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Single Character Challenge FAQ by Magus999

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/12/03

Version 1.0
By: Magus999, aka Joe Sura

I.     General FAQ Information
 ~Purpose of the walkthrough
 ~Abbreviations used in the FAQ
 ~About the Author
 ~Version History
 ~Copyright Info
II.    Rules of the Single Character Challenge
III.   Class listings
IV.    Walkthrough
V.     Hall of Fame
VI.    Credits

-Section I: General FAQ Information-
This is a FAQ describing a challenge for Final Fantasy 3 (Japanese).  
Note that this is NOT the game with Terra, Celes, and all those Espers, 
instead it is the NES game with the Crystals and Onion Kids.
The main purpose of this FAQ/Walkthrough is to describe the rules of 
the Single Character Challenge (abbreviated SCC) and maybe help 
popularize the challenge or the game.  SCC's are not to be taken on 
your first time through the game.  A SCC is very hard to do, since you 
are supposed to play through with 4 characters, not just one.  Good 
luck with the challenge.
Abbreviations used in this FAQ:
SCC::    Single Character Challenge
EXP::    Experience
Lvl::    Current Experience level
CP::     Capacity Points
FEOK::   Fully Equipped Onion Kid

Note A: I also tend to use gold, money, and cash interchangeably just 
to avoid the entire FAQ looking the same.
Note B: I call my main character Magus (for obvious reasons).
Note C: When I use the abbreviation Lvl, it refers ONLY to character 
level.  When I wish to refer to the level of Magic I set it up as L#, 
where # is the level of the spell.  So 'Exit' is a L3 spell, Cure4 is a 
L7 spell, etc.

About the Author:
	This FAQ is written by Magus999.  If you want to contact me:

AIM Name-->LSSJMagus999
 Make the subject "FF3j SCC"
 Put all information in the text of the message
 No attachments
 Contributing information is great
 If you contribute, list what name you want in the credits section
 Constructive criticism is accepted
 Non-constructive criticism is not accepted
 It may take some time for me to respond
 Don't send the same message multiple times

I can also be contacted in the Final Fantasy 3j (NES) Message Board at 
At gamefaqs, I am in the message boards as Magus999.

Version History:
The most recent version will be found at  www.gamefaqs.com  since it is 
the only site that gets this FAQ directly sent.
Version 1.0---Walkthrough is now complete.  Added a Hall of Fame for 
people and their characters that have won the SCC.  

Aside from submissions, not much else needs to be done.  Maybe an item 
or weapon or regular enemy list, but I don't think I really need to, as 
most of the information is available elsewhere.  If someone sends me it 
or gives me permission to use theirs, I'll add a weapon/item/enemy list 
into the FAQ, otherwise I probably won't bother.  

Version .35---Walkthrough is now up to getting the Water Crystal.  
Includes analysis of second and third sets of classes.

Version .05---First true version of the FAQ.  Walkthrough is up to the 
Town of Ancients on the Floating Continent and includes analysis of the 
first set of classes.

Copyright Info:
This guide is copyrighted and the author (Magus999) grants you these 
A. You may read this guide
B. You may download this guide and keep it on your PC.
C. Send it to others as long as there is no modification or profit.

You are not allowed to:
A. Sell this guide for profit.
B. Take any information from this guide without giving me FULL credit 
for all of my work and asking me beforehand.

Websites are allowed to post this guide under the following conditions:
A. This guide will not be changed in any way.
B. I get FULL credit for this guide.
C. This guide is not displayed on a page with any advertisements.
D. You send me an e-mail before posting it that tells me you are 
posting the guide and gives the web address of the site.
E. If, for some reason, I refuse to allow you to post this guide, you 
will not harass me about it and will most definitely NOT try to post it 
without permission, as that is a violation of copyright laws and shall 
be treated as such by my lawyer.

Current sites allowed to post this FAQ/Walkthrough:

-Section II: Rules of the Single Character Challenge-

This section is mainly about the rules and regulations of the SCC.  
Naturally, I have no way to enforce these rules since I obviously can't 
come over and check your computer, but these are just the rules I 
consider to be fair and good for keeping the game a challenge.  If you 
have any new rule you think should be added, send me an email and I'll 
add your rule (perhaps as an optional rule for added challenge) if it's 

1.) Play legitly.  Cheating is out completely.  The only cheat I would 
consider allowable is using Mini/Frog on your party when necessary, 
using a Hex Editor or Cheat Code.  There are ways of doing things 
without having to cheat to use Mini or Frog and these will be discussed 
in the General Tips section, however if you're too lazy to implement 
these strategies, this is the ONLY allowable use of a Hex Editor/Cheat 

2.) You play with only one chosen main character.  The rest of them are 
dead and preferably have no equipment.  Since they don't get any EXP or 
levels while they're dead, killing them off should be easy.
 ***Minor Modification*** It can be difficult to fight the Turtle with 
just one character, since you have no chance to buy anything or change 
class.  Therefore, you can go through the Wind Crystal with having your 
entire party and still follow the rules.  Once you get the Wind Crystal 
Jobs and access to the first town, then this rule must come into play.

3.) Regarding classes, its okay to do what you want.  You can change 
classes as often as possible and pick whatever class you want.  Note 
that classes that work well in SCC's are not always the same ones that 
work well in a regular game, since you only have one character.  
Eventually, I'll have all sorts of recommendations on good classes, bad 
classes, and the most valueless classes.  Feel free to send in your own 
class recommendations, as you want.

4.) Obviously, you're playing with one character.  If your main 
character dies, you just lost.  Even if you somehow miraculously have 
another character alive (maybe you just hit a revival place by 
accident), death of the main character is the end of the game.  This 
means that the spell Death is going to be a huge problem.  
Petrification is also going to be annoying.  Right now, I don't really 
have a great strategy for avoiding it, aside from saving beforehand and 
targeting the enemies who use Break/Soft first.
----General Tips----
1.) Level up.  Lots.  Since you have only one character, all those 
attacks are targeted directly on you.  The best way to handle leveling 
is to level up on the main world map, near a town.  Switch to a Monk, 
Karaketa, or Viking for the best HP progression.  My level 
recommendations, especially early on may seem ridiculously high, but 
for the most part you'll need them.  Later on, I only really level up 
right before a tough boss.  Generally, if I don't say anything about 
leveling up in the Walkthrough, I didn't specifically level up at that 
point.  Often the recommended level may go up by one or two, but that 
is mainly due to the regular enemies encountered when going through a 

2.) You will have a lot of cash (see Tip#1).  Due to your large amount 
of battling, you will get a lot of money, especially since you're only 
buying armor and weapons for one character.  Use this excess cash for 
things like Potions and HiPotions.  Remember that you're playing with 
only one character, so you can sell any and all equipment for classes 
you'll never use, as well as FenixDowns and Softs.

3.) Save early, save often.  With only one character, you are very 
vulnerable to things such as critical hits, spells that inflict instant 
Death, Petrification attacks and just plain bad luck with having an 
enemy do more damage than normal.  Saving won't prevent these 
situations, but you can at least restart from a point not very far 

4.) Hoard items that cast spells and recovery items.  Early on, 
Southwinds will be very precious, since you will have to battle the Big 
Rat alone and you may need the additional spell or two.  Later, 
Otterheads (cast Exit) are of incredible value since you probably won't 
be able to cast Exit yourself.  Of all spell casting items, probably 
the single most important is Gods' Wine, since it casts Haste.  Turtle 
Shells are also somewhat useful against powerful bosses, since they 
cast Safe, which raises physical defense.  And of course, things like 
Potions, HiPotions, Antidotes, Elixirs and Eyedrops are crucial for 
keeping yourself in good health.  The only recovery items that are not 
really useful are Softs and FenixDowns, since you won't be able to use 
them on anybody.

5.) Use all available space.  You have a lot of necessary stuff to 
carry around just for story purposes and that doesn't include things 
like Potions or Antidotes, which you need.  As well, I often end up 
carrying around another set of equipment for if I want to change 
classes for some reason.  One benefit of the SCC is that your allies 
have no equipment on.  Take advantage of the fact.  Since they are 
Onion Kids and have no equipment, you can give them some of the 
equipment you're carrying in your inventory but not actually using to 
gain a couple extra spaces in the inventory.  Just make sure you 
remember where you put the stuff.  You can also revive them, change 
their class and then have them carry excess stuff that way.  If you are 
going to do this, set one as your current class, so if you need to 
strip your equipment to switch to a different class, you have someone 
all ready to take your current class' equipment.  Another way to save 
space is to clear out unnecessary things.  If you're in big inventory 
trouble, throw out an unneeded item with little value.  Or use one of 
those Otterheads to leave the dungeon and sell off a bunch of your 
excess junk to the nearest store, and then return with free space.

-Section III: Class Listings-
Few minor notes here.  First, I tend to use the words 'Mage' and 
'Wizard' interchangeably, since the actual choice used by the game 
depends on your translation.  Also, these are all in MY opinion.  If 
you have your own opinion, feel free to send it in, just so long as you 
have proof or reasoning to back it up.  Finally, I will list Onion Kid 
and FEOK as two separate classes, as they really are.

Onion Kid:
Least valuable class ever.  Pathetic HP progression, no Magic, bad 
stats.  Overall, as soon as you get the Wind Crystal, ditch this class.  
And I do mean ditch it immediately.

=The Wind Crystal=
OVERALL CRYSTAL EVALUATION: Well, not too much to say here.  All the 
classes are better than Onion Kid, and since there isn't anything else 
you can have at this point, the Crystal looks good by comparison to the 
wimpy Onion Kid.

  Excellent class, usually the class I play with for general dungeon 
use.  It has the second best HP progression you can get from the first 
set of jobs, great overall stats and good attack.  However, the real 
reason that this is such a valuable class is the fact that it probably 
has the best overall defense, both from stats and equipment making your 
character have a much better chance of living.  The only true downside, 
the expense of buying new equipment all the time, is minimized by the 
fact you are now only buying one set of equipment instead of 4.  It is 
a very close call between this and the Monk for the Wind Crystal.  
Mainly, the difference comes down to Skill levels and your personal 

  Look, it's another wonderful class.  I tend to not use this class 
much in dungeons, since it has fairly bad armor.  However, the real 
reason for using it is when you are leveling up outside towns or in the 
first room of a dungeon (a.k.a., somewhere you can leave to heal 
quickly).  The Monk has the best HP progression of the first Crystal 
jobs and should be used at all times when specifically leveling up, 
since your HP is very key when using only one player.  The other good 
part about Monk is that the equipment is generally quite cheap (or 
free), so you can afford to keep a set of the newest Monk equipment in 
your inventory without breaking the bank.  Early on, this can be the 
equal or better of the Fighter.  I tend to switch back and forth 
between these as needed, because both the Fighter and Monk are great 
overall classes early on.  This tends to get outdistanced by the Knight 
once you get the Fire Crystal, but in comparison to other Wind Crystal 
jobs, Monk is great.

Red Mage:
  As a sort of mix between Fighter and Mage, this guy does pretty well 
for himself early on.  His physical damage and armor are similar to a 
Fighter, especially when using the W.Slayer on the hordes of undead in 
the Seal Cave.  Add to this having Cure, Pure and the magical offensive 
spells of a Black Mage and you actually have a very good character for 
awhile.  The trouble is that the Red Mage tends to reach a plateau and 
then never exceed it.  For one thing, he has a very limited selection 
of weaponry, and once you get past the weaponry available at the Town 
of Ancients, you're pretty much stuck.  Still, an overall pretty good 
class.  In my mind, doesn't stand up to a true Fighter or Monk, since 
healing is usually easy with Potions and they have other points such as 
much higher physical damage, but still good.

Black Mage:
  This guy is actually better, since you have attack magic to use and 
at the relatively high levels you will probably need to be at for HP 
reasons, you will have Magic to burn.  But I still don't personally 
like the class since attack magic is generally the same strength or 
weaker than physical attacks, with the exception of a couple special 
bosses.  The defense is similar to White Mages in that it starts off 
good, then goes downhill about when you get the ship.  Attack power is 
semi-decent but not something you'd want to rely on.  HP Progression is 
among the worst in the entire game.  Overall not too terrible, but just 
not my favorite and definitely not something you want to intentionally 
level up in.

White Wizard:
  Normally this is an excellent class.  Unfortunately, in an SCC, the 
White Wizard gets kicked hard down to near worthless.  The reason is 
the attack power.  The White Wizard can heal, true, but that's why 
Potions exist.  Beyond the Cure spell and maybe Pure, you can't do 
squat.  The attack power is low and the HP progression isn't too hot 
either.  Defense is actually decent for the early game, up till roughly 
the time you get the Sailing Ship, but without the attack power to back 
it up, you end up relying mostly on the limited supply of attack items.  
The White Mage does get an excellent offensive weapon in the Golem 
Staff, but by the time you get that at Salonia, you've already gotten 
two more Crystals and much better classes, such as the Knight and 
Dragoon.  It's possible to play through as a White Mage, but it takes 
up a lot of time to do so, since you need to beat every individual boss 
down with your not-so-deadly staves.  The only true use for this is 
casting Frog or Mini when necessary, then switching back to a physical 
class as soon as possible.  When you are Mini in the tunnel near the 
beginning of the game after Bahamut, I stick as a White Wizard because 
it's nice to be able to have a backup, namely Cure2.  Generally 
however, I do not recommend using this class unless you like a tougher 

=The Fire Crystal=
OVERALL CRYSTAL EVALUATION: Really, the only truly key job here is 
Knight, which IMO, is the easiest class to use in the SCC basically 
from the time you get it up till the very end of the game.  Scholar and 
Hunter are pretty decent when you first grab them, but they fall off 
quickly as beyond their starting equipment, there is practically 
nothing better until right near the end of the game.  Thief also 
suffers from the lack of improving equipment flaw, since the Amur stuff 
has to last for a very long time.  Generally, the only one I use here 
is Knight, and then Scholar and Thief are reserved for special 
situations where I need Scan or Flee.  Overall, the jobs are good in 
concept, but have a very short life span due to lack of equipment.  The 
jobs here, aside from the wonderful Knight, aren't really ranked since 
their effectiveness relies fully on where you are in the game.

