warp
218.	Aero 2
219.	Soft
220.	Haste
221.	Odin
222.	Bolt 3
223.	Kill
224.	Erase
225.	Cure 3
226.	Life
227.	Safe
228.	Titan
229.	Break
230.	Ice 3
231.	Shade
232.	Libra
233.	Confuse
234.	Mute
235.	Ifrit
236.	Fire 2
237.	Ice 2
238.	Bolt 2
239.	Cure 2
240.	Exit
241.	Wash
242.	Ramuh
243.	Bolt
244.	Venom
245.	Blind
246.	Aero
247.	Toad
248.	Mini
249.	Shiva
250.	Fire
251.	Ice
252.	Sleep
253.	Cure
254.	Pure
255.	Sight
256. 	Chocobo

** Nothing has a quantity of 99 so by upgrading a blank space, you'll get
99 Kaiser Claws.

Again, I DIDN'T MAKE THIS LIST!  EmeraldThunder21 did.
IV Advanced

In this section, you will find some real interesting tips and tricks if 
you are bored with the basic Upgrade Trick.  This will include challenges,
alternate methods, and side effects.  Most of this was inspired/created by
the guys and gals at the GameFAQ's FF3j Board.

Our first section comes from Sir Bahamut.  Here's his alternate way of 

You'll need:
99 Potions
10 Other Items
Airship (optional)
Patience (lots of it)

(xx) = Other Items
(A)  = Item to be upgraded
(B)  = Potions
(C)  = Must be empty
(00) = Empty

(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(00) (00)
(xx) (xx)
(B)  (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(C)  (A)

Now, with the items arranged in this fashion, go out fight monsters within
Altar Cave and each time you find a potion, the item in (A) will be 
upgraded.  But this method is very aggravating since you must move each 
item one-by-one into the correct position over and over again and again 
until a potion is found.  On the bright side, you can perform this upgrade
trick at the beginnning of the game because it doesn't require as many 
items.  Which comes in handy when trying out some challenges.  

Unlike the other method I provided, Sir Bahamut's way has an alternate... 
effect. In my method, receiving 1,2, even 100 potions will always just 
provide you with the upgrade and nothing more.  
Sir Bahamut's method is different; if you receive 1 potion the item is 
upgraded normally.  But beware!  Receiving 2 or more potions in this 
method will not only upgrade your item but also your first character.  
The first thing you will notice is that the first character's name will 
be "upgraded".  For example:  If it was named Guy, It would now be called
Huy.  So the first letter value is given a +1 value.  Next, if you now go
to the status of that character, you will notice it will have:
9999999 exp
999L999 to next level

But these stats are misleading.  The truth is that after every battle, 
that character will level up!  YEAH!  So for the sake of your beautifully 
crafted, witty name, you will be level 99 in under 100 battles.  This is 
really handy in the challenges.

Our second section comes both from LesOop of the FF3J message board and 
one Eco who e-mailed me.  

LesOop's Method:

You'll need:

99 Potions
28 Other items

Everything should be arranged as so:

(xx) = Other Items
(B)  = Potions
(00) = Empty

(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(B ) (xx)
(00) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(00) (00)

According to him, if you are to get 2 or more potions with this 
arrangement, the class of the first character in the party will get 
"upgraded".  In other words, will change to the next class in order.  I 
really haven't proven this to be 100% true, but who am I to go against 
someone's word?

Eco's method:

You'll need:

99 HiPotions
28 Other Items 

Everything should be arranged as so:

(xx) = Other Items
(A)  = Item to be Upgraded
(B)  = HiPotions
(00) = Empty

(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(B)  (xx)
(xx) (00)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (A)
(xx) (xx)
(xx) (xx)

According to him, gaining one more HiPotion after battle will upgrade the
item in slot A.  Also, the class of the first character will be upgraded 
as with LesOop's method.

Again, I haven't proven this but he would have no reason to lie about such
things.  I just thought these last two methods were worth mentioning.


Submitted by your's truly
Get Fully Equipped Onion Kids (FEOK's) in the beginning of the game!

[About 15000 Gil for the Potions]
99 Potions
4 Leather Helms
4 Leather Armours
4 Copper Bracelets
8 Long Swords

Following Sir Bahamut's method above, upgrade all the items into Onion and
enjoy. But it is MUCH harder than it sounds. A 4x Hit will do 2000 off, 
however, which is enough to kill any monster or boss early on.  By 
beginning of the game, I mean before you receive the Airship.  So before 
you set foot on Cid's workmanship, you must be all FEOK's.  

Refer to my up and coming FAQ with Sir Bahamut for more information. 

Submitted by Sir Bahamut
No Class Change Challenge

Just as it says.  After receiving the classes from the Wind Crystal, 
choose the ones you want and stick with them to the end.  Sir Bahamut has 
an in-depth guide to walk you through this difficult challenge.  Check it


Submitted by your's truly
Beat Nepto!

If you remember, Nepto is the dragon that blocks your way unless you 
complete his dungeon.  If you kill him though, you still have to complete
his dungeon.  Unlike the other unbeatable bosses (Bahamut, Cloud of 
Darkness) You can kill Nepto.  But the game puts you back one step back so
that you must step forward and fight Nepto again.  It's never-ending.  But
the point is to beat the unbeatable at least once.

300 Gil 
1500 Exp.
No items


Submitted by Various members of the FF3j Message Board
Solo Game

Choose one character.  Kill the others and leave them dead throughout the
entire game.  But to make it ever the more challenging, combine this with
the No Class Change Challenge.  It'll be tough, but what an 

Magus999 has a Solo game FAQ/Walkthrough out and Sir Bahamut has a Solo
No Class Change game FAQ/Walkthrough.  They're both worth looking into
and the Upgrade trick is handy and in some cases necessary to complete 
V Credits

This guide wouldn't have been completed without the help of:

Sir Bahamut





If you know something I don't or you want to comment 
e-mail me at timekeeper2021@fastmail.fm.

Copyright Cyber Planet Industries 2003
Consumer Affairs Dept.

David J. Rivera

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