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Map Information by PKeating

Updated: 06/15/01

Final Fantasy III Maps
For the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom
By Paul Keating - houshin@talk21.com


Copyright Information

Final Fantasy III, all related names and events are the copyright of

The contents of the maps, not covered by the above, are the copyright
of Paul Keating.

These maps can be distributed freely, as long as the following rules
are obeyed:

  * This text file accompanies the maps.
  * Neither the maps or this text file are modified in any way, shape
    or form.
  * No money is made directly from these guides.
  * I am given full credit for the maps.

As long as these conditions are met you can freely post these maps.


Revision History

16th June 2001

Added the rest of Canaan (2 Maps) and added the Road to the Summit
(1 Map).


Using the maps

Pretty straightforward really, each unique location has a map.  Each
map has all the relevant information on it that you may require.
This includes:

   Treasure chest locations
   Hidden item locations
   Secret Passage locations
   Boss locations

There may be other additional information on the maps, if I think it
may be of use.

I haven't shown the interiors of shops, unless there is something
special, this is mainly to do with the fact that they are virtually
all the same.


Index of Maps

* Indicates added to the last update

   FF3_Map_01_01.GIF -> Altar Cave B4
   FF3_Map_01_02.GIF -> Altar Cave B3
   FF3_Map_01_03.GIF -> Altar Cave B2
   FF3_Map_01_04.GIF -> Altar Cave B1
   FF3_Map_01_05.GIF -> Altar Cave GF
   FF3_Map_02_01.GIF -> Ur Town Map
   FF3_Map_02_02.GIF -> Ur Store Room
   FF3_Map_02_03.GIF -> Ur Well
   FF3_Map_02_04.GIF -> Ur Elders House
   FF3_Map_02_05.GIF -> Ur Inn
 * FF3_Map_03_01.GIF -> Kazus Town Map
 * FF3_Map_03_02.GIF -> Kazus Inn
 * FF3_Map_03_03.GIF -> Kazus Taca's House
 * FF3_Map_03_04.GIF -> Kazus Mithril Mine L1
 * FF3_Map_03_05.GIF -> Kazus Mithril Mine L2
 * FF3_Map_04_01.GIF -> Sasoon Castle Exterior
 * FF3_Map_04_02.GIF -> Sasoon Castle Interior - Basement, Ground
                        Floor and Level 1
 * FF3_Map_04_03.GIF -> Sasoon Castle Interior - Level 2 and Throne
 * FF3_Map_04_04.GIF -> Sasoon Castle - Right Tower
 * FF3_Map_04_05.GIF -> Sasoon Castle - Left Tower
 * FF3_Map_05_01.GIF -> Cave of the Seal B1F
 * FF3_Map_05_02.GIF -> Cave of the Seal B2F
 * FF3_Map_05_03.GIF -> Cave of the Seal B3F
 * FF3_Map_06_01.GIF -> Canaan Town Map
 * FF3_Map_06_02.GIF -> Canaan Cid's House
 * FF3_Map_06_03.GIF -> Canaan Inn, Shop & House 1
 * FF3_Map_07.GIF    -> Road to the Summit


Plans for Next Update

I am going to try and get all the way up to the water shrine done for
the next update.


Help Required

I know that there is a wonderswan version of FF3 coming in the future
and would like to know if these maps will still be valid for that


Contact Information

If you would like to send any comments, questions or queries then send
them to:



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