  This is the class I use most often for a very long time.  Not only 
are the stats better than Fighter's, he can equip more stuff later on.  
Upgrading from Fighter to Knight will at first drop your attack power 
by a little due to skill, but do it as soon as possible if you want to 
use the Knight.  Great HP progression, right behind the Monk, as well 
as excellent defense and attack.  In short, this is far and away the 
overall best class to use in the SCC for a while.

  Not too shabby as soon as you get it.  With the Scholar equipment you 
get in the Dwarves' Cave, plus a couple choice books, he can be pretty 
much the equal of a Knight, just with lower HP progression.  The 
trouble is the long run.  The books you get at the Dwarves' Cave are, 
unfortunately, pretty much the only ones in the game until almost the 
last dungeon.  His armor starts off wonderful, even stronger than a 
Knight's does, but once you get off the Floating Continent, he falls 
far behind the Knight in terms of defense.  Overall, a nice class to 
try, but I'd prefer to stick with gaining Skill as a Knight.  Still, 
not that terrible until the lack of equipment dooms him.

Hunter (a.k.a. Archer):
  Normally, this would be a pretty nice class for a short time.  The 
problem in an SCC is that you won't be able to rely on somebody else.  
In a regular game, a Hunter probably has a couple other people standing 
there taking hits.  But not in an SCC.  The relatively low defense 
kills the class.  As well, the best arrows are Bolt/Fire/Ice and they 
will remain the most powerful arrows for quite a long time.  By the 
time more powerful arrows come along, this class' defense will be far 
too low to survive.

  A nice class, but not for the combat skills.  The true use of this 
class is after you get off the Floating Continent and get the Water 
Crystal, because then you get special Thief equipment and you can stick 
him in the back row.  But even with the special equipment, he still has 
low defense.  Without people in front to draw attacks, the Thief is 
doomed as a general use class.  However, he has one very redeeming 
quality for specialty use.  'Flee' allows you to run from anything 
except a boss battle, making it great for the last Mini dungeon you 
have to go through and also if you're in a hurry to get to a boss 
without taking too much damage.  In general, if you use a Thief, you're 
probably using him purely for the Flee ability.

=The Water Crystal=
OVERALL CRYSTAL EVALUTION: This Crystal is actually not as useful as 
one may think.  The fighting classes are welcome, but the problem is 
that none of them are well balanced.  Dragoon is probably the best out 
of the bunch, but only because Jump improves both attack and defense.  
Karaketa and M.Knight are great offensively, but take damage quickly.  
Finally, the Viking is good defensively, but lacks the power to knock 
out enemies.  As for the other classes available, well, they suck.  
Conjurer and Geomancer rely mostly on random effects and Bard is flat 
out useless.  The rankings here are also more fluid, since the 
effectiveness of the fighters relies on the situation (whether you need 
offense, defense, or attack avoidance).  The attackers tend to get 
better late game, especially Dragoon and M.Knight, but the plain old 
Fire Crystal Knight is still the best overall.

  This is not my favorite class to use, although it is fairly 
effective.  It has decent defense, and Jump helps, but the attack 
power, even with Jump, is weaker than you would expect from two turns 
of regular attacks from a Knight.  Generally, this class depends on how 
much you use Jump.  If you Jump constantly, then it becomes almost as 
good as the Knight (albeit without the variety of weaponry).  If you 
don't use Jump too much, then it is relatively weak offensively and 
defensively.  The only true reason that I consider it better than the 
others is the attack avoidance of Jump.  If your enemy is using Death 
or Break, being in the air to dodge half those game-ending spells is a 
big advantage.

  The Mystic Knight is a mixed blessing of a class.  On the plus side, 
you get low level White magic, which is nice and using Cure1 and Cure2 
saves you some HiPotions.  Also, the M.Knight has very strong weaponry 
and usually does much more damage at similar skill levels than the 
Knight or Karaketa.  The major problem here is that you have very low 
defense.  Numerically, the M.Knight should have similar defensive 
properties to the Knight, since the armor is roughly similar.  In 
practice however, the M.Knight tends to take more damage than the 
Knight does.  Unless of course the M.Knight is using a Demon Shield, 
but if the M.Knight is using a Shield, it mostly cancels the high 
attack power.  The M.Knight also has low HP progression for a fighting 
class, beaten out by all the other fighting alternatives at this point.

  Personally, I find the Viking to be an extremely good class for 
specific purposes if you have patience.  The benefits of the Viking are 
great defense, the best HP progression until you get the last two jobs, 
and good magic defense.  Because the Viking gets an automatic +5 
Defense higher than the Knight without equipment, the Viking will 
pretty much always take less damage.  The problem is that the Viking 
has weaker attacks than the other alternatives.  If you have the 
patience, the Viking class can be good, since while it may take you 
twice as long to finish a battle, you won't take as much damage as a 
Knight would have taken in his shorter battle.  But if you're up 
against something with Break, don't take the Viking, as the lower 
attack will give the enemy one more turn to turn you to Stone and end 
your game.  Also, the problem with Viking is that there aren't too many 
Axes to choose from and upgrade to.  A personal favorite class of mine, 
but unfortunately, beaten by the alternatives in the SCC.  Still, if 
you're purposefully gaining a few levels, there is no better class to 
use due to the great HP progression and defense.

  Karaketa is far and away the worst of the 4 fighting classes of the 
Water Crystal.  The reason is the defense.  The defense is pitiful.  
You get a lot of hits and offense, true, but the defense is low enough 
that you can often be dropped from full HP to a sliver left in one 
regular battle in the late game.  Since you can't throw him into the 
back row without trashing his offense, you get into a lot of trouble.  
Especially against bosses, the Karaketa gets torn apart.  Several 
bosses will do almost twice as much damage with one shot than you can 
heal with a HiPotion.  Since Elixirs are so rare, you don't want to go 
wasting them all over when you could be using a better defensive class.  
The only boss I would consider using him for is Goldor, since two 
BuildUp attacks kill him.  The Karaketa does have good HP progression, 
but the trouble is that it isn't that much better than Knight, and 
worse than Viking.

  The Geomancer is represented by one word, Terrain.  If you're in a 
good place to use Terrain and get lucky enough for powerful attacks, 
the Geomancer can be even better than the Karaketa, since the defense 
is similar and you can throw the Geomancer in the back row.  If you 
don't have good Terrain though, the Geomancer is total junk.  Too 
random for my taste, and without a good Terrain you might as well go 
back and use an Onion Kid.

  Overall trash.  Bad HP progression, his summons at this point suck, 
pathetic offense and defense.  The problem is that the Conjurer's 
magic, in addition to being bad and random at this point, runs out very 
fast since you need to rely on it entirely.  In my opinion, Conjurer is 
a very bad choice for the SCC.

  I'll make it short and sweet.  The absolute worst class you can use 
in an SCC.  The best way to describe a Bard is this.  Imagine a White 
Wizard or Conjurer.  Now take away the magic and replace it with an 
entirely valueless ability.  Now lower his magic defense and you've got 
the Bard.

=The Earth Crystal=
OVERALL CRYSTAL EVALUATION:  It flat out sucks.  Okay, the new magic 
classes might seem helpful.  One major problem though, is that they 
can't do much against bosses, except perhaps the Summoner and have bad 
physical defense and offense.  The other real problem is that Sage is 
coming up awfully soon afterwards.  Sage is more like a fusion of all 
three of these classes, with much better HP progression and physical 

Summoner: This is a huge improvement over Conjurer.  For one thing, you 
now have a guaranteed effect instead of the randomness.  For another, 
it has more uses of the spells.  The problem is that it is still, for 
all it's goodness, a weak fighter and defender.  Since it is better 
than the other magical classes generally, due to similar Magic stats, 
but better HP progression and physical stats, it ranks the top slot for 
the Earth Crystal.  I still wouldn't recommend using it, but it is 
better.  The huge problem, aside from the soon to be available Sage, is 
the summon magic.  If you follow my walkthrough, I don't fight nearly 
any of the best monsters to summon until after going through Eureka.  
The reason I wait so long to fight them is that they tend to tear you 
apart if done earlier in an SCC.  Yes, you can fight them earlier, but 
it would require use of either a God's Wine, several Elixirs or most 
probably both.  Considering God's Wines are so rare, wasting them on 
such a trivial pursuit is stupid.  Especially when you remember that 
the bosses guarding the Forbidden Weapons and jobs are pretty tough, so 
you may need those God's Wines against them.

Shaman: Again, its just an improvement over the earlier White Wizard.  
The major bonus here is that Golem Staves are available, which 
instantly petrify the enemy if you hit.  So the Shaman has a powerful, 
but random, offense.  Still not a great class to choose IMO, but it is 
now better than the Black Magic equivalent.  At this point though, I 
can't recommend it, as Sage is so close.

Warlock: Basically, the same as the Black Mage, except higher stats and 
more spells.  It is now worse than the White Mage, due to two things.  
First, the offensive spells aren't nearly what they once were, with the 
exception of Death and Break2.  The trouble here is that there are only 
so many L7 and L8 Magic Points to go around, and if you waste them all 
on the regular enemies, you could be in trouble against the bosses.  
Second, the Golem staff is very nice for the Shaman, since it has a 
petrify effect, and thereby gives the Shaman some good, if random, 
physical attack.  Again, it takes a major usefulness hit since Sage is 
just a few minutes playing time away.

=The Final Jobs=
OVERALL EVALUATION: Obviously, these are the best jobs in the game.  
Sage is the only magic based class I really could recommend, and it is 
quite good at everything.  Ninja of course rules and is my top choice, 
but Sage is also excellent.  Note that FEOK is rated last, not because 
he's bad, but because getting the equipment can be tough.  If you can 
get at least a couple pieces of Onion equipment, then FEOK moves up to 

  Great class.  Basically, take the Knight, then add the ability to 
equip Masamune and Shirukens and you've got the Ninja.  He'll start out 
slightly weaker due to skill, but once you start raising Skill, the 
Ninja is incredible.  Even at a skill of, say, 20, he has similar 
attack to a Skill 99 Knight, M.Knight or Dragoon, since the Ninja's 
stats are so good.  Shirukens should be hoarded since they are so rare, 
but against a boss, they are incredibly powerful.  Finally, he is tied 
with Sage for the best HP progression.  My favorite class overall for 
an SCC for the short time you have it.

  It's a magic class, but it is actually excellent.  There are two 
reasons why.  First, you now have pretty much all spells available to 
buy, and the Sage can use all the spells.  So you can have your Sage 
run wild through Sylx, casting high power Ifrit and Shiva (because they 
don't use up Cure spells) to do tons of damage.  Also, you have black 
magic available, although at this point, the most valuable spells are 
probably Death and Break2.  Add in the Cure magic and you have a very 
versatile guy.  If you've been grabbing and holding onto as many 
Elixirs as possible, you could easily have over 15.  And if you 
consider that every single Elixir gets you 30+ summons of Shiva, 25+ of 
Ifrit and literally more than a hundred Healing spells, you're more 
than set.  Also, has the best HP progression, fixing one of the main 
faults of the earlier magic types.  Sage is a very strong alternative 
to the Ninja and the only magic class that I can recommend.

Fully Equipped Onion Kid (FEOK):
  If you can get the equipment, this is the single best class, stats-
wise to use.  An Onion Sword is as powerful as a Shiruken, but with 
unlimited use.  Each of the Onion pieces of defense equipment is the 
best of its kind.  The Onion Shield is also exceedingly powerful, 
basically making you close to immune to damage, with the exception of 
very powerful magic, which does very little damage to you.  Still 
retains the pathetic HP progression of the regular Onion Kid, but at 
this point, your HP should be about 6500+ and in any case, it won't 
matter since you won't take that much damage.  As another side benefit, 
the Onion Helm has the same status and element Resistances of the 
Ribbon, but with much better defense.  The Onion equipment is dropped 
by Dragons in Sylx and is extremely rare to find.  The very low chance 
of getting enough equipment is the sole reason the FEOK is ranked last 
of the final class jobs, but if you get the equipment, go wild.  Note 
that the FEOK can use Crystal defensive items, the Protect Ring and the 
Ribbon, so if you can get a couple Onion items, you can fill in any 
holes where you can't find the required Onion equivalent.  You 
definitely need to find an Onion Sword to make a FEOK, since the Onion 
Kid can't equip any of the Forbidden Weapons.  I would also make sure I 
got at least one other piece of Onion equipment before creating a FEOK.  
Overall, if you get the equipment to make a FEOK, it's worth it.

-Section IV: Walkthrough-
Start the game up, pick your character names.  I personally just named 
the 3 throwaway characters "A", "B" and "C".  I have used the name 
"Magus" for my main character and that is how he will be referred to as 
in the FAQ.  You will also notice that as the game goes on, the FAQ 
gets less in-depth.  For the introductory part, I give a close, 
following guide since starting off is very rough, but past that, I tend 
to leave you mostly on your own, with just a few suggestions about 
levels, bosses, items and a general direction finder.  For a lot of 
bosses I have recommended levels, then the recommended amount of HP 
your character should have.  Note that you should always battle a boss 
at full HP, so this is pretty much the rough level your maximum should 
be at.  The reason for this is that most bosses, the trouble isn't so 
much damaging them, its surviving the fact that you're now getting 
attacked 4 times as much as you normally would.  Generally, if you are 
at the recommended level, but not at the recommended HP, you probably 
want to gain a level or two as the best HP progression class available 
to catch up.  If you're at the recommended HP, but not the recommended 
level (probably due to you gaining levels as a better HP progression 
class or just getting lucky), you're probably going to be fine.

-----Starting Cave:-----
  Basically, just walk through the first cave.  Chances are, if you 
kill all your allies in the very first battle, you'll need to use the 
potion from the chest in the first room.  Equip the Leather Shield, 
then move on.  In the next room, head directly to the healing spring 
and use it.  Now is a good time to reach Lvl.4 or 5 before going 
exploring.  At your low level and equipment, with no allies to draw 
away some of the attacks, even regular enemies will be tough.  Once you 
hit Lvl.4 or 5, pick up all the chests in the Cave, especially the 
Southwinds and Potions.  Now, I recommend leveling up to Lvl.7 or Lvl.8 
before fighting the boss Turtle.  Once you hit your chosen level, heal 
up and head straight to the boss.
  BOSS: Turtle
  Recommended Lvl: 7 alone, 5 with allies
    Basically, just attack.  Do not use your Southwinds.  I repeat, do 
NOT use your Southwinds.  You *will* need them later.  Once your HP 
gets down to roughly 25 or so, use a Potion to heal.  Remember the 
turtle gets to attack before you do, so make sure you heal in advance.  
You should be able to beat him using only one potion, but if you have 
to use more Potions, go ahead and do it, as you will be able to buy 
more very shortly.  There's no recommended HP for this boss, since, 
well, you have no choice about changing class, so HP progression hasn't 
come into play yet.
  Note that if you haven't killed off your party yet, you can do this 
battle at Lvl.5 without using any Potions.  Get the first Crystal and 
your new jobs.  Yay!  Now leave the cave by the exit and head directly 
to Ur.

-----Town of Ur:-----
  Welcome to the first town.  Change classes, then stay at the Inn if 
needed.  At this point, I recommend a Monk, since we need to gain 4-5 
more levels and the Monk has the best HP progression.  Sell of all your 
allies' armor and weapons, just so that they are easier to kill if they 
should ever be revived accidentally.  If you changed to a Monk, keep 
your Leather Shield obviously and a Knife, but everything else is 
pretty much trash.  Buy two Nunchucks and equip them, but I wouldn't 
recommend buying a Leather Robe, just because you can get a couple free 
in the house in the north of town.  I wouldn't recommend buying Pure at 
this point, since you can't use it.  If your HP isn't about 120 or 
higher though, I'd recommend leveling up a level before trying this, 
just to avoid having to use a Potion on the way back, since the enemies 
can be kinda tough and you can't really heal aside from Potions.  Loot 
the house, and the Potion hidden in the tall grass south of the house, 
and return to town.  There are 3 Potions in the well on the right side 
of town, make sure you pick them up, as well as a few Potions lying 
around town in pots. Head back to the starting cave.  Amazingly, with 
your new armor and levels, you'll probably be able to fight in here 
very well and not take much damage.  I usually gain a level in here, 
just by walking around and fighting all the battles.  Pick up all the 
treasure in the second room with the hole.  You can go down the hole to 
walk through the rest of the cave over again if you wish, but there is 
nothing new there.  This cave is a good place to gain skill without 
risk though, if you want to.  Once you're done, go to Kazas.

-----Town of Kazas:-----
  We're mainly here to loot the town and get the Airship.  You can pick 
up Zeus' Rage, a Mithril Helm and a Potion by following the paths 
through the trees on the left side of town and then searching tall 
grass.  Talk to Cid at the Inn, then go get the Airship from the 
desert.  Note that you probably will not be able to deal with the 
enemies in the Mithril Mine yet, unless you've leveled up some.  Once 
you have your Airship, fly back to Ur and then level up to Lvl.11 or so 
and you should be able to fight in the Mithril Mine.  You get free 
healing in Kazas, just like Ur, so don't worry about money.  

-----Sasoon Castle:-----
  Sometime in your sequence of leveling up at Kazas or Ur, make sure 
you head back to Ur and pick up 10 Eyedrops, because you will need 
them.  Also, make sure you have at least 3 Antidotes and 20 Potions.  
Buying them in bulk groups of 10 gets the best deal remember. The more 
potions the better.  You can spend all your money here, mainly since 
you get a lot of cash in Sasoon Castle.  Fly or walk to Sasoon and loot 
everything there.  You can get several thousand gold, a new Tonfa 
Nunchuck, and the spell Ice.  If you have trouble fighting these 
battles in the Towers, I would recommend leveling in the Right Tower, 
so that you can sleep in the Princess' Bed for healing.  Since these 
are the same kinds of enemies you'll face in the Seal Cave, this is a 
good test of your levels and preparedness.  If you're Lvl.11 or so, 
you're more than ready to take on your first actual dungeon and you 
probably don't need to level up.  Make sure you talk to the King's 
ghost in the throne room while you're here.

-----Seal Cave:-----
  Okay, now you change to your chosen class if you want.  In my game, 
since I fought so much as a Monk and had high Skill, my Monk had much 
higher attack strength than a Fighter and the same defense, so I stuck 
with the Monk.  This depends on your individual stats of course.  If 
you do end up sticking with the Monk, make sure you check out his stats 
when he is not carrying Nunchucks to his stats with Nunchucks, since as 
you level up and gain skill, eventually his bare hand strength will 
exceed his strength with the Nunchucks.  Head into the Seal Cave and 
let's go.  Once you're in here, you'll quickly realize why we need so 
many potions.  Even as a Fighter or Monk, you take a lot of damage from 
enemies, usually about 50+ per battle.  Just make sure you use Potions 
when necessary and you'll be fine.  Make sure you pick up all the stuff 
in here, especially the Southwinds.  The only major trouble in here if 
you keep healed is the CurseCoin enemy.  They can put you to sleep.  
Kill them quickly and make sure that after every battle you heal if 
your HP is below about 135-150.
  BOSS: Jinn
  HP: About 250
  Recommended Lvl: 8+
  Recommended HP: 120+
    After all that leveling and all that walk through the cave and 
those stupid CurseCoins, Jinn is really stupid.  Notice that part about 
level being irrelevant?  It really is.  If you managed to survive the 
walk here and still have more than 120 HP or a Potion left, he's 
absurdly easy.  I finished him off in 4 turns as a Monk.  Do *not* use 
your Southwinds or Zeus' Rage, we will need those items later.  In any 
case, Jinn is enough of a pushover that you shouldn't need them.  His 
Fire attack is pretty weak damage-wise, and he takes a lot of damage 
from attacks.

-----Town of Canaan:-----
  You will return to Sasoon automatically.  Finish looting the Castle 
and talk to the King again to get the Canoe.  Swim back across to the 
Seal Cave to recover your Airship, then fly to Kazas.  All the shops 
are now open.  Buy the new stuff, and talk to a kid at the Inn to learn 
about the secret passage in the Mithril Mine.  Go through the secret 
passage, pick up the items, then get the addition to the airship and 
head to Canaan.  In Canaan, make sure you enter the house right by the 
Inn and search all the pots.  You get a Soft, and much more 
importantly, you get a LuckMallet, which will be needed later.  Give 
Cid the Elixir and search his treasure room for a few FenixDowns, two 
Softs, and Blind.  I recommend selling all these items, since you can't 
use FenixDowns or Softs.  Blind flat out stinks as a spell, and a Black 
Mage isn't a good class for an SCC, since once you run out of spells, 
you're in major trouble.  Still, it's a lot of free money to buy a few 
more Potions or Antidotes.  I leveled up to Lvl.15 outside of town, 
mainly just so I could gain skill on my Fighter class.  I just fought 
until I was one battle from leveling up as a Fighter, then switch to a 
Monk for that one battle, gain my level, then switching back to a 
Fighter.  Gets the best of both worlds, being able to power up my 
Fighter and gaining Monk HP progression.

-----Bahamut and the Mini Cave:-----
  Once you feel like it, climb up the mountain and meet Bahamut.  Pick 
up the treasure along the way.  Aero probably won't be useful, but it's 
a free spell, so get it anyway just for sale purposes.  Once at the 
top, meet Desh and get Mini.  Then after meeting Bahamut, head to the 
center of the circle of trees.  Switch to a White Wizard, then drink 
from all the ponds, including the Revival Pond (center).  Cast Mini on 
your party, including your worthless now-alive people.  Go get the Mini 
allies killed, then return to the forest and recover your HP/MP.  I 
actually recommend staying as a White Wizard for now, since it gives 
you Cure and while Mini, your attack and defense are at 1 regardless.  
Go to the Mini village in the southern forest.  Once here, picking up a 
few MidgBreads wouldn't be a bad idea, as they cast Sight and you 
probably aren't running around as a White Wizard.  In any case, chances 
are that you haven't gotten Sight yet.  In the upper left house, the 
one with the tunnel, search the objects on the north wall to pick up 
Cure2 and a couple Mithril items.  Use an Antidote on the sick guy and 
follow the passage.  If you're a Black Wizard you can fight the enemies 
here, but I just ran.  The enemies don't give much experience and since 
you're Mini, you don't lose any defense from choosing Run.  If you're 
still a White Wizard like I was, you can use Cure and Cure2 to fix any 
wounds instead of relying on Potions.

-----Pirate Base:-----
  Once out of the tunnel, cast Cure if needed, then un-Mini yourself if 
you want.  Note that I don't recommend curing the rest of the party, 
since they will need to be Mini as well very soon and you can easily 
get away with not bothering to heal yourself.  Switch back to your 
former class and enter the Pirate Base.  Pick up the level 2 elemental 
spells and then learn them.  You'll have to unlearn Cure2 to do this, 
but don't discard Cure2, just turn it into an item.  Check your level.  
I personally find level 15 fine, but remember that you seem to gain one 
additional L3 cast for every 3 levels, so if you feel like gaining an 
additional spell for insurance sake, you'll need to hit Lvl.18.  The 
Red Wizard in the Inn will sell you low level Black magic.  Pick up 
Bolt and either Fire or Ice from him, just for when you run out of L3 
castings.  If you want to play a little dangerously, switch to a White 
Wizard and Mini yourself now, then switch to a Black Wizard and stay at 
the Inn.  Another way of doing this is just staying at the Inn as a 
normal sized Black Wizard and using that LuckMallet from earlier when 
you walk into Nepto's Shrine.  I personally chose the second, slightly 
safer method.  One final reminder, make sure you *save* before entering 
the shrine.  Once in Nepto's Shrine, just loot everything.  At your 
high level, you'll have plenty of L1 castings, so fire away with Ice 
and/or Bolt.  You tend to not get much EXP or gold, but you lose less 
HP by actually fighting here than running since one Black Wizard has a 
very low chance of getting away.  Just do not use your L3 spells at 
all.  Ice1 and Fire1 should be more than sufficient.
  BOSS: Big Rat
  HP:  400
  Recommended Lvl: 15+
  Recommended HP: 400+, although 550+ would be much more realistic
    Well, this is going to be tough.  His HP is low and you probably 
have more than enough castings of L3 spells left.  4 L3 spells is 
enough to kill off the Big Rat.  The problem is that he also enjoys 
casting Fire2 and Ice2 on you.  Generally, 3 shots of it will kill you.  
The best way to estimate this is to take your current HP and divide by 
180 to get the absolute minimum number of rounds you can survive.  
Sometimes his attacks do less damage than this, but it appears to be 
somewhat random.  I'd recommend starting off with 2 L3 spells, then 
checking your HP.  Southwinds seem to do more damage than most L3 
spells, so when you're desperate, try them out.  Unfortunately, this 
battle is more based on luck than skill, equipment, levels, or 

-----Town of Ancients:-----
  Heal immediately after winning the battle with the Big Rat, then 
leave.  Give Nepto his eye back, then save as soon as you're outside.  
Switch your class to White Wizard if you still have a L2 spell back and 
cast Mini on yourself to heal.  Head back to the Pirate's Base and rest 
up.  Switch to your chosen class, then get on the ship and sail 
southwest to the Town of Tokkle.  Search the tall grass for a bunch of 
items, then leave and walk west over the desert to the Town of 
Ancients.  Grab the new stuff that fits your class.  Don't buy a 
FlameMail if you're a Fighter as the difference is fairly small and you 
can get one free in the next dungeon.  I personally didn't buy any 
spells though.  Wash, Exit and Sight are all great spells, but since no 
good fighting class has Magic capability until at least the Fire 
Crystal, there's no real point of getting them now.  If you need or 
want more MidgBread, talk to the kid near the entrance, then follow his 
challenge.  The last important thing about the Town of Ancients is the 
item shop.  Check it out.  It's the first place you can pick up 
EchoHerbs, LuckMallets, MaidenKiss and most importantly of all, 
HiPotions.  I recommend picking up 4 MaidenKiss now, since we will turn 
into a Frog shortly and these will remedy the condition.  LuckMallets 
are nice.  You won't need to turn Mini for a short while, but I'd grab 
4 now just to ensure you don't forget later.  EchoHerbs are cool but 
I'm not using a character with spells, so it'd be a waste of money.  
Besides, there are several in chests in the next dungeon for the 
taking.  I would recommend picking up a couple HiPotions, but don't go 
broke on them.  I bought 4.  These HiPotions are, for now, purely for 
use in Boss Battles where a Potion just won't recover enough HP to cut 
it.  Outside of battle, use several Potions instead.  Return to your 
ship and sail north to Argass Castle.  Loot the Castle to get a 
boatload of money, plus several spell-casting items.  On the top floor 
of the castle, following the stairs and not going into secret passages 
you can get both healed and revived.  This will be useful soon.

-----Tower of Owen:-----
  Leave Argass Castle and walk west.  Pick up Toad from the Valley, 
then return to Argass.  You need to turn into a White Wizard, then go 
to the top floor.  Revive your allies then make them Frogs.  You can 
turn yourself into a Toad now, or wait.  I chose to wait, and just 
frogged everyone else, then healed up and ran to the Tower of Owen to 
the north as a White Wizard.  I walked up to the grate, then cast Frog 
on myself, went through the grate, then healed myself and cast Cure2.  
You do not need to go through the entire dungeon as a Frog luckily, so 
even if you transformed back at Argass Castle, use one a MaidenKiss to 
turn yourself back to a human and revert to your normal class.  Go up 
the tower, picking up all the chests.  All the enemies do fairly decent 
damage, usually about 50 or so per shot to my Fighter.  The Mages in 
here can cast Mute, so if you're a Wizard, just be careful.  The 
Tyrving in here is a pretty decent weapon for a Red Mage or just good 
to sell.  On Floor 5, press B to talk to Desh and he'll locate the 
switch for you.  It's on the top wall, 8 spaces from the left.  You can 
pick up a Salamand Sword in here, plus a free FlameMail.
  BOSS: Medusa
  HP: 600
  Recommended Lvl: 16+
  Recommended HP: 500+
    She (it?) can use Break, which could be pretty nasty.  Apparently 
though it has a low chance of working, as it failed 4 times in a row on 
my Fighter.  Aside from Break, she is a pushover, with magic that isn't 
too strong and low defense.  I managed to kill her with 3 attacks (my 
first turn attack missed completely).

-----Dwarves' Cave:-----
  You'll be teleported outside automatically.  Board your ship and sail 
through the passage, then west to reach the Dwarf Cave.  You can pick 
up a lot of nice stuff in here.  The most critical is the Ice 
equipment.  Buy a full set of Ice armor, including a Shield.  Don't 
sell off your old Carapace Helmet and FlameMail armor though.  Against 
the next two bosses, the Ice armor gives you great resistance, and 
you're probably going to need the help.  Make sure you've saved 
recently.  Note that if you're a Mage or you just feel like exploring, 
you can head over to Gishal now and pick up a few MagicKeys and some L4 
spells, including Ice3.  If you do go to Gishal, you can then use the 
MagicKeys in Argass Castle.  This will be covered later, but it is 
possible to do now.
  Once you're set, switch to a White Mage and rest at the Inn.  Cast 
Toad, then walk down the left stairs and enter the pond.  Once you've 
entered the pond, you can cast Toad again to heal yourself and then 
revert to your older class.  In here, there are two very large threats.  
Merman and Manticores will do a lot of damage with their Ice spell, 
since you're wearing Ice armor, so you probably will want to actually 
keep wearing your FlameMail and Carapace Helm to minimize damage taken.  
The other large threat comes from Boulders.  They look like rocks and 
they are extremely dangerous.  They can petrify you with Glare.  Either 
kill these guys immediately or run.  Pick up the minor items and make 
it to the boss.  Make sure you put on your Ice element armor 
beforehand, including the Shield.
  BOSS: Guzco
  HP: 750
  Recommended Lvl: 17+
  Recommended HP: 500+
    If you listened to me and wore Ice armor, Ice Helm and the Ice 
Shield, this guy is a snap.  He can't do more than about 25 damage 
casting Fire2 and about that much physically.  He'll take several 
turns, but he'll fall eventually.  You can use a SouthWind if you want 
to help speed up the process, but I didn't.

-----Flame Cave:-----
  Once you beat him, re-equip your FlameMail and Carapace Helm, then 
leave as soon as you can.  Remember to heal.  Once you're back to the 
Dwarf Cave, rest at the Inn, then save.  Then talk to the Dwarf near 
the horns and go return the Horn you got from Guzco.  Once both horns 
are stolen, leave the cave, and sail just a little north to reach the 
Flame Cave.
  Enter and re-equip your Ice armor and helmet.  You don't need to 
bother with the Shield yet, in fact I would actually recommend against 
it.  None of the enemies here is a real threat, except the Milomectros, 
who are little green birds that can Petrify you.  Kill them first or 
retreat.  Pick up the treasures, especially the SouthWinds and the 
IceBlade.  Equip the IceBlade immediately if you're a Fighter as it 
will greatly increase your base attack power and your effectiveness.  
Once you reach the Crystal Room, make sure you have equipped your Ice 
Shield and IceBlade.
  BOSS: Salamander
  HP: 1000
  Recommended Lvl: 19+
  Recommended HP: 550+
    This guy can be either real easy or incredibly difficult.  It comes 
down to one thing.  If you listened to me and took a Fighter with full 
Ice equipment (except still using Mithril Gloves), the battle will be a 
cinch, with you probably doing over 300 damage per shot using the 
IceBlade and taking only about 40 damage from his Flame attack.  If you 
ignored me, good luck, you will need it.  This is probably the first 
boss yet that is actually easier with only one person, as Flame's 
damage is the same regardless of how many members you have and with 
only one Fighter, you don't need to worry about healing the weaker 
characters who don't have Ice equipment.

-----Living Tree:-----
  Talk to the Crystal to get your new jobs, then leave via the 
transporter.  Sail back to the Dwarves' Cave and you'll be told where 
to go.  But first, go and sell off your excess equipment. Go to the 
main room of the Dwarves' Cave and talk to the Dwarf near the lower 
right set of stairs and he'll open up the Dwarves' treasure horde.  And 
it is quite a horde.  It includes a precious Otterhead, an Elixir, a 
full set of Scholar Equipment, 4 different books for the Scholar, the 
Knight Armor, a Gauntlet, plus a few FenixDowns and Softs.  If you want 
to switch to a Knight or Scholar, now is the perfect time.  You can now 
sell off all the old junk, including your Ice Armor and Flame Mail.  
Aside from your IceBlade and Salamand Sword, the only other old 
Fighter/Knight item worth keeping is the Ice Helmet, which will be used 
for a very long time.  Even if you're a Knight, keep the Scholar stuff 
for the next boss.  Make sure you have a lot of free space, enough for 
the Scholar Robe, Scholar Helm, plus space for all your chosen class' 
equipment and then 2 more spaces on top of that.  If you don't, you 
could revive your party members and make one guy your main character's 
current class and the other a Scholar.  This way they can equip the 
gear once you get them killed again and hold on to it, saving space.  
Also make sure you have at least one LuckMallet.  The rest of your 
party should still be Mini (as well as Frog), but if they aren't, fix 
that now.  Head on over to the Town of Tokkle when you're ready.  Save 
before entering the Town.  As you enter, you'll be kidnapped and the 
whole thing.  Go talk to the stationary knight near the hole to get a 
free LuckMallet.  Use it, walk through the hole.  Once you are in the 
passage on the other side, you can immediately transform back and not 
have to worry about fighting while small.  Pick up all the loot, 
including a couple FenixDowns, several thousand gold, a Rune Bow and 
most importantly a King Sword.  If you're using a Knight, the King 
Sword will be quite powerful.  When you reach the boss, heal completely 
and switch to a Scholar before talking to him.
  BOSS: Hyne
  HP: 1500
  Recommended Lvl: 20+
  Recommended HP: 650+
    Hyne changes his weak point and is close to immune to physical 
attacks.  Add in the Fire2, Bolt2 and Ice2 he likes to cast and you've 
got a tough monster.  I would recommend taking off your Ice Helm if 
you're a Knight, since it gives you serious weakness to Ice magic, 
enough that Hyne can probably do 500 damage with an Ice2 spell.  He 
doesn't attack physically, so you'll be okay on that score.  It's your 
choice really, since the Ice Helm also gives great Fire resistance.  
Take your pick or flip a coin.  On your first turn, use Scan to 
discover his weakness.  Hopefully it will be Cold, since chances are 
that you have far more SouthWinds than anything else.  Use your element 
items (SouthWind for Cold, BombShard for Fire, Zeus' Rage for Bolt) to 
deal between 150-350 damage per shot.  When he WallChanges, you need to 
re-scan.  Note that when he uses WallChange, he doesn't necessarily 
change his weakness, but he can so you still need to use Scan.  His 
speed is fairly good, so make sure you always heal when you're two 
attacks from death (about 350 HP, unless you've got some insane magical 
defense or levels).  Hyne tends to be difficult, but random.  If you're 
lucky enough to have him start with weakness to Cold and stay with weak 
to Cold for a few turns, then he can be really easy since you probably 
have a horde of SouthWinds.  If however, he starts weak versus Fire, 
you'll probably use up your 2 or 3 BombShards quickly and then just 
keep healing until he WallChanges.

-----The Airship and exploring the Floating Continent:-----
  When you win, you get the WindFang.  Your ship is where you left it, 
probably near Tokkle.  Head over to Argass Castle, talk to the king and 
get the TimeGear.  Go to Cid, give him the TimeGear and you get an 
Airship.  Take your ship and fly over to Gishal on the right side of 
the continent.  Buy about 20 MagicKeys, since they're relatively cheap 
and pretty useful.  
**Thanks to SirBahamut for pointing this out:** 
-In the Magic Key shop, you can walk left right where you appear after 
walking in the door and follow the passage to get to that chest behind 
the desk, which contains a Shiruken. 
  I would recommend putting this Shiruken in storage as soon as you 
can, as it will be a very long time until you can make use of it.  Sell 
off all your worthless stuff.  If you're using a Wizard, you can get 
some Lvl.4 Magic here, but if you're not, don't bother just yet.  Fly 
back to Argass Castle and go through the secret passage to the top of 
the castle.  Loot the locked rooms with your new keys, making sure to 
talk to the people as a Knight to get a couple free items.  Fly back to 
some town, sell off all your excess items and perhaps pick up some more 
Potions or HiPotions.  

-----Water Palace:-----
  Fly off the Continent and head to the lone island and wrecked ship.  
It's in a general southeast direction, but since the world is so huge 
and round, you can also reach it by heading in any other direction 
pretty much.  Just fly around until you find it.  Go in, give the girl 
an Antidote, then you'll need to leave and go to the Water Temple, 
which is generally northeast of the shipwreck.  Once you arrive, head 
into the Temple.  You can heal in the pools on the right hand side if 
  Walk up the stairs and get the shard, then head into the nearby Cave 
of Water.  Save before entering of course.  Several enemies to watch 
out for in here.  Ropers can paralyze you and VenomToads can Poison 
you, so make sure you're carrying some Antidotes and never go below a 
few hundred HP.  The TwinHeads in here don't have any special 
abilities, but are quite strong.  As normal, you won't be able to 
approach the Crystal without fighting a boss, so get ready as soon as 
you enter the Crystal Room.
  BOSS: Kraken
  HP: 1500 (?)
  Recommended Lvl: 23+
  Recommended HP: 900+
    This guy can be extremely tough.  Basically, its just fight until 
he drops, with using HiPotions when needed, but his magic is quite 
strong.  He can cast Fire2, Ice2 and Bolt2, so I'd recommend stripping 
off the Ice Helm here too, just to protect yourself from Ice2, which 
can do over 750 damage if you're wearing the Ice Helm.  I used up the 
Gods' Wine here on my Knight since it almost doubles the damage you do 
and you absolutely need to drop Kraken as fast as possible before he 
shreds you with his magic.  However, the next boss is also extremely 
tough, so waiting and trying to survive here without using the Gods' 
Wine can also be beneficial.  Since you can't buy Gods' Wine and there 
is a limit to how many you can find (I know of 4 total, but there could 
be one or two more out there), holding onto them until absolutely, 100% 
necessary has major benefits.

-----Amur and the Sewers:-----
  You get the jobs of the Water Crystal, then you awake in Amur.  
There's stuff for the new Viking, Thief and Karaketa jobs available in 
the shops.  Don't buy any Thief armor, as you can get all his defensive 
equipment free from the large patch of grass on the solitary island.  
Make sure you keep this Thief armor, since you'll need it much later 
on.  Talk to the man in the house south of the water entrance to get 
the ability to walk in the water and enter the sewers.  Note that I 
gained a couple levels outside here, and if you would like to as well, 
you can go roughly northeast, using the Canoe to sail up to the Temple 
of Water, where you can heal for free if you feel like leveling up.  I 
reached Lvl.26 on my way through here (using a Viking for the best HP 
progression), but you don't have to.  I merely did it to make the next 
couple dungeons a little easier, but it's entirely optional.
  Head through, the path is fairly straightforward.  The Stropers here 
can confuse you, so be careful.  There are also TwinLigers who have 
fairly attacks.  Aside from those two enemies though, the rest of the 
enemies are fairly easy.  When you reach a place where the main path is 
heading east west, but there's a little circle around a pond just below 
the main path, go on the little circle and search the left and right 
walls to find two secret passages.  The Power Ring you find in here is 
very useful and actually has more defensive power than a Gauntlet, plus 
the strength increase.  Continue through the sewers, get the Flying 
Shoes and you'll be teleported out automatically.

-----Goldor's Mansion:-----
  Now that you've got the Flying Shoes, go to the Amur shops, sell off 
your excess stuff and then head south to Goldor's Mansion.  Again I 
remind you to avoid selling your Thief stuff.  If you already did, then 
its not a big deal, as we will return to Amur when we need it and you 
can just buy another set.  You can walk right over the swamp now and 
enter the Mansion.  Save before going inside, as always.  In here, most 
of the monsters have very high magic resistance, so you probably want 
to switch to a physical class.  Also, watch out for the Gold Bears as 
they can use Break and also do strong physical damage.  Head straight 
north and up the stairs to find a horde of treasure chests.  Take 
everything.  Now, if you want, you can head outside to save or ride a 
Chocobo back to Amur to rest.  Once you've done whatever, unlock the 
door into the upper right room of the entry floor.  There is a secret 
passage in the northwest corner of this room, as you can probably see 
from the obvious fake wall.  On the next floor, there are actually two 
secret passages, though you don't need to take them.  If you notice 
those two large north-south walls that force you to go around, you can 
search the very south end of each of those walls to find a nice short 
cut.  Just go on until you reach the Gold Crystal and the boss.
  BOSS: Goldor
  HP: 2000
  Recommended Lvl: 25
  Recommended HP: 1450+
      This guy is very hard in an SCC.  While he doesn't have a lot of 
HP, he uses Fire2, Ice2 and Bolt2 often, usually for about 350+ damage.  
Since that's about what a HiPotion heals, you need to come in with 
enough HP to be able to finish him off before dying.

-----Visiting the Large World:-----
  Once you defeat Goldor, grab the Key and leave.  Hopefully you've 
still got the Otterhead, as it would be a major pain if you died right 
now from Break after beating that tough boss.  Get a Chocobo from the 
forest south of Goldor's Mansion and ride back to Amur.  Stay at the 
Inn, then grab your Airship and go.  I'll just list the towns in here 
and what each one has, then you make your own travel plans.  Note that 
from now on, the level recommendations tend to not increase very much.  
This isn't because I didn't level up, rather these are more the minimum 
level you could be at to win.  In fact, my recommendation for the next 
boss is only one level higher than Goldor, but in reality, chances are 
that you'll gain at least 2 levels doing the dungeons in between.  
**Dastar:  Great town for mage types, as it sells both Feathers (second 
best mage hat in the game) and Rune Rings.  Also, two EarthDrums can be 
found in the tall grass.  Easiest way to get here is to fly north of 
Amur.  There is a desert on the Amur Continent just north of Amur.  Go 
to the southern tip of this desert, then head west until you find an 
island town.

**Leprit:  Good if you'd like to be a Conjurer or plan to turn into a 
Sage later on, as you can buy the first 5 levels of Call magic here.  A 
Fenix Down is in the tall grass on the right, an Elixir and TurtleShell 
are in the tall grass on the left, and you can grab another Elixir from 
a secret passage in the house with no door.  You enter the house 
through the chimney and search one of the candles to find the secret 
passage.  Easiest way to get here is to fly to the north end of the 
Amur Continent, head west until you reach the Salonia Continent, then 
head to the north end of the Salonia Continent.

**Floating Continent:  You can return here if you want.  If you 
accidentally sold your Ice Helm for the Knight or want to pick up more 
Potions, go ahead.  Potions tend to be bad for use in battle, but are 
great to use right before fighting a boss to heal up and save your 
HiPotions.  Easiest way to arrive here is to fly to the very south tip 
of the Amur Continent, then fly directly east until you see it.

  When you're all done flying around, head to Salonia.  Easiest way to 
arrive here is head to the north tip of the Amur Continent and head 
west.  Salonia is on the northern end of one of the two huge 
continents, so it's pretty hard to miss.  Fly near the castle and your 
ship gets shot down.  You land safely, but are now stuck inside the 
castle.  Save, then explore all the towns.  Note that outside here, in 
the walls of Salonia, I don't think you can get in encounters unless 
you're walking through a forest.
  Once you land, there are 4 sections of Salonia, plus the castle that 
you cannot enter just yet.  I'll list all the shops and things in each 
sector now, although most of them are closed.

-----Salonia Listings:-----

**Northwest Salonia:
Library (closed)--Just lots of interesting background information
Magic shop (closed)--L3 White and Black Magic
Inn--Standard Inn and Item Shop setup

**Southwest Salonia:
Armor Shop (closed)--Sells wizard defensive equipment, plus the Scholar 
Robe and Scholar Hat.
Southwest House--Talk to the person to have the Fat Chocobo appear, 
plus large number of Carrots in a secret room on the left side.
Pub--Story event happens here.  This event will be described in the 

**Southeast Salonia:
Tower of Salonia--Lots of free stuff.  Walkthrough will describe this 
tower shortly.

**Northeast Salonia:
Magic Shop A (closed): L4 White and Black Magic
Magic Shop B (closed): L5 White and Black Magic
Weapon Shop A (closed): Sells Staves and Rods for Wizards/Conjurers.
Weapon Shop B: Sells Wind Javelins and Thunder Javelins for Dragoons.
Inn: Standard Inn, plus an Item Shop that sells Otterheads and 

-----Tower of Salonia:-----
  Once you've rested at the Inn if necessary or used the free Fat 
Chocobo if needed, head to the southwest section and into the Pub.  
You'll fight 4 Gold Knights here, but you should be able to handle them 
easily.  Once they're dead, Prince Allus joins you.  Stay in the 
southwest section for now and talk to all three old men standing on the 
streets of the southwest section.  You receive a Wind Javelin and a 
suit of Dragon Armor.
  Once you get that stuff, head to the Fat Chocobo or one of the item 
shops to sell or put away some of the excess stuff you're carrying.  
Don't sell the Wind Javelin, but you can sell the Dragon Armor since 
you'll get about 3 more sets of it.  Then save and go to the Tower of 
Salonia.  This place has a lot of hidden passages on the first floor.  
The enemies here hit hard, but aside from the Sorcerer, rely mostly on 
physical attacks.  Find your way up to the top floor and then loot 
everything for a ton of stuff, including more Dragon Armors, some 
Dragon Helms, and a bunch of Thunder Javelins.  I used an Otterhead to 
escape once I looted the top floor, but you can walk down if you're 
confident.  Then head to northeast Salonia and to the open weapon shop.  
Keep one Dragon Armor, one Dragon Helm and your Wind Javelin and sell 
everything else.  You can also keep one Thunder Spear, but I figured 
that I might as well dump the Thunder Spear and buy one more Wind 
Javelin for the extra power since I had the money.  Now check your 
level, and more importantly, your HP.  If your max. HP is below roughly 
1450, I'd level up some (as a Viking preferably to get the most out of 
the efforts).  The next boss isn't nearly as hard as he'd be in a 
regular game due to your absurd levels, but some extra insurance won't 
hurt.  Stay at the Inn and then head to the free Fat Chocobo in 
southwest Salonia.  Store your excess items, then switch to a Dragoon 
and go to the Castle.  In the Castle, watch the scene and you'll fight 
  BOSS: Garuda
  HP: 5000
  Recommended Lvl: 26+
  Recommended HP: 1450+
    Garuda is actually extremely easy in an SCC.  The reason is that 
his attack hits all party members for the same damage always.  The 
damage your character receives in an SCC is the same you receive in a 
regular game.  Since your HP is probably about 500 points higher than 
it would be in a normal game, you should be fine.  As well, your higher 
level pretty much guarantees you will Jump before Garuda attacks.  Just 
have your Dragoon Jump repeatedly to dodge almost all of Garuda's 
attacks.  Ironically, what is one of the toughest bosses in a normal 
game is now probably the easiest boss in an SCC.  You don't get many 
EXP for winning (2200 EXP), but since Dragoon has pretty bad HP 
progression, it is probably actually good that you get about as much 
EXP as a normal battle.  This allows you, if you play your cards right, 
to not gain a level as a Dragoon and avoid getting bad HP for that 

-----Dalug Continent:-----
  Once the scene is over, explore the Salonia Castle.  There are many 
items here.  The biggest cache is just right of the sleeping room of 
the main tower.  Basically, if you walk directly right from the beds, 
you'll find the passage.  Besides the obvious room there with about 20 
treasure chests, downstairs and through a passage you can find more 
stuff.  Also, in the wizard's tower of Salonia Castle, search the north 
wall to find yet another hidden passage, this one leading to a couple 
Fenix Downs.  Finally, talk to the Engineers/Scholars in the southeast 
tower to get the Nautilus.
  Go outside and visit any shops of Salonia you want to, now that 
they're open.  Go to the Fat Chocobo and switch back into your chosen 
class.  Take your ship and fly over to the Continent of Dalug.  It's a 
huge continent almost entirely surrounded by mountains, except the very 
southern end of it has a little cross and forest and a one-square 
entryway.  Land and save before trying to fly through here.  You can 
fly through on the Nautilus, but you will run into battles.  Just fight 
your way through until you reach Dorga's House.  Land and enter.  In 
here, there's a Magic shop selling L6 White and Black Magic, plus a few 
L5 White spells.  Also, there's a standard Item shop, a candle on the 
right side of the shop room that you can use Carrots on to get the Fat 
Chocobo and finally a northern room with a HP/MP restoration pot (the 
bottom pot).  The top pot revives everyone, but assuming you never 
healed their Mini condition, you shouldn't need to revive them.  Also 
in the northern room is a bookshelf with a HiPotion hidden in it.  
Search the candle in the north room to find a hidden passage leading to 
a small hole.  Another Mini dungeon, but this one is actually easy.  
Just make sure you switch to a Thief and then stick him in the back row 
for added protection.  In every battle, use Flee to escape.  Due to 
your high level, you should be faster than the enemies, so you should 
be able to Flee before receiving any damage.  There is absolutely no 
treasure in here, so just follow the path and reach the exit.  You'll 
be teleported out automatically.  Return inside the house, heal your 
Mini condition, switch back to your main class and then use the HP/MP 
restoration pot.  Also, you can now submerge with Nautilus and use it 
as a submarine to explore the ocean floor.

-----Temple of Time:-----
  Now head to the Temple of Time.  It is underwater on the south end of 
the Salonia Continent.  Submerge near the land that looks like a set of 
horns.  Make sure you have about 9 or more Magic Keys before coming in, 
since you will need them to get to the best treasures.  If you're short 
on Magic Keys, they're available back on the Flying Continent, in the 
town of Gishal.  
  Enter the Temple of Time.  Enemies in here are fairly weak and give 
good experience.  Just keep your current HP about 1000 to cover the 
occasional 4 enemy surprise attack that may occur if you're unlucky.  
Once inside the Temple of Time, enter the first couple doors to get a 
Diamond Helm and a Diamond Ring.  Head downstairs and pick up a 
Defender Blade and then go out the door on that floor to end up in a 
large room with 4 separate doors.  The lower right door has a suit 
Diamond Armor, the upper left door has a Diamond Gauntlet.  Note that 
you should equip all Diamond stuff as soon as you get it (restricted 
based on class of course), since Diamond gives resistance to Thunder, 
an attack used by the Chimeras in here.  As for Diamond Gauntlet 
compared to the Power Ring, it is your choice.  Basically, it comes 
down to 3 points of attack for the Power Ring compared to 2 points of 
defense and slightly higher Bolt resistance for the Gauntlet.  I 
personally chose the Diamond Gauntlet, but sticking with the Power Ring 
for now is okay too.  The Defender Sword you got should be equipped 
immediately, as it also gives +5 vitality (I equipped it over the old 
Blood Sword I had equipped, since the Blood Sword is far weaker than 
the King Sword and the 20 points of healing per attack wasn't helping 
  Head down to the last floor where you can get the Lute and a Diamond 
Shield.  Either walk out or use an Otterhead once you have both of 
these, then fly over to the nearest town.  Sell the old Knight 
equipment you have, then lets visit Unne.  Unne is on the Salonia 
continent, in a passage between Salonia and the Temple of Time.  It is 
just one little cave.  Once you enter it, there is just one small 
passage.  Head up, use the Lute on Unne, then leave.  You also get the 
Fire Fang from this.  Head almost directly east of Unne's Shrine until 
you reach the other continent.  Slightly north there should be a 
passage with a group of statues and forests in between the statues.  
These correspond to the various Fangs you're carrying.  Save before 
trying this, just in case the order of the statues is different in your 
game.  Now that you have the Fire Fang, you can walk on the ground 
through the first 3 sets of statues and they will explode.  This not 
only clears part of a path (you can't make it all the way there due to 
the last set of statues which you need the Earth Fang for), but also 
destroys the Fangs you're carrying, giving you 3 more slots in the 
-----Salonia Catacombs and Treasure Cave:-----
  Now you can do several things, but for the purposes of this FAQ, I'll 
suggest going to loot a couple of areas.  Note that both these places 
are entirely, entirely optional, although you gain huge benefits by 
going here.  I gained about 3 levels just from walking through the 
Catacombs killing everything, since the enemies give so much EXP.  The 
Undersea Cave is even more ridiculous.  Not only does the Undersea Cave 
give you tons of good treasure, the enemies are also extremely rich in 
EXP and gold.  I gained 5 levels here just by smacking around the 
  First, we shall head to the Salonia Catacombs.  There are many good 
items in there and you should be high enough level now that you can 
survive.  To reach the Catacombs, fly in the Nautilus to the southwest 
section of Salonia, then fly into the ocean just south of that 
southwest section.  The cave will be clearly visible.  At this point, 
I'd recommend just making sure you have an Otterhead and several free 
spaces in your inventory.  The biggest treasures are in the second 
room.  In the third room (has the stairs leading up), there is a secret 
passage on the right wall (directly right of the stairs), leading to 8 
treasure chests.  Be careful however, as you must fight for all of 
these treasures.  It includes 4 Elixirs in the northern chests and 4 
Fenix Downs in the southern chests.  For the Elixirs, you must fight a 
single Ouroborus, which should be easily dropped by a good slash.  For 
the Fenix Downs, you fight Ion, who can cast a fairly weak Quake.  Ion 
also has a strong physical attack, but fortunately, his HP is low 
enough that he can probably be killed with just 2 attacks.  Don't talk 
to Odin yet, as chances are that he'll tear you apart.  In any case, 
unless you're using a Conjurer, you don't get anything from beating 
Odin yet anyway, so might as well wait until you're closer to the end 
of the game.  In here though, you get several useful items, including 
Reflect Armor and an Aegis Shield.  This can also be a fairly good 
place to level up since the enemies can give up to 6000 EXP per battle.  
One warning though is about the Kryons (they look like blue snakes), as 
they can petrify you, meaning instant game over.
  The Undersea Cave is the next optional destination.  Make sure you go 
over to Salonia after the Catacombs to sell or store all your excess 
junk.  The Undersea Cave is so rich with treasure, it may take two 
trips to get everything.  To reach the Undersea Cave, fly back to the 
Amur Continent.  Fly to the right of Goldor's Mansion, roughly just to 
the right of the swamp, but over the ocean.  Now head east and you'll 
find a triangle shaped island with a small forest on it.  Submerge on 
the right side of the island and the cave will be there.  The enemies 
are fairly tough, as they do a lot of damage.  But they give you 
literally tons of experience.  A fairly simple battle of 4 Aegils gets 
you 11,200 EXP.  Go through the first floor and then go down a floor.  
On the second floor, take the path to the upper right to grab a 
Defender Sword, which you should immediately equip.  Now return to 
where the stairs were and loot the other treasures of the floor.  Here 
you pick up a Diamond Shield and a Tomahawk Ax.  Go down to the third 
  Look at all those treasure chests!  Going west across the first 
bridge gets you a Loki Harp, Diamond Ring, Diamond Armor, and an Air 
Knife.  South of those 4 chests are a Fenix Down, an Elixir, and a 
Diamond Gauntlet.  Notice the notch in the wall to the left of these 
chests?  If you head through there, you reach another group of 4 
chests.  These you must fight for.  The top left chest is fighting a 
Peryton for a Blood Spear.  The top right chest makes you fight a 
Zombie Dragon for another Aegis Shield.  The bottom right chest 
contains a Triton Hammer and a splitting Eater.  You should be strong 
enough to knock it out with one blow of a Knight or Jumping Dragoon.  
The bottom left chest forces you to kill a splitting DeathClaw for a 
Reflect Armor.  Again, this guy has fairly low HP and you should be 
able to drop it in one blow.  Return to the area of the stairs, then 
head down the south bridge this time.  Grab an Ancient Sword in the 
lone chest, then go south across another bridge to pick up a Diamond 
Shield, Diamond Helm, Black Hole and *God's Wine*.  Once you get these 
things, you're pretty much done.  
  Leave and then go to a town.  Make sure you keep the God's Wine, 
Ancient Sword, and Aegis Shield.  Even though the Ancient Sword is 
weak, it does have a very good status effect of paralyzing the enemy 
you hit.  The God's Wine I hope I don't have to explain why you keep, 
since Haste is the best single status effect in the game for a physical 
fighter.  Finally, the Aegis Shield is a nice backup to keep just in 
case things get rough and you feel like getting some more defense.  If 
you ever feel like gaining levels, the Undersea Cave is probably the 
best place accessible right now to go to.

-----Cave of Ancient's:-----
  Now, head back to Salonia Continent.  West of Salonia the town, there 
is a huge series of rivers.  In the very center of the river series, 
there's a cave to enter and a small place to land Nautilus.    Save 
before entering the cave of course.  One major precaution exists that 
makes the cave much easier.  Make your character a Thief and stick him 
in the back row.  Use Flee constantly.  Follow the path and Unne will 
break apart the rocks blocking the way.  Head through the first 
corridor, getting a Reflect Armor on the way, then into the second 
corridor.  You can see the stairs right as you enter, but if you head 
north you can reach a set of shopkeepers and an Inn.  Here you can pick 
up Defender Swords and Ancient Swords if you don't have enough, as well 
as all the Diamond equipment.  I usually have my Knight walk around 
with two Defender Swords always equipped, then leave an Ancient Sword 
in the backpack in case something needs paralyzed.  Whatever you want 
to do should be fine.  Just rest up, then head downstairs to reach yet 
another large system of doors.  To the south of the first major 
intersection you arrive at is a Chakra Hat and Black Belt Robe.  The 
other rooms to the north contain a Rune Bell and an Elven Claw.  The 
passage leading all the way north is the route to the next set of 
stairs downward.  The enemies here are pretty weak, except the Azraels 
and DeathClaws can be tough if they start off in a group larger than 2, 
since they then split repeatedly and you can only kill one per turn.  I 
generally run away if they come in a group larger than 2.  The trouble 
isn't so much that they can kill you, as the damage is low, especially 
at absurd levels (like what you're probably at), the problem is that 
they use their Split command more than one per turn and you can only 
kill one per turn.  So you get stuck in an endless loop.  This is why I 
recommended a Thief earlier.  On the plus side, you're not missing out 
on much as far as experience goes, at least nothing that about 10 
minutes in the Undersea Cave wouldn't more than compensate for.  Just 
go through the Cave and pray for luck.  Once you reach the Invincible, 
take it and fly off.

-----Fargabaard and Leviathan's Cave:-----
  Take your new ship and fly to Salonia.  Southwest of Salonia there is 
a large land passage to the west.  Look carefully at the south side of 
this passage to notice a small part where there is only a tiny mountain 
blocking passage. Jump the gap, then jump the gap further down to reach 
Fargabaad.  Here, search the trees on the right side to find a passage 
to the Waterfall.  Fight the Shinobi to get the Kiku sword, then leave 
the Waterfall and walk south to be walking in the water.  In the tall 
grass near the bottom of town, there is Demon Armor and a few 
HiPotions.  Get these, then return to the Waterfall and take the path 
back through the trees.  If you want, you can go into the Cave, but I 
don't recommend it, as you'll run into the same troubles here as you 
did in the earlier cave with splitting monsters.  If you do choose to 
go inside, you can pick up another Dark sword and a hammer in here, but 
I personally wouldn't bother.  If you want to use a M.Knight though, 
you probably should go get the other Dark Sword.  Unfortunately, I 
can't really give you directions, so just walk around until you find 
where you're headed.  Once you're done here, return to the airship 
Invincible and fly back to the Flying Continent.
  In almost the center of the Flying Continent, there is a little pond 
trapped inside a ring of Mountains.  It is right by the Gurgan Valley 
if you remember where that was.  Notice the little black shape floating 
around?  That's the goal.  Use the Invincible to hop the mountains and 
then land and disembark on the only piece of dry land.  Canoe over to 
the black shape and let it hit you to enter Lake Dol.  The enemies here 
aren't too bad, except for the Sea Lions who attack before you and do 
tons of damage and the Flower-like enemies who constantly put you to 
sleep.  The most important item in this cave is the God's Wine you can 
get.  You also get a large number of other items here, the problem 
though is that most of the rest of them aren't all that valuable at 
this point in the game.  Leviathan himself is tough, but can possibly 
be defeated at this point.  It would require using one of the ultra-
precious God's Wines though, so I would hold off on Leviathan for a 
while.  Don't worry, we'll be back soon enough to show all these little 
summon pricks who's boss.  Just be patient for a little while longer.
  Now leave using an Otterhead and go back to the Invincible.  Rest up, 
then fly out of the little Lake Dol, then head east on the Flying 
Continent.  South of Canaan, you'll find an isolated cave that you can 
fly over to.  Land and save, then enter.  The enemies here are 
astonishingly strong.  The main reason to go here is in the middle of 
the second floor, where you get yet another God's Wine.  Continue down 
to the third floor and open all the chests, but do not, repeat DO NOT, 
go outside the exit you see on the third floor.  Instead use an 
Otterhead.  If you go outside the exit, you end up fighting Bahamut, 
who is more than a match for us at this point.  Even using a God's 
Wine, Bahamut would still probably win.  Again, don't worry, we shall 
return to knock that dragon king out of the sky.  Board the Invincible 
and fly back to Amur.  If you still have your Thief gear from way back 
when, grab it from storage and equip it now.  If not, then switch to a 
Thief and load up on stuff at Amur or on the Invincible.  Rest on the 
Invincible, then sell any excess stuff.  Head north of Amur to the 
desert, then in the northeast part of the small desert is a bunch of 
tiny squares to fly around in.  Head through this maze to the end and 
the Cave of Darkness.  Land and save immediately.  Now you have two 
options.  Either switch into a Thief and take your chances with Escape 
or stay as a Knight and take your chances with hoping you don't run 
into large groups of monsters that can split on their own without being 
hit.  Either way is risky.  I personally chose to stick it out as a 
Knight.  Regardless of your choice, do *not* screw around in here and 
don't bother getting any chests, except for a couple on the first 
floor.  I'm doing this differently than my normal walkthrough style, 
merely since this is such a dangerous place for an SCC that you don't 
want to take one more step than you need to.  Make absolutely sure you 
have at least 60 HiPotions, 90 Regular Potions, and 3 Otterheads (one 
to get out of the dungeon once you beat it, 2 just in case you need to 
leave sometime during the dungeon.  Note about numbering.  When you go 
down stairs and it displays a different number, that's the Floor 
number.  Some floors have letters.  Whenever you pass through a 'notch' 
in the wall and the screen changes to a totally new section of the same 
floor, that second section is labeled 'B'.

**Floor 1: You can either head right through the secret passage to get 
a LamiaScale or directly south.  Once you're at the south end, go east.  
Open the chest to get a God's Wine.  Then talk to the M.Knight to get a 
Kotetsu Sword.  If you've looted this floor entirely, you might want to 
retreat, heal up and save just so you don't need to worry about any of 
this if you're forced to restart.  

**Floor 2: Head east, then when you hit a wall, head north, then east 
until you're directly north of the stairs.  Go south to reach the 
stairs and go down yet another floor.  

**Floor 3: Follow the path until you see the first notch in the wall.  
Following that notch leads you to a Paralyzer.  I don't recommend 
getting it, but its there if you want to.  Just continue past the notch 
till you can't go north any farther.  This will walk you through a fake 
wall.  Head west, and go south through the first notch on the wall.  
When you hit the limit of your ability to go south, head west, then 
south again to reach the stairs.

**Floor 3: Head directly south.  Ignore the notch on the left wall and 
follow the obvious passage in a circular motion until you see a notch 
on the right wall.  Go through there.

**Floor 3-B: Walk down the second notch from the left to reach the next 

**Floor 4: Go right on the visible path and on the right wall, enter 
the bottom notch and then go east as far as you can.

**Floor 5: Head down the hallway to the west.  Enter the last notch on 
the southern wall and follow it to another visible hallway.  You can 
grab the chest here for a Kiku.  Head east through the notch and 
continue east for about 3 steps until you hit a wall, then north until 
you hit a wall, then east again until you reach yet another hallway.  
Follow this hallway and go through the eastern notch.  Go east, then 
south to reach one more open hallway.  Follow it west and take the 
middle western notch.  Enter the notch, then go west, then north, then 
west to a 3 square open hallway.  Go through the west notch here, then 
there's just one path to take on this floor to reach the stairs.

**Floor 6: Go south, then one square west to the long southern hallway.  
Follow it, then just stick with the path until you're facing a wall 
with 4 east notches.  Go through the top one and then follow that path 
east and south to the stairs.

**Floor 7: Go south.  The eastern notch leads to a Genji Helm if you're 
interested.  Then continue south to reach a set of three southern 
notches.  Take the leftmost one and follow it south until you hit a 
wall, east until you hit a wall, north until you hit a wall, then 
finally east again.  You'll reach a very small hallway.  Continue east, 
through the eastern notch, then you'll head north to another small 
room.  Head through the western notch to reach the last floor.

**Floor 8: Go west, over the bridge.  The southern notch before the 
bridge leads to a chest with Genji Armor if you want it.  Then go over 
the bridge to the far west end.  Enter the water and ignore that 
southern notch.  Instead walk east in the water until you reach a 
little land place you can enter at.  Take the eastern notch here.  Go 
east as far as you can, then south a long ways until you hit a wall, 
then west until you hit a wall, then finally north to an open hallway 
with a Bridge and a Horn.  Walk up to the Horn.  Heal FULLY before you 
do this.  Also, re-equip your Defender Swords.  Take the horn and 
you'll enter a battle.

  BOSS: Hekaton
  HP: 8000
  Recommended Lvl: 40+
  Recommended HP: 3500+
    This guy hits hard.  After this damn walk, you probably don't want 
to take any chances.  Use a God's Wine the first round.  Attack 
constantly.  Once your HP drops below 1600, use an Elixir.  You 
hopefully can get away only using one Elixir, but if it takes two, go 
ahead and do it.  Good luck.

-----The Earth Crystal:-----
  Once you win, you'll get the Horn.  Use an Otterhead to leave, then 
SAVE IMMEDIATELY.  I repeat, save immediately.  Get back on the airship 
Invincible, then fly back out to the desert.  Go to the area with the 
statues, just west of where you are now.  Land near the last statue and 
save.  Go through and the last statue will be destroyed.  Did I mention 
to make sure you've saved recently?  Get back on Invincible, then head 
north to the final dungeon.  Heal up right in front of it, disembark, 
then save.  Go into the dungeon and head north to find the Earth 
Crystal and Titan.
  BOSS: Titan
  HP: 10,000
  Recommended Lvl: 42+
  Recommended HP: 3600+
    Mainly, this guy casts Flare repeatedly.  Just fight and then use 
an Elixir when you're down to about 800 or so HP.  You should only need 
to use one Elixir to win.  Not too much to say here.

-----Return to the Nautilus:-----
  Once you beat Titan, go up and check out the Earth Crystal to gain 
the jobs of Summoner, Shaman and Warlock.  Now leave and save.  Here 
you have yet another choice.  You can be a real gutsy person and loot 
part of the final dungeon now, or you can follow the story line and go 
back to meet Dorga and Unne.  I personally picked up a few of the items 
now, but my FAQ is going to follow the walkthrough.  If you're 
interested in grabbing some stuff, just head north from the room 
outside the Earth Crystal Room, then west and you can't miss the door.  
Note that north and east of the Earth Crystal Room leads to an Elixir 
and I'd recommend grabbing that even if you don't plan on doing a 
treasure loot now, since its out of the way.  Just one huge warning is 
that you cannot use an Otterhead to get out of here, so make sure you 
have enough HiPotions to go back through the dungeon.  I personally 
picked up all the chests in the first room, as they include the Crystal 
Armor, Crystal Gauntlets and Crystal Shield.  Then if you're still 
interested, heading into the second room, then south at the first 
junction and west at the next junction gets you the Crystal Helmet.  
The time it takes to pick up this Crystal stuff is worth it.  The 
enemies, ironically enough, aren't that bad.  The Great Demons can 
summon Unne Clones who can use Exit to instant kill you, so that's 
something to watch out for.  The Thanatos tends to try Break2 but it 
appears to rarely work.  Other than that, there actually aren't many 
terribly tough enemies in here.  They have fairly strong physical 
attacks, but not much else.  If you finish looting the second room, you 
also get a Break Blade and an Ultimate Rod, plus a pointless Great Ax 
and a Fenix Down.  I wouldn't recommend going much further in than 
this, as the rest of the treasures are irrelevant to a well-equipped 
Knight, M.Knight, or Dragoon.  The Break Blade is about 25 points 
stronger than the Defender Sword and also has the added effect of 
sometimes turning enemies to Stone (meaning an instant kill).  Very 
cool.  Leave once you've looted your share, then save and rest.

-----Dorga's House Revisited:-----
  Once you're outside, fly back to the Cave of Ancients.  It's in the 
river maze west of Salonia and if you recall, it is the same place we 
got the Invincible.  Nautilus should still be here, unless you've moved 
it (if you did move Nautilus somewhere else, go get it now).  Once in 
the Nautilus, fly back to Dorga's House on the Continent of Dalug.  
Land and then head into the house.  You'll enter a dungeon.  There 
actually isn't too much to say about this dungeon, except make sure you 
get 2 chests each with 20,000 Gold and 4 Barriers from chests.  
Amazingly, the enemies here are actually relatively easy.  They do a 
lot of physical damage, so you'll need to heal often, but they don't 
use status effects that I've found.  Once you reach a room with a 
bridge leading straight south, then a hallway east with a door, be 
careful.  Heal before entering the door, as inside there's a boss.
  BOSS: Dorga
  HP: 7000
  Recommended Lvl: 43+
  Recommended HP: 4100+
    He mainly uses Magic, although he has a moderate physical attack 
that did about 750 damage to me.  His most common spell is Quake, but 
he can also cast Drain for about 800 damage.  Watch out, as he can use 
Break2.  It failed twice on me, but you might not be so lucky.  I was 
wearing a Crystal Helm, so perhaps that might be part of the reason.  I 
managed to beat him after losing about 2300 HP and I didn't have to use 
any Elixirs or God's Wines.

  Immediately after you beat Dorga, you have to fight Unne.  This is 
going to be a short paragraph, just to follow tradition that a boss 
immediately ends the current section.
  BOSS: Unne
  HP: 7000
  Recommended Lvl: 43+
  Recommended HP: 4100+
    Because this fight starts right after Dorga, you're probably low on 
HP.  That probably won't matter at first, since chances are that his 
very first attack will be WWind, which knocks you down to below 10 HP 
instantly (the jerk).  Fortunately, the only other attack he has is 
Blizzard, which does about 200 damage.  So basically, every time he 
uses WWind, counter with a HiPotion and keep on attacking.  Unne will 
drop eventually.  Note that he tends to never use Blizzard twice in a 
row, so you're okay just using HiPotions and saving the Elixirs.

-----The Unnamed Dungeon of Looting:-----
  Once you beat Unne, both Unne and Dorga will be lying on the ground.  
Talk to each of them to receive the Eureka Key and Sylx Key.  Use an 
Otterhead to get out of here, then get in Nautilus and fly back to 
Invincible.  Now, check your stats, equipment and items.  You should be 
at least level 45, with over 4500 HP.  If you aren't, get back in 
Nautilus and fly to the Undersea Cave.  I find that at this point, the 
Undersea Cave gives the best EXP return for the least trouble.  You 
should also have 99 HiPotions and 99 Potions, plus as many Elixirs as 
you can find.  I personally had 11 Elixirs at this point, having used 3 
in various boss battles.  If you've been following the Walkthrough, you 
should have 2, or possibly 3 God's Wines left.  You should also have 4 
Barriers, which cast Wall, and probably a couple TurtleShells, which 
cast Safe.  Sell all the Fenix Downs and Softs now, since you don't 
need them and you want the extra space.  If you haven't looted the 
Undersea Cave, Salonia Catacombs, Lake Dol, or Bahamut's Cave, do that 
now to get all the items.  We still aren't going to get the call 
spells, but don't worry, as we will very soon.  Make absolutely sure 
you're carrying a lot of Maiden Kisses, at least 20.  Then, once all 
this stuff is set, you're ready to go.  Fly over to the Amur Continent 
and go back to the final dungeon.  Rest up, save, and then enter.
  Inside, head north, circling around the Earth Crystal Room.  If you 
followed me and entered here earlier, then skip the following 
paragraph.  If not, read on.  At the junction north of the Earth 
Crystal Room, you can head east to get an Elixir, then west to enter 
the next room.  In the next room, you can get a Crystal Shield, Crystal 
Helm, Crystal Armor and a couple minor battle items.  Basically, just 
follow the path to get to the next room.  In this next room, heading 
directly east leads to yet another room.  Heading south at the junction 
leads to a Crystal Helm on the left, Great Ax on the right, and a Break 
Blade (plus two other minor treasures) to the south.  Get all of these.  
Then go into the next room.
  In this room, follow the short, twisting path until you have a choice 
to go north or south.  You can go either way, but I went north.  If you 
go north, head east to pick up a Protect Ring, then swing back to pick 
up the other chest that was visible from the north-south junction, 
which has a Fenix Down.  Then continue past those two chests and head 
south.  Follow this path as it circles around to a door.  Enter the 
door and grab both chests to get a HellClaw and a Holy Spear.  Then go 
north again to end up outside.  Save now, since you can, then continue 
north into the Tower.

-----Eureka, the Forbidden Land:-----
  Head straight north in the tower through the door.  An invisible wall 
blocks the way.  Use the Eureka Key on it, then go into the mirror to 
reach Eureka.  Enemies in here aren't truly tough.  They do a lot of 
damage, but the only truly worrisome one are the Sleipners, who use 
Toad.  Immediately cure Toad if they cast it on you, since it drops 
your defense and attack to one.  They also use Ice2, but by now that's 
fairly weak.  Ninjas have a good amount of HP for a regular enemy, but 
are nothing special, although they do cast Blind.  Ninjas are only 
found on floors 6 and 7 I think.

**Floor 1: Go straight south.  Ignore the chests for now, and head 
south to reach the stairs down.

**Floor 2: On the next floor, go south to the first junction and  south 
a little, then walk through the west wall to reach a chest and a 
 ITEM: Ribbon
 BATTLE: Ninja
 HP: 5000
 Recommended Lvl: 46+
 Recommended HP: 4600+
   This guy is fairly easy.  Just attack.  He may use Blind, but a 
quick Eyedrop cancels that.  This is actually just a regular enemy that 
you'll fight on floors 6 and 7.

Return to the first junction and instead go east.  Enter the room here 
to pick up three minor battle items, then continue east and then south 
to reach the stairs.

**Floor 3: Go south until you hit the junction, and head west for an 
Elixir, then return to the junction and head west, then south.  Pick up 
the chests on the path here to get a Fenix Down and another Elixir.

**Floor 4: Follow the path here.  The item you see on the platform is 
the Full Moon Boomerang, a weapon that a Knight and M.Knight can both 
use.  You'll fight a battle when you grab it, so heal up first.
 ITEM: Full Moon Boomerang
 HP: 8000
 Recommended Lvl: 45+
 Recommended HP: 4500+
   This guy is incredibly easy.  Basically just fight.  He often 
WallChanges, like Hyne, but unlike Hyne, he takes full damage from 
physical attacks.  Amon knocked about 1500 HP off me before falling to 
my Knight.
  Once you get the Full Moon Boomerang, equip it, then continue on the 
path south to reach the stairs.

**Floor 5: Head south over the first bridge.  You can go west here to 
pick up a Fenix Down, then east to reach another weapon.  This one is 
Masamune, another M.Knight weapon.  Again, there's a battle so heal up 
 ITEM: Masamune
 BATTLE: Kunoichi 
 HP: 7500
 Recommended Lvl: 46+
 Recommended HP: 4550+
   This is, again, just a straight out fighting battle.  Again, he 
mainly fights, although Kunoichi also uses Mind Blast.  I don't know 
what (if anything) Mind Blast does, and it didn't seem to affect the 
battle in any way.  I lost about 2200 HP fighting this one in a normal 
way, but again, it was an easy battle.  If you're too cheap to use a 
bunch of HiPotions after the battle, give yourself the Full Moon 
Boomerang and the Crystal Shield and sit in the back row.  It doubles 
the length of the battle, but you probably won't be hit at all.
  Head back west to the group of 4 bridges, then south.  Grab the Fenix 
Down, then continue down the stairs.

**Floor 6: Go south and you'll see two bridges.  Heading east, then 
south leads you to the Excalibur.  
 ITEM: Excalibur
 BATTLE: General
 HP: 9000
 Recommended Lvl: 47+
 Recommended HP: 4600+
   You'll win an extremely good weapon, but of course a tough monster 
will guard it.  All he does is fight, but he tends to do about 1000 
damage per shot.  But, there is a trick strategy I used.  Give yourself 
the Full Moon Boomerang and a Crystal Shield, then stick your Knight in 
the back row.  Since you're using a Boomerang, you don't get any 
penalty, but with the Crystal Shield and the back row Evade bonus, 
you're practically invincible.  The battle takes a lot longer this way, 
but you're protected and defended.
  After winning the Excalibur, return to the stairs area, then head 
west and south.  You can walk right over the empty spaces of the 
bridge.  Once you've hit the limit of going south, go east until you're 
stuck, then south, then east again until you can head north on the 
visible bridge.  Head north on the bridge and continue north through a 
fake wall to reach the next floor.

**Floor 7: Head north again, ignoring the two weapons for now.  You'll 
reach a little town.  The pool of water on the left will revive your 
allies (which you don't want to do) and the pool on the right will 
fully heal you.  Also, the two Sages sell L8 Magic and summon spells.  
If you walk directly between the two Sages and head north, searching 
the wall leads to another, secret item seller.  The key thing he sells 
is Shirukens.  Since you can't use Shirukens yet, ignore this guy for 
now.  Return to the main room and try to grab the Staff.
 ITEM: Eldest Staff
 BATTLE: Scylla
 HP: 9000
 Recommended Lvl: 50+
 Recommended HP: 5000+
   She casts nonstop Flares.  Equip Excalibur and the Full Moon and go 
full out.  I used a Barrier in the first round and again in the third 
to reflect about 2000 damage back at her.  Then just attack and she'll 
  Once you beat Scylla, you get the Eldest Staff and better, the jobs 
of Ninja and Sage.  Transform into a Ninja, then head back to the 
miniature town to heal up.  The Ninja can equip any weapons and armor.  
Basically, you should wear Crystal defensive equipment, plus the 
Protect Ring, Excalibur and Masamune.  Go back outside and grab that 
last sword, Ragnarok.
 ITEM: Ragnarok
 HP: 10,000
 Recommended Lvl: 51+
 Recommended HP: 5100+
   If you turned into a Ninja, and are wearing the Protect Ring, he 
should be easy.  Fight full out and he'll drop before you take too much 
damage.  He casts Quake repeatedly, but it tends to only do about 700 
damage per casting.
  Grab Ragnarok and equip it.  Now heal up again, and take the long 
trek back.  This time, loot all the treasures on your way out.  To get 
the single chest which appears locked in a two square hallway on Floor 
2, search the wall right of it.  Leave Eureka and save.  
  Return to the Airship, back through the nameless dungeon and save 
again.  Jump on Invincible and fly back to Amur.  Buy back all the 
HiPotions you used, then head to the Floating Continent.  Load up on 
Potions here and go back to Lake Dol.  Rush through here to find 
Leviathan and fight it.
  BOSS: Leviathan
  HP: 6000
  Recommended Lvl: 51+
  Recommended HP: 5100+
    At this point, Leviathan is pathetic.  You should be able to defeat 
him just by straight attacking with your Ninja.  Get his Call, then use 
an Otterhead to leave.

-----Bahamut's Cave revisited:-----
  Now go back to the Invincible, save, rest up and fly over to 
Bahamut's Cave.  Go through here again and go out the back door on 
Floor 3 to fight Bahamut.
  BOSS: Bahamut
  HP: 7000
  Recommended Lvl: 51+
  Recommended HP: 5100+
    Just fight.  He'll die quite quickly.  His attacks are pathetic now 
with your Forbidden Equipment, and you should be doing over 2000 
damage/turn to him.

-----Salonia Catacombs Revisited:-----
  Go back on Invincible.  Fly back to Nautilus and board that again for 
the last time.  First, fly over to the Dalug Continent and dive on the 
southwest corner of it, then follow the green mountains and surface to 
reach Dorga's Village.  Buy a few choice spells from here.  Make sure 
you buy all of the summons, plus Cure1, Cure2, Cure3, Cure4, Haste, 
Wall, Warp, Wash, and Pure.  If there is anything else you think is 
important to have, get it now, as this is your last chance.  Fly to 
Salonia and re-enter the Catacombs.  Walk through them to Odin.
  BOSS: Odin
  HP: 5000
  Recommended Lvl: 51+
  Recommended HP: 5100+
    Again, you'll fight another pathetically easy boss.  He should drop 
easily in 3 or 4 turns.

-----Sylx Tower:-----
  Now leave the Catacombs and fly back to the Invincible.  Load up on 
Potions and use those new summons to free up some space.  Make sure you 
have at least 15 free slots in your inventory, and if you don't, go use 
the Fat Chocobo in Salonia to get more space.  Return through the Final 
Dungeon and then up to the Sylx Tower.  Pick up all the items on the 
first floor, then walk up to the north end of the floor and use the 
Sylx Key on the door there.  Basically, just head up through the Sylx 
Tower, grabbing everything.  Not much to say here.  The enemies 
ironically are simple.  The QumQums can cast Death and Break2, but I 
never saw it work.  Still be careful.  Flame Devils use Flame, but if 
you're wearing a Ribbon, it does about 50 damage per shot.  The enemies 
can do a lot of physical damage, but usually tend to appear in groups 
of one or two.  There are several secret passages you need to follow, 
but aside from the first floor, it's just one path upwards.
  On the sixth and seventh floors, you'll get more Crystal Equipment.  
There is a room with several Dragon statues in it.  Once you reach this 
room, leave.  Do not walk to the north end of the room and absolutely 
DO NOT WALK NEAR THE MIRROR.  Repeat, do not walk near the Mirror in 
the Dragon statue room.  This is the final floor, so once you reach 
this room, finish grabbing anything on the floor outside of the room 
(there are 4 chests on the floor with the Dragon statue room), then 
leave.  There are no chests in the room with Dragon statues itself, so 
don't risk going in there and accidentally getting in trouble.  Walk 
all the way out to the bottom floor of Sylx.  Check your Potion and 
HiPotion status.  If you're lower than roughly 30 HiPotions, walk 
outside of Sylx, save, then go back through the Unnamed Dungeon to 
Invincible.  Sell all your excess crap items that you got in Sylx, 
including that extra set of Crystal Armor.  Buy a bunch more HiPotions, 
then return to Sylx.
  Go all the way down to the bottom floor of Eureka, the floor with the 
shops.  Sell all your excess battle items if you haven't already, then 
buy as many Shirukens as you can.  Save your God's Wines, Barriers, 
TurtleShells and maybe Black Holes, but pretty much everything else is 
crap.  Remember that you get the most out of your money if you buy in 
the order of buying as many sets of 10 as you can, then as many sets of 
4 as you can, then finally as many single Shirukens as you have money 
left for.  Hopefully, you now have over 35 Shirukens.  Leave Eureka and 
return to Invincible.

-----Final Check:-----
  On the Invincible, return to the Floating Continent.  Buy 99 Potions 
and 99 HiPotions.  If you went broke buying Shirukens, head to 
Bahamut's Cave and walk around in the first room killing enemies until 
you can afford the 99 Potions and 99 HiPotions.  Your current level 
should be at least Lvl.65 and your maximum HP should be above 7500.  If 
it isn't, the first room of Bahamut's Cave is the best single place to 
level up at.  If you're a Ninja, you probably should have over 40 
Shirukens (the more the better), again if you don't, battle in 
Bahamut's Cave until you get the money needed to buy some more.  For 
reference, a set of 4 Shirukens costs about 230,000 Gold and 10 
Shirukens costs 590,000 Gold.  Your Ninja should also have Skill 40 or 
higher.  If you're a Sage, then you should have one copy of every 
single summon, plus all the Cure spells, Wash, Toad, Haste, Death and 
  Once you're fully ready return to the final dungeon.  Rest up on 
Invincible, then head through the Final Dungeon to Sylx.  Save in the 
little area between the Final Dungeon and Sylx, then head up the Tower 
of Sylx.  On the final floor, go into the Dragon Statue Room and walk 
up to the Mirror this time.  Watch the cutscene and you'll be 
transported to the Dark World.  Make sure you're in the front row and 
carrying Excalibur and Ragnarok, then go up and talk to Zande.
  BOSS: Zande
  HP: 10,000
  Recommended Lvl: 66+
  Recommended HP: 7600+
    Basically, just stand in the front row and fight.  His first or 
second attack will be Meteo, which will hurt a lot, for roughly 2500+ 
damage.  Beyond that, he uses Quake for 800 damage and Flame for about 
200.  The trick is that in between attacks, he uses Libra.  At most, he 
should last about 6 or 7 turns, meaning you get at most two uses of 
Meteo and one of each of the other attack spells.  You shouldn't use 
any Shirukens and your HP should hold out long enough to avoid using an 

-----The Dark Crystals:-----
  Next you fight DarkCloud.  Don't use any items here, just fight.  It 
is literally impossible to win.  Even a FEOK will be taking 1000+ 
damage per shot of Flare Wave, and any other class is probably taking 
more than 1700 damage per turn.  Don't waste any items, you're supposed 
to lose.  After you get killed, Dorga and Unne revive your party and 
heal you.  Walk straight north into the little blue/purple hole to 
enter the Dark World.  Now you just have to head on each of the little 
paths and fight the boss, then you can go north from your starting room 
to fight Dark Cloud again.  I'll just list what is in each section.  
Note that you don't need to open any chests here, as all they hold is a 
Ribbon that you should already have one of and you must fight a Zande 
Clone when opening the chest.  The strategies here are for Ninja, since 
they are the only ones whose strategy varies at all.  The damage 
estimates are accurate for a Ninja.  Sages have slightly lower Magic 
damage taken and a FEOK will take less damage from both physical and 
magical attacks.  Sages, you just use Bahamut repeatedly, then switch 
to Odin when out of Bahamut castings.  Use Cure4 to heal.  Once you get 
low on both Bahamut and Cure4 spell points, then you use an Elixir.  As 
for a FEOK, there really is no true strategy, it is just fighting 
repeatedly.  The FEOK should probably use a Gods' Wine on Ahriman, 
since he has the most HP, I think and then another on Dark Cloud, then 
use any remaining Gods' Wines on the boss of their choosing.  Note 
though, that the difference between Hasted FEOK and normal FEOK is not 
really that much, in my experience, due to the insanely powerful 

***Northwest Section:***
  Upon entering, just follow the left notch, then once you reach the 
hallway with the chest in it, go through the lower of the two notches 
on the right wall.  You reach the Wind Crystal
  BOSS: Cerberus
  HP: 25,000
  Recommended Lvl: 66+
  Recommended HP: 7600+
    Probably the easiest boss in here.  He has high HP, but not much 
else.  Constantly uses Thunder for about 800 damage.  Just fight with 
Excalibur and Ragnarok.  If you have a lot of Shirukens, you can use a 
few here.  The other alternative is equipping Ragnarok and Excalibur 
and then just using a Gods' Wine.  If you just use the Forbidden 
Weapons without a Gods' Wine, you'll probably use up an Elixir here, 
but you shouldn't need to use more than two.  With Shirukens or 
Forbidden Weapons and a Gods' Wine, you probably won't lose enough HP 
to need an Elixir.  Once he dies, go check out the Crystal to release 
one of the Dark Warriors.

***Southwest Section:***
  Head west until you see the little path that appears to stop about 
halfway down the screen.  Walk down that path and go through the wall 
to find a hidden passage to the stairs and Crystal.
  BOSS: Echidna
  HP: 30,000
  Recommended Lvl: 66+
  Recommended HP: 7600+
    She uses Meteo, Flare, and Quake often, but isn't actually that 
hard.  She also uses both Death and Break2, but neither affected me, 
perhaps due to either the Ribbon or Protect Ring I was wearing.  Go in 
with a pair of Shirukens equipped and just go wild with Shirukens.  By 
the fifth or maybe sixth turn, she should be dead.  If you need to heal 
with an Elixir in the middle of the battle, do so.

***Southeast Section:***
  Once in here, follow the path until it splits north-south.  Walk one 
step south from where your first path (from the stairs out) meets the 
north-south junction, then walk through the east wall to find a hidden 
passage.  Follow the visible passage east and you're at the Crystal 
without having to deal with the maze.
  BOSS: Ahriman
  HP: 35,000
  Recommended Lvl: 66+
  Recommended HP: 7600+
    Probably the toughest boss in here.  He basically rotates between 
Meteo and Quake, possibly throwing in Flare or Blizzard/Thunder/Flame 
just for kicks.  He's just like Echidna or Zande, but without the 
breaks for Break2 or Libra (respectively).  Make sure you are fully 
healed up before and equip two Shirukens.  Here, use Shirukens 
constantly, pausing only to use some Elixirs if needed.  Ironically, 
this guy who is normally the single hardest boss in the entire game is 
relatively easy.  This is because your Ninja's skill should now be well 
above 50 (assuming you've been fighting enemies that attack you) and at 
that skill, Shirukens will do between 7000 and 9999 damage pretty much 
every turn.  Note that you shouldn't use a Gods' Wine here, as 
Shirukens actually tend to do worse with Haste.  Again, you may not 
even need to use an Elixir here if you use Shirukens.  Check out the 
Crystal once you're done.  Sages should follow his lead and just use 
repeated Bahamuts, pausing only to cast a Cure4 or use an Elixir.

***Northeast Section:***
Just head north a little.  Check out the wall to your right.  Head 
directly east through the wall, right where the notch is located on the 
other side of the wall.  Go north again, and repeat the walking through 
wall process to reach the stairs leading to the Fire Dark Crystal.
  BOSS: 2-Headed Dragon
  HP: 30,000
  Recommended Lvl: 66+
  Recommended HP: 7600+
    This guy hits extremely hard physically, for almost 6000 HP in the 
front row to a Ninja with Crystal Armor.  My recommendation here is to 
throw your guy in the back row and use a Turtle Shell the first round.  
Then use two Shirukens per round.  You don't lose any attack power from 
being in the back row, since Shirukens are long-range weapons, but his 
attack damage is almost destroyed.  He did a maximum of 6100 when I was 
in the front row, but in the back row, his maximum damage dropped to 
2100 and his average damage was somewhere around 500.  So stick your 
character in the back row and you'll be fine.  Sage strategy here is 
just to use Bahamut, Ifrit and Shiva, then use Cure4 or Cure3 when you 
get low on HP.  Since you're in the back row, he should only do about 
1000-1300 damage per shot.

-----Northern Section:-----
  Make sure you've gotten all of the above Crystals before trying this.  
Head through the north section to reach the stairs, and then go up 
them.  Heal and then go meet Dark Cloud.
  BOSS: Dark Cloud
  HP: 50,000
  Recommended Lvl: 66+
  Recommended HP: 7600+
    Here, just use Shirukens constantly until she falls.  Not much 
strategy here, just fight and heal.  If you run out of Shirukens, equip 
the Forbidden Weapons and then use a Gods' Wine.  She just uses Flare 
Wave repeatedly, probably for about 1500 damage per shot.  Make sure 
you heal once you get to the point that two attacks will kill you, 
since you probably have a bunch of Elixirs left and in any case, this 
isn't the point to be screwing around.

You have now finished the FF3j SCC!  Good job!  Now send in some tips 
and stuff to make this FAQ even better! :)

-Section V: Hall of Fame-
This is a listing of people (and their characters) that have beaten the 
SCC.  Naturally, I can't check this information, but just be honest 
here people.  Send in your name and some of the information in here (if 
you don't remember or know certain things that's fine, I'm mainly 
wondering what classes everyone used).

--Magus999 (a.k.a. the writer of the FAQ)--
**Shirukens: 10, didn't use any.
**Elixirs: Found 21, gave one to Cid, ended with 4.
**Gods' Wines: Found 4, used all 4.
**Skill levels: White Wizard--11, Red Wizard--10, Monk--27, Karaketa--
16, Dragoon-54, M.Knight-12, Sage-42
**Final level: 70
**Final Max HP: 8000

--Magus999 (my second time through)--
**Shirukens: Started with 49, ended with 11.
**Elixirs: Found 21, did not use any aside from giving one to Cid.
**Gods' Wines: Found 4, used up 2, one on Cerberus and one on Kraken.
**Onion Equipment: Onion Sword only
**Skill levels: Fighter--20, Monk--17, Knight--99, Ninja--64, none of 
the others were really used this time around.
**Final level: 79, mainly due to the fact I fought every single enemy I 
**Final Max HP: 9995, caused by the high level.

-Section VI: Credits-
I.     Thanks to CjayC for posting this FAQ and generally keeping a 
cool site up.
II.    Thanks to Squaresoft for making this wonderful game.
III.   Thanks to Alex Jackson and SoMFreak for translating the game so 
I can play it without needing to learn Japanese.
IV.    Thanks to SirBahamut for the information about the Shiruken in 

<Send me stuff and get in here>

If you've read this far, thank you for reading my SCC FAQ and I hope it 
helped you!

